Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age
Author: Charles H. Hapgood
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813428
Category: Reference
Page: 315
View: 9187

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Charles Hapgood s classic 1966 book on ancient maps is back in print after 20 years. Hapgood produces concrete evidence of an advanced worldwide civilization existing many thousands of years before ancient Egypt. He has found the evidence in many beautiful maps long known to scholars, the Piri Reis Map that shows Antarctica, the Hadji Ahmed map, the Oronteus Finaeus and other amazing maps. Hapgood concluded that these maps were made from more ancient maps from the various ancient archives around the world, now lost. Hapgood also concluded that the ancient mapmakers were in some ways much more advanced scientifically than Europe in the 16th century, or than the ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, and Babylonian. Not only were these unknown people more advanced in mapmaking than any people prior to the 18th century, it appears they mapped all the continents. The Americas were mapped thousands of years before Columbus. Antarctica was mapped when its coasts were free of ice. There is evidence that these people must have lived when the ice age had not yet ended in the Northern Hemisphere and when Alaska was still connected with Siberia by the Pleistocene, ice age land bridge. "

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age
Author: Charles H. Hapgood
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780285636118
Category: Cartography
Page: 336
View: 1870

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Charles Hapgood's classic book on ancient maps produces evidence of an advanced world-wide civilization existing many thousands of years before ancient Egypt. He has found the evidence in the Piri Reis Map that shows Antarctica, the Hadji Ahmed map, the Oronteus Finaeus and other amazing maps. Hapgood concluded that these maps were made from more ancient maps from the various ancient archives around the world, now lost. Not only were these unknown people more advanced in mapmaking than any other prior to the 18th century, it appears they mapped all the continents. The Americas were mapped thousands of years before Columbus and Antarctica was mapped once its coasts were free of ice.

Mystery in Acambaro

Author: Charles H. Hapgood
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813763
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 100
View: 5004

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The Acambaro collection comprises hundreds of clay figurines that are apparently thousands of years old; however, they depict such bizarre animals and scenes that most archaeologists dismiss them as an elaborate hoax. The collection shows humans interacting with dinosaurs and various other 'monsters' such as horned men. Both Hapgood and Earl Stanley Gardner were convinced that the figurines from Acambaro were authentic ancient artefacts that indicated that men and dinosaurs had cohabited together in the recent past, and that dinosaurs had not become extinct many millions of years ago as commonly thought. David Hatcher Childress writes a lengthy introduction concerning Acambaro, the latest testing, and other evidence of 'living' dinosaurs.

Secret Maps of the Ancient World

Author: Charlotte Harris Rees
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1434392783
Category: History
Page: 186
View: 7201

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The author explores evidence given in ancient Chinese writings, archaelogical finds in the Americas, and in ancient Chinese maps; demonstrating the likelyhood that America was discovered by the Chinese, not Europeans.

The Path of the Pole

Author: Charles H. Hapgood
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
ISBN: 9780932813718
Category: Science
Page: 413
View: 2780

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Through diligent research of ancient maps and geological records, the author posits that changes in the earth's crust cause the poles to shift.

Fingerprints of the Gods

The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization
Author: Graham Hancock
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 0307829057
Category: Science
Page: 592
View: 5498

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The bestselling author of The Sign and the Seal reveals the true origins of civilization. Connecting puzzling clues scattered throughout the world, Hancock discovers compelling evidence of a technologically and culturally advanced civilization that was destroyed and obliterated from human memory. Four 8-page photo inserts.


Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C.
Author: D. S. Allan,J. B. Delair
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591438144
Category: History
Page: 384
View: 2832

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Follow this multi-disciplinary, scientific study as it examines the evidence of a great global catastrophe that occurred only 11,500 years ago. Crustal shifting, the tilting of Earth's axis, mass extinctions, upthrusted mountain ranges, rising and shrinking land masses, and gigantic volcanic eruptions and earthquakes--all indicate that a fateful confrontation with a destructive cosmic visitor must have occurred. The abundant geological, biological, and climatological evidence from this dire event calls into question many geological theories and will awaken our memories to our true--and not-so-distant--past.

Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age

The Lost Civilization--A Mirror of Our World
Author: Frank Joseph
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591437830
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 296
View: 2919

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Reveals the parallels between the rise and fall of Atlantis, cultures in ancient Mesoamerica, and our modern civilization • Links the demise of Atlantis with the birth of the Olmec civilization in Mexico, the beginning of the first Egyptian dynasty, and the start of the Mayan Calendar • Reveals the Atlantean and Mayan prophecy of an eternal cycle of global creation, destruction, and renewal and how we are headed into a destructive phase • Shows how ancient prophecies correlate precisely with the latest climatology studies, the rising incidence of solar flares, and papers from Pentagon and NASA analysts With the passing of the Mayan Calendar’s end date we can now focus on the true significance of what the Maya and their predecessors were trying to convey to future civilizations. Frank Joseph reveals how the Mayan prophecy, symbolized by their calendar, was created through the combined genius of Atlantis and Lemuria and predicts an eternal cycle of global creation, destruction, and renewal. He shows how this cycle correlates precisely with scientific studies on glacial ice cores and predictions from the Hopi, the Incas, and the Scandinavian Norse as well as the visions of Edgar Cayce. He links the demise of Atlantis with the birth of the Olmec civilization in Mexico (the progenitors of the Maya), the beginning of the first Egyptian dynasty, and the start of the Mayan Calendar. Drawing on the latest climatology studies and papers from Pentagon and NASA analysts, he reveals that we are on the brink of a destructive phase in the global cycle of change as predicted by the Atlanteans and the Maya. The world’s current political, economic, and cultural deterioration is paralleled by unprecedented storms and record temperatures, massive solar flares, tectonic disturbances, and fissuring sea floors that could release dangerous reservoirs of methane gas into the environment--all of which signals we are headed into another ice age. Despite the Atlanteans’ greater understanding of the cyclical nature of catastrophes and of the human role in them, Joseph reveals the mistakes they made that played a crucial role in their civilization’s destruction. By recognizing the self-destructive patterns of Atlantis in our own civilization, we can learn from their mistakes to reestablish civilization’s cosmic balance before time runs out.

Hamlet's Mill

An Essay on Myth and the Frame of Time
Author: Giorgio De Santillana,Hertha von Dechend
Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher
ISBN: 9780879232153
Category: Philosophy
Page: 505
View: 4851

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Ever since the Greeks coined the language we commonly use for scientific description, mythology and science have developed separately. But what came before the Greeks? What if we could prove that all myths have one common origin in a celestial cosmology? What if the gods, the places they lived, and what they did are but ciphers for celestial activity, a language for the perpetuation of complex astronomical data? Drawing on scientific data, historical and literary sources, the authors argue that our myths are the remains of a preliterate astronomy, an exacting science whose power and accuracy were suppressed and then forgotten by an emergent Greco-Roman world view. This fascinating book throws into doubt the self-congratulatory assumptions of Western science about the unfolding development and transmission of knowledge. This is a truly seminal and original thesis, a book that should be read by anyone interested in science, myth, and the interactions between the two.

Atlantis and the Silver City

Author: Peter Daughtrey
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453271708
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 368
View: 4429

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Delve into an ancient mystery and witness the unveiling of the most complete and persuasive evidence for the real location of the lost empire of Atlantis. More than two thousand years ago, Plato laid out a series of cryptic clues about the location of Atlantis. Since then, countless experts have tried to crack his code. Today, some experts claim Atlantis lies under the volcanic rocks of Santorini. Others place it in the Bermuda Triangle or off the coast of Africa or say it vanished forever beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. But what if Atlantis is closer than we think? What if we could walk the streets of its ancient capital today? After a twenty-year forensic examination of Plato’s writings, Peter Daughtrey believes we can do just that. Having matched an unprecedented number of Plato’s clues to a modern locale, Daughtrey pinpoints the exact location of the once-glittering capital city of Atlantis and outlines the full reach of the empire. Daughtrey’s quest takes him from the dusty stone quarries of Portugal and the hieroglyphs of Egyptian temples to the newly refurbished museums of Baghdad. Along the way, he unearths long-forgotten, vitally significant artifacts, pieces together sensational evidence of a lost alphabet, and identifies today’s descendants of this early civilization—and even reveals the location of another undersea settlement from the empire of Atlantis. Hailed as “an intriguing, thought-provoking read” by Graham Hancock, the bestselling author of Fingerprints of the Gods, Atlantis and the Silver City is a detailed and accurate account of an adventurous journey of discovery, told with enthusiasm and verve.

Eden in the East

The Drowned Continent of Southeast Asia
Author: Stephen Oppenheimer
Publisher: Orion Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780753806791
Category: History
Page: 560
View: 9423

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This book completetly changes the established and conventional view of prehistory by relocating the Lost Eden—the world's first civilisation—to Southeast Asia. At the end of the Ice Age, Southeast Asia formed a continent twice the size of India, which included Indochina, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Borneo. In Eden in the East, Stephen Oppenheimer puts forward the astonishing argument that here in southeast Asia—rather than in Mesopotamia where it is usually placed—was the lost civilization that fertilized the Great cultures of the Middle East 6,000 years ago. He produces evidence from ethnography, archaeology, oceanography, creation stories, myths, linguistics, and DNA analysis to argue that this founding civilization was destroyed by a catastrophic flood, caused by a rapid rise in the sea level at the end of the last ice age.

The Atlantis Encyclopedia

Author: Frank Joseph
Publisher: Career Press
ISBN: 9781564147950
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 312
View: 459

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Unlike other books on the subject, this volume offers fewer theories and more facts, with detailed data on geology, astronomy and oceanography. And numerous stories that have never been presented together in a single volume.

Atlantis beneath the Ice

The Fate of the Lost Continent
Author: Rand Flem-Ath,Rose Flem-Ath
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591438950
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 256
View: 2257

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Scientific and mythological evidence that Antarctica was once Atlantis • Reveals how the earth’s crust shifted in 9600 BCE, dragging Atlantis into the polar zone beneath miles of Antarctic ice • Examines ancient yet highly accurate maps, including the Piri Reis map of 1513, which reveals a pre-glacial Antarctica • Shows how myths of floods and disaster from around the world all point to a common source In this completely revised and expanded edition of When the Sky Fell, Rand and Rose Flem-Ath show that 12,000 years ago vast areas of Antarctica were free from ice and home to the kingdom of Atlantis, a proposition that also elegantly solves the mysteries of ice ages and mass extinctions, the simultaneous worldwide rise of agriculture, and the source of devastating prehistoric climate change. Expanding upon Charles Hapgood’s theory of earth crust displacement, which was championed by Albert Einstein, they examine ancient yet highly accurate world maps, including the Piri Reis map of 1513, and show how the earth’s crust shifted in 9600 BCE, dragging Atlantis into the polar zone where it now lies beneath miles of Antarctic ice. From the Cherokee, Haida, and Okanagan of North America to the earliest records of Egypt, Iran, Mexico, and Japan, they reveal that ancient myths of floods, lost island paradises, and visits from advanced godlike peoples from all corners of the globe all point to the same worldwide catastrophe that resulted in Atlantis’s demise. The authors explain how the remaining Atlanteans, amid massive earthquakes and epic floods, evacuated and spread throughout the world, resulting in the birth of the first known civilizations. Including rare material from the archives of Charles Hapgood, Albert Einstein, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Flem-Aths explain how an earth crust displacement could happen again in the future, perhaps in correspondence with high solar activity. With new scientific, genetic, and linguistic evidence in support of Antarctica as the location of long-lost Atlantis, this updated edition convincingly shows that Atlantis was not swallowed by the sea but was entombed beneath miles of polar ice.

Piri Reis Map of 1513

Author: Gregory C. McIntosh
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820343595
Category: History
Page: 232
View: 7010

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One of the most beautiful maps to survive the Great Age of Discoveries, the 1513 world map drawn by Ottoman admiral Piri Reis is also one of the most mysterious. Gregory McIntosh has uncovered new evidence in the map that shows it to be among the most important ever made. This detailed study offers new commentary and explication of a major milestone in cartography. Correcting earlier work of Paul Kahle and pointing out the traps that have caught subsequent scholars, McIntosh disproves the dubious conclusion that the Reis map embodied Columbus's Third Voyage map of 1498, showing that it draws instead on the Second Voyage of 1493-1496. He also refutes the popular misinterpretation that Reis's depictions of Antarctica are evidence of either ancient civilizations or extraterrestrial visitation. McIntosh brings together all that has been previously known about the map and also assembles for the first time the translations of all inscriptions on the map and analyzes all place-names given for New World and Atlantic islands. His work clarifies long-standing mysteries and opens up new ways of looking at the history of exploration.


The Mysterious Origins of Civilization
Author: Graham Hancock
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 9780307548566
Category: Social Science
Page: 784
View: 8041

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From Graham Hancock, bestselling author of Fingerprints of the Gods, comes a mesmerizing book that takes us on a captivating underwater voyage to find the ruins of a lost civilization that’s been hidden for thousands of years beneath the world’s oceans. While Graham Hancock is no stranger to stirring up heated controversy among scientific experts, his books and television documentaries have intrigued millions of people around the world and influenced many to rethink their views about the origins of human civilization. Now he returns with an explosive new work of archaeological detection. In Underworld, Hancock continues his remarkable quest underwater, where, according to almost a thousand ancient myths from every part of the globe, the ruins of a lost civilization, obliterated in a universal flood, are to be found. Guided by cutting-edge science and the latest archaeological scholarship, Hancock begins his mission to discover the truth about these myths and examines the mystery at the end of the last Ice Age. As the glaciers melted between 17,000 and 7,000 years ago, sea levels rose and more than 15 million square miles of habitable land were submerged underwater, resulting in a radical change to the Earth’s shape and the conditions in which people could live. Using the latest computer techniques to map the world’s changing coastlines, Hancock finds astonishing correspondences with the ancient flood myths. Filled with thrilling accounts of his own participation in dives off the coast of Japan, as well as in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Arabian Sea, we watch as Hancock discovers underwater ruins exactly where the myths say they should be—sunken kingdoms that archaeologists never thought existed. Fans of Hancock’s previous adventures will find themselves immersed in Underworld, a provocative book that provides both compelling hard evidence for a fascinating, forgotten episode in human history and a completely new explanation for the origins of civilization as we know it. From the Hardcover edition.

Earth's Shifting Crust

A Key to Some Basic Problems of Earth Science
Author: Charles Hapgood
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781515211020
Page: 444
View: 9986

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The author's theories on earth science. Includes polar shift, ice ages, ancient climates, extinctions and more.

Magicians of the Gods

The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth’s Lost Civilization
Author: Graham Hancock
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250045924
Category: History
Page: 528
View: 7023

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Originally published: London: Coronet, an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton, an Hachette UK Company, 2015.

Sunken Realms

A Complete Catalog of Underwater Ruins
Author: Karen Mutton
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781931882965
Category: History
Page: 282
View: 3508

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The world's most extensive list -- by region -- of sunken cities and megalithic underwater sites currently known. Karen Mutton begins by discussing some of the causes for sunken ruins: super-floods; volcanoes; earthquakes, plate tectonics and other theories. She then discusses Plato's Atlantis and the various areas of the Mediterranean and Atlantic that have been proposed as the locations for that lost civilisation. The final chapters are on ruins and structures in lakes and inland seas, plus a brief look at modern and medieval sunken ruins. Locales include Cadiz; Morocco; Alexandria; The Bay of Naples; Libya; Phoenician and Egyptian sites; Roman era sites; Yarmuta, Lebanon; Cyprus; Malta; Thule & Hyperborea; Carnac, Brittany; Isle of Wight; Canaries and Azores; Bahamas; Cuba; Bermuda; Mexico; Peru; Micronesia; California; Japan; Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka Land Bridge; India; Sumer; and inland lakes in Scotland, Russia, Iran, China, Wisconsin, Florida and more.

The Giza Power Plant

Technologies of Ancient Egypt
Author: Christopher Dunn
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591439051
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 320
View: 3090

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Did a highly advanced civilization exist in prehistory? Is the Giza Pyramid a remnant of their technology? Then, what was the power source that fueled such a civilization? The technology of harmonic resonance, claims renowned master craftsman and engineer Christopher Dunn. In a brilliant piece of reverse engineering based on twenty years of research, Dunn reveals that the Great Pyramid of Giza was actually a large acoustical device! By its size and dimensions, this crystal edifice created a harmonic resonance with the Earth and converted Earth's vibrational energies to microwave radiation. The author shows how the pyramid's numerous chambers and passageways were positioned with the deliberate precision to maximize its acoustical qualities. This may be the same technology discovered by Nikola Tesla and the solution to our own clean energy needs.