New Directions in the Theory and Research of Serious Leisure

Author: Robert A. Stebbins
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780773476011
Category: Social Science
Page: 194
View: 8741

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This study pulls together the findings of Dr Stebbin's research programme on leisure. It presents his basic theory on serious leisure as well as his analysis of casual leisure, identifying deviant leisure as falling into either group.

Entwicklung im Erwachsenenalter

Author: Gerd Mietzel
Publisher: Hogrefe Verlag
ISBN: 3840924383
Category: Psychology
Page: 635
View: 4966

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Entwicklung findet nicht nur im Kindes- und Jugendalter, sondern über die gesamte Lebensspanne hinweg statt. Das vorliegende Lehrbuch bietet eine verständliche und umfassende Einführung in die Entwicklungspsychologie des Erwachsenenalters. Zentrale Theorien und neue Ansätze werden vorgestellt und die Inhalte anhand von aktuellen Forschungsergebnissen und zahlreichen Beispielen veranschaulicht. Einleitend geht der Band auf die theoretischen Grundlagen der Entwicklungspsychologie des Erwachsenenalters ein. Die weiteren Kapitel thematisieren körperliche und kognitive Veränderungen und legen beispielsweise dar, welche Funktionsverluste mit fortschreitendem Alter auftreten und mit welchen Maßnahmen diese abgemildert oder herausgezögert werden können. Weitere Themen sind Entwicklungen im Bereich der Persönlichkeit sowie die Rolle und Entwicklung sozialer Beziehungen im Erwachsenenalter. Berufliche Interessen und berufliche Leistungsfähigkeit sowie Aspekte der Freizeitgestaltung werden beleuchtet. Abschließend behandelt der Band den Themenkomplex »Sterben und Tod« aus entwicklungspsychologischer Sicht. Verständnisfragen und Lösungshinweise und weitere Informationen für Studierende und Lehrende werden auf der Website psychlehrbuchplus zur Verfügung gestellt.

Serious Leisure

A Perspective for Our Time
Author: Robert A. Stebbins
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412809770
Category: Social Science
Page: 176
View: 2053

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Serious Leisure offers a comprehensive view and analysis of the current state of the sociology of leisure. Defining and differentiating the way people use their free time, Stebbins divides such activity into categories of serious, casual, and project-based leisure that he further separates into a variety of types and subtypes. Together they comprise what he calls "serious leisure." In this perspective, serious leisure constitutes systematic pursuit of an amateur, hobbyist, or volunteer activity sufficiently substantial and interesting in nature and requiring special skills, knowledge, and experience. Casual leisure, though immediately, intrinsically rewarding, is by contrast a relatively short-lived pleasurable activity, requiring little or no special training to enjoy it. Project-based leisure is a short-term, reasonably complicated, occasional creative undertaking carried out in free time. Stebbins sets out the basic concepts and propositions that make up the three forms, focusing on their essential elements. He takes stock of the serious leisure literature as well as that for casual and project-based leisure. Stebbins sees "serious leisure" realized by way of a set of foundational concepts--organization, community, history, lifestyle, and culture--and several of their component areas. He reviews the history and background of the concept of serious leisure and then adds historical commentary on, first, casual leisure and, then, project-based leisure. Finally, he examines the future and the importance of the serious leisure perspective in a globalizing world, and some of its critical links with other fields of knowledge and practice, notably the nonprofit sector and preventive medicine. Together with its original insights, Serious Leisure offers a single, handy, coherent, comprehensive resource. It will be of interest to sociologists, labor studies specialists, and economists.

Work and Leisure in the Middle East

The Common Ground of Two Separate Worlds
Author: Robert A. Stebbins
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351471066
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 222
View: 5713

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Community involvement and leisure are rarely mentioned in mass media coverage of the Middle East and North Africa.Yet leisure and community involvement form a part of life in the region, and are becoming increasingly significant as modernization becomes pervasive. This work seeks to examine how the interconnection of work and leisure operates in a culture far removed from North American or European traditions.Robert A. Stebbins argues that the Middle East is a region in the throes of a developmental crisis, one of cultural underdevelopment. He indicates that while leisure and community involvement may be labeled as largely trivial activities, they in fact involve a nexus that crosses with the labor process. Discussing activities as diverse as theater and falconry, rotary clubs and brutal leisure?such as acts of terrorism and revolutionary violence?Stebbins offers a variety sufficient enough to confirm that cultural development through leisure, work, and community involvement has been possible.To provide the background for this argument, Stebbins explains what community involvement is, how it fosters cultural development, and offers a look at contemporary leisure and work in a changing economic climate. This is a unique look both at community involvement in the Middle East and how it has affected the cultural, political, and religious crisis. The book concludes by proposing that a new view of work and leisure may serve to override social divisions and traditional impediments to cultural development.

21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook

Author: Clifton D. Bryant,Dennis L. Peck
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781412916080
Category: Social Science
Page: 1344
View: 2355

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21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook provides a concise forum through which the vast array of knowledge accumulated, particularly during the past three decades, can be organized into a single definitive resource. The two volumes of this Reference Handbook focus on the corpus of knowledge garnered in traditional areas of sociological inquiry, as well as document the general orientation of the newer and currently emerging areas of sociological inquiry.

Serious Leisure

Extensions and Applications
Author: Sam Elkington,Ian Jones,Lesley Lawrence
Publisher: N.A
Category: Leisure
Page: 203
View: 7640

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'Leisure' is often associated with terms such as 'freedom', 'escape' and 'frivolity', and viewed as an antithesis to work. This volume explores leisure from an array of perspectives. It also includes an introduction by the originator of the 'serious leisure' concept, Dr Robert A Stebbins.

Encyclopedia of recreation and leisure in America

Adapted - little
Author: Gary S. Cross
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 9780684312668
Category: Leisure
Page: 502
View: 3243

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Discussed how Americans spend their free time and entertain themselves. Essays present perspectives in the fields of American and cultural studies, sociology, recreation, sports, leisure studies, auctions, bloodsports, shopping malls, and theme parks.

Work and Leisure

Author: John T. Haworth,Anthony J. Veal
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134531966
Category: Psychology
Page: 256
View: 2637

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Globalization, economic development and changes in social environments have put the relationships between work, leisure, social structure and quality of life under the spotlight. Profound transformations in the nature and organization of work are occurring, with potentially far-reaching social and economic consequences. Increasingly, organizations demand greater flexibility from their workforces and are introducing new technologies and practices in response to global competitive pressures. At the same time many employees are experiencing long working hours, increasing workloads and job insecurity, along with the challenge of balancing work and domestic responsibilities. These changes threaten long-term gain in leisure time while, simultaneously, the leisure environment is also changing radically, as we see increasing commercialization and professionalization of leisure services and experiences, the influence of the Internet, the rise of gambling and the decline of community-based activity. Exploring all of these issues, this book brings together specially commissioned chapters from international experts in a wide range of disciplines concerned with work, leisure and well-being. Each author takes stock of the current position, identifies core practical and theoretical issues and discusses possible future trends in order to provide an invaluable resource for all policy-makers, educators, employers and researchers in the field.

Ham Radio's Technical Culture

Author: Kristen Haring
Publisher: The MIT Press
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 220
View: 4842

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A history of ham radio culture: how ham radio enthusiasts formed identity and community through their technical hobby, from the 1930s through the Cold War.

Experiencing Fieldwork

Author: William Shaffir,Robert A. Stebbins
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0803936451
Category: Social Science
Page: 274
View: 8936

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How do you gain entry into a research setting? What tricks are there to learning the rules of the community without alienating the people you came to study? How are good relations maintained with informants? What happens after you leave the field? In Experiencing Fieldwork top ethnographers address these and other questions, bring fieldwork alive for the reader and provide invaluable advice for those entering the field.

Academic renewal

innovation in leisure and tourism : theories and methods
Author: Fiona Jordan,Lindsey Kilgour,Nigel Morgan,Leisure Studies Association (Great Britain)
Publisher: N.A
Category: Leisure industry
Page: 248
View: 4775

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Tod und Leben großer amerikanischer Städte

Author: Jane Jacobs
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3035602123
Category: Architecture
Page: 220
View: 2327

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In The Death and Life of Great American Cities durchleuchtet Jane Jacobs 1961 die fragwürdigen Methoden der Stadtplanung und Stadtsanierung in Amerika, der "New Yorker" nannte es das unkonventionellste und provozierendste Buch über Städtebau seit langem. Die deutsche Ausgabe wurde schnell auch im deutschsprachigem Raum zu einer viel gelesenen und diskutierten Lektüre. Sie ist jetzt wieder in einem Nachdruck zugänglich, mit einem Vorwort von Gerd Albers (1993), das nach der Aktualität dieser Streitschrift fragt.

Wie man Freunde gewinnt

Die Kunst, beliebt und einflussreich zu werden
Author: Dale Carnegie
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104031479
Category: Self-Help
Page: 304
View: 4671

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Dieses Buch zeigt Ihnen: - wie man Freunde gewinnt - wie man auf neuen Wegen zu neuen Zielen gelangt - wie man beliebt wird - wie man seine Umwelt beeinflußt - wie man mehr Ansehen erlangt - wie man im Beruf erfolgreicher wird - wie man Streit vermeidet - wie man ein guter Redner und brillanter Gesellschafter wird - wie man den Charakter seiner Mitmenschen erkennt - wie man seine Mitarbeiter anspornt und vieles mehr...