No Time to Lose

A Timely Guide to the Way of the Bodhisattva
Author: Pema Chodron
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834821101
Category: Religion
Page: 408
View: 8002

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Over the years, Pema Chödrön's books have offered readers an exciting new way of living: developing fearlessness, generosity, and compassion in all aspects of their lives. In this new book, she invites readers to venture further along the path of the "bodhisattva warrior," explaining in depth how we can awaken the softness of our hearts and develop true confidence amid the challenges of daily living. In No Time to Lose Chödrön reveals the traditional Buddhist teachings that guide her own life: those of The Way of the Bodhisattva ( Bodhicharyavatara), a text written by the eighth-century sage Shantideva. This treasured Buddhist work is remarkably relevant for our times, describing the steps we can take to cultivate courage, caring, and joy—the key to healing ourselves and our troubled world. Chödrön offers us a highly practical and engaging commentary on this essential text, explaining how its profound teachings can be applied to our daily lives. Full of illuminating stories and practical exercises, this fresh and accessible guide shows us that the path of the bodhisattva is open to each and every one of us. Pema Chödrön urges us to embark on this transformative path today, writing, "There is no time to lose—but not to worry, we can do it."

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

An Uncommon Guide to Healing, Insight, and Love
Author: Susan Piver
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416596321
Category: Self-Help
Page: 240
View: 6113

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When a relationship ends, the anguish and disappointment can be devastating. A broken heart is genuinely traumatic. Typical recommendations to keep busy, move on, repair your hidden flaws, and then forget about it may not be helpful. In these pages, Susan Piver reveals that heartbreak actually creates an opportunity for genuine emotional and spiritual transformation, enabling you to emerge on the other side stronger, softer, and capable of loving with renewed confidence. In the years following her own experience, relationship writer Susan Piver searched the world’s wisdom traditions and discovered that heartbreak can be an uncompromising teacher of authenticity, power, and even joy. She shares that wisdom here, with instantaneously recognizable anecdotes, insights, on-the-spot practices, exercises, meditations, and down-to-earth advice that make The Wisdom of a Broken Heart a steadying prescription of solace and encouragement, wisdom and humor during the hardest time of your life. Like an infinitely patient, trusted friend, Piver tells you in a thousand different ways the most important thing to remember and the easiest to forget: “You’re going to be okay.”

Taking the Leap

Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears
Author: Pema Chodron
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 9780834821019
Category: Religion
Page: 128
View: 1924

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Ever feel trapped in the same old habits and painful emotions time and time again? These are patterns we all face, and sometimes they feel impossible to shake. So how can we get unstuck? Drawing on time-honored Buddhist teachings on shenpa (all the attachments and compulsions that cause us suffering), Pema Chödrön shows how certain habits of mind tend to “hook” us and get us stuck in states of anger, blame, self-hatred, addiction, and so much more—and, most of all, how we can liberate ourselves from them. “This path entails uncovering three basic human qualities,” explains Pema. “They are natural intelligence, natural warmth, and natural openness. Everyone, everywhere, all over the globe, has these qualities and can call on them to help themselves and others.” Pema shares insights and exercises from her lifetime of practice that we can immediately put to use in our lives to awaken these essential qualities and help us to take a bold leap toward a new way of living—one that will bring about positive transformation for ourselves and for our troubled world.

Daily Zen Doodles

365 Tangle Creations for Inspiration, Relaxation and Joy
Author: N.A
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 1612433782
Category: Art
Page: 384
View: 6631

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Lovescapes, Mapping the Geography of Love

An Invitation to the Love-Centered Life
Author: Duncan S. Ferguson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1620321335
Category: Religion
Page: 308
View: 6184

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Lovescapes introduces the reader to the various meanings and manifestations of love and its many cognates such as compassion, caring, altruism, empathy, and forgiveness. It addresses how love and compassion have been understood in history and the religions of the world. It goes on to explore the ways that our environments and heredity influence our capacity to love and suggests ways to cultivate love and compassion in one's life. The book shows how the values of love and compassion are integral to finding humane solutions to the daunting problems we face as individuals, as a human family, and as an earth community--a world in crisis. Lovescapes has the following features: -Describing how love is the essence of the divine, and therefore the ground of reality -Understanding the meaning of love and its place in our lives -Learning how love and compassion have been understood across history, culture, and tradition -Gaining insight about how to increase our capacity to love and show compassion -Discerning how love and compassion can be applied in all aspects of our lives, in the regions where we live, and in our global setting.

Contemplative Psychotherapy Essentials: Enriching Your Practice with Buddhist Psychology

Author: Karen Kissel Wegela
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393709973
Category: Psychology
Page: 304
View: 5916

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A basic guide for all therapists to incorporating simple Buddhist principles for optimal therapy effectiveness. Both Western psychotherapy and the Buddhist spiritual path are journeys toward increased self-awareness, understanding, and well-being. By drawing on the Buddhist psychological teachings, Contemplative Psychotherapy provides a deeper, richer approach to client work, one that can greatly enhance and expand a clinician’s therapeutic repertoire. While much has been written recently about mindfulness in psychotherapy and the underlying theory of Buddhist psychology, no book has yet been written that explains to therapists how to apply these teachings in their day-to-day clinical work with clients. This book will answer that need. Karen Kissel Wegela, a leading practitioner and teacher of contemplative psychotherapy, eloquently walks readers through the foundational concepts of this approach and its specific clinical practices, providing lucid guidance on what Buddhist psychology means in the context of therapy work and how to practice it. As Wegela explains, five basic competencies underlie all that a contemplative therapist does: (1) being present and letting be, (2) seeing clearly and not judging, (3) recognizing and appreciating differences, (4) connecting with others and cultivating relationship, and, finally, (5) acting skillfully and letting go. Having a personal mindfulness-awareness practice helps therapists to develop these competencies, and this book offers a step-by-step description of how to establish such a practice. The book explores the nuances of contemplative therapy practice, beginning with creating genuine therapeutic relationships and learning how to recognize “brilliant sanity”—not only psychopathology—in our clients, and goes on to consider sowing the seeds of mindfulness, making skillful use of mindlessness practices, investigating emotions, cultivating compassion, and working with anger. Filled with client vignettes and practical guidance in an eminently wise, openhearted tone, Contemplative Psychotherapy Essentials makes the increasingly popular pairing of Buddhist psychology with traditional therapy accessible for any clinician, putting readers and their clients in better touch with the present moment—their bodies, emotions, and minds—for more enduring change.

A Little Book of Love

Heart Advice on Bringing Happiness to Ourselves and Our World
Author: Moh Hardin
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0834827530
Category: Religion
Page: 160
View: 1419

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In the Buddhist tradition, love is not just a feeling but a way of being present with ourselves and others. This book offers practical advice on how to cultivate love, how to deepen it, and how to let it flower in our lives. We may feel great love for our partners, our children, and our friends, but how do we put that love into action so that others are nurtured by it? And what about loving ourselves? How can we develop greater self-acceptance and self-compassion? Meditation teacher Moh Hardin offers key insights and practices from the Buddhist tradition for deepening our relationships and finding true fulfillment in our lives. Topics include: • Simple Buddhist practices for awakening the heart • How and why to become your own best friend • Finding freedom from destructive patterns in relationships • Listening and speaking with love • Loving and letting go Hardin ultimately introduces the inspiring idea of becoming a "bodhisattva warrior," a person who commits to living open-heartedly and working to ease the suffering of the world. Written with unusual clarity, simplicity, and warmth, this little book contains a wealth of wisdom and guidance that could change your life.

Exploring the Spirituality of the World Religions

The Quest for Personal, Spiritual and Social Transformation
Author: Duncan S. Ferguson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 144116054X
Category: Religion
Page: 264
View: 7088

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This book is an insightful guide to the diverse ways that religious faith is practiced and spirituality is understood. Discussing contemporary issues such as post-modernism and the emergence of a "new paradigm," the new realities of geopolitics, globalization and global warming, this book explores the importance of religion in people's lives to provide direction in the society today. This book demonstrates the common quest among the world religions for a deeper and more profound spirituality. Describing the spiritual pathways of the various world religions, it assesses the ways that the beliefs, values and practices of these traditions can be life-giving, leading to personal and social responsibility and transformation, but also sometimes harmful and divisive, even used for dangerous purposes. Promoting constructive engagements between the world's religions, this book will connect social justice and ethical engagements with core religious practices and spiritualities. This is an ideal introductory text for students of world religions, spirituality and interfaith relations, broadening their understanding of these lived faiths.

Das tibetische Buch vom Leben und vom Sterben

Ein Schlüssel zum tieferen Verständnis von Leben und Tod
Author: Sogyal Rinpoche
Publisher: O.W. Barth eBook
ISBN: 3426413523
Category: Religion
Page: 512
View: 6188

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Der tibetische Meditationsmeister Sogyal Rinpoche führt uns an eine Lebenspraxis heran, durch die der Tod seinen Schrecken verliert und der Alltag an Freude gewinnt. Seine zeitgemäße Auslegung der buddhistischen Lehren des berühmten »Tibetischen Totenbuchs« hat weltweit einen maßgeblichen Rang erlangt. Sie ist zu einer unentbehrlichen Hilfe in der Krankenbetreuung und Sterbebegleitung geworden. Doch jeder Mensch kann durch dieses Buch nicht nur »die Kunst zu sterben«, sondern auch die »zu leben« lernen. Beide sind nach tibetischer Auffassung nur die zwei Seiten einer Medaille.

Beginne, wo du bist

Eine Anleitung zum mitfühlenden Leben
Author: Pema Chödrön
Publisher: Aurum Verlag
ISBN: 3899018877
Category: Philosophy
Page: 212
View: 9431

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Der Grund, warum wir unser Herz so oft verschließen, liegt darin, dass wir nicht wirklich offen für uns selbst sind. Große Teile von uns selbst sind uns so unwillkommen, dass wir jedes Mal davonlaufen, wenn sie auftauchen. Und so schaffen wir es nie, wirklich voll und ganz anwesend zu sein. Dich nur wenn wir bereit sind, voll und ganz zu uns selbst zu stehen und uns selbst niemals im Stich lassen, sind wir in der Lage, auch anderen Menschen beizustehen und ihnen unsere Hilfe mit einem offenen Herzen anzubieten.

Sinnvoll zu betrachten

die Lebensweise eines Bodhisattvas
Author: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783908543107
Category: Bodhisattvas
Page: 548
View: 6128

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Die Worte meines vollendeten Lehrers

ein Leitfaden für die vorbereitenden Übungen der "Herzessenz der weiten Dimension" des Dzogchen
Author: O-rgyan-'jigs-med-chos-kyi-dbaṅ-po (rDza dPal sprul.)
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783924195724
Page: 571
View: 1190

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Das Licht, das keinen Schatten wirft

Die außergewöhnliche Lebensgeschichte von Tenzin Palmo
Author: Vickie Mackenzie
Publisher: Theseus Verlag
ISBN: 3958832237
Category: Philosophy
Page: 256
View: 9463

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Die außergewöhnliche Lebensgeschichte von Tenzin Palmo Die Lebensgeschichte einer der ungewöhnlichsten und mutigsten Frauen unserer Zeit: Wie die Tochter eines Fischhändlers aus dem Londoner East End zu einer buddhistischen Legende wurde und zur Vorkämpferin für das Recht der Frauen, spirituelle Erleuchtung zu erlangen. Tenzin Palmo ist gerade 20, als sie London verlässt alles zurücklässt und ein Schiff nach Indien besteigt. Als eine der ersten westlichen Frauen zur buddhistischen Nonne ordiniert, erkämpft sie sich – als einzige Frau unter hundert Mönchen – das Recht, an den eigentlich nur den Männern vorbehaltenen Unterweisungen und Meditationen teilzunehmen. Sie ist, allen Widerständen zum Trotz, entschlossen, auch als Frau Erleuchtung zu erlangen. Und sie wählt einen Weg, den selbst Männer kaum wagen: Sie zieht sich zurück in die Einsamkeit einer abgelegenen Höhle, 4000 Meter hoch im Himalaya, extremer Kälte, den Angriffen wilder Tiere und der Gefahr des Verhungerns ausgesetzt. Nach zwölf Jahren kehrt Tenzin Palmo zurück in die Welt, um von nun an vor allem anderen Frauen mit Rat und Tat zur Seite zu stehen und ihnen zu ihren spirituellen Rechten zu verhelfen.


Eine Indische Dichtung
Author: Hermann Hesse
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781409928119
Category: Fiction
Page: 120
View: 2339

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Hermann Karl Hesse (1877-1962), er schrieb auch unter den Pseudonym Emil Sinclair, war ein deutsch-schweizerischer Dichter, Schriftsteller und Freizeitmaler. 1895 begann Hesse eine Buchhndlerlehre in Tbingen. Ab 1895 arbeitete er in einer Buchhandlung in Tbingen. Noch als Buchhndler verffentlichte Hesse im Herbst 1898 seinen ersten kleinen Gedichtband Romantische Lieder und im Sommer 1899 die Prosasammlung Eine Stunde Hinter Mitternacht. Alsbald wurde der Roman Peter Camenzind, der 1904 regulr bei Fischer erschien, einen Durchbruch. Von nun an konnte Hesse als freier Schriftsteller leben. Beim Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkrieges appellierte er an die deutschen Intellektuellen, nicht in nationalistische Polemik zu verfallen. 1919 bersiedelte Hesse nach Montagnola, das Hesse ber vierzig Jahre seines Lebens zur Heimstadt werden sollte. Der erfolgreichste Roman Hesses war Der Steppenwolf (1927). Ihm wurden unter anderem 1946 der Nobelpreis fr Literatur und 1955 die Friedensklasse des Ordens Pour le Mrite verliehen. Zu Hesses bekanntesten Werke gehren: Unterm Rad (1906), Demian (1919), Siddhartha (1922), Narzi und Goldmund (1930) und Das Glasperlenspiel (1943).

Ohne Schlamm kein Lotos

Die Kunst, Leid zu verwandeln
Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Publisher: Langen Mueller Herbig
ISBN: 3485061182
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 160
View: 7664

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Jetzt glücklich sein! "Wer vor dem Leid wegläuft, kann kein Glück finden." Der große Weisheitslehrer zeigt in seinem neuen Buch, wie wichtig es ist, nach den Wurzeln des Leids zu suchen. Erst dann können Verständnis und Mitgefühl entstehen. Diese beiden sind der Schlüssel zu einem erfüllten und zufriedenen Leben. Wenn wir lernen, unser Leid anzuerkennen, leiden wir bereits weniger. Wir hören auf, die unangenehmen Gefühle in uns durch übermäßigen Konsum zu kompensieren. Achtsamkeit hilft uns zu sehen, dass wir bereits mehr als genug Bedingungen haben, um glücklich zu sein. Viele konkrete Übungen im Buch helfen, Leid zu lindern und mit immer mehr Freude und Gelassenheit durchs Leben zu gehen.

Verwandle dein Leben

eine glückselige Reise
Author: Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783908543176
Category: Buddhist meditations
Page: 407
View: 5051

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