News Is a Verb

Journalism at the End of the Twentieth Century
Author: Pete Hamill
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0307766764
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 112
View: 8477

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LIBRARY OF CONTEMPORARY THOUGHT "When screaming headlines turn out to be based on stories that don't support them, the tale of the boy who cried wolf gets new life. When the newspaper is filled with stupid features about celebrities at the expense of hard news, the reader feels patronized. In the process, the critical relationship of reader to newspaper is slowly undermined." --from NEWS IS A VERB NEWS IS A VERB Journalism at the End of the Twentieth Century "With the usual honorable exceptions, newspapers are getting dumber. They are increasingly filled with sensation, rumor, press-agent flackery, and bloated trivialities at the expense of significant facts. The Lewinsky affair was just a magnified version of what has been going on for some time. Newspapers emphasize drama and conflict at the expense of analysis. They cover celebrities as if reporters were a bunch of waifs with their noses pressed enviously to the windows of the rich and famous. They are parochial, square, enslaved to the conventional pieties. The worst are becoming brainless printed junk food. All across the country, in large cities and small, even the better newspapers are predictable and boring. I once heard a movie director say of a certain screenwriter: 'He aspired to mediocrity, and he succeeded.' Many newspapers are succeeding in the same way." From the Trade Paperback edition.

RTI Is a Verb

Author: Tom Hierck,Chris Weber
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1483307492
Category: Education
Page: 208
View: 1419

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RTI is more than just a buzzword—it’s a success story! RTI isn’t just about interventions—it’s about assessing how all students respond to instruction. Here, you’ll learn to translate RTI from research to practice and build a realistic plan of action for your school. Concrete recommendations and resources include: Interventions linked to the Common Core, with emphasis on college and career readiness Practical strategies for screening, progress monitoring, and diagnostics Sample approaches to specific interventions across the curriculum

Mentoring is a Verb

Strategies for Improving College and Career Readiness
Author: Russ Olwell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317397959
Category: Education
Page: 154
View: 8336

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This accessible guide offers school leaders a wealth of strategies to foster a culture where educators engage with young people to encourage college readiness and career success. Based in research and best practices, Mentoring is a Verb explains how to build effective mentoring programs as well as encourage educators to individually mentor students. Olwell breaks down the key elements it takes to forge lasting relationships with students and addresses ways to connect to at-risk students. Packed with actionable steps, this book gives you the tools to help your students set high expectations and goals, recognize and address barriers to success, plan for the future, and reach their post-graduation aspirations.

Life Is a Verb

37 Days To Wake Up, Be Mindful, And Live Intentionally
Author: Patti Digh
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762785101
Category: Self-Help
Page: 240
View: 471

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In October 2003, Patti Digh's stepfather was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died 37 days later. The timeframe made an impression on her. What emerged was a commitment to ask herself every morning: What would I be doing today if I had only 37 days left to live? The answers changed her life and led to this new kind of book. Part meditation, part how-to guide, part memoir, Life is a Verb is all heart. Within these pages—enhanced by original artwork and wide, inviting margins ready to be written in—Digh identifies six core practices to jump-start a meaningful life: Say Yes, Trust Yourself, Slow Down, Be Generous, Speak Up, and Love More. Within this framework she supplies 37 edgy, funny, and literary life stories, each followed by a “do it now” 10-minute exercise as well as a practice to try for 37 days—and perhaps the rest of your life.

Learning Is a Verb

The Psychology of Teaching and Learning
Author: Sherrie Reynolds
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 135181432X
Page: N.A
View: 9683

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This book explores a new way of thinking about teaching and learning. Its central goal is to help us understand how we think and learn; it will also help teachers understand children and offers a new and helpful perspective on the role of teaching. The book provides an orientation or way of thinking about the psychological dimensions of teaching and learning. This orientation is discussed in relation to cultural shifts that have influenced all fields of study; in education and psychology, the shift is reflected in the works of such scholars as Piaget, Vygotsky, Bruner, and others. Their work marks a change from a mechanical view of learning to a view of learning as dynamic transformation. In Learning Is a Verb, Sherrie Reynolds discusses how thinking about teaching and learning must change so that we can create conditions that help children think and interact with one another in helpful, healthy ways. Her engaging, conversational style, together with many examples and observations, will lead readers from reflection on their experiences to a deeper understanding of the changes needed in our educational system.

Faith is a Verb

On the Home Front with Habitat for Humanity in the Campaign to Rebuild America (and the World)
Author: Chris Goodrich,David Goodrich
Publisher: Gimlet Eye Books
ISBN: 0976822105
Category: Social Science
Page: 156
View: 8918

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Chris Goodrich, author of books on Yale Law and the mystique of building your own sports car, thought writing about the world's largest non-profit home-builder would be a lark. But then he caught 'infectious Habititis' ... and now spends every available minute volunteering with Habitat. "Hmmm ... write tomorrow's fishwrap, or save the world?" he says. "In the end, it wasn't a hard choice." Faith is a Verb is both an account of the author's years building with Habitat and a history of the organization, which Goodrich sees as a model institution founded on grassroots, Jeffersonian principles. The reader looks over his shoulder as Goodrich helps restore a burned-out drug den to its Victorian glory in Bridgeport, Connecticut; understands the yawning gap between the rich and poor as he straightens nails with an impoverished teenager in the Dominican Republic; senses the importance of volunteer work as he watches, while laying a stone foundation in Paraguay, the Twin Towers fall on 9/11. Goodrich traces Habitat's history back to an unsung American hero, Clarence Jordan, who in the 1940's founded a Christian community in south Georgia dedicated to social and economic justice. Koinonia Farm made headlines in the 1950's when the Ku Klux Klan and J. Edgar Hoover attempted to put it out of business for embracing integration and a seemingly "communistic" lifestyle, but is known today mainly as Habitat's birthplace. Millard Fuller, a millionaire businessman, arrived at Koinonia during a spiritual crisis in the early 1970's, and under Jordan's guidance realized that he was a "money-holic." In 1976 Fuller and his wife would found Habitat for Humanity, which in 2005 completed its 200,000th house. In the book's Afterword Goodrich describes the Fullers' firing by Habitat in 2005 for Millard's "inappropriate behavior." Goodrich recounts his life-changing journey with humor and flair, while also showing that Habitat's do-it-yourself message transcends political, religious, economic, and cultural boundaries. "I've worked with Jimmy Carter on a couple of Habitat builds," says Goodrich of Habitat's most famous supporter, "and eventually he points out that while volunteers may lace up their workboots thinking, 'I'm really going to do some good today!', most of us get a lot more from Habitat than we give. Why? Because you know you're doing something that's actually useful, and lasting - that you're wearing a white hat. It's like finding your inner superhero." Faith is a Verb (the title is also borrowed from Carter) is an inspiring story of how building another person's dream can simultaneously produce your own.

Fast Portuguese with Elisabeth Smith (Coursebook)

Author: Elisabeth Smith
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444145177
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 300
View: 4620

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Elisabeth Smith has used her wide teaching experience to write a course that covers just the vocabulary and the grammar that you really need. This day-by-day programme is easy to follow and fun to do. At the end of six weeks, you'll have the confidence and knowledge to tackle all the situations you need to know about, such as shopping, eating out and getting around. With just the essential words and phrases to learn, and flashcards at the back of the book to help learn them, progress is fast and enjoyable. By the end of this course, you will be at Level A2 of the Common European Framework for Languages: Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions. Can communicate in simple and routine tasks.

Practising Journalism

Values, Constraints, Implications
Author: Nalini Rajan
Publisher: SAGE Publications India
ISBN: 8132102614
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 358
View: 381

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Practising Journalism brings together experts from the field of journalism: journalists; freelance writers; lectures; and media practitioners to provide a comprehensive collection of current articles. Offering a unique view of the way journalism is both practiced and taught, this book is divided into four section: core values in journalism; specialisation within the craft; the constraints of practice and implications for the future. It covers areas including: gender and identity in the popular press; sports journalism; urban reporting; embedded journalism; censorship; and alternative media. This book is essential reading for students of journalism and all those considering a career in the field.

Beauty is a Verb

The New Poetry of Disability
Author: Sheila Black,Jennifer Bartlett,Michael Northen
Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press
ISBN: 1935955373
Category: Poetry
Page: 326
View: 9640

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Chosen by the American Library Association as a 2012 Notable Book in Poetry. Beauty is a Verb is a ground-breaking anthology of disability poetry, essays on disability, and writings on the poetics of both. Crip Poetry. Disability Poetry. Poems with Disabilities. This is where poetry and disability intersect, overlap, collide and make peace. "[BEAUTY IS A VERB] is going to be one of the defining collections of the 21st century...the discourse between ability, identity & poetry will never be the same." —Ron Silliman, author of In The American Tree "This powerful anthology succeeds at intimately showing...disability through the lenses of poetry. What emerges from the book as a whole is a stunningly diverse array of conceptions of self and other.”“br />—Publishers Weekly, starred review From "Beauty and Variations" by Kenny Fries: How else can I quench this thirst? My lips travel down your spine, drink the smoothness of your skin. I am searching for the core: What is beautiful? Who decides? Can the laws of nature be defied? Your body tells me: come close. But beauty distances even as it draws me near. What does my body want from yours? My twisted legs around your neck. You bend me back. Even though you can't give the bones at birth I wasn't given, I let you deep inside. You give me—what? Peeling back my skin, you expose my missing bones. And my heart, long before you came, just as broken. I don't know who to blame. So each night, naked on the bed, my body doesn't want repair, but longs for innocence. If innocent, despite the flaws I wear, I am beautiful. Sheila Black is a poet and children's book writer. In 2012, Poet Laureate Philip Levine chose her as a recipient of the Witter Bynner Fellowship. Disability activist Jennifer Bartlett is a poet and critic with roots in the Language school. Michael Northen is a poet and the editor of Wordgathering: A Journal of Poetics and Disability.

To Root, to Toot, to Parachute

What Is a Verb?
Author: Brian P. Cleary
Publisher: Millbrook Press
ISBN: 1575055481
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 32
View: 3697

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What is a verb? It's easier to show than explain! In this fun and animated introduction to grammar, rhyming verse is used to creatively clarify the concept of verbs. Chock-full of colorful, lively examples, the playful rhymes and illustrations of comical cartoon cats combine to hightlight key words in the sentences. Verbs like toss and tumble, jump and jam, jog and juggle, jig and leap are printed in color for easy identification.

To Root, to Toot, to Parachute

What is a Verb?
Author: Brian P. Cleary
Publisher: Lerner Books [UK]
ISBN: 0761342729
Category: English language
Page: 31
View: 2697

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Rhyming text and illustrations of comical cats present numerous examples of verbs, from "toss and tumble," "jump and jam," to "whine and whisper," "sleep and slam."

The Verb in Turkish

Author: Eser Erguvanl? Taylan
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9781588110732
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 267
View: 3225

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This book is a collection of articles on the properties of the verb in Turkish as the core element of clause structure, by linguists from different parts of the world. Articles present the most recent analyses on the Turkish language carried out in various theoretical orientations within the functional-formal range. The topics researched in the contributions center around properties of verbal inflection as the morphological means to express temporal, aspectual and modal notions, and the implications of these morphological configurations to syntactic theory.

Creative Is a Verb

If You’re Alive, You’re Creative
Author: Patti Digh
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762768711
Category: Self-Help
Page: 224
View: 7633

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A guidebook for all who call themselves artists and those who need permission to re-insert creativity into their lives.

Math Is a Verb

Activities and Lessons from Cultures Around the World
Author: James Barta,Ron Eglash,Cathy Ann Barkley
Publisher: National
ISBN: 9780873537070
Category: Ethnomathematics
Page: 163
View: 8887

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For most people, the word mathematics is a noun. But for many people in different cultures, mathematics is not simply something they learn in school but something they do as an intrinsic part of their everyday lives. This book is a guide for teachers who would like to enhance their mathematics instruction by integrating it with examples and activities from cultures throughout the world. It provides culturally situated examples, each linked to Common Core objectives that show how mathematics can be so much more than a story problem or an exercise in a worksheet with little or no context. The eleven chapters provide a range of activities from around the world that teach students key math concepts while introducing them to a diversity of cultures. For example: In a Mayan village in Guatemala, students use math as a means to increase the traditional corn harvest Traditional symbols stamped on cloth in Ghana spark an exploration of geometry, measurement, and data analysis Embroidery patterns from Bulgaria can help younger students learn about patterns, and introduce older students to fractal geometry Klappenspiel, a popular classroom game in Germany, provides a fun application of probability analysis Each chapter has activities for specific grade bands (K–3, 4–8, and 9–12), and all activities are designed to encourage students to discover connections among math concepts, world cultures, and their own daily lives and communities.

Articles: What's News Is News

Author: Stan-Joseph Jennings
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595343333
Category: Humor
Page: 192
View: 3939

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"Articles: What's News Is News" was reviewed by some of the best publishing houses in America and received raving reviews as one of the most unique works ever to be published. Reading it, is entertaining, informative, exciting, and revealing. Once you pick it up and start to read it, your journey into the author's unique world of journalism is one that you will not want to end.

Worship Is a Verb

Author: Robert E. Webber
Publisher: Star Song Communications Group
ISBN: 9781562330262
Category: Religion
Page: 225
View: 5345

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Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics

Author: Patrick Griffiths
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748626883
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 208
View: 530

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An introduction to the linguistic study of meaning, this book outlines the meaning potential (semantics) of English and how language knowledge is put to use (pragmatics). As well as gaining a systematic overview of meaning in English, readers can learn how to argue for analyses. Among the significant concepts introduced are denotation, sense relations, event types, explicature, implicature, presupposition, metaphor, reference, speech acts and (at an elementary level) Generalised Quantifier Theory. Sense relations--such as antonymy and hyponymy--are presented as summarising patterns of entailment. The sense of a word is seen as the contributions it makes to the entailments carried by sentences.

Daily Reading Practice for Sixth Grade (Week 15)

Author: Margot Kinberg
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials
ISBN: 1425876846
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 8
View: 9403

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This resource provides a week of practice activities to build sixth grade students' reading comprehension and word study skills. Students gain regular practice through these quick, yet meaningful, reading activities. Great formative assessment tool!

The Sweet Science and Other Writings

Author: Abbott Joseph Liebling
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781598530407
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 1057
View: 2170

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Features some of the journalist's classic works, including "The Press," in which he discusses how the lack of competition, public regulation, and professional criticism have endangered the objectivity of the press.