Modern Crystallography 2

Structure of Crystals
Author: Boris K. Vainshtein,Vladimir M. Fridkin,Vladimir L. Indenbom
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642572545
Category: Science
Page: 521
View: 1518

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The four-volume treatment Modern Crystallography presents an encyclopaedic exposition of problems concerning the structure of crystals, their growth and their properties. Structure of Crystals deals with crystal structures in inorganic and organic compounds, polymers, liquid crystals, biological crystals and macromolecules.

Structure of Crystals

Author: Boris K. Vainshtein,Vladimir M. Friedkin,Vladimir L. Indenbom
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642975127
Category: Science
Page: 520
View: 3115

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Modern Crystallography provides an encyclopedic exposition of the field in four volumes written by Russian scientists. Structures of Crystals considers the ideal and real atomic structure of crystals as well as their electronic structures, the fundamentals of chemical bonding between atoms, geometric representations in the theory of crystal structure and crystal chemistry, as well as lattice energy. The important classes of crystal structures in inorganic compounds as well as structure polymers, liquid crystals, biological crystals, and macromolecules are treated. This second edition is complemented by recent data on many types of crystal structures - fullerenes, high-temperature superconductors, minerals, liquid crystals, etc.

Magnetism and the Electronic Structure of Crystals

Author: Vladimir A. Gubanov,Alexandr I. Liechtenstein,Andrei V. Postnikov
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642844111
Category: Science
Page: 170
View: 3832

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The quantum theory of magnetism is a well-developed part of contemporary solid-state physics. The basic concepts of this theory can be used to describe such important effects as ferromagnetic ordering oflocalized magnetic moments in crystals and ferromagnetism of metals produced by essentially delocalized electrons, as well as various types of mutual orientation of atomic magnetic moments in solids possessing different crystal lattices and compositions. In recent years,the spin-fluctuational approach has been developed, which can overcome some contradictions between "localized" and "itinerant" models in the quantum mechanics of magnetic crystals. These are only some of the principal achievements of quantum magnetic theory. Almost all of the known magnetic properties of solids can be qualitat ively explained on the basis of its concepts. Further developments should open up the possibility of reliable quantitative description of magnetic properties of solids. Unfortunately, such calculations based on model concepts appear to be very complicated and, quite often, not definite enough. The rather small number of parameters of qualitative models are usually not able to take into account the very different types of magnetic interactions that appear in crystals. Further development of magnetic theory requires quantitative information on electronic wave function in the crystal considered. This can be proved by electronic band structure and cluster calculations. In many cases the latter can be a starting point for quantitative calculations of parameters used in magnetic theory.

Anorganische Strukturchemie

Author: Ulrich Müller
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783834895455
Category: Science
Page: 394
View: 4216

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In dem Lehrbuch für Studenten der Chemie werden wichtige Aspekte und Zusammenhänge der Strukturen anorganisch-chemischer Verbindungen dargelegt. Die Strukturmerkmale von Molekülverbindungen wie auch von Festkörpern werden behandelt und an anschaulichen Beispielen erläutert. So weit wie möglich werden diese Strukturen mit einfachen und eingängigen Theorien erklärt (Gillespie-Nyholm-Theorie, Ligandenfeldtheorie, Ionenradienverhältnisse, Pauling-Regeln, (8-N)-Regel u.ä.), es wird aber auch auf die moderne Bindungstheorie eingegangen. Wichtige Festkörperstrukturen werden wiederholte Male und dabei jedes Mal von einem anderen Standpunkt betrachtet. Zusammenhänge zwischen Struktur und physikalischen Eigenschaften werden herausgearbeitet.

Modern crystallography IV

physical properties of crystals
Author: Lev Aleksandrovich Shuvalov
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783540115175
Category: Science
Page: 583
View: 9116

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Author: Werner Massa
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658094125
Category: Science
Page: 243
View: 5867

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In anschaulicher Form – unterstützt durch zahlreiche Abbildungen – wird in diesem aktualisierten Lehrbuch in die Methode der Kristallstrukturbestimmung eingeführt. Die kristallographischen Grundlagen und einzelne praktische Schritte der modernen Kristallstrukturbestimmung werden verständlich und nachvollziehbar erklärt.

Crystallography in modern chemistry

a resource book of crystal structures
Author: Thomas C. W. Mak,Gong-du Zhou,Kung-tu Chou
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
ISBN: 9780471547020
Category: Science
Page: 1323
View: 2545

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A comprehensive resource book providing professionals and students with a broad survey of structural information delineating the parallel development of crystallography and modern chemistry. Provides detailed description of crystal structures in increasing levels of complexity, from metals to organics, inorganics, organometallics, and inclusion compounds. Examples used to illustrate topics have been carefully selected to reflect the major advances of recent years and to bring the reader to the forefront of active research by including topics of current interest.

High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics II

Transport and Optics, Proceedings of the International Conference, Würzburg, Fed. Rep. of Germany, August 22–26, 1988
Author: Gottfried Landwehr
Publisher: Springer
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 651
View: 7804

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This volume contains contributions presented at the International Conference "The Application of High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics", which was held at the University of Wiirzburg from August 22 to 26, 1988. In the tradition of previous Wiirzburg meetings on the subject - the first conference was held in 1972 - only invited papers were presented orally. All 42 lecturers were asked to review their subject to some extent so that this book gives a good overview of the present state of the respective topic. A look at the contents shows that the subjects which have been treated at previous conferences have not lost their relevance. On the contrary, the application of high magnetic fields to semiconductors has grown substantially during the recent past. For the elucidation of the electronic band structure of semicon ductors high magnetic fields are still an indispensable tool. The investigation of two-dimensional electronic systems especially is frequently connected with the use of high magnetic fields. The reason for this is that a high B-field adds angular momentum quantization to the boundary quantization present in het erostructures and superlattices. A glance at the contributions shows that the majority deal with 2D properties. Special emphasis was on the integral and fractional quantum Hall effect. Very recent results related to the observation of a fraction with an even denbminator were presented. It became obvious that the polarization of the different fractional Landau levels is more complicated than originally anticipated.

The quantum Hall effects

integral and fractional
Author: Tapash Chakraborty,Pekka Pietiläinen
Publisher: Springer
Category: Science
Page: 302
View: 5831

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The Quantum Hall Effects presents a general survey of most of the theoretical work on the subject and briefly reviews the experimental results on the excitation gap. Several new topics like anyons, radiative recombinations in the fractional regime, experimental work on the spin-reversed quasi-particles, etc are added to render the monographic treatment up-to-date. To complete the picture this second edition includes three chapters on the integral quantum Hall effect.

Modern crystallography

Author: Boris Konstantinovich Vaĭnshteĭn
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783540105176
Category: Science
Page: 433
View: 5384

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Crystal Symmetries

Shubnikov Centennial Papers
Author: B. K. Vainshtein,I. Hargittai
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483299104
Category: Science
Page: 321
View: 2356

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Crystal Symmetries is a timely account of the progress in the most diverse fields of crystallography. It presents a broad overview of the theory of symmetry and contains state of the art reports of its modern directions and applications to crystal physics and crystal properties. Geometry takes a special place in this treatise. Structural aspects of phase transitions, correlation of structure and properties, polytypism, modulated structures, and other topics are discussed. Applications of important techniques, such as X-ray crystallography, biophysical studies, EPR spectroscopy, crystal optics, and nuclear solid state physics, are represented. Contains 30 research and review papers.

Advancing Methods for Biomolecular Crystallography

Author: Randy Read,Alexandre G. Urzhumtsev,Vladimir Y. Lunin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9400762321
Category: Science
Page: 362
View: 7391

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This work presents a snapshot of the state of the art of modern biomolecular crystallography, from crystallisation through structure determination and even interactive presentation on the web. Methods driving the latest automated structure determination pipelines are explained, as well as how to deal with problems such as crystal pathologies that still demand expert analysis. These methods are illustrated through their application to problems of great biological interest, such as the molecular machinery underlying the complement pathway, the mechanism of action of monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and the structure of the eukaryotic ribosome. Complementary approaches, such as neutron diffraction, small angle X-ray scattering, coherent diffraction and computational modelling, are also explored.

Fundamentals of Crystallography

Author: Carmelo Giacovazzo
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198555780
Category: Crystallography
Page: 654
View: 1872

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Offers a rigorous treatment of the theory of crystallography and detailed descriptions of experimental applications in a wide range of sciences, including computational aspects, protein crystallography and crystal physics.

Crystal Structure Refinement

A Crystallographer's Guide to SHELXL
Author: Peter Muller
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198570767
Category: Science
Page: 213
View: 4839

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Accompanying CD-ROM contains all the files necessary to reproduce the refinements covered in the text.

Celestial Treasury

From the Music of the Spheres to the Conquest of Space
Author: Marc Lachièze-Rey,Jean-Pierre Luminet,Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Paris
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521800402
Category: Art
Page: 207
View: 6919

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A breathtaking survey of the richness of astronomical theories and illustrations through the ages.