Future Men

Author: Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press & Book Service
ISBN: 1885767838
Category: Religion
Page: 199
View: 4377

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How do we build our sons to be tough but not arrogant? mannered but not soft? imaginative but not lazy? bold but not hollow? Future Men is a Christian guide to raising strong, virtuous sons, contrary to the effeminacy and sentimentalism of contemporary culture. When Theodore Roosevelt taught Sunday school for a time, a boy showed up one Sunday with a black eye. He admitted he had been fighting and on a Sunday too. He told the future president that a bigger boy had been pinching his sister, and so he fought him. TR told him that he had done perfectly right and gave him a dollar. The stodgy vestrymen thought this was a bit much, and so they let their exuberant Sunday school teacher go. What a loss. Unbelief cannot look past surfaces. Unbelief squashes; faith teaches. Faith takes a boy aside and tells him that this part of what he did was good, while the other part of what he did got in the way. "And this is how to do it better next time." As we look to Scripture for patterns of masculinity for our sons, we find them manifested perfectly in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one who set the ultimate pattern for friendship, for courage, for faithfulness, and integrity.

The Book of Men

Eighty Writers on How to Be a Man
Author: Colum McCann,Tyler Cabot,Lisa Consiglio
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250047765
Category: Fiction
Page: 263
View: 5767

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Featuring contributions from James Lee Burke, Ian McEwan, Salman Rushdie and Amy Bloom, this collection, penned to help launch the literary nonprofit Narrative 4, contains 80 stories that ponder what it means to be a man. 30,000 first printing.

Men as Women, Women as Men

Changing Gender in Native American Cultures
Author: Sabine Lang
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9780292747012
Category: Social Science
Page: 398
View: 769

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As contemporary Native and non-Native Americans explore various forms of "gender bending" and gay and lesbian identities, interest has grown in "berdaches," the womanly men and manly women who existed in many Native American tribal cultures. Yet attempts to find current role models in these historical figures sometimes distort and oversimplify the historical realities. This book provides an objective, comprehensive study of Native American women-men and men-women across many tribal cultures and an extended time span. Sabine Lang explores such topics as their religious and secular roles; the relation of the roles of women-men and men-women to the roles of women and men in their respective societies; the ways in which gender-role change was carried out, legitimized, and explained in Native American cultures; the widely differing attitudes toward women-men and men-women in tribal cultures; and the role of these figures in Native mythology. Lang's findings challenge the apparent gender equality of the "berdache" institution, as well as the supposed universality of concepts such as homosexuality.

Men and Women in Interaction

Reconsidering the Differences
Author: Elizabeth Aries
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195355987
Category: Social Science
Page: 304
View: 7689

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For many years the dominant focus in gender relations has been the differences between men and women. Authors such as Deborah Tannen (You Just Don't Understand) and John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) have argued that there are deep-seated and enduring differences between male and female personalities, styles, even languages. Elizabeth Aries sees the issue as more complex and dependent on several variables, among them the person's status, role, goals, conversational partners, and the characteristics of the situational context. Aries discusses why we emphasize the differences between the sexes, the ways in which these are exaggerated, and how we may be perpetuating the very stereotypes we wish to abandon. For psychologists and researchers of gender and communication, this book will illuminate recent studies in gender relations. For general readers it will offer a stimulating counterpoint to prevailing views.

Christian Men who Hate Women

Healing Hurting Relationships
Author: Margaret Josephson Rinck
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310517511
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 205
View: 3752

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Describes how misogynistic relationships begin, explains how both husbands and wives contribute to the problem, and suggests ways the Church can help

Ten Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives

Author: Laura Schlessinger
Publisher: Dr. Laura Schlessinger
ISBN: 9780060929442
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 320
View: 5610

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The straight-talking radio host, author of 10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives, shows men how to think through their decisions, restrain their macho impulses, and marry for the right reasons. Reprint.

Women and Men at Work

Author: Irene Padavic,Barbara F. Reskin
Publisher: Pine Forge Press
ISBN: 9780761987109
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 217
View: 1623

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A prestigious and successful book in the Sociology For a New Century series, this Second Editionaddresses issues regarding women and men at work from a comparative, historical, global perspective, and in doing so, connects social science to the wider concerns of students seeking to make sense of our dramatically changing world. This book: - Examines how gender has shaped the meaning and performance of work. Throughout, the book links theory and evidence-statistics that summarise work outcomes for women and men, research about the effects of workers′ sex on their jobs, and accounts of the experiences of real workers. - Demonstrates the patterns of sex inequality and segregation as well as the gendered nature of contemporary workplace cultures. By putting evidence about the experiences of today′s workers in historical perspective, the author′s also highlight continuities with the past and illuminate change. - Provides an extremely useful and critical summary of economic theories of gender differences in workplace rewards.

Men of Mathematics

Author: E.T. Bell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0671628186
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 590
View: 1074

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The achievements and lives of important world mathematicians prior to 1900

Men who Sell Sex

International Perspectives on Male Prostitution and HIV/AIDS
Author: Peter Aggleton
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 9781566396691
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 282
View: 9671

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Each chapter, written by a national expert, is based on months and even years of interviews with male sex workers, including young boys and elderly men in some countries. The workers discuss why they do the work, what it is like, and what their behavior means to them. For example, those who have regular sex with men often strenuously affirm their heterosexuality, though there is considerable variety in their attitudes.

Men and Masculinities

A Social, Cultural, and Historical Encyclopedia
Author: Michael S. Kimmel,Amy Aronson
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1576077748
Category: Reference
Page: 892
View: 7997

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Alphabetically arranged original essays explore such topics as historical movements, race and masculinity, marriage, and aging.

The Man's Book

The Indispensable Guide for the Modern Man
Author: Thomas Fink
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
ISBN: 1780222564
Category: Reference
Page: 224
View: 2964

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The definitive handbook of men's customs, habits and pursuits. How to be the sexy, knowledgeable, confident, poker-playing, roast-carving, whiskey-drinking man you know you can be. And how to have fun being him. The authoritative guide to being a man in the 21st century is here, at last. * Ever wondered which is the right way to walk with an umbrella? * Ever questioned just exactly what differentiates different types of beer or where all the single malt whiskies come from? * Ever wanted to work out without actually having to go to the gym and fancied doing it James Bond style? * Ever considered how a batiste shirt differs from a broadcloth one? If you have, you're in luck. The answers to every question you have ever needed to ask are within these pages, from how to strut your stuff on the dance floor to how to cook a decent chilli. Designed to help you out of any awkward situation, this book gives you any number of tips and hints for witty repartee down the pub, including why it's better to have an older mistress and the 85 ways to tie a tie. All this and so much more is explained in a systematic and intelligent way, with facts and figures, diagrams and tables. This indispensable guide for all men's rituals and practical habits belongs in every man's back pocket.

The Men and the Boys

Author: R. W. Connell,Raewyn Connell
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520228696
Category: Social Science
Page: 259
View: 8926

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"This book breaks new ground and expands the discourse on masculinities. Connell is an energetic scholar whose eclectic internationalist, sociological, historical, and even psychoanalytic perspectives are important to hear. Probably no other scholar writing on masculinity has such a broad grasp."--Tim Beneke, author of Proving Manhood "Connell has provided a much needed nudge to current scholarship on masculinities by showing the way toward larger global theorization. The Men and the Boys is an outstanding work that will be very well received."--Michael A. Messner, University of Southern California "Bob Connell is arguably the most influential male social scientist writing about masculinities today. And this colection of essays shows him in top form. Connell is a most adept theorist who can synthesize micro and macro, structural and personal, individual bodies and the body social, and, even more ambitiously, the global and--literally!--the microbial. This is a truly important book."-- Michael Kimmel, author of Manhood in America and The Gendered Society "Bob Connell is the most fertile, astute and influential analyst of the myriad and messy meanings of masculinities on the planet. The Men and the Boys boldly extends the scope, depth and power of the foundational work he laid in Masculinities to address the most urgent and difficult questions about global gender and injustice of our time. Dare I label it a heroic work?"--Judith Stacey, author of Brave New Families

Understanding Men

A Guide to Successful Relationships
Author: Lance McKeithan
Publisher: Llumina Press
ISBN: 9781595262370
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 224
View: 5096

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Understanding Men-A Relationship Guide clarifies the hidden motivations of ordinary men. This book provides proactive and retroactive solutions to many of the problems that plague relationships. Written to equalize the playing field between sexes, this guide empowers its readers.

Men of Bronze

Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece
Author: Donald Kagan,Gregory F. Viggiano
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400846307
Category: History
Page: 312
View: 2438

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Men of Bronze takes up one of the most important and fiercely debated subjects in ancient history and classics: how did archaic Greek hoplites fight, and what role, if any, did hoplite warfare play in shaping the Greek polis? In the nineteenth century, George Grote argued that the phalanx battle formation of the hoplite farmer citizen-soldier was the driving force behind a revolution in Greek social, political, and cultural institutions. Throughout the twentieth century scholars developed and refined this grand hoplite narrative with the help of archaeology. But over the past thirty years scholars have criticized nearly every major tenet of this orthodoxy. Indeed, the revisionists have persuaded many specialists that the evidence demands a new interpretation of the hoplite narrative and a rewriting of early Greek history. Men of Bronze gathers leading scholars to advance the current debate and bring it to a broader audience of ancient historians, classicists, archaeologists, and general readers. After explaining the historical context and significance of the hoplite question, the book assesses and pushes forward the debate over the traditional hoplite narrative and demonstrates why it is at a crucial turning point. Instead of reaching a consensus, the contributors have sharpened their differences, providing new evidence, explanations, and theories about the origin, nature, strategy, and tactics of the hoplite phalanx and its effect on Greek culture and the rise of the polis. The contributors include Paul Cartledge, Lin Foxhall, John Hale, Victor Davis Hanson, Donald Kagan, Peter Krentz, Kurt Raaflaub, Adam Schwartz, Anthony Snodgrass, Hans van Wees, and Gregory Viggiano.

Men and Violence

Gender, Honor, and Rituals in Modern Europe and America
Author: Petrus Cornelis Spierenburg
Publisher: Ohio State University Press
ISBN: 0814207529
Category: History
Page: 279
View: 6637

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There is growing interest in the history of masculinity and male culture, including violence, as an integral part of a proper understanding of gender. In almost every historical setting, masculinity and violence are closely linked; certainly violent crime has been overwhelmingly a male enterprise. But violence is not always criminal: in many cultural contexts violence is linked instead to honour and encoded in rituals. We possess only an imperfect understanding of the ways in which aggressive behaviour, or the abstention from aggressive behaviour, contributes to the construction of masculinity and male honour. In this text eight scholars explore the interrelationship of masculinity, honour and the body. The essays focus on the United States and Western Europe from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

Men and Masculinity

Author: Caroline Sweetman
Publisher: Oxfam
ISBN: 9780855983772
Category: Social Science
Page: 72
View: 1844

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Children - Patrice L. Engle.

Men in Groups

Author: Lionel Tiger
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412828451
Category: Men
Page: 254
View: 2225

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The Men

A Lyric Book
Author: Lisa Robertson
Publisher: BookThug
ISBN: 0973974257
Category: Poetry
Page: 69
View: 647

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In Vancouver as the dark winter tapered into springI undertook to singMy life my body these wordsThe men from a perspective. The Men is a work that will be both familiar and fresh to anyone who has read Lisa Robertson. As a poet Robertson has received unrivaled praise for her uncompromising intelligence and style. The Men will not only compliment her previous work, but will add a new layer as a far more personal and lyrical book than anything she has yet published. Who are the men? The Menare a riddle. What do they want? Their troubles become lyric. The Men explores a territory between the poet and a lyric lineage among men. Following a tradition that includes Petrarch’s Sonnets, Cavalcanti, Dante’s works on the vernacular, Montaigne, and even Kant, Robertson is compelled towards the construction of the textual subjectivity these authors convey - a subjectivity that honours all the ambivalence, doubt, and tenderness of the human. Yet she remains angered by the structure of gender these works advance. It is this troubled texture of identification that she examines in The Men. How does a woman of the present century see herself, in men’s lyric texts of the renaissance, in the tradition of the philosophy of the male subject, as well as in the men that surround her, obfuscating, dear, idiotic and gorgeous as they often seem? What if ‘she’ wrote ‘his’ poems? At once intimate and oblique, humorous and heartbreaking, composed and furious, - The Men seeks to defamiliarize both who, and what men are.

Masked Men

Masculinity and the Movies in the Fifties
Author: Steve Cohan
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253115874
Category: Performing Arts
Page: N.A
View: 1268

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The fifties marks the moment when a heterosexual/homosexual dualism came to dominate U.S. culture's thinking about masculinity. The films of this era record how gender and sexuality did not easily come together in a normative manhood common to American men. Instead these films demonstrate the widely held perception of a crises of masculinity. Masked Men documents how movies of the fifties represented masculinity as a multiple masquerade. Hollywood's star system positioned the male actor as a professional performer and as a body intended to solicit the erotic interest of male and female viewers alike. Drawing on publicity, poster art, fan magazines, and the popular press as a means of following the links between fifties stars, their films, and the social tensions of the period, Cohan juxtaposes Hollywood's narratives of masculinity against the personae of leading men like Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, William Holden, Montgomery Clift, Marlon Brando, and Rock Hudson. Masked Men focuses on the gender and sexual masquerades that organized their performances of masculinity on and off screen.

Women's Lives, Men's Laws

Author: Catharine A. MacKinnon
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674024069
Category: Law
Page: 558
View: 1308

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In an incisive compilation of essays, the author of Feminism Unmodified explores some of the momentous and ongoing changes that reframe the law of men in terms of their foundation in the lives of women, covering such topics as sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence, sexual discrimination, and pornography.