Metal Detecting Gold

A Beginner's Guide to Modern Gold Prospecting
Author: Mark Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781512155976
Page: 190
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"I found my first gold nugget using the information in this book! I can't wait to find my second!" - Chad in Arizona "Packed full of great gold prospecting tips any person can benefit from!" - Bob in Arizona "Saved me a ton of time trying to figure out which metal detector was the right choice for gold prospecting!" - Vince in Nevada "Now I know exactly why, where and when I can find gold using the right metal detector. I am pumped and ready!" Jim in Colorado "I've been gold prospecting the old fashion way for over 25 years. I thought it was about time I tried finding gold with a metal detector. This book told me everything I needed to know!" - Mike in California "This is my 3rd book by Mark Smith and it leaves no stone unturned. Great information, easy to understand pictures, detailed illustrations and a great sense of humor kept me reading until the end. Thanks for another great book Mark!" - Kurt in Colorado Gold, one of the most popular and yet elusive precious metals on the planet can be found buried right under your feet using nothing more than the right knowledge and a metal detector. This book shows you how, where and why you can easily find your first picker, gold nugget or chunk of color. Over 180 pages of valuable gold prospecting information designed to get you out there finding gold with your metal detector. There is gold out there just waiting for you to dig it up. Learning how to find your first piece is simple and easy once you read this modern take on the old art of gold prospecting. There are people out there who are digging up rare and valuable pieces of gold every single day. You could be one of them, but only if you know how and where to look. Metal Detecting: A Beginner's Guide to Modern Gold Prospecting shows you this and much, much more. Veteran detectorist and treasure enthusiast Mark Smith continues to provide great information to anyone interested in the great hobby of metal detecting. In his 6th book, he manages to answer the common questions that every novice has when they are thinking about getting started searching for gold with a metal detector. From choosing the right machine to learning how to spot great gold producing areas, Mark Smith covers these subjects and everything in between in an easy to understand way. While this metal detecting book may be geared towards the novice gold hunter, there are plenty of choice tips that even experienced gold prospectors can use to help them find gold with a metal detector. Mark Smith reveals some of his best guarded gold detecting secrets in this metal detecting guide that puts more gold in your pocket. Fully illustrated diagrams and real life pictures describe in detail the easiest ways to not only locate gold, but safely recover it as well. Learn how to find more gold by: understanding common gold prospecting terminology, understanding why common metal detectors won't find gold, understanding which metal detectors have been designed to specifically locate gold, understanding which gold prospecting accessories are worth owning, other equipment you will need, how soil conditions change the way you find gold, where you should start searching for gold, how gold moves around on land and water, how to research prosperous gold producing sites, how to locate existing gold claims, how to file your own gold claim, secret places where gold is always found, which recovery tools work the best, how to recover gold and more! What are you waiting for? Find out how you can maximize your gold prospecting finds with this informative metal detecting book today.

Metal Detecting

The Ultimate Beginner?s Guide to Uncovering History, Adventure, and Treasure
Author: Mark Smith
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1510711759
Category: Antiques & Collectibles
Page: 288
View: 534

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Enthusiastic, thorough, and everything you need to know about discovering buried treasure! There is an incredible amount of treasure buried right under our feet, but most people don’t even know this huge amount of untold wealth exists. Imagine how it must feel to uncover large caches of silver and gold coins or long-lost jewelry packed with shimmering, precious stones. These are not some made-up fairy tales—there are people who, at this very moment, are finding these treasures. Veteran metal detector and treasure hunter Mark Smith takes you under his wing and demystifies treasure hunting in Metal Detecting by revealing his most closely guarded secrets and sharing personal stories of success. These valuable lessons and truly amazing treasure hunting stories will make you wonder why you aren’t out there with a metal detector right now! Metal Detecting cuts right through the technical jargon and spells everything out with full-color illustrations and easy-to-understand terms, making this book simple to follow, regardless of your prior treasure-hunting experience. Novices and seasoned veterans will both find plenty of helpful information buried in the pages of this book—from choosing your first metal detector to finding locations loaded with unlimited treasure possibilities, and everything in between. Mark shows you how to get out there and claim your own share of treasure, be it gold, silver, meteorites, old coins, jewelry, or relics. What are you waiting for? Grab a copy today and start uncovering history, adventure, and treasure!

Gold Panning Colorado

A Guide to the State's Best Sites for Gold
Author: Garret Romaine
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 149302857X
Category: Nature
Page: 304
View: 8960

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Gold Panning Colorado is the premiere reference source for anyone who is interested in getting started or continuing their gold prospecting in Colorado. Containing accurate, up-to-date prospecting information for all known panning areas in Colorado. The write-ups for each locale include driving directions, GPS coordinates, historical information, land ownership restrictions, full-color photos, and geological background. Features include: Full-color images GPS coordinates Geology basics Tools of the trade for every level of collector Rules and regulations Polishing, preserving, crafting, and displaying your treasures

Modern Rockhounding and Prospecting Handbook

Author: Garret Romaine
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493032364
Category: Nature
Page: 264
View: 2846

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This volume gives you the basic tools to transition from “pebble pup” to expert rockhound and explains everything from geology basics, identification tips, tools of the trade, how to record your findings, and how to set up a lab or gem shop. Before you know it, you’ll be driving the open roads and traveling home with dusty pockets full of rocks, gems, minerals, fossils—and maybe even gold. Features: * geology basics * popular collectibles, including rocks, gems, fossils, meteorites, and gold * tools of the trade for every level of collector * rules and regulations * polishing, preserving, crafting, and displaying your treasures

The New Gold Panning Is Easy

Author: Roy Lagal
Publisher: Ram Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780915920792
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 134
View: 2436

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"Anyone can use a pan to recover gold from mountain streams, desert arroyos or wherever it awaits you. Roy Laga, who has spent a lifetime finding gold, tells just how easy it is. Take your next vacation in beautiful gold country. Follow the simple illustrated instructions in this book and use Roy's patented Gravity Trap gold pan. You are certain to enjoy the glorious outdoors. And, you may experience the thrill of a lifetime as you find color of your very own!"--Page 4 of cover.

You Can Find Gold with a Metal Detector

Author: Charles Garrett,Roy Lagal
Publisher: RAM U.S.A., Publications and Distribution
ISBN: 9780915920860
Category: Antiques & Collectibles
Page: 140
View: 2637

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You Can Find Gold: With a Metal Detector (Prospecting and Treasure Hunting) is a helpful and resourceful book, guiding and suggesting the reader, and ultimately helping them to achieve their final goal: to strike gold! The enthusiasm of the authors, Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal, is tangible, allowing the reader to both enjoy the book as well as become excited about the prospects at hand. Reviews reinforce the authors encouragement, as this guide has allowed many to discover the enjoyment and benefit of striking gold.

Modern Metal Detectors

Author: Charles L. Garrett
Publisher: RAM U.S.A., Publications and Distribution
ISBN: 9780915920754
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 432
View: 6842

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This book has been extremely useful to me in understanding all there is to know about metal detectors. To a beginner this is absolute required reading, and for the experienced detectionist, it is still of profound value because of the advice that it gives. This book helped me purchase the right metal detector and following its advice paid for the book the first time I went out metal detecting after reading it. If you are only going to have only two or three books in your personal metal detecting library this one should be one of those two or three! Happy Hunting!

The Explorers Ltd. Source Book

Author: Alwyn T. Perrin
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780060112523
Category: Outdoor recreation
Page: 413
View: 9182

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Directory of supplies and annotated bibliography of publications, arranged under broad subjects.

Die Gestirne

Author: Eleanor Catton
Publisher: btb Verlag
ISBN: 3641158966
Category: Fiction
Page: 1040
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Die literarische Sensation des Jahres von der jüngsten Booker-Preisträgerin aller Zeiten! In einer Hafenstadt an der wilden Westküste Neuseelands gibt es ein Geheimnis. Und zwei Liebende, die einander umkreisen wie Sonne und Mond. Als der Schotte Walter Moody im Jahr 1866 nach schwerer Überfahrt nachts in der Hafenstadt Hokitika anlandet, trifft er im Rauchzimmer des örtlichen Hotels auf eine Versammlung von zwölf Männern, die eine Serie ungelöster Verbrechen verhandeln. Und schon bald wird Moody hineingezogen in die rätselhaften Verstrickungen der kleinen Goldgräbergemeinde, in das schicksalhafte Netz, das so mysteriös ist wie der Nachthimmel selbst.

International Books in Print

Author: Archie Rugh,Barbara Hopkinson,K G Saur,K G Saur Books,K. G. Saur Verlag GmbH & Company,Irene Izod
Publisher: K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Co
ISBN: 9783598222894
Category: English imprints
Page: 2500
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