Nintendo 64 Anthology

Author: Math Manent
Publisher: Geeks - Line
ISBN: 9781605849409
Page: 348
View: 1195

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September 29th, 2016, marks the Nintendo 64's twentieth anniversary. To celebrate the birth of this incredibly avant-gardist machine, Matt Manent has written the most comprehensive and remarkable book about this legendary console. 348 pages long, this book inventories and chronicles the entire game library (388 games sold in Japan, the US, Europe, and Australia), sifts through the canceled games, accessories, collector's editions, and, of course, every Nintendo 64 version and bundle. By interviewing the people involved at the time - Martin Hollis (Rare - GoldenEye) and Eric Caen (Titus - Superman; acknowledged as one of the machine's worst games)- Matt Manent has worked to make this book an encyclopedia honoring the Nintendo 64 we've all come to love.

Ultimate Nintendo

Guide to the NES Library
Author: Pat Contri
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780997328301
Page: 436
View: 6401

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Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library 1985-1995 is an expansive and thorough look at one of the greatest video game libraries of all time - the Nintendo Entertainment System. This nearly 450-page book covers all 800+ licensed and unlicensed games released during the system's lifespan, and features information and reviews for these classic (and not so classic) 8-bit games.

Quest 64

Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Author: Elizabeth Hollinger,James Ratkos
Publisher: Prima Publishing
ISBN: 9780761514190
Category: Games
Page: 125
View: 2565

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Detailed maps for all crucial locations Complete spells index Locations of all hidden Spirit Elements In-depth walkthrough Locations of all secret items Complete monster appendix About the Authors Elizabeth M. Hollinger and James M. Ratkos wrote Prima's Yoshi's Story: Prima's Unauthorized Game Secrets and Final Fantasy Tactics: Prima's Official Strategy Guide.

Game Over

How Nintendo Conquered The World
Author: David Sheff
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307800741
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 288
View: 4823

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More American children recognize Super Mario, the hero of one of Nintendo’s video games, than Mickey Mouse. The Japanese company has come to earn more money than the big three computer giants or all Hollywood movie studios combined. Now Sheff tells of the Nintendo invasion–a tale of innovation and cutthroat tactics.

Damn Good

Top Designers Discuss Their All-Time Favorite Projects
Author: Tim Lapetino,Jason Adam
Publisher: HOW Books
ISBN: 9781440315480
Category: Design
Page: 200
View: 9815

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Top Graphic Designers Share Their All-Time Best Work Brimming with inspiration, Damn Good highlights the favorite work of designers around the globe, showcasing their best, most passionate projects. This unique and diverse collection challenges the status quo and typical industry boundaries, and also contains the stories behind the work-in the words of the creative teams who designed them. Damn Good features a bold range of design work, spanning 35 countries and multiple disciplines, including print design, logo design, identity design, package design, interactive design, and more. Featuring Work From: DEUTSCH DESIGN WORKS DEVICE FUSEPROJECT GRIP DESIGN HATCH DESIGN ID29 MODERN DOG DESIGN CO. MOXIE SOZO OGILVY RICKABAUGH GRAPHICS STEFAN BUCHER STUDIOFLUID VOLUME, INC. WALLACE CHURCH

Playing with Power: Nintendo NES Classics

Author: Garitt Rocha,Nick von Esmarch
Publisher: Prima Games
ISBN: 9780744017779
Category: Games
Page: 320
View: 8440

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A Veritable Love Letter to Nintendo Fans! This paperback version offers a fascinating retrospective on 17 NES classics--including Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda! Interviews and commentary from Nintendo visionaries who pioneered this era of gaming. A showcase of vintage advertising and priceless excerpts from Nintendo Power magazine back issues! Plus hand-drawn maps, character and game environment art, and much more! TM & � 2016 Nintendo.

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

Author: Sega,Marc Petronille,William Audureau
Publisher: Udon Entertainment Corporation
ISBN: 9781926778969
Category: Art
Page: 300
View: 6030

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Presents a history of SEGA's mascot Sonic the Hedgehog, profiles the other characters in the game, and discusses the spinoff games.

Sega Master System Encyclopedia

Author: Derek Slaton
Publisher: VGA
ISBN: 9781945294013
Page: 436
View: 8881

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The Sega Master System Encyclopedia aims to be the definitive publication on the USA releases for the system. Over the course of 435 pages you'll find that every game has an in depth review, multiple screen shots, and cover scans. The goal with this is to make sure that the memory of the games from this era lives on for future gaming generations. Granted not all of the games within these pages deserve to be remembered fondly, but they do deserve to be remembered nonetheless. The reviews are equal parts informative and entertaining. While the purpose of encyclopedias isn't to be entertaining, the purpose of gaming is, so there was a great effort to make reading about games fun.


The Book of Classic Arcade Game Artwork
Author: Tim Nicholls,Sam Dyer
Publisher: Bitmap Books Limited
ISBN: 9780993012976
Category: Art
Page: 324
View: 3065

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Gamers who cut their teeth in the arcades will love this trip down memory lane. Artcade is a unique collection of coin-op cabinet marquees, some dating back 40 years to the dawn of video gaming. Originally acquired by Tim Nicholls from a Hollywood props company, this archive of marquees - many of which had suffered damage over time - have now been scanned and digitally restored to their former glory. The full collection of classic arcade cabinet artwork is presented here for the first time in this stunning landscape hardback book, and accompanied by interviews with artists Larry Day and the late Python Anghelo. Relive your mis-spent youth with artwork from dozens of coin-ops including Asteroid, Battlezone, Street Fighter II, Out Run, Moon Patrol, Gyruss, Q*Bert, Bubble Bobble and many more. Each marquee takes up a full double-page spread in the book, and is faithfully recreated using beautiful lithographic printing on the highest quality paper. Tim has spent over a thousand hours assembling the high-resolution scans, restoring the images in Photoshop and color-correcting them back to their vibrant, as-new appearance. The results of all that hard work are now available as a lasting record of the amazing artwork that adorned the arcades during the golden era of coin-op video gaming.

Commodore 64

A Visual Commpendium
Author: N.A
Publisher: Bitmap Books Limited
ISBN: 9780993012983
Page: 476
View: 7496

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Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium, celebrates one the most popular home computers of all time. It takes you on a journey through the C64's varied and colourful gaming library. Starting in 1982 with early releases like Jupiter Lander and Beach Head, we travel forward through the decades. This Expanded Edition contains260 additional pages of new content so there's more to read, but just as much amazing pixel art to look at. The 1980s saw an array of amazing titles such as Dropzone, Impossible Mission, Elite, Mercenary, Uridium, The Last Ninja... the C64 played host to an incredible array of genres, from shoot 'em ups to puzzlers, racing games to arcade adventures to games that still defy categorization (The Sentinel, anyone?). By the time the 1990s rolled around, talented coders were making the machine do things the original hardware designers didn't think were possible: games like Turrican, Creatures and Lemmings showed that there was life left in the old CPU yet. And even when Commodore went bust and the computer was no longer being manufactured, the games still kept coming. So the book pays homage to the developers that kept the system alive, featuring games that were completed and released a decade after the last boxed C64 left the high street. Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium features well over 100 titles, represented by beautiful in-game shots or loading screens, plus a gallery of artwork by legendary ZZAP!64 artist Oliver Frey. Also included are a series of features, including profiles of key Britsoft developers, interviews with famous C64 artists, a look back at the demo scene, plus a showcase of unreleased titles and the new games being released more than 20 years after the last machine rolled off Commodore's production line. Presented in full color throughout, printed on high quality paper and complete with a spot-varnished protective dust cover, this unique title is a treat for anyone who grew up playing games or learning their craft on this most ubiquitous of home computers.

Super Famicom

The Box Art Collection
Author: Stuart Brett
Publisher: Bitmap Books Limited
ISBN: 9780993012969
Category: Art
Page: 276
View: 9935

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Compilation of Japanese Super Famicom game packaging featuring around 250 titles, including many rare examples and some that have never before been documented in print, each box is presented life size, with a critique of the artwork, plus interviews with other collectors, explaining their love of the format.

The SNES Omnibus

The Super Nintendo and Its Games, Vol. 2 (N-Z)
Author: Brett Weiss
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
ISBN: 9780764357251
Page: 464
View: 8546

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Volume 2 of SNES Omnibus is a fun and informative look at ALL the original Super Nintendo games released in the US starting with the letters N-Z. More than 375 games are featured, including such iconic titles as Star Fox, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Tetris Attack, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Each game, whether obscure or mainstream, is covered in exhaustive detail. In addition to thorough gameplay descriptions, the book includes reviews, fun facts, historical data, quotes from vintage magazines, and, best of all, nostalgic stories about many of the games from programmers, authors, convention exhibitors, video game store owners, YouTube celebs, and other industry insiders. The book also features more than 2,000 full-color images, including box art, cartridges, screenshots, and vintage ads. Plus, there's a gorgeous centerfold starring your favorite SNES characters.

The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Video Games

Author: Carrie Wood
Publisher: Gemstone Publishing
ISBN: 9781603602006
Page: 192
View: 4829

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The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Video Games shines a spotlight on this booming hobby. Packed with insight, it showcases the many different ways of collecting, including collecting by developer, by console, and by character. It unlocks the history of video games and even suggests how to incorporate games into other collections. It's the latest entry in the "How-To" line from the publishers of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

Playing with Super Power

Super NES Classics
Author: Sebastian Haley,Meagan Marie
Publisher: Prima Games
ISBN: 9780744018691
Category: Games & Activities
Page: 320
View: 1512

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The Console: A nostalgic celebration and exploration of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in all its 16-bit glory. The Games: Discover everything you've always wanted to know about some of the most beloved SNES games, including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2! The History: Learn about the SNES development and the visionaries behind this groundbreaking console. The Legacy: An in-depth look at how the SNES has left its mark on the gaming industry, and how its legacy continues. The Memories: Featuring a plethora of fan art, music, and more, this book is a love letter to playing with Super Power! Speedrunning Tips: Some of the best speedrunners around share their tips and strategies for getting the best times in these beloved classic games. Exclusive Foreword: Written by Reggie Fils-Aim�, President and COO of Nintendo of America. Paperback version.

Retro Pop Culture A to Z

From Atari 2600 to Zombie Films
Author: Brett Weiss
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781495234804
Category: Games
Page: 208
View: 4726

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Retro Pop Culture A to Z: From Atari 2600 to Zombie Films is a window to the past-a time of 8-bit video games, Silver Age super-heroes, Saturday morning cartoons, rock 'n' roll music, and scary movies at the drive-in. The book includes 60 fun-filled, feature-length chapters on such icons of popular culture as Alien, the Batman TV show, the Beatles, Dynamite Magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland, The Flash, Forbidden Planet, Golden Age arcade games, He-Man, the Intellivision, Jaws, MAD magazine, the Nintendo NES, Ray Bradbury, The Wizard of Oz, the X-Men, and many others. If you've ever stayed up all night trying to beat Super Mario Bros., dressed up as a member of KISS on Halloween, watched Thundarr the Barbarian while eating a bowl of sugary cereal, set a VCR to record your favorite show, wiled away an entire day reading a stack of old comics, or listened to Elvis or the Rolling Stones on a turntable or 8-track tape player, Retro Pop Culture A to Z is for you. If you haven't done any of these things, no problem-feel free to dive right in and discover why your parents (or grandparents) are always talking about "the good old days." Includes: *60 essays/articles on nostalgic pop culture favorites *More than 200 photos *More than 115,000 words *Quotes from the experts *Production histories *Collectibles pricing *Author anecdotes *And much more!

The Legend of Zelda

Hyrule Historia
Author: N.A
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1616550414
Category: Art
Page: 239
View: 2524

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A historical overview of the land where the popular Legend of Zelda video game series is set includes never-before-seen concept art, a chronology of the games, an exclusive manga comic and an introduction by the man who created the game that started it all. Original.