Modern Real Estate Practice

Author: Fillmore W. Galaty,Wellington J. Allaway,Robert C. Kyle
Publisher: Dearborn Real Estate
ISBN: 9780793144280
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 531
View: 820

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For more than forty years, Modern Real Estate Practice has set the industry standard for real estate education, with over 50,000 copies sold every year and over 3 million real estate professionals trained. Now, in this exciting new edition, Modern Real Estate Practice continues that tradition of excellence. Includes a test-building CD-ROM and URLs for key government and professional association websites.

Modern Real Estate Practice in Texas

Author: Cheryl Peat Nance
Publisher: Dearborn Real Estate
ISBN: 9780793184712
Category: Law
Page: 528
View: 9006

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The Eleventh Edition (UPDATE) of "Modern Real Estate Practice in Texas is the most comprehensive and current Texas real estate textbook available. Along with an all new chapter on control of land use, you will find many special features including: * In Practice and For Example paragraphs to apply theory to practice. * Margin Notes to direct attention to important vocabulary terms. * Math Concepts at relevant points within the chapter. * Website Addresses to expedite additional research. * Exam Prep notes and a sample salesperson license exam. Complete coverage of the new, 2003 Texas real estate laws! The changes in real estate law, effective on September 1, 2003, have been incorporated into this new edition. Teach and learn with confidence, knowing that your text's facts are up to date! This book also includes the new forms! With changes in law also come changes in forms. This book has incorporated all of the new "Texas Real Estate Commission forms. So when students practice on these forms, they know they are preparing for a smooth transition into a real estate career. New PowerPoint Slides! As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the teaching tools associated with "Modern Real Estate Practice in Texas. These slides will make teaching a snap, whether they're used as a reference or used when teaching the class! For Example/In Practice Sections! Whether teaching or preparing to get your license, nothing takes you "into the field" better than these. They're certain to help students with real life real estate once they get their license, and they also make great teaching tools. This text is in complete compliance with the rules andregulations of the "Texas Real Estate Commission and License Law. Topics include: Introduction to Modern Real Estate Practice, Real Property, The Real Estate Market, Concepts of Home Ownership, Real Estate Brokerage and the Law of Age

Texas Real Estate Agency

Author: Donna K. Peeples,Minor Peeples
Publisher: Dearborn Real Estate
ISBN: 9780793187652
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 346
View: 863

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Principles of Real Estate Practice in Tennessee

Author: Stephen Mettling,David Cusic,Joy Stanfill
Publisher: Performance Programs Company
ISBN: 0915777053
Category: Law
Page: 600
View: 653

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Principles of Real Estate Practice in Tennessee contains the essentials of the national and Tennessee real estate law, principles, and practices necessary for basic competence as a real estate professional and as mandated by Tennessee license law. It is based on our highly successful and popular national publication, Principles of Real Estate Practice, which is in use in real estate schools nationwide. The text is tailored to the needs of the pre-license student. It is designed to - make it easy for students to learn the material and pass their real estate exam - prepare students for numerous career applications - stress practical, rather than theoretical, skills and knowledge. Principles of Real Estate Practice in Tennessee is streamlined, direct and to-the-point. It includes multiple learning reinforcements. It has a student-oriented organization, both within each chapter and from chapter to chapter. Its examples and exercises are grounded in the authors’ many years in real estate education. Table of Contents The Real Estate Business Rights in Real Estate Interests and Estates Ownership Encumbrances and Liens Transferring and Recording Title to Real Estate Real Estate Leases Land Use Planning and Control Legal Descriptions Real Estate Contract Law Agency Listing Agreements The Brokerage Business Contracts for the Sale of Real Estate Real Estate Market Economics Appraising and Estimating Market Value Real Estate Finance Real Estate Investment Real Estate Taxation Ethics: Laws and Practices Closings Real Estate Licensing and Regulation Risk Management Property Management The Tennessee Regulatory Environment Tennessee Licensing Regulation Tennessee Brokerage Regulation Tennessee Agency Other Tennessee Laws Glossary of Residential Style and Construction Terms Glossary of General Real Estate Terms Index

Texas Real Estate Contracts

Author: Michelle L. Evans,Johnnie Rosenauer
Publisher: Oncourse Learning
ISBN: 9780324653304
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 319
View: 9138

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"Written by an attorney and a real estate broker, this text offers a blended view of real estate contracts from two active participants in their respective fields giving both new and veteran real estate profesionals a better handle on this most important aspect of real estate. Evans and Rosenauer integrate the theory of contract law and its impact on the real estate transaction with practical instruction on Texas real estate employment and sales contracts. All required course elements specified by the Texas Real Estate Commission are included along with the current real estate contracts and addenda." -- Provided by publisher.

Texas Real Estate Sales Exam

Author: N.A
Publisher: Learning Express Llc
ISBN: 9781576855423
Category: Study Aids
Page: 279
View: 2382

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To become a licensed real estate agent in Texas, applicants must first pass the state’s real estate sales exam. This book contains all the information needed to prepare for and pass the test, including four full-length practice exams — updated to current standards — with fully explained answers. There are also study and test-taking tips and a CDROM containing practice tests and hundreds of additional questions, answers, and explanations. To help readers on and beyond the test, the book has a real estate refresher course reflecting all recent changes to state laws and policies and a glossary of real estate terms.

Texas Real Estate

Author: Charles J. Jacobus
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111426953
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 688
View: 2311

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This well-known and respected text by Jacobus provides current and authoritative coverage of modern real estate practice in Texas. All the core topics of real estate Principles I and II are covered including recent Texas legislature changes and updates to

Essentials of Real Estate Finance

Author: David Sirota,Doris Barrell
Publisher: Dearborn Real Estate
ISBN: 9780793160846
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 287
View: 2654

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70,000 real estate professionals have been trained by Essentials of Real Estate Finance. This text is a practical resource of finance information that agents can refer to and depend on in their day-to-day business. It provides comprehensive coverage of real estate concepts as well as a detailed overview of the industry. Essentials of Real Estate Finance can help students pass their exams, assist professionals advising clients, or help buyers understand what finance options are available.

Real Estate License Exams For Dummies

Author: John A. Yoegel
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119370671
Category: Study Aids
Page: 456
View: 5776

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Your ticket to passing the real estate license exam In order to become a licensed real estate agent, you must pass your state's real estate licensing exam–and with this hands-on guide, you'll get everything you need to succeed. Inside, you'll find the latest and most up-to-date information on contracts, deeds, appraisals, leasing, and mortgage types, plus four full-length practice tests to help prepare you for test day. Before you know it, you'll have all the knowledge you need to pass the exam and join the ranks as a professional real estate agent. Every year, thousands of Americans make the leap to an exciting, rewarding new career in real estate. If you want to get the best possible score, Real Estate License Exams For Dummies will help you pass with flying colors–and get your new career off to a great start! Includes four sample tests with detailed answer explanations and walk-throughs Covers real estate laws for all 50 states Provides proven test-taking strategies and study techniques Offers a glossary of real estate terms If real estate is your dream career, this unbeatable, bestselling guide arms you with the skills to make it a reality.

Texas Real Estate Law

Author: Charles J. Jacobus
Publisher: Oncourse Learning
ISBN: 9781133435075
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 469
View: 6528

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As the most trusted and well-informed legal resource on Texas real estate law, Charles J. Jacobus delivers clear and thorough coverage of the many aspects and complexities of real estate law today in Texas. The 11th edition is a complete and well-organized study covering what the law has been in the past before moving to what it is at the present--all with a perfect balance of principles and practice. This new edition also reflects changes from the most recent Texas Legislative session.

Texas Promulgated Contract Forms

Author: Peggy Santmyer
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781506188126
Page: 268
View: 5659

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To protect their client it is necessary for the real estate licensee to not only know what goes in the blank but what is in the preprinted part of the contract forms. After studying this book the licensee will be able to: Fill in the blanks of the forms properly. Be aware of the business details covered in the contract. Be knowledgeable regarding addenda. Understand when and how to use an amendment. Know the difference between addenda and notices and each of their roles. Recognize potential legal problems and know when to advise clients to seek legal advice.

Texas Municipal Zoning Law

Author: John Mixon,James L. Dougherty Jr.,Brenda McDonald
Publisher: LexisNexis
ISBN: 1579117414
Category: Law
Page: 828
View: 9043

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Texas Municipal Zoning Law is an essential tool for real estate practitioners statewide. Widely recognized as the leading work on Texas zoning law, this all-inclusive reference will assist you in creating, modifying or enforcing local zoning ordinances. You will achieve the most favorable outcome for your clients by consulting Texas Municipal Zoning Law for the most thorough analysis of case law and procedure.Some of the many topics covered include: • Explanation of existing zoning law • Reasoning behind existing zoning law • How to use zoning law to achieve planning goals • What to consider when adopting zoning ordinance • Step-by-step explanation covering various aspects in zoning

Modern Real Estate Practice in Illinois

Author: Fillmore W. Galaty,Wellington J. Allaway,Robert C. Kyle
Publisher: Dearborn Trade Publishing
ISBN: 9780793142576
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 542
View: 1357

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Written in a user friendly style, this edition of the illinois prelicensee's textbook has been thoroughly revised and updated throughout to reflect the "Illinois Real Estate License Act of 2000.In addition students and instructiors alike will appriciate the inclusion of more quick memory devices, additional math examples, Internet references, updated questions and more.

Going Up the River

Travels in a Prison Nation
Author: Joseph T. Hallinan
Publisher: Random House Incorporated
ISBN: 0812968441
Category: Political Science
Page: 268
View: 5780

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Explores the nationwide social and economic impact of the increasingly high precentage of Americans who have spent or will spend time in prison.

Ethics in Real Estate

Author: Stephen E. Roulac
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1475729952
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 318
View: 4226

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ethics." Certainly our industry is bound by the formal constraints of law in national, state, and local jurisdictions. What this volume reminds us, however, is that those laws are only as good as the personal "sea of ethics" in which each of us operates. THE ETHICS OF PROPERTY INVOLVEMENTS Stephen E. Roulac The Roulac Group San Rafael, California and Visiting Professor University of Ulster Ethical considerations are a dominant theme in the management literature. As "Ethics and ethical issues surround our liver, ... ethics has become one of the most rapidly growing areas of management research, with over 800 articles and 1,400 books appearing since 1990" (Schminke, Ambrose, and Miles, 1998). Compared to business and business management,however, the research and writing on real estate in an ethics context is in the very early stages of development. The lack of a developed literature on ethics in real estate is reflected in the response by one highly placed executive to my solicitation for funding to support the publication of this volume: "I didn't know there were any ethics in real estate!" Fortunately, the Summa Corporation and the Amer ican Real Estate Society believe in the importance of ethics in real estate, for their cosponsorship has made possible this special monograph on the subject of Ethics in Real Estate. The support of the Summa Corporation and the American Real Estate Society of this pioneering volume is warmly and appreciatively acknowledged.

Give Us the Ballot

The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America
Author: Ari Berman
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 0374711496
Category: History
Page: 384
View: 5374

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A National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist, Nonfiction A New York Times Notable Book of 2015 A Washington Post Notable Nonfiction Book of 2015 A Boston Globe Best Book of 2015 A Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction Book of 2015 An NPR Best Book of 2015 Countless books have been written about the civil rights movement, but far less attention has been paid to what happened after the dramatic passage of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) in 1965 and the turbulent forces it unleashed. Give Us the Ballot tells this story for the first time. In this groundbreaking narrative history, Ari Berman charts both the transformation of American democracy under the VRA and the counterrevolution that has sought to limit voting rights, from 1965 to the present day. The act enfranchised millions of Americans and is widely regarded as the crowning achievement of the civil rights movement. And yet, fifty years later, we are still fighting heated battles over race, representation, and political power, with lawmakers devising new strategies to keep minorities out of the voting booth and with the Supreme Court declaring a key part of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional. Berman brings the struggle over voting rights to life through meticulous archival research, in-depth interviews with major figures in the debate, and incisive on-the-ground reporting. In vivid prose, he takes the reader from the demonstrations of the civil rights era to the halls of Congress to the chambers of the Supreme Court. At this important moment in history, Give Us the Ballot provides new insight into one of the most vital political and civil rights issues of our time.