Metal Detecting Gold

A Beginner's Guide to Modern Gold Prospecting
Author: Mark Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781512155976
Page: 190
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"I found my first gold nugget using the information in this book! I can't wait to find my second!" - Chad in Arizona "Packed full of great gold prospecting tips any person can benefit from!" - Bob in Arizona "Saved me a ton of time trying to figure out which metal detector was the right choice for gold prospecting!" - Vince in Nevada "Now I know exactly why, where and when I can find gold using the right metal detector. I am pumped and ready!" Jim in Colorado "I've been gold prospecting the old fashion way for over 25 years. I thought it was about time I tried finding gold with a metal detector. This book told me everything I needed to know!" - Mike in California "This is my 3rd book by Mark Smith and it leaves no stone unturned. Great information, easy to understand pictures, detailed illustrations and a great sense of humor kept me reading until the end. Thanks for another great book Mark!" - Kurt in Colorado Gold, one of the most popular and yet elusive precious metals on the planet can be found buried right under your feet using nothing more than the right knowledge and a metal detector. This book shows you how, where and why you can easily find your first picker, gold nugget or chunk of color. Over 180 pages of valuable gold prospecting information designed to get you out there finding gold with your metal detector. There is gold out there just waiting for you to dig it up. Learning how to find your first piece is simple and easy once you read this modern take on the old art of gold prospecting. There are people out there who are digging up rare and valuable pieces of gold every single day. You could be one of them, but only if you know how and where to look. Metal Detecting: A Beginner's Guide to Modern Gold Prospecting shows you this and much, much more. Veteran detectorist and treasure enthusiast Mark Smith continues to provide great information to anyone interested in the great hobby of metal detecting. In his 6th book, he manages to answer the common questions that every novice has when they are thinking about getting started searching for gold with a metal detector. From choosing the right machine to learning how to spot great gold producing areas, Mark Smith covers these subjects and everything in between in an easy to understand way. While this metal detecting book may be geared towards the novice gold hunter, there are plenty of choice tips that even experienced gold prospectors can use to help them find gold with a metal detector. Mark Smith reveals some of his best guarded gold detecting secrets in this metal detecting guide that puts more gold in your pocket. Fully illustrated diagrams and real life pictures describe in detail the easiest ways to not only locate gold, but safely recover it as well. Learn how to find more gold by: understanding common gold prospecting terminology, understanding why common metal detectors won't find gold, understanding which metal detectors have been designed to specifically locate gold, understanding which gold prospecting accessories are worth owning, other equipment you will need, how soil conditions change the way you find gold, where you should start searching for gold, how gold moves around on land and water, how to research prosperous gold producing sites, how to locate existing gold claims, how to file your own gold claim, secret places where gold is always found, which recovery tools work the best, how to recover gold and more! What are you waiting for? Find out how you can maximize your gold prospecting finds with this informative metal detecting book today.

Fists Full of Gold

Author: Chris Ralph
Publisher: Gem Guides Book Company
ISBN: 9780984269204
Category: Science
Page: 362
View: 9701

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This book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on gold prospecting. Within its pages is everything you need to know to find gold today. Full of practical information and great illustrations, it is designed to be the one prospecting book you will never outgrow. Whether you are a beginner or have twenty years of prospecting experience, you will find a wealth of new information and tips in these pages. From equipment operations, to the geology of how gold deposits form, to the nature of coarse gold nuggets, this book takes a unique and different approach in teaching the “trade skills” of prospecting. It focuses primarily on the knowledge you need to find locations rich with recoverable gold. This is critical because in the final analysis, no matter how well you operate your dredge, metal detector or other prospecting equipment, unless you can find the places where gold is located, your equipment cannot help you recover it.

Gold! Gold! a Beginners Handbook and Recreational Guide

How and Where to Prospect for Gold!
Author: Joseph F. Petralia
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780960589005
Category: Reference
Page: 146
View: 3134

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Identifies areas where gold has been found in the United States and Canada, explains what parts of a stream to prospect in, and describes modern methods for recovering gold

Where to Find Gold in the Desert

Author: James Klein
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780935182811
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 144
View: 9399

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Expanded and updated edition of a classic best-seller. Desert gold locations in Nevada, New Mexico and Utah have been added. Locations in California and Arizona have been updated. New maps make locating areas easy. Chapter on nugget shooting details recent changes.

Recreational Gold Prospecting for Fun and Profit

Author: Gail A. Butler
Publisher: Gem Guides Book Company
ISBN: 9780935182989
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 206
View: 6632

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Knowing where to look for gold is a well-kept secret--and a fun, exciting escape from our hectic daily lives. This entertaining, well-written book is for those who have ever thought about looking for gold as a hobby. Learn about the basic geologic properties of gold, how to plan a gold prospecting adventure with your family and what equipment you'll need to do it.

Gold Prospecting in Western Australia

Author: Rob Kanen
Publisher: Minserve (Mineral Services)
ISBN: 9780975672341
Category: Science
Page: 66
View: 3365

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Interest in gold in W.A. increased following the 1849 California and 1850's Victorian rushes. A rich find made by Arthur Bayley and William Ford during 1892, in Coolgardie, inspired a small rush. A large amount of gold (over 500 oz) was initially found on Bayley's Reward lease above a quartz reef. Within a month, 3000 oz had been found by 400 prospectors. Soon after, in June 1893, Patrick Hannan, Tom Flanagan and Daniel O'Shea discovered a rich deposit of gold at Mt. Charlotte, Kalgoorlie. This initiated a rush resulting in the discovery of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder "Golden Mile." From here, gold exploration spread throughout the state. The introduction of ground cancelling metal detectors to Australia in 1974 created renewed interest in prospecting that, together with the high price of gold, led to the prospecting boom of the late 1970's and early 80's. The largest nugget ever found in W.A. is the Golden Eagle by Larcombe at Larkinville in 1932. It weighed 1135 oz. Alluvial and reef gold occurs in the Yilgarn, Pilbara and Kimberley districts. Approximately 95% of the states gold production has come from the Yilgarn district, exceeding the Pilbara and Kimberley by far.

Finding Gold in the Desert

The Art of Dry Washing
Author: Otto Lynch
Publisher: American Traveler Press
ISBN: 9780935810530
Category: Reference
Page: 26
View: 7615

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Gold is where you find it! With over 50 years of productive experience in the desert, the author shares his techniques and professional knowledge of finding gold in the deserts of the American Southwest. This guidebook includes blueprints for making your own drywasher as well as shortcuts and helpful hints that will speed you on your way to finding your first nugget in the desert.

Gold Prospectors Handbook

Author: Jack Black
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780935182323
Category: Reference
Page: 176
View: 8414

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Geological background, dynamics of stream flow, how to pan for gold, and what tools to use. Non-technical but advanced book for the prospector. Excellent glossary.

Metal Detecting: a Beginner's Guide

To Mastering the Greatest Hobby in the World
Author: Mark Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781494964412
Category: Antiques & Collectibles
Page: 218
View: 2307

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Old coins, lost jewelry... there is an entire world of buried treasure right under our feet. Smith shows you how to claim your share. Fully illustrated diagrams and real life pictures describe in detail the easiest ways to not only locate treasure, but safely recover it as well.

The Metal Detecting Bible

Helpful Tips, Expert Tricks and Insider Secrets for Finding Hidden Treasures
Author: Brandon Neice
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 1612435386
Category: Antiques & Collectibles
Page: 144
View: 5466

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Gold Panning the Pacific Northwest

A Guide to the Area’s Best Sites for Gold
Author: Garret Romaine
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493014838
Category: Nature
Page: 256
View: 9835

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Gold Panning the Pacific Northwest is the premiere reference source for anyone who is interested in getting started or continuing their gold prospecting in the pacific northwest region. Containing accurate, up-to-date prospecting information for all known panning areas in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The write-ups for each locale include driving directions, GPS coordinates, historical information, land ownership restrictions, full-color photos, and geological background. Features include: Full-color images GPS coordinates Geology basics Tools of the trade for every level of collector Rules and regulations Polishing, preserving, crafting, and displaying your treasures

Diving and Digging for Gold

Author: Mary Hill
Publisher: Naturegraph Pub
ISBN: 9780879610050
Category: Nature
Page: 47
View: 9136

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A handbook on finding, processing, and selling gold with historical information on gold mining.

You Can Find Gold with a Metal Detector

Author: Charles Garrett,Roy Lagal
Publisher: RAM U.S.A., Publications and Distribution
ISBN: 9780915920860
Category: Antiques & Collectibles
Page: 140
View: 7137

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You Can Find Gold: With a Metal Detector (Prospecting and Treasure Hunting) is a helpful and resourceful book, guiding and suggesting the reader, and ultimately helping them to achieve their final goal: to strike gold! The enthusiasm of the authors, Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal, is tangible, allowing the reader to both enjoy the book as well as become excited about the prospects at hand. Reviews reinforce the authors encouragement, as this guide has allowed many to discover the enjoyment and benefit of striking gold.

The Essential Introduction for New GOLD Prospectors

Author: Tim Rapp
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
ISBN: 1622878043
Category: Science
Page: 265
View: 2785

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"The Essential Introduction for New GOLD Prospectors" is for anyone curious about the United States' vast gold resources, and wishes they had their own gold mine! Most Americans aren't aware that: · The first gold rush in U.S. history happened in 1799 in North Carolina, · One of the largest gold deposits in U.S. history, 175 million+ ounces of gold, was discovered as recently as the 1960's, · Much of the gold recovered in the United States isn't found "gold colored" in the ground, · The US Government estimates over 18,000+ metric tons of gold is still undiscovered and more than 13,000+ metric tons of that is in the lower 48 states. · Where gold has been found before, it is ALWAYS found again! Additionally, most Americans aren't aware that they may live in or near an area where gold has already been found, and don’t know there are easily accessed tools to research identifying, locating and collecting it. "The Essential Introduction for New GOLD Prospectors" has been written to provide that information and introduce each individual to the tools they need to find their own gold. This eBook introduces the reader to the ideas and tools that are critical to gold prospecting success. The basic knowledge, skills, and information sources needed to successfully locate and gather gold and other valuable mineral resources are described. This book is packed with links to internet documents and videos to leverage its value through the power of the Internet. The author is an award winning former U.S. Geological Survey Scientist, a published technical author, and a degreed engineer with 13+ years of professional experience collecting geologic data, samples and reporting on natural resources for U.S. Federal agencies, Municipalities, and Private Industry. He has training and experience in the fields of Hydrology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Cartography, Numerical Modeling, and Petroleum, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering. Keywords: Gold Prospecting, Gold, Gold Rush, California, Placer, USGS, Diamond, Wealth, Silver, Money

Gold Prospecting & Placer Deposits

Author: Adam Gregory Koch
Publisher: Adam Gregory Koch
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 152
View: 6608

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There are countless prospecting books out there. They all teach the same general theories and show the same diagrams. While they are not bad books, in fact many are great, this book is written to take a different and simpler approach. A prospectors lifetime of knowledge is simplified and condensed into an easy to read and understand guide that will hopefully benefit those who never even held a gold pan as much as those who have spent a few years prospecting but might still have a few questions they are seeking answers to. It is the intent that this is the prospecting book that will read as a novel, and teach every bit as much as an informational guide. What are the types of equipment available and how do I use them? What is it that I am looking for when I am prospecting? What do I do with my gold once I find it and how do I sell it? Are my black sands worth anything? What are black sands made out of? How do I find a place I can go and prospect? Is there a way to know where I should dig in a stream? How do Mining claims work? These are some of the many questions that this book was written to address. While there is no guide that can tell you how to get rich mining for gold, this guide has been written for the purpose of helping you be more likely to find gold on your future prospecting trips. It is easy to become discouraged as a prospector, or allow yourself to believe others when they say "there is no gold left to be found, the old-timers got it all". You are just a few pages away from learning the facts; and that the gold has not all been taken and how you can get your share!

Metal Detecting: Without a Detector: How to Find Treasure When You Can't Use Your Metal Detector (Gold, Coins & Jewelry)

Author: Sam Sommer Mba
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781520460000
Page: 88
View: 4715

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How To Find Gold and Silver Without Metal Detecting - Too Hot or Too Cold To Go Metal Detecting - I Have A Solution And you thought there is no such thing as free money - think again! No more running around to yard sales or flea markets or even metal detecting. A 50 year gold and coin expert will teach you his proven techniques. With this simple system valuable items come to you - no more chasing after them. This brand new book includes special information, revealed for the first time Now you can work from home and bring in that extra income you wanted There is no easier way to make money than this You will learn: How to find valuable gold, silver and jewelry from home How to determine if the item is real or fake How to determine the exact value of gold, silver and jewelry How to buy valuable items for a fraction of their worth How to sell so you can realize large profit The techniques used to control every transaction And so much more Anyone looking to make extra cash, extra income, work from home, start a home based business, learn about gold, silver, jewelry and rare coins should read this book. No experience is need. I will show you everything you need to know and how to become successful at this. My 50 plus years of knowledge will be passed on to you!Tags: Metal Detecting, Find Gold, Find Silver, Find Coins, Find Jewelry

Modern Metal Detectors

Author: Charles L. Garrett
Publisher: RAM U.S.A., Publications and Distribution
ISBN: 9780915920754
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 432
View: 969

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This book has been extremely useful to me in understanding all there is to know about metal detectors. To a beginner this is absolute required reading, and for the experienced detectionist, it is still of profound value because of the advice that it gives. This book helped me purchase the right metal detector and following its advice paid for the book the first time I went out metal detecting after reading it. If you are only going to have only two or three books in your personal metal detecting library this one should be one of those two or three! Happy Hunting!