Notes on Forcing Axioms

Author: Stevo Todorcevic
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814571598
Category: Mathematics
Page: 236
View: 3949

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In the mathematical practice, the Baire category method is a tool for establishing the existence of a rich array of generic structures. However, in mathematics, the Baire category method is also behind a number of fundamental results such as the Open Mapping Theorem or the Banach–Steinhaus Boundedness Principle. This volume brings the Baire category method to another level of sophistication via the internal version of the set-theoretic forcing technique. It is the first systematic account of applications of the higher forcing axioms with the stress on the technique of building forcing notions rather than on the relationship between different forcing axioms or their consistency strengths. Contents:Baire Category Theorem and the Baire Category NumbersCoding Sets by the Real NumbersConsequences in Descriptive Set TheoryConsequences in Measure TheoryVariations on the Souslin HypothesisThe S-Spaces and the L-SpacesThe Side-condition MethodIdeal DichotomiesCoherent and Lipschitz TreesApplications to the S-Space Problem and the von Neumann ProblemBiorthogonal SystemsStructure of Compact SpacesRamsey Theory on OrdinalsFive Cofinal TypesFive Linear OrderingsCardinal Arithmetic and mmReflection PrinciplesAppendices:Basic NotionsPreserving Stationary SetsHistorical and Other Comments Readership: Graduate students and researchers in logic, set theory and related fields. Key Features:This is a first systematic exposition of the unified approach for building proper, semi-proper, and stationary preserving forcing notions through the method of using elementary submodels as side conditionsThe books starts from the classical applications of Martin's axioms and ends with some of the most sophisticated applications of the Proper Forcing Axioms. In this way, the reader is led into a natural process of understanding the combinatorics hidden behind the methodKeywords:Set Theory;Forcing Axioms

Slicing the Truth

On the Computable and Reverse Mathematics of Combinatorial Principles
Author: Denis R Hirschfeldt
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814612634
Category: Mathematics
Page: 232
View: 1340

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This book is a brief and focused introduction to the reverse mathematics and computability theory of combinatorial principles, an area of research which has seen a particular surge of activity in the last few years. It provides an overview of some fundamental ideas and techniques, and enough context to make it possible for students with at least a basic knowledge of computability theory and proof theory to appreciate the exciting advances currently happening in the area, and perhaps make contributions of their own. It adopts a case-study approach, using the study of versions of Ramsey's Theorem (for colorings of tuples of natural numbers) and related principles as illustrations of various aspects of computability theoretic and reverse mathematical analysis. This book contains many exercises and open questions. Contents:Setting Off: An IntroductionGathering Our Tools: Basic Concepts and NotationFinding Our Path: König's Lemma and ComputabilityGauging Our Strength: Reverse MathematicsIn Defense of DisarrayAchieving Consensus: Ramsey's TheoremPreserving Our Power: ConservativityDrawing a Map: Five DiagramsExploring Our Surroundings: The World Below RT22Charging Ahead: Further TopicsLagniappe: A Proof of Liu's Theorem Readership: Graduates and researchers in mathematical logic. Key Features:This book assumes minimal background in mathematical logic and takes the reader all the way to current research in a highly active areaIt is the first detailed introduction to this particular approach to this area of researchThe combination of fully worked out arguments and exercises make this book well suited to self-study by graduate students and other researchers unfamiliar with the areaKeywords:Reverse Mathematics;Computability Theory;Computable Mathematics;Computable Combinatorics

Infinity and Truth

Author: Chitat Chong,Qi Feng,Theodore A Slaman,W Hugh Woodin
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814571059
Category: Mathematics
Page: 244
View: 3628

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This volume is based on the talks given at the Workshop on Infinity and Truth held at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore, from 25 to 29 July 2011. The chapters cover topics in mathematical and philosophical logic that examine various aspects of the foundations of mathematics. The theme of the volume focuses on two basic foundational questions: (i) What is the nature of mathematical truth and how does one resolve questions that are formally unsolvable within the Zermelo–Fraenkel Set Theory with the Axiom of Choice, and (ii) Do the discoveries in mathematics provide evidence favoring one philosophical view over others? These issues are discussed from the vantage point of recent progress in foundational studies. The final chapter features questions proposed by the participants of the Workshop that will drive foundational research. The wide range of topics covered here will be of interest to students, researchers and mathematicians concerned with issues in the foundations of mathematics. Contents:Invited Lectures:Absoluteness, Truth, and Quotients (Ilijas Farah)A Multiverse Perspective on the Axiom of Constructiblity (Joel David Hamkins)Hilbert, Bourbaki and the Scorning of Logic (A R D Mathias)Toward Objectivity in Mathematics (Stephen G Simpson)Sort Logic and Foundations of Mathematics (Jouko Väänänen)Reasoning about Constructive Concepts (Nik Weaver)Perfect Infinites and Finite Approximation (Boris Zilber)Special Session:An Objective Justification for Actual Infinity? (Stephen G Simpson)Oracle Questions (Theodore A Slaman and W Hugh Woodin) Readership: Mathematicians, philosophers, scientists, graduate students, academic institutions, and research organizations interested in logic and the philosophy of mathematics. Keywords:Mathematical Logic;Foundations of Mathematics;Philosophy of Mathematics;Mathematical Truth;Infinity;Set Theory;Proof Theory;MultiverseKey Features:All the contributors are world-renownedThe final chapter is written by Theodore A Slaman and W Hugh Woodin, who are two of the leading logicians in the world. They are also the volume editors

Combinatorial And Toric Homotopy: Introductory Lectures

Author: Darby Alastair,Grbic Jelena,Lu Zhi
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9813226587
Category: Mathematics
Page: 448
View: 3736

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This volume consists of introductory lectures on the topics in the new and rapidly developing area of toric homotopy theory, and its applications to the current research in configuration spaces and braids, as well as to more applicable mathematics such as fr-codes and robot motion planning. The book starts intertwining homotopy theoretical and combinatorial ideas within the remits of toric topology and illustrates an attempt to classify in a combinatorial way polytopes known as fullerenes, which are important objects in quantum physics, quantum chemistry and nanotechnology. Toric homotopy theory is then introduced as a further development of toric topology, which describes properties of Davis–Januszkiewicz spaces, moment-angle complexes and their generalizations to polyhedral products. The book also displays the current research on configuration spaces, braids, the theory of limits over the category of presentations and the theory of fr-codes. As an application to robotics, the book surveys topological problems relevant to the motion planning problem of robotics and includes new results and constructions, which enrich the emerging area of topological robotics. The book is at research entry level addressing the core components in homotopy theory and their important applications in the sciences and thus suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Contents: Toric Homotopy Theory (Stephen Theriault)Fullerenes, Polytopes and Toric Topology (Victor M Buchstaber and Nikolay Yu Erokhovets)Around Braids (Vladimir Vershinin)Higher Limits, Homology Theories and fr-Codes (Sergei O Ivanov and Roman Mikhailov)Configuration Spaces and Robot Motion Planning Algorithms (Michael Farber)Cellular Stratified Spaces (Dai Tamaki) Readership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers interested in homotopy theory and its applications in the sciences. Keywords: Toric Topology;Toric Homotopy;Configuration Space;Stratified Spaces;Braid Group;Fullerene;Polytope;Virtual Braid Group;Thompson Group;Robotics;Motion PlanningReview: Key Features: The first book in the area of toric homotopy theory consisting of introductory lectures on the topics and their applications to fr-codes and robot motion planning

Forcing, Iterated Ultrapowers, and Turing Degrees

Author: Chitat Chong,Qi Feng,Theodore A Slaman,W Hugh Woodin,Yue Yang
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814699969
Category: Mathematics
Page: 184
View: 8665

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This volume presents the lecture notes of short courses given by three leading experts in mathematical logic at the 2010 and 2011 Asian Initiative for Infinity Logic Summer Schools. The major topics covered set theory and recursion theory, with particular emphasis on forcing, inner model theory and Turing degrees, offering a wide overview of ideas and techniques introduced in contemporary research in the field of mathematical logic. Contents:Prikry-Type Forcings and a Forcing with Short Extenders (Moti Gitik)The Turing Degrees: An Introduction (Richard A Shore)An Introduction to Iterated Ultrapowers (John Steel) Readership: Graduate students in mathematics, and researchers in logic, set theory and computability theory. Key Features:These are notes based on short courses given by three leading experts in set theory, recursion theory and their applicationsKeywords:Logic;Set Theory;Forcing;Recursion Theory;Computability Theory;Turing Degrees;C*-algebra

E-Recursion, Forcing and C*-Algebras

Author: Chitat Chong,Qi Feng,Theodore A Slaman,W Hugh Woodin,Yue Yang
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814602655
Category: Mathematics
Page: 228
View: 4663

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This volume presents the lecture notes of short courses given by three leading experts in mathematical logic at the 2012 Asian Initiative for Infinity Logic Summer School. The major topics cover set-theoretic forcing, higher recursion theory, and applications of set theory to C*-algebra. This volume offers a wide spectrum of ideas and techniques introduced in contemporary research in the field of mathematical logic to students, researchers and mathematicians. Contents:Selected Applications of Logic to Classification Problem for C*-Algebras (Ilijas Farah)Subcomplete Forcing and L-Forcing (Ronald Jensen)E-Recursion (Gerald E Sacks) Readership: Mathematics graduate students, researchers in logic, set theory and related areas. Key Features:These are notes based on short courses given by three leading experts in set theory, recursion theory and their applicationsKeywords:Logic;Set Theory;Forcing;E-recursion;C*-Algebra;Recursion Theory;Computability Theory

Computational Prospects of Infinity: Presented talks

Author: Chi-Tat Chong
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9812796541
Category: Computers
Page: 420
View: 9100

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This volume is a collection of written versions of the talks given at the Workshop on Computational Prospects of Infinity, held at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences from 18 June to 15 August 2005. It consists of contributions from many of the leading experts in recursion theory (computability theory) and set theory. Topics covered include the structure theory of various notions of degrees of unsolvability, algorithmic randomness, reverse mathematics, forcing, large cardinals and inner model theory, and many others.

Sets And Computations

Author: Raghavan Dilip,Friedman Sy-david,Yang Yue
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9813223537
Category: Mathematics
Page: 280
View: 2648

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The contents in this volume are based on the program Sets and Computations that was held at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore from 30 March until 30 April 2015. This special collection reports on important and recent interactions between the fields of Set Theory and Computation Theory. This includes the new research areas of computational complexity in set theory, randomness beyond the hyperarithmetic, powerful extensions of Goodstein's theorem and the capturing of large fragments of set theory via elementary-recursive structures. Further chapters are concerned with central topics within Set Theory, including cardinal characteristics, Fraïssé limits, the set-generic multiverse and the study of ideals. Also Computation Theory, which includes computable group theory and measure-theoretic aspects of Hilbert's Tenth Problem. A volume of this broad scope will appeal to a wide spectrum of researchers in mathematical logic.

Combinatorial Set Theory

With a Gentle Introduction to Forcing
Author: Lorenz J. Halbeisen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781447121732
Category: Mathematics
Page: 456
View: 7418

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This book provides a self-contained introduction to modern set theory and also opens up some more advanced areas of current research in this field. The first part offers an overview of classical set theory wherein the focus lies on the axiom of choice and Ramsey theory. In the second part, the sophisticated technique of forcing, originally developed by Paul Cohen, is explained in great detail. With this technique, one can show that certain statements, like the continuum hypothesis, are neither provable nor disprovable from the axioms of set theory. In the last part, some topics of classical set theory are revisited and further developed in the light of forcing. The notes at the end of each chapter put the results in a historical context, and the numerous related results and the extensive list of references lead the reader to the frontier of research. This book will appeal to all mathematicians interested in the foundations of mathematics, but will be of particular use to graduates in this field.

Niels Henrik Abel

Mathematician Extraordinary
Author: Øystein Ore
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 0816660247
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 277
View: 1047

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Niels Henrik Abel was first published in 1957. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions. Few men are more famous in the world of modern mathematics than Niels Henrik Abel, whose concepts and results are familiar to all present-day mathematicians. This volume, the first biography of Abel published in English, presents the story of the brilliant young Norwegian whose scientific achievements were not fully recognized until after his untimely death. It is also a case history of our perennial problem of how to detect genius and ease its path. Abel was born in 1802 in Finnoy, a little island on the coast of Norway. His father was a minister and politician of national importance, but his family descended from prominence to moral dissolution. Abel's studies were financed by his professors, aware of his extraordinary abilities. He was granted a fellowship to travel and study on the continent, and the year and a half which he then spent in Germany, Italy, and France was a most happy period in his life. When Abel returned to Norway, he could only obtain a temporary position, and in his last years he was harassed by grave difficulties. He managed, however, to write inspired mathematical articles which made a reputation for him among the mathematicians of Europe. Just as the security he longed for seemed within his grasp, he died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-six. Abel's life has been the subject of several books, published in the Scandinavian countries, France, and Germany, but, in preparing this biography, Mr. Ore made use of much new material obtained from private letters, official documents, and newspaper files in various European sources.

A Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing

Author: Simon Foucart,Holger Rauhut
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0817649484
Category: Computers
Page: 625
View: 5949

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At the intersection of mathematics, engineering, and computer science sits the thriving field of compressive sensing. Based on the premise that data acquisition and compression can be performed simultaneously, compressive sensing finds applications in imaging, signal processing, and many other domains. In the areas of applied mathematics, electrical engineering, and theoretical computer science, an explosion of research activity has already followed the theoretical results that highlighted the efficiency of the basic principles. The elegant ideas behind these principles are also of independent interest to pure mathematicians. A Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing gives a detailed account of the core theory upon which the field is build. With only moderate prerequisites, it is an excellent textbook for graduate courses in mathematics, engineering, and computer science. It also serves as a reliable resource for practitioners and researchers in these disciplines who want to acquire a careful understanding of the subject. A Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing uses a mathematical perspective to present the core of the theory underlying compressive sensing.

Complex Quantum Systems

Analysis of Large Coulomb Systems
Author: Heinz Siedentop
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
ISBN: 9789814460149
Category: Mathematics
Page: 290
View: 4301

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This volume is based on lectures given during the program Complex Quantum Systems held at the National University of Singapore's Institute for Mathematical Sciences from 17 February to 27 March 2010. It guides the reader through two introductory expositions on large Coulomb systems to five of the most important developments in the field: derivation of mean field equations, derivation of effective Hamiltonians, alternative high precision methods in quantum chemistry, modern many body methods originating from quantum information, and - the most complex - semirelativistic quantum electrodynamics. These introductions are written by leaders in their fields; amongst them are Volker Bach, Rafael Benguria, Thomas Chen, and Jan Philip Solovej. Together, they fill a gap between current textbooks and the vast modern literature on complex quantum systems.

The Interpretation of Cultures

Author: Clifford Geertz
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465093566
Category: Social Science
Page: 576
View: 5962

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In The Interpretation of Cultures, the most original anthropologist of his generation moved far beyond the traditional confines of his discipline to develop an important new concept of culture. This groundbreaking book, winner of the 1974 Sorokin Award of the American Sociological Association, helped define for an entire generation of anthropologists what their field is ultimately about.

Partition Problems in Topology

Author: Stevo Todorcevic
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 0821850911
Category: Mathematics
Page: 116
View: 3018

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This book presents results on the case of the Ramsey problem for the uncountable: When does a partition of a square of an uncountable set have an uncountable homogeneous set? This problem most frequently appears in areas of general topology, measure theory, and functional analysis. Building on his solution of one of the two most basic partition problems in general topology, the ``S-space problem,'' the author has unified most of the existing results on the subject and made many improvements and simplifications. The first eight sections of the book require basic knowldege of naive set theory at the level of a first year graduate or advanced undergraduate student. The book may also be of interest to the exclusively set-theoretic reader, for it provides an excellent introduction to the subject of forcing axioms of set theory, such as Martin's axiom and the Proper forcing axiom.

Approaches and Methodologies in the Social Sciences

A Pluralist Perspective
Author: Donatella Della Porta,Michael Keating
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139474596
Category: Political Science
Page: N.A
View: 7827

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A revolutionary textbook introducing masters and doctoral students to the major research approaches and methodologies in the social sciences. Written by an outstanding set of scholars, and derived from successful course teaching, this volume will empower students to choose their own approach to research, to justify this approach, and to situate it within the discipline. It addresses questions of ontology, epistemology and philosophy of social science, and proceeds to issues of methodology and research design essential for producing a good research proposal. It also introduces researchers to the main issues of debate and contention in the methodology of social sciences, identifying commonalities, historic continuities and genuine differences.

Concrete Mathematics

A Foundation for Computer Science
Author: Ronald L. Graham,Donald Ervin Knuth,Oren Patashnik
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 9780201558029
Category: Computers
Page: 657
View: 3920

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This book, updated and improved, introduces the mathematics that supports advanced computer programming and the analysis of algorithms. The primary aim of its well-known authors is to provide a solid and relevant base of mathematical skills--the skills needed to solve complex problems, to evaluate horrendous-looking sums, to solve complex recurrence relations, and to discover subtle patterns in data. It is an indispensable text and reference, not only for computer scientists but for all technical professionals in virtually every discipline.

The Analysis of Fractional Differential Equations

An Application-Oriented Exposition Using Differential Operators of Caputo Type
Author: Kai Diethelm
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642145744
Category: Mathematics
Page: 247
View: 4746

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Fractional calculus was first developed by pure mathematicians in the middle of the 19th century. Some 100 years later, engineers and physicists have found applications for these concepts in their areas. However there has traditionally been little interaction between these two communities. In particular, typical mathematical works provide extensive findings on aspects with comparatively little significance in applications, and the engineering literature often lacks mathematical detail and precision. This book bridges the gap between the two communities. It concentrates on the class of fractional derivatives most important in applications, the Caputo operators, and provides a self-contained, thorough and mathematically rigorous study of their properties and of the corresponding differential equations. The text is a useful tool for mathematicians and researchers from the applied sciences alike. It can also be used as a basis for teaching graduate courses on fractional differential equations.

Department of Homeland Security Bioterrorism Risk Assessment:

A Call for Change
Author: Committee on Methodological Improvements to the Department of Homeland Security's Biological Agent Risk Analysis,Board on Life Sciences,Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications,Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences,Division on Earth and Life Studies,National Research Council
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309120284
Category: Political Science
Page: 172
View: 5175

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The mission of Department of Homeland Security Bioterrorism Risk Assessment: A Call for Change, the book published in December 2008, is to independently and scientifically review the methodology that led to the 2006 Department of Homeland Security report, Bioterrorism Risk Assessment (BTRA) and provide a foundation for future updates. This book identifies a number of fundamental concerns with the BTRA of 2006, ranging from mathematical and statistical mistakes that have corrupted results, to unnecessarily complicated probability models and models with fidelity far exceeding existing data, to more basic questions about how terrorist behavior should be modeled. Rather than merely criticizing what was done in the BTRA of 2006, this new NRC book consults outside experts and collects a number of proposed alternatives that could improve DHS's ability to assess potential terrorist behavior as a key element of risk-informed decision making, and it explains these alternatives in the specific context of the BTRA and the bioterrorism threat.

Proceedings of International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Data Engineering

Author: Nabendu Chaki,Agostino Cortesi,Nagaraju Devarakonda
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9811063192
Category: Computers
Page: 372
View: 5445

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The book presents high quality research work in cutting edge technologies and most-happening areas of computational intelligence and data engineering. It contains selected papers presented at International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Data Engineering (ICCIDE 2017). The conference was conceived as a forum for presenting and exchanging ideas and results of the researchers from academia and industry onto a common platform and help them develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of technological advancements from different viewpoints. This book will help in fostering a healthy and vibrant relationship between academia and industry. The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to collective intelligence, intelligent transportation systems, fuzzy systems, Bayesian network, ant colony optimization, data privacy and security, data mining, data warehousing, big data analytics, cloud computing, natural language processing, swarm intelligence, and speech processing.