An English History
Author: David Cressy
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191080527
Category: History
Page: 352
View: 5833

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Gypsies, Egyptians, Romanies, and -more recently-Travellers. Who are this marginal and mysterious people who first arrived in England in early Tudor times? Are tales of their distant origins on the Indian subcontinent true, or just another of the many myths and stories that have accreted around them over time? In fact, can they even be regarded as a single people or ethnicity at all, or are they little more than a useful concept? Gypsies have frequently been vilified, and not much less frequently romanticized, by the settled population over the centuries, but social historian David Cressy now attempts to disentangle the myth from the reality of Gypsy life over more than half a millennium of English history. In this, the first comprehensive historical study of the doings and dealings of Gypsies in England, from their first appearance in early Tudor times to the present, he draws on original archival research, and a wide range of reading, to trace the many moments when Gypsy lives became entangled with those of villagers and townsfolk, religious and secular authorities, and social and moral reformers. Crucially, it is a story not just of the Gypsy community and its peculiarities, but also of England's treatment of that community, from draconian Elizabethan statutes, through various degrees of toleration and fascination, right up to the tabloid newspaper campaigns against Gypsy and Traveller encampments of more recent years.


Från tattare till traveller (Kraftigt bearbetad och utökad upplaga 2011)
Author: Bo Hazell
Publisher: Ordfront
ISBN: 9174414038
Category: Social Science
Page: 1044
View: 7110

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Ny kraftigt uppdaterad och utökad upplaga november 2011. Omkring 30 000 svenskar tillhör resandefolket. De som för kallades »tattare«. Trots att vi möter dem på våra arbetsplatser, i våra bostadsområden och ute i samhällslivet är de anonyma för oss. På grund av tvångssteriliseringar, rasregistreringar och etniska rensningar har de hållit sig undan offentligheten. Av omsorg om barnen har föräldrar undvikit att berätta om deras ursprung. Många har därför tappat sitt modersmål – resanderomani. Men från slutet av 1990-talet kom vändningen. Då påbörjades något av en revival, främst bland unga, att våga träda fram och visa stolthet för sina rötter. Efter erkännandet som nationell minoritet engagerar sig många resande för att rädda språket, dokumentera gamla romanisånger och att själva arbeta aktivt inom politiken för att få upprättelse. Flera resande berättar själva i boken om hur det varit att växa upp inom resandekulturen. Till denna nya upplaga har Bo Hazell gjort omfattande uppdateringar av kapitlen om ursprung, historia och språk. Och vad dagens resande lyckats åstadkomma sedan första upplagan 2002. Listan på romaniord i svenskan har utökats, och det finns nya sångtexter av resande. I ett av de nya kapitlen berättar två resandekvinnor hur de som barn upplevde raskravallerna i Jönköping 1948. Bo Hazell har listat upp 500 plats- och ortnamn från hela Sverige som ger en fingervisning om var de resande har bott eller haft sina lägerplatser under sina vandringar. Och var de utövat sina yrken. Tattareviken, Skojarebacken, Fantetorp, Gårdfarihandlaren, Krämarstan, Rackaregården, Nattmanstorg och andra platsnamn visar att resandefolket gjort viktiga avtryck på kartan och i vår gemensamma svenska historia.

The Securitization of the Roma in Europe

Author: Huub van Baar,Ana Ivasiuc,Regina Kreide
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319770357
Category: Political Science
Page: 319
View: 7028

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This book discusses how Europe’s Roma minorities have often been perceived as a threat to majority cultures and societies. Frequently, the Roma have become the target of nationalism, extremism, and racism. At the same time, they have been approached in terms of human rights and become the focus of programs dedicated to inclusion, anti-discrimination, and combatting poverty. This book reflects on this situation from the viewpoint of how the Roma are often ‘securitized,’ understood and perceived as ‘security problems.’ The authors discuss practices of securitization and the ways in which they have been challenged, and they offer an original contribution to debates about security and human rights interventions at a time in which multiple crises both in and of Europe are going hand-in-hand with intensified xenophobia and security rhetoric.

Romani Culture and Gypsy Identity

Author: Thomas Alan Acton,Gary Mundy
Publisher: Univ of Hertfordshire Press
ISBN: 9780900458767
Category: Social Science
Page: 203
View: 3432

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Romany culture is perhaps the most Indo-European of all. The ancestors of the Gypsies left India around 1000 years ago and mixed with every culture on the way to produce a variety of Romany dialects and well-known cultural achievements from Hungarian Gypsy music to the English Gypsy caravan. Such images somehow co-exist, however, with continuous persecution.

Die Lieben der Melody Shee

Author: Donal Ryan
Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG
ISBN: 3257608756
Category: Fiction
Page: 304
View: 9357

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Als Melodys Mann sich nach zwei Fehlgeburten heimlich sterilisieren lässt, beantwortet sie diesen Vertrauensbruch mit einer Affäre und wird schwanger – von einem ihrer Schüler. Das hat Konsequenzen im erzkatho­lischen Irland. Melody schwankt zwischen dem stillen Glück, das das werdende Leben in ihr auslöst, und der Schuld, die sie mit seiner Entstehung auf sich geladen hat. Doch die Entscheidung, die sie letztlich trifft, ist so unkon­ventionell wie mutig.

Gypsies and the British Imagination, 1807-1930

Author: Deborah Epstein Nord
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231510330
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 240
View: 6809

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Gypsies and the British Imagination, 1807-1930, is the first book to explore fully the British obsession with Gypsies throughout the nineteenth century and into the twentieth. Deborah Epstein Nord traces various representations of Gypsies in the works of such well-known British authors John Clare, Walter Scott, William Wordsworth, George Eliot, Arthur Conan Doyle, and D. H. Lawrence. Nord also exhumes lesser-known literary, ethnographic, and historical texts, exploring the fascinating histories of nomadic writer George Borrow, the Gypsy Lore Society, Dora Yates, and other rarely examined figures and institutions. Gypsies were both idealized and reviled by Victorian and early-twentieth-century Britons. Associated with primitive desires, lawlessness, cunning, and sexual excess, Gypsies were also objects of antiquarian, literary, and anthropological interest. As Nord demonstrates, British writers and artists drew on Gypsy characters and plots to redefine and reconstruct cultural and racial difference, national and personal identity, and the individual's relationship to social and sexual orthodoxies. Gypsies were long associated with pastoral conventions and, in the nineteenth century, came to stand in for the ancient British past. Using myths of switched babies, Gypsy kidnappings, and the Gypsies' murky origins, authors projected onto Gypsies their own desires to escape convention and their anxieties about the ambiguities of identity. The literary representations that Nord examines have their roots in the interplay between the notion of Gypsies as a separate, often despised race and the psychic or aesthetic desire to dissolve the boundary between English and Gypsy worlds. By the beginning of the twentieth century, she argues, romantic identification with Gypsies had hardened into caricature-a phenomenon reflected in D. H. Lawrence's The Virgin and the Gipsy-and thoroughly obscured the reality of Gypsy life and history.

Das Geheimnis der Schwimmerin

Author: Erika Swyler
Publisher: Limes Verlag
ISBN: 3641159547
Category: Fiction
Page: 448
View: 6130

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Um einen Fluch zu bannen, musst du seine Quelle finden Simon Watson lebt allein in einem verwitterten Haus an der Küste Long Islands. Eines Tages findet er ein altes Buch auf seiner Türschwelle, das ihn sofort in seinen Bann zieht. Die brüchigen Seiten erzählen von einer großen Liebe, vom dramatischen Tod einer Schwimmerin und vom tragischen Schicksal einer ganzen Familie – Simons eigener Familie. Denn wie es scheint, finden die Watson-Frauen seit 250 Jahren im Wasser den Tod – immer am 24. Juli. Auch Simons Mutter ertrank in den Fluten des Atlantiks. Als nun seine Schwester Enola zu Besuch kommt, scheint sie seltsam verändert – und der 24. Juli steht unmittelbar bevor ...

The Role of the Romanies

Images and Counter-images of "Gypsies"/Romanies in European Cultures
Author: Nicholas Saul,Susan Tebbutt
Publisher: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 9780853236795
Category: Social Science
Page: 258
View: 5240

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Since their arrival in Europe at the beginning of the eleventh century, the "Gypsies" have stimulated and fascinated the European imagination, but have also always been perceived as "other" and marginalised. This title is split into four parts and seeks to address the questions raised by the ambivalent encounter of the "Gypsies" with European cultures. The volume begins with three chapters about the genesis, development and scope of Romany Studies. Constructions of Romany culture and identity are at the heart of the second part. Part three focuses on nineteenth and twentieth century literary constructions of Romany identity, be it from a gadzo or Romany perspective. The final part tackles the question of how the role of the Romanies will be remembered, recorded and commemorated.

Romani Routes

Cultural Politics and Balkan Music in Diaspora
Author: Carol Silverman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199913358
Category: Music
Page: 432
View: 4633

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Now that the political and economic plight of European Roma and the popularity of their music are objects of international attention, Romani Routes provides a timely and insightful view into Romani communities both in their home countries and in the diaspora. Over the past two decades, a steady stream of recordings, videos, feature films, festivals, and concerts has presented the music of Balkan Gypsies, or Roma, to Western audiences, who have greeted them with exceptional enthusiasm. Yet, as author Carol Silverman notes, Roma are revered as musicians and reviled as people. In this book, Silverman introduces readers to the people and cultures who produce this music, offering a sensitive and incisive analysis of how Romani musicians address the challenges of discrimination. Focusing on southeastern Europe then moving to the diaspora, her book examines the music within Romani communities, the lives and careers of outstanding musicians, and the marketing of music in the electronic media and "world music" concert circuit. Silverman touches on the way that the Roma exemplify many qualities--adaptability, cultural hybridity, transnationalism--that are taken to characterize late modern experience. And rather than just celebrating these qualities, she presents the musicians as complicated, pragmatic individuals who work creatively within the many constraints that inform their lives.


From Silent Film to MTV
Author: Chris Perriam,Ann Davies
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9042019646
Category: History
Page: 224
View: 2276

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Since Prosper Mérimée and Georges Bizet (with his librettists Meilhac and Halévy) brought the figure of the Spanish Carmen to prominence in the nineteenth century an astonishing eighty or so film versions of the story have been made. This collection of essays gathers together a unique body of scholarly critique focused on that Carmen narrative in film. It covers the phenomenon from a number of aspects: cultural studies, gender studies, studies in race and representation, musicology, film history, and the history of performance. The essays take us from the days of silent film to twenty-first century hip-hop style, showing, through a variety of theoretical and historical perspectives that, despite social and cultural transformations—particularly in terms of gender, sexuality and race—remarkably little has changed in terms of basic human desires and anxieties, at least as they are represented in this body of films. The conception of Carmen's independent sexuality as a source of danger both to men (and occasionally women) and to respectable society has been a constant. Nor has sexual and ethnic otherness lost its appeal. On the other hand, the corpus of Carmen films is more than a simple recycling of stereotypes and each engages newly with the social and cultural issues of their time.


Author: Olga Tokarczuk
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783442741342
Page: 456
View: 2636

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Danny oder die Fasanenjagd

Author: Roald Dahl,Sybil Schönfeldt
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783866158139
Page: 210
View: 4938

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Im Wald Fasanen zu jagen, ist verboten. Danny und sein Vater denken sich ein paar schlaue Tricks aus, wie sie die Vögel trotzdem fangen und die grimmigen Wildhüter überlisten können.

Was du liebst, gehört dir nicht

Author: Louise Doughty
Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641074363
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 5354

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Vielschichtig, authentisch, berührend: ein Frauenroman über Verlust und den Weg zurück ins Leben Laura, frisch geschieden, zwei kleine Kinder, erlebt den schlimmsten Alptraum jeder Mutter: Ihre neunjährige Tochter wird von einem Auto überfahren. Ihre spontanen Rachegelüste kann sie zwar überwinden, aber kann sie dem Unfallfahrer je verzeihen, dass er ihr genommen hat, was sie am meisten liebt? Gibt es für sie in der gemeinsamen Trauer vielleicht eine neue Chance auf Versöhnung mit ihrem Exmann, dem Vater ihrer Kinder, der mittlerweile eine neue Familie gegründet hat? Von wem stammen die anonymen Briefe, die sie seit ihrer Scheidung erhält? In dieser Lebenskrise ist Laura allein auf sich zurückgeworfen. Wie weit wird sie für ihre Rache gehen? Eine fesselnde Geschichte um Schuld und Sühne, Festhalten und Loslassenkönnen, um unsere Bereitschaft, für die Liebe Opfer zu bringen.

Scottish Traveller Tales

Lives Shaped Through Stories
Author: Donald Braid
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1604736623
Category: Social Science
Page: 313
View: 9893

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The "Travelling People" of Scotland are the traditionally nomadic minority group known also by the derogatory term "tinkers." Traveling in groups or in their individual caravans along the high roads and byways of Scotland, they have established a distinct identity and mode of life for themselves that preserves centuries-old cultural beliefs. For their skill as storytellers, as well as ballad singers, they are internationally recognized for the richest storytelling traditions of the world. One of their best-known storytellers is Duncan Williamson. He was fascinated by storytelling from an early age and dedicated himself to keeping the wisdom of traveller culture by learning as many stories as possible. While this book focuses on a number of individuals, both Duncan's skill as a storyteller and his extensive knowledge of traveller storytelling traditions are prominently featured through a series of performance transcriptions and interview excerpts. Although their oral tales have been compiled and collected in other volumes, this book is the only full-length study that analyzes the stories of the Travelling People. Through an examination of their words, narratives, and songs, it brings readers close to Travellers' own voices and to their distinctive practice of storytelling. Indeed, this analytical appreciation of the culture shows how the story performances preserve the history of the Travelling People and reveal the shape and substance of the storytellers' own lives. It renders too the rich variety of stories, the interrelationship of stories and the community, the construction of the teller's identity within the story, and the story's way of understanding and shaping human experience. Although concentrated on these Scottish storytellers, this book imparts insights into the process of storytelling in general and contributes understanding of the place of stories in human communities and to human identity. Donald Braid, assistant director of the Center for Citizenship and Community and a lecturer in English at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a co-editor of "A Folklorist's Progress: Reflections of a Scholar's Life." His work has been published in the "Journal of American Folklore," "Text and Performance Quarterly," and "The Encyclopedia of Folklore and Literature."


Roman - Der New-York-Times-Bestseller
Author: Lisa Wingate
Publisher: Limes Verlag
ISBN: 3641196167
Category: Fiction
Page: 480
View: 9059

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»Lisa Wingates ergreifender Roman basiert auf verbrecherischen Adoptionen in den USA bis 1950.« (FÜR SIE) Der Dauer-New-York-Times-Bestseller, von den Goodreads-Lesern zum besten historischen Roman 2017 gewählt! Ein bewegender Roman über das kraftvolle Band, das Geschwister verbindet, über verborgene Geheimnisse und ihre heilende Wirkung, wenn man sie endlich lüften darf ... Ihre Geschichte beginnt an einem schwül-heißen Sommerabend im Jahr 1939, doch erst über 70 Jahre später wird sie erzählt werden können — aber davon weiß Avery Stafford noch nichts. Für sie hat das Leben keine Geheimnisse. Bis sie eines Tages auf die 90-jährige May Crandall trifft. Die Fremde erkennt ihr Libellenarmband, ein Familienerbstück, und sie besitzt ein Foto von ihrer Großmutter. Was hat May mit ihrer Familie zu tun? Avery stößt schon bald auf ein unglaubliches Geheimnis, das sie zurück in ein dunkles Kapitel ihrer Familiengeschichte führt ... Memphis, Tennessee, 1939: Die zwölfjährige Rill Foss und ihre vier Geschwister leben mit ihren Eltern in einem Hausboot auf dem Mississippi. Als die Kinder eines Tages allein sind, werden sie von angeblichen Beamten in ein Waisenaus gebracht. Rill hat ihren Eltern versprochen, auf ihre Geschwister aufzupassen. Ein Versprechen, das sie auf keinen Fall brechen will, aber es wird ihr alles abverlangen, vielleicht mehr als sie geben kann ... Ein zutiefst bewegender Roman, inspiriert von einer wahren Geschichte.

Ein Geschenk des Himmels

Author: Liane Moriarty
ISBN: 3732515885
Category: Fiction
Page: 511
View: 6956

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Als Familienoberhaupt leitete die 91-jährige Connie die Geschicke der Familie. Nun ist Connie verstorben, und die Familie sinniert über ein Leben ohne die energische alte Dame... Sophie, 39, hofft immer noch auf die große Liebe. Warum hat sie nur vor Jahren Connies Neffen Thomas vor dem Traualtar stehen lassen? Die schöne Grace scheint das Glück schon gefunden zu haben, aber etwas quält sie, das sie niemandem anvertrauen kann. Margie, Mitte 50, schließt einen seltsamen Pakt mit einem Fremden. Und Rose geht plötzlich eigene Wege, nachdem ihre Schwester Connie nicht mehr bestimmt, wo es langgeht ...

Am Anfang war die Schuld

Author: Jane Shemilt
Publisher: Blanvalet Verlag
ISBN: 3641136857
Category: Fiction
Page: 448
View: 5427

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Ein fremder Mensch lebt in deinem Haus ... Es ist deine Tochter. Jenny Malcom ist sich sicher, alles im Griff zu haben. Ihren Job als Ärztin, ihre Rolle als Mutter von drei Teenagern und ihre Ehe. Alles läuft perfekt. Bis zu dem Abend, an dem ihre fünfzehnjährige Tochter nicht nach Hause kommt. Bange Stunden des Hoffens folgen, bis klar wird: Naomi ist spurlos verschwunden. Und plötzlich bricht Jennys perfekt organisierte Welt zusammen. Während die Ermittlungen der Polizei auf Hochtouren laufen, steht die Familie Malcom vor den Trümmern ihres Lebens. Und Jenny beginnt zu ahnen, dass sie ihre Tochter doch nicht so gut kannte, wie sie immer gedacht hat ...

Gypsy Folk-tales

Author: Francis Hindes Groome
Publisher: N.A
Category: Fairy tales
Page: 302
View: 3677

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Over seventy tales collected by leading gypsiologists of 19th century Europe, emanating mainly from the Near East, British Isles, France, and the Balkan area.