Oxford Thesaurus of English

Author: Maurice Waite
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199560811
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 988
View: 1696

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Developed using evidence from the Oxford English Corpus, this fully revised text offers more up-to-date and complete coverage of synonyms and antonyms than any other A-Z thesaurus. Increased coverage now includes hundreds of new phrases and idioms, and newly selected examples of real English showing how words are used, and helping to guide you to the right meaning. New features include the Word Toolkit which helps you choose the best word matches based on evidence from the Oxford English Corpus. In addition, the popular Word Link feature points you to related words. Look up 'sleep' and find the words 'sedative', 'hypnotic', and 'soporific', and find related prefixes. The redesigned centre section provides convenient lists of words by topic, from society and religion, to fashion and technology, in addition to lists of foreign, and archaic words and phrases. An invaluable resource for puzzlers, or anyone wishing to broaden their vocabulary. The Oxford Thesaurus of English is ideal for anyone who wants a comprehensive and authoritative thesaurus of current English, for use by writers and editors, students, and crossword and puzzle solvers at work or at home. The thesaurus includes 12 months' access* to Oxford's premium online dictionary and thesaurus service, Oxford Dictionaries Online, updated regularly with the latest developments to words and meanings, so you will have the most accurate picture of English available. Find out more about our living language using Oxford Dictionaries Online. Hear how words are spoken with thousands of audio pronunciations, and access over 1.9 million real English example sentences to see how words are used in context. Improve your confidence in writing with helpful grammar and punctuation guides, full thesaurus information, style and usage help, and much more. *Available in selected markets (UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and South Africa). Terms and conditions apply; please see www.oxforddictionaries.com/access for information.

Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus

Author: N.A
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199829926
Category: Reference
Page: 1050
View: 936

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Features more than three hundred thousand synonyms and ten thousand antonyms, as well as nearly two hundred collections of nouns to add detail to writing and quick guides to easily confused words.

“The” Athenaeum

Journal of Literature, Science, the Fine Arts, Music and the Drama
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 3759

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Reference and information services

an introduction
Author: Richard E. Bopp,Linda C. Smith
Publisher: Libraries Unltd Inc
ISBN: 9781563086212
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 617
View: 7087

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Updated to reflect the latest trends and the newest sources commonly used for reference work, this latest edition of the highly acclaimed text includes a more detailed discussion of a wider range of reference-related services--including interlibrary loan, document delivery, and readers' advisory services. There is also increased attention to ethical issues and a stronger focus on user-centered services, both face-to-face and mediated by technology. In addition, the authors discuss Web sites of significant value and the impact of the Internet on reference services.

The Oxford Thesaurus

Author: Laurence Urdang
Publisher: OXFORD University Press
Category: Americanisms
Page: 1078
View: 1904

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First published in 1991, the very successful first edition of The Oxford Thesaurus has now sold over 126,000 copies. This new edition (NB new format), which for the first time includes antonyms in the main A-Z text, along with many additional new synonyms, broadens the book's appeal stillfurther. The Oxford Thesaurus remains the most useful A-Z thesaurus available today, with more practical guidance for the user than any other competing title. Around 350,000 synonyms and antonyms, covering general English as well as thousands of regional and idiomatic words and expressions, are listed in A-Z form for ease of reference. Generous and detailed labelling shows how to use synonyms, and example sentences throughout make it even easier toselect the correct synonym. The most useful synonyms (ie those that are closest in meaning to the headword) are listed first - a more helpful arrangement than a simple alphabetical listing under the headword. If the word for which you seek an alternative is not to be found as a headword, you can simply turn to the synonym index which lists 265,000 synonyms and shows you under which headword each synonym is located. In addition, all synonyms which also have their own headword entry (at which furtherrelated words may be found) are indicated by a simple cross-reference symbol. On the first edition: 'handier than Roget both in being alphabetical and in offering example-sentences. The mot juste in just a mo.' Prof. Sir Randolph Quirk, The Observer.

The Oxford Paperback Dictionary & Thesaurus

Author: Julia Elliott,Anne Knight,Chris Cowley
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780198613312
Category: English language
Page: 900
View: 6953

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This brand-new edition of the Oxford Paperback Dictionary & Thesaurus is a great value product, combining a dictionary and thesaurus integrated in one volume, making it an ideal reference tool for all your language needs.

British Book News

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Best books
Page: N.A
View: 7019

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Includes no. 53a: British wartime books for young people.

The London Encyclopaedia (3rd Edition)

Author: Christopher Hibbert,Ben Weinreb,John Keay,Julia Keay
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0230738788
Category: Reference
Page: 1120
View: 7971

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‘There is no one-volume book in print that carries so much valuable information on London and its history’ Illustrated London News The London Encyclopaedia is the most comprehensive book on London ever published. In its first new edition in over ten years, completely revised and updated, it comprises some 6,000 entries, organised alphabetically, cross-referenced and supported by two large indexes – one for the 10,000 people mentioned in the text and one general – and is illustrated with over 500 drawings, prints and photographs. Everything of relevance to the history, culture, commerce and government of the capital is documented in this phenomenal book. From the very first settlements through to the skyline of today, The London Encyclopaedia comprehends all that is London. ‘Written in very accessible prose with a range of memorable quotations and affectionate jokes...a monumental achievement written with real love’ Financial Times

Der lange Weg zur Freiheit

Author: Nelson Mandela
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104031541
Category: History
Page: 864
View: 6238

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»Ich bin einer von ungezählten Millionen, die durch Nelson Mandelas Leben inspiriert wurden.« Barack Obama Eine fast drei Jahrzehnte währende Gefängnishaft ließ Nelson Mandela zum Mythos der schwarzen Befreiungsbewegung werden. Kaum ein anderer Politiker unserer Zeit symbolisiert heute in solchem Maße die Friedenshoffnungen der Menschheit und den Gedanken der Aussöhnung aller Rassen wie der ehemalige südafrikanische Präsident und Friedensnobelpreisträger. Auch nach seinem Tod finden seine ungebrochene Charakterstärke und Menschenfreundlichkeit die Bewunderung aller friedenswilligen Menschen auf der Welt. Mandelas Lebensgeschichte ist über die politische Bedeutung hinaus ein spannend zu lesendes, kenntnis- und faktenreiches Dokument menschlicher Entwicklung unter Bedingungen und Fährnissen, vor denen die meisten Menschen innerlich wie äußerlich kapituliert haben dürften.

Schau heimwärts, Engel!

Author: Thomas Wolfe
Publisher: Musaicum Books
ISBN: 8075836332
Category: Fiction
Page: 568
View: 9720

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Thomas Wolfe versuchte in seinem Roman "Schau heimwärts, Engel!" hinter die Geheimnisse des Lebens zu kommen. Dieses stark autobiographische Zeugnis ist der bedeutenste Roman von Thomas Wolfe. Der Titelheld Eugene Gant wächst in der amerikanischen Kleinstadt Catawba auf. Doch der Schein des häuslichen Lebens trügt... Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) war ein amerikanischer Schriftsteller. In dem expressionistischen Dichter Hans Schiebelhuth fand er für seine ersten beiden Romane einen kongenialen Übersetzer, der dazu beitrug, dass Wolfe sich zeitweise in Deutschland höher geschätzt fühlte als in seiner Heimat. In Amerika gehörte William Faulkner, in Deutschland Hermann Hesse zu seinen Bewunderern. Aus dem Buch: "Gant schob seine schwere Reisetasche mit dem Knie vor sich her, stellte sie einen Augenblick hin, ehe er das Stück bergab zu seinem Haus ging. Die Straße war ungepflastert, die lehmige Erde war in Klumpen gefroren. Der Weg war abschüssiger, kürzer, näher als Gant gedacht hatte. Nur die Bäume sahen groß aus. Gant sah, wie Duncan in Hemdsärmeln die Morgenzeitung von seiner Veranda hereinholte ... Werde ihn später sprechen. Jetzt dauert's zu lang ... Ganz wie er erwartet hatte, stieg eine dicke Rauchsäule aus dem Schornstein des Schotten, aber sein Schornstein rauchte nicht."