OSCE Cases with Mark Schemes

A Revision Aid for Medical Finals
Author: Susan Shelmerdine,Tamara North,Jeremy Lynch,Aneesha Verma
Publisher: Anshan Pub
ISBN: 9781848290631
Category: Medical
Page: 424
View: 5373

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Medical students often feel they understand the theory behind the clinical aspect of medicine but seldom have enough chance to put what they learn into practice. In addition, clinical examinations pose a challenge to students who may be technically and theoretically excellent, but who have poor examination technique. It is quite common for students to lack understanding of how they will be marked, how much emphasis to place upon certain actions or how much detail is expected of them. 'OSCE CASES WITH MARK SCHEMES' is intended to fill this gap. It provides OSCE mark schemes to reflect the real OSCE experience, by encouraging self assessment when practicing the clinical scenarios. The book includes chapters on communication skills, medical ethics, explanation stations, paediatrics and obstetrics and gynaecology subjects which are sometimes neglected elsewhere. All four authors have taken part in medical student teaching and OSCE examinations. They understand what will earn marks in the actual exam. All the OSCE scenarios are from stations previously examined in the UK's top medical schools. This book prepares the student for what the actual finals exam will be like. CONTENTS: SECTION ONE, COMMUNICATION STATIONS - Presenting Complaints - Psychiatry History Taking - Pediatrics History Taking - Obstetrics History Taking - Gynaecology History Taking - Medical Ethics - Difficult Communication Scenarios - Pharmacology - Consenting - Explanation of Management and Results SECTION TWO, PERFORMANCE STATIONS - Examination Skills - Practical Skills - Data Interpretation - Closing Remarks

OSCEs for Medical Finals

Author: Hamed Khan,Iqbal Khan,Akhil Gupta,Sathiji Nageshwaran,Nazmul Hussain
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470659416
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 312
View: 3803

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OSCEs for Medical Finals has been written by doctors from a variety of specialties with extensive experience of medical education and of organising and examining OSCEs. The book and website package consists of the most common OSCE scenarios encountered in medical finals, together with checklists, similar to OSCE mark schemes, that cover all of the key learning points students need to succeed. Each topic checklist contains comprehensive exam-focussed advice on how to maximise performance together with a range of ‘insider's tips' on OSCE strategy and common OSCE pitfalls. Designed to provide enough coverage for those students who want to gain as many marks as possible in their OSCEs, and not just a book which will ensure students ‘scrape a pass', the book is fully supported by a companion website at www.wiley.com/go/khan/osces, containing: OSCE checklists from the book A survey of doctors and students of which OSCEs have a high chance of appearing in finals in each UK medical school

OSCEsmart - 50 Medical Student OSCEs in Medicine

Vignettes, Histories and Mark Schemes for Your Finals.
Author: Cathryn Mainwaring,Sam Thenabadu
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780998526706
Page: N.A
View: 1597

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oscesmart in Medicine Practice vignettes, histories and mark schemes for your finals. The most effective way to do well in OSCEs and to keep a cool head in the exams is to have practiced these thought processes and actions repeatedly. Practicing them so much that they become second nature and no longer require thinking. Presented in this book are a range of fifty common scenarios in medicine, divided into acute stations, clinical examinations, data interpretation, practical skills, history taking and communication skills sections. Working through all the cases in this book will not only make you prepared for OSCE stations in medicine but will also make you more confident handling the common clinical scenarios in your future career. oscesmart revision series have been devised to aid your preparation for medical school OSCEs. Complete with - -Student vignettes -Actor histories -Mark schemes We bring to you an essential revision kit that will help you - -Prepare with premade scenarios -Practice in small groups in a timed setting -Use our refined mark schemes to improve your performance

OSCEsmart - 50 Medical Student OSCEs in Psychiatry

Vignettes, Histories and Mark Schemes for Your Finals.
Author: Esha Abrol,Michael Webb
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780998526744
Page: N.A
View: 971

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oscesmart in Psychiatry Practice vignettes, histories and mark schemes for your finals. ED, General Practice, Surgery, Orthopaedics... There is not one setting in modern day medicine which is exempt from psychiatric presentations. Whether you are seeing an elderly patient who has stopped taking their medication since the death of their partner, or a young girl who has overdosed in the emergency department, psychiatry is everywhere. This purpose of this book is to provide medical students with a psychiatric toolkit that will not only be useful in exam preparation, but also as you begin your career as a foundation doctor. This book has been designed for a group of three students practicing OSCES, who rotate the role of actor, examiner, and candidate. There is so much learning to be gained from playing each of these roles, whilst covering a breadth of psychiatric skills such as counselling, Mental State Examination's (MSE), SBAR handovers, history taking and DRABCDE assessments. We have included versatile and challenging cases that could be encountered anywhere and everywhere, such as performing a capacity assessment on a surgical ward, and assessing a victim of domestic violence. oscesmart revision series have been devised to aid your preparation for medical school OSCEs. Complete with: -Student vignettes -Actor histories -Mark schemes We bring to you an essential revision kit that will help you -Prepare with premade scenarios -Practice in small groups in a timed setting -Use our refined mark schemes to improve your performance

Objective Structured Clinical Examinations

10 Steps to Planning and Implementing OSCEs and Other Standardized Patient Exercises
Author: Sondra Zabar,Elizabeth Kachur,Adina Kalet,Kathleen Hanley
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461437490
Category: Medical
Page: 90
View: 4821

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Objective structured clinical examinations/exercises (OSCEs) using standardized patients (SPs) are an efficient means of surveying a diverse range of ability at any point along the continuum of medical education. An OSCE station can address multiple competency assessments across undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education. Nevertheless, organizing and enacting OSCEs is a major undertaking and, as with most other educational projects, collaborating within and across specialties and disciplines only enriches the process. The production of an effective OSCE program requires strong leaders committed to the benefits of such assessments, as well as many individuals to plan, prepare, and implement the program. To address the need for general guidelines of best practice and consistent organizational stratagem, Objective Structured Clinicl Exams is a comprehensive how-to manual for OSCE implementation. It contains an overview of and criteria for best practice, a review of relevant literature, insight into the program’s influence throughout the healthcare system, and techniques for fine-tuning existing programs. Accompanying charts, graphs and sample forms are included to make this book the single resource for any educator interested in creating or improving a standardized patient program.

The Easy Guide to OSCEs for Final Year Medical Students

Author: Nazmul Akunjee,Muhammed Akunjee
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
ISBN: 1846191238
Category: Clinical medicine
Page: 417
View: 8680

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Aimed at final year medical students preparing for the Objective structure Clinical Examinations, this concise work covers, in a self-test format, over 100 sample OSCE stations inclusing the standard history, examination and general skills stations.

Medical Finals

Short Cases with Structured Answers
Author: Adam Feather
Publisher: PasTest Ltd
ISBN: 9781905635108
Category: Medicine
Page: 320
View: 6500

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Provides a range of short clinical cases with questions and detailed structured answers to test students' problem-solving and decision-making skills in a structured and objective fashion.

Complete Revision Notes for Medical and Surgical Finals, Second Edition

Author: Kinesh Patel
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1444120662
Category: Medical
Page: 344
View: 9856

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In the face of information overload when revising for your final exams, what you want is a revision book that provides all the key facts you need to know and none that you don't. Complete Revision Notes for Medical and Surgical Finals does just that, presenting information in a stimulating way, which in turn enables easy recall. Structured by medical and surgical specialties, the contents are organised in a weighted fashion to reflect coverage in undergraduate curricula. With pharmacology and pathology integrated throughout, this second edition covers all the key topics in: Medicine * Surgery * Paediatrics * Obstetrics & Gynaecology * Psychiatry * Orthopaedics * ENT * Urology * Ophthalmology * Oncology * Public Health. Effective use is made of student-friendly codes and bullet points for easy information retrieval, and popular features including textboxes, summary tables and clear and reproducible line diagrams have been retained and improved. Fully revised and updated with the latest medical information, and including new illustrations, Complete Revision Notes for Medical and Surgical Finals continues to provide and accessible and stimulating route to exam success. If you know what is in this book then you will know enough to pass your finals.

OSCEs for Medical Students

Author: Adam Feather
Publisher: PasTest Ltd
ISBN: 9781904627098
Category: Clinical medicine
Page: 311
View: 8152

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Suitable for medical students approaching their final examinations, this title presents clinical examination stations and communication skills criteria. It includes information on the OSCE marking scheme. It covers: Cardiovascular Disease and Haematology; Respiratory Medicine; Rheumatology and Dermatology; and, Orthopaedics and Trauma.

Introduction to Latin

Author: Susan C. Shelmerdine
Publisher: Hackett Publishing
ISBN: 1585106275
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 396
View: 8307

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Introduction to Latin, Second Edition is an introductory Latin textbook designed with a streamlined flow that allows it to be completed in one year. Its concise and uncluttered approach gives students what they need to master the material. Grammar is integrated within the context of reading fluency. Innovative exercises provide translation practice as well as build “instinctive skills” that prepare students for reading authentic Latin works. Features: Concise, streamlined presentation focuses on what students need to know, allowing the material to be covered in a year, even for courses which meet only three days a week Innovative exercises that go beyond the usual translation practice, engaging students with the mechanisms of the language and developing “more instinctive” skills Succinct grammatical explanations that don’t overwhelm the students with superfluous detail while also providing help for students with little or no understanding of English grammar Latin readings from ancient sources in the form of both sentences and short passages allow for students to connect with authentic Latin Practical instructions often overlooked by other textbooks, including reading a dictionary entry, reading strategies, sentence patterns, gapping, and expectations New to the Second Edition Revised order of presentation that spreads material out more evenly between the first and second halves of the book Derivatives exercises added at the end of each chapter providing practice connecting English words with their Latin roots Bridge to next level: final three chapters provide review and include longer narrative readings with minimal editing to bridge students to the next level of Latin Revised selection of readings for more appropriate level of difficulty


Author: Jeremy Lynch,Susan Shelmerdine
Publisher: JP Medical Ltd
ISBN: 1907816348
Category: Medical
Page: 368
View: 875

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MRCS PART B OSCE: ANATOMY is unique in focussing solely on providing the knowledge necessary to pass one of the toughest exam components facing surgical trainees. Offering the most up-to-date coverage of anatomy practice questions and presented in a clear layout, chapters are mapped to the syllabus to deliver structured revision in all the key topics. Featuring a wealth of questions and fully descriptive answers, this book provides the essential revision text to maximise chances of exam success. 150 scenario-based anatomy questions, model answers and enhanced with concise revision notes Highly illustrated with diagrams and tables to improve understanding of complicated anatomy Includes practical advice on how to approach the exam and useful tips to achieve the highest marks Familiarizes candidates with the full range of presentations: surface anatomy, prosections and radiological imaging Edited by highly experienced anatomist, Professor Vishy Mahadevan Highly Commended at the BMA Medical Book Awards 2013

100 Cases for Medical Data Interpretation

Author: David Howlett,Nicola Gainsborough
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1444149040
Category: Medical
Page: 494
View: 7117

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Data interpretation questions based on clinical cases are a popular means of testing medical students both during undergraduate studies and as an element of finals examinations. Written by a small team of authors with extensive teaching experience, 100 Cases in Medical Data Interpretation provides invaluable guidance from lecturers who understand from personal experience that detailed and accurate explanations are the key to successful revision. This book presents 100 cases arranged by specialty area—radiology, clinical chemistry, haematology and cardiology—as well as a random section of miscellaneous cases. Questions accompanying each case prompt the reader to consider how the data presented might be correctly understood. A clear discussion of how the correct answer was reached, with boxed highlights and bullet lists of key points, makes this book an excellent learning aid during all stages of clinical studies, and particularly while preparing for medical finals.

OSCE Stations for Medical Finals

Author: Adam Feather,Ashling Lillis
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781905635801
Category: Clinical competence
Page: 403
View: 5579

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This second new OSCE title delivers another set of up to date popular cases encountered on the wards and in the exams. OSCE Stations for Medical Finals Book 2: Scenarios is created to reflect current exam topics, each scenario is subdivided into 4 to 6 related tasks. The reader is guided through stations covering: history taking, clinical signs, data interpretation, and clinical therapeutics. By working methodically through the tasks the authors hope to promote the application and utilisation of knowledge and skills, asking candidates to think and act on the clinical information they have gathered. As the stations and tasks are linked, the candidate starts at station 1, and moves through each of the subsequent stations in the given order. Mirroring the real world, each task would be performed on the same patient.

Clinical Finals and how to Pass Them

OSCEs, Short Cases and Long Cases
Author: Kevin P. Hanretty,Tom Turner,John R. McGregor
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0443073597
Category: Medical
Page: 337
View: 4516

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This is a practical revision book for learning techniques to pass clinical examinations in all the major clinical subjects for final examinations. The book covers Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Psychiatry. Each section starts with advice on the general aspects of examination of the patients, followed by a series of clinical problems presented in the form of cases. Each case includes a fact file of key points to remember about this condition, and advises on the likely discussion points that can be asked. The book outlines in each clinical problem the likely use of OSCE, short and long case examinations.

One Hundred Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Medicine

Author: David R. McCluskey
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781904627128
Category: Clinical medicine
Page: 304
View: 3920

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The system-based chapters offer a 'walk-through' each OSCE station covering the following subjects: cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, haematology, nervous system, endocrinology/metabolic medicine, musculoskeletal, dermatology, renal, and immunology. Cases include photos, X-rays and diagrams where relevant. Using these cases the candidate can see how the examination is constructed, performed and marked to assess their knowledge, skills and competency for good medical practice. Once the candidate has learned how to tackle the OSCE exam they can put their skills into practice using the sister title to this book,

USMLE Step 1 Secrets3

USMLE Step 1 Secrets
Author: Thomas Andrew Brown,Sonali J. Shah
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323085148
Category: Medical
Page: 864
View: 5723

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"Questions you will be asked; Q&A format; High-yield case studies; insider's study tips"--Cover.

500 Single Best Answers in Medicine

Author: Sukhpreet Singh Dubb,Kumaran Shanmugarajah,Darren K. Patten,Michael Schachter,Cristina Koppel
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1444149806
Category: Medical
Page: 464
View: 6048

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Single Best Answer (SBA) examinations are an increasingly popular means of testing medical students and those undertaking postgraduate qualifications in a number of subject areas. Written by a final year medical student, junior doctors and experienced clinicians, 500 Single Best Answers in Medicine provides invaluable guidance from authors who understand from personal experience that detailed and accurate explanations are the key to successful revision. This book presents 500 SBA-style questions arranged by specialty area as well as a practice exam of random questions. A clear discussion of how the correct answer was reached and other options ruled out for every question is given at the end of each section, making this book an excellent learning aid during all stages of clinical studies, and particularly while preparing for medical finals.

Prescribing Scenarios at a Glance

Author: Emma Baker,Daniel Burrage,Dagan Lonsdale,Andrew Hitchings
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118570863
Category: Medical
Page: 296
View: 2470

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Issued with a workbook that contains prepared drug charts for each case that allow users to practice prescription writing.