Mothers of All Children

Women Reformers and the Rise of Juvenile Courts in Progressive Era America
Author: Elizabeth Jane Clapp
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271043857
Category: Law
Page: 214
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A history of the juvenile court movement in America, which focuses upon the central but neglected contribution of women reformers.The establishment of juvenile courts in cities across the United States was one of the earliest social welfare reforms of the Progressive Era. The first juvenile court law was passed in Illinois in 1899. Within a decade twenty-two other states had passed similar laws, based on the Illinois example. Mothers of All Children examines this movement, focusing especially on the role of women reformers and the importance of gender consciousness in influencing the shape of reform. Until recently historians have assumed that male reformers dominated many of the Progressive Era social reforms. Mothers of All Children goes beyond simply writing women back into the history of the juvenile court movement to reveal the complexity of their involvement. Some women operated within nineteenth-century ideals of motherhood and domesticity while others, trained in the social sciences and living in,the poor neighborhoods of America's cities, took a more pragmatic approach.Despite these differences, Clapp finds a common maternalist approach that distinguished women reformers from their male counterparts. Women were more willing to use the state to deal with wayward children, whereas men were more commonly involved as supporters of women reformers' initiatives rather than being themselves the initiators of reform.Firmly located in the context of recent scholarship on American women's history, Mothers of All Children has broad implications for American women's political history and the history of the welfare state.

The Visions of the Children

The Apparitions of the Blessed Mother at Medjugorje
Author: Janice T. Connell
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1466869909
Category: Religion
Page: 448
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In Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on June 25, 1981, five teenagers and a nine-year-old began telling others that they were seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary on a local mountain with the Infant Christ in her arms. The religious visions of the children continued daily. The Blessed Virgin Mary, who identified herself as the "Queen of Peace" on that day continues to bring messages for the entire world. Like Lourdes and Fatima before it, Medjugorje has become a holy pilgrimage site for Christian worshippers around the world. The Visions of the Children, Revised and Updated Edition features exclusive conversations with the six apparitioners who have been receiving, since June 1981, visions and messages of the Virgin Mary. After 25 years, three of the original visionaries continue to see the Blessed Mother daily. This revised and updated edition includes: -new information on the six visionaries who first saw Mary at Medjugorje -Messages from the Virgin Mary through June 2006 -extraordinary secrets about the final chapter in the history of the world -A new, updated list of Marian Centers worldwide. This is a must have volume for anyone interested in the Blessed Virgin Mary, Marian apparitions, or Mejugorgje.

Irena Sendler

Mother of the Children of the Holocaust
Author: Anna Mieszkowska
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 224
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This title tells the univerally appealing story of Irena Sendler, who saved the lives of 2,500 Jewish children in Poland during the Holocaust.

Children of working mothers

Author: Allyson Sherman Grossman,United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Publisher: N.A
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 13
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Caring for Your Baby & Young Child

Birth to Age 5
Author: Steven P. Shelov
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780192627780
Category: Child care
Page: 676
View: 939

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This authoritative and comprehensive book brings you state-of-the-art answers to all your medical and parenting concerns. Written in a warm, accessible style and illustrated with more than 350 helpful drawings and diagrams, this book gives you the information you need to know about looking after your baby up to the age of five. In Caring for your Baby and Young Child you will find: BL a month-by-month guide to your baby's first year that lets you know what to expect in terms of growth, behaviour, and development BL a yearly guide for years two to five, with practical advice for dealing with nightmares, bedwetting, and temper tantrums BL health watch features that alert you to potential problems at each stage BL advice on effective discipline and optimal nurturing BL a complete health encyclopaedia covering illnesses, injuries, congenital diseases, and other disabilities BL a discussion of family issues from sibling rivalry and adoption to stepfamilies and professional child care. This is an essential child care resource for all parents who want the best for their children.

Migration, Familie und soziale Lage

Beiträge zu Bildung, Gender und Care
Author: Thomas Geisen,Tobias Studer,Erol Yildiz
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3531941275
Category: Social Science
Page: 331
View: 3280

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Das Thema „Migration und Familie" findet seit einigen Jahren verstärkt Beachtung. Dies geschieht meist im Zusammenhang mit der Thematisierung von Problemen und Defiziten, insbesondere in den Bereichen Bildung und Erziehung, sowie in Bezug auf das Geschlechterverhältnis. In anderer Weise erfolgt diese Thematisierung im Care-Bereich: Während einerseits Familien bei der Betreuung und Pflege von Angehörigen zunehmend auf die Arbeit von Migrant/innen angewiesen sind, wird anderseits gerade diese Konstellation zur Belastungen für die Familien der Migrant/innen. Die Beiträge des Bandes greifen die Vielfalt und Widersprüchlichkeit familialer Praxen im Kontext von Migration auf und liefern differenzierte Analysen zu aktuellen Fragen von Bildung, Gender und Care.

Child Victims of Homicide

Author: Christine Alder,Ken Polk
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521002516
Category: Social Science
Page: 187
View: 8693

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This international 2001 study explores gender and familial patterns in cases of child homicide.

Pre-legislative Scrutiny of the Children and Families Bill

Fourth Report of Session 2012-13, Vol. 1: Report, Together with Formal Minutes, Oral and Written Evidence
Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Justice Committee
Publisher: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 9780215051097
Category: Political Science
Page: 206
View: 7999

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Additional written evidence is contained in Volume 2, available on the Committee website at

A History of Child Welfare

Author: Eve P. Smith,Lisa A. Merkel-Holguín
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412816106
Category: Political Science
Page: 313
View: 5631

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As we approach the year 2000, infant mortality rates, child placement dilemmas, and appropriate socialization of children continue to challenge the field of child welfare. It is thus especially significant to reflect on the history of child welfare. The carefully selected topics explored in this volume underscore the importance of recovering past events and themes still relevant. It is the aim of this volume to illumine current issues by a review of past struggles and problems. A History of Child Welfare offers many examples of practices that have direct import for those who struggle to support children. Who is not bothered by what seem to be increasing acts of violence by children against children? The role of hidden cruelty to children in perpetuating violence is illuminated by studying the past. Historians and social researchers have gone far in examining the family, and by implication, their revelations greatly increase society's complex responses to children over time from early assumptions that children were little more than miniature adults to the discovery of childhood as a special developmental period. At the start of this century women still did not have universal suffrage and brutal child labor was not unusual. Harsh legal codes separating the races were widespread, and those bent on improving the lot of children knew that reform meant commitment to an uphill struggle. By the end of the century, much has changed: child labor, while still present, has been outlawed in most industries, women vote and hold many high offices; and de jure racial segregation is largely a memory. Yet the state of children remains precarious, with poverty a persistent theme throughout the century. The fifteen articles in this volume cover a wide range of social conditions, public policies, and approaches to problem solving. Though history does not repeat itself precisely, problems, controversies about solutions, and certain themes do. A History of Child Welfare takes up social and economic conditions that correlate with increasing rates of child abuse and neglect, and an increasing number of children in out-of-home care. This volume distinguishes approaches that have been useful from those that have failed. In this way, these serious reflections help build on past successes and avoid previous errors.

Teaching Deaf Learners

Psychological and Developmental Foundations
Author: Harry Knoors PhD,Marc Marschark
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190213841
Category: Psychology
Page: 304
View: 5861

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Teaching Deaf Learners: Psychological and Developmental Foundations explores how deaf students (children and adolescents) learn and the conditions that support their reaching their full cognitive potential -- or not. Beginning with an introduction to teaching and learning of both deaf and hearing students, Knoors and Marschark take an ecological approach to deaf education, emphasizing the need to take into account characteristics of learners and of the educational context. Building on the evidence base with respect to developmental and psychological factors in teaching and learning, they describe characteristics of deaf learners which indicate that teaching deaf learners is not, or should not, be the same as teaching hearing learners. In this volume, Knoors and Marschark explore factors that influence the teaching of deaf learners, including their language proficiencies, literacy and numeracy skills, cognitive abilities, and social-emotional factors. These issues are addressed in separate chapters, with a focus on the importance to all of them of communication and language. Separate chapters are devoted to the promise of multimedia enhanced education and the possible influences of contextual aspects of the classroom and the school on learning by deaf students. The book concludes by pointing out the importance of appropriate education of teachers of deaf learners, given the increasing diversity of those students and the contexts in which they are educated. It bridges the gap between research and practice in teaching and outlines ways to improve teacher education.

Child Development: A Thematic Approach

Author: Danuta Bukatko,Marvin W. Daehler
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0618608656
Category: Education
Page: 752
View: 3961

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Bukatko/Daehler's CHILD DEVELOPMENT: A THEMATIC APPROACH provides a comprehensive, topically organized, up-to-date picture of development from conception to adolescence. Most important, it draws students' attention to the themes that replay themselves throughout the course of development, fundamental issues that resurface continually and that provide coherence to sometimes seemingly disparate research. The themes can serve as frameworks to help students further understand and remember the multitude of facts about child development. Bukatko/Daehler's sixth edition text draws on five themes, Nature and Nurture, Sociocultural Influence, Continuity/Discontinuity, Interaction among Domains, and Risk/Resilience. By drawing on these themes, the authors hope to stimulate readers to think about the process of development, or why it proceeds as it does. Through new For Your Review and Reflection sections, the authors also hope students will engage with the text and become more adept critical thinkers, who are more likely to appreciate the ramifications of theory and research for applied issues such as parenting practices, education, and social policy for children, which are ultimately concerns for us all. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Birth of Chinese Feminism

Essential Texts in Transnational Theory
Author: Lydia H. Liu,Rebecca E. Karl,Dorothy Ko
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231533268
Category: Social Science
Page: 320
View: 8893

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He-Yin Zhen (ca. 1884-1920?) was a theorist who figured centrally in the birth of Chinese feminism. Unlike her contemporaries, she was concerned less with China's fate as a nation and more with the relationship among patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism, and gender subjugation as global historical problems. This volume, the first translation and study of He-Yin's work in English, critically reconstructs early twentieth-century Chinese feminist thought in a transnational context by juxtaposing He-Yin Zhen's writing against works by two better-known male interlocutors of her time. The editors begin with a detailed analysis of He-Yin Zhen's life and thought. They then present annotated translations of six of her major essays, as well as two foundational tracts by her male contemporaries, Jin Tianhe (1874-1947) and Liang Qichao (1873–1929), to which He-Yin's work responds and with which it engages. Jin, a poet and educator, and Liang, a philosopher and journalist, understood feminism as a paternalistic cause that liberals like themselves should defend. He-Yin presents an alternative conception that draws upon anarchism and other radical trends. Ahead of her time, He-Yin Zhen complicates conventional accounts of feminism and China's history, offering original perspectives on sex, gender, labor, and power that remain relevant today.

Early Care and Education for Children in Poverty

Promises, Programs, and Long-Term Results
Author: W. Steven Barnett,Sarane Spence Boocock
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791436196
Category: Education
Page: 341
View: 6042

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Establishes the power of early care and education to change children's lives, particularly children in poverty.

Making an Impact

Children and Domestic Violence : a Reader
Author: Marianne Hester,Chris Pearson,Nicola Harwin
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9781853028441
Category: Social Science
Page: 194
View: 4252

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"Making an Impact - Children and Domestic Violence focuses on the children who experience domestic violence and lays guidelines for how best to support and protect them." "Produced by a consortium consisting of the NSPCC, Barnardo's and the Domestic Violence Research Group at the University of Bristol, and commissioned by the Department of Health, this Reader will enable professionals working with children to develop informed, sophisticated and collaborative child care and protection responses for children who are experiencing domestic violence."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Bio-social Issues in Health

Author: Anil Kishore Sinha
Publisher: Northern Book Centre
ISBN: 9788172112257
Category: Public health
Page: 598
View: 6041

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Themes included are:¿Issues on Health and Disease Approaches¿Health and Health Care Systems: Socio-cultural and Ecological Dimension¿Nutrition, Human Growth and Development¿Health and Mental Illness¿Contemporary Issues in Tribal Health and Care of the AgedContributors are from ¿Academic and research institutions of various States and Union Territories¿Subject specialists from different fields such as ¿Anthropology¿Biochemistry¿Bio-medicine ¿Community medicine¿Demography ¿Geography¿Home science¿Indigenous System of Medicine¿Ayurveda ¿Microbiology ¿ Pediatrics¿Philosophy¿Psychiatry and Social Psychology¿Covers a variety of therapies ranging from traditional to modern therapy for curing illness and disease¿Research Papers have been reviewed by the subject specialists¿Useful for the academicians from the fields of anthropology, sociology, psychology, home science, medical professionals, social scientists, administrators, planners, NGOs, teachers and students of various disciplines, and the broad spectrum of scholars interested in the science of man.

HIV Risk Exposure Among Young Children

A Study of 2-9 Year Olds Served by Public Health Facilities in the Free State, South Africa
Author: Olive Shisana
Publisher: HSRC Press
ISBN: 9780796920997
Category: AIDS (Disease) in children
Page: 94
View: 1407

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South Africa has, until now, focused its HIV prevention efforts on youth and adults, and now needs to expand its focus to include children. Much is already known about vertical transmission, which is the dominant mode of HIV transmission among children.