Author: Desmond De Silva
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780704374423
Category: Lawyers
Page: 318
View: 9996

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Island Secrets

Stories of Love, Lust and Loss in Bali
Author: Alwin Blum
Publisher: Monsoon Books
ISBN: 1912049279
Category: Fiction
Page: 224
View: 706

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Beyond the Bali known from idyllic images of Hollywood movies and five-star resort holidays are the secret lives of men and women who flock to the island from around the world in search of new beginnings. Not all find the bliss and peace they hope for. Island Secrets is a collection of stories about lives fraught with scandal, conflict, heartache and despair. A western wife of a Balinese man enjoys a happy marriage and all the trappings of island wealth but the arrival of a man from home throws her life into turmoil as she surrenders to his seduction. A successful middle-aged ad exec leaves his family to become an artist; he lives an enviable life with a beautiful woman half his age but he soon finds himself weary of paradise. A recently divorced woman goes on a solo holiday and is irresistibly drawn to an attractive young man of dubious intentions. Bali-resident Alwin Blum offers up vignettes of Bali with characters who navigate their new lives in the sunshine and tropical splendour of the island while harbouring darkness within. Some stay for a season, others for the rest of their days. Some come to forget through sensual escapades, while others re-invent themselves to fit with the brand-new lives they have created.

Doing Business in China

The Sun Tzu Way
Author: Laurence J. Brahm
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462900445
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 160
View: 2471

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"Strike hard, retreat, seize a position, reject compromise, and strike again."—These are common negotiating tactics in a country with a long history of strategic philosophy. Negotiating a deal in China requires patience—a well known Confucian virtue; persistence—something which comes with time; and survival instincts—something that comes with persistence. For both the uninitiated, Chinese business negotiations in China may come as a culture shock, laced with frustration. For the experienced China trade negotiator, it is a never–ending learning process. For both parties, the secret to negotiating in China may well lie in the knowledge of the military ploys described in China's ancient classics. Drawing from the lessons of China's ancient military classic, Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Laurence J. Brahm applies these strategies to the foibles and successes of foreign and Chinese negotiators in China struggling to bridge cultural gaps in the process of closing deals. This revealing and humorous book offers a collection of real-life "war stories" and untold truths about hard knocks at the negotiating table and offers great insight into Chinese business etiquette. It is essential reading for business executives planning their business strategies for entering the Chinese market, and for mastering the art of negotiating.

To See the World

Author: Elaine Forrestal
Publisher: National Library of Australia
ISBN: 0642278490
Category: Social Science
Page: 204
View: 2309

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All his life, José has seen the tall ships sailing into Port Louis on the island of Mauritius, where he was born. As he watches them leave again, disappearing below the horizon, he dreams of one day sailing away with them—to see the world. He thinks about all the adventures he would have, the ships he would capture and the buried treasure he would find on faraway islands. But, when the young and beautiful Rose de Freycinet arrives on board the Uranie in 1817, José’s life changes in ways that he had never imagined. Pirates, cannibals, storms and shipwrecks become harsh realities and José is forced to muster all his courage and intelligence to survive the dangers of shipboard life. This is a story of adventure on the high seas at a time in history when ships sailed the vast oceans of the world with only the wind to power them. Huge continents and tiny islands lay in uncharted waters waiting to be added to the world map. But so did treacherous reefs, icebergs, powerful currents and destructive winds. Ships disappeared without trace. Sailors risked their lives atop swaying masts and below in dank, dark holds. They suffered from scurvy, dysentery and sometimes starvation, far from medical attention. And yet, men still ventured into the unknown. José became one of those men.


Author: Hans Dietrich Genscher
Publisher: Siedler Verlag
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 1086
View: 9703

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Mango Hill

A compelling Australian saga of ambition, greed and a family feud
Author: Patricia Shaw
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755389573
Category: Fiction
Page: 472
View: 5553

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A hunger for land and a hatred for each other... Patricia Shaw transports readers to the land of danger, passion and promise in her stunning saga Mango Hill, the sequel to Valley of Lagoons. The perfect read for fans of Tricia McGill and Fleur McDonald. A ruthless aristocrat and an Irish squatter, Lord Jasin Heselwood and Pace MacNamara, arrived in Australia with a hunger for land and a hatred of each other. Pace's pioneering spirit lives on through his three sons, John Pace, Paul and Duke, who find themselves at odds over their late mother Dolour's extraordinary will. Youngest son Duke is determined his brothers will not stand in the way of his ambitions, and purchases the splendid Mango Hill cattle station. Eager for land and rejected by the woman he loves, he joins a team heading west with a thousand head of cattle and encounters Edward, son of scheming Lord Heselwood. But bloodshed is on the horizon, as the group moves relentlessly towards a gathering storm of war with the warrior tribes of the great Kalkadoon nation... What readers are saying about Mango Hill: 'A good read that represents the young Australia' 'Another great book from Patricia Shaw' 'Fascinating'

Nach der Welle

Author: Sonali Deraniyagala
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104030626
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 272
View: 7646

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*** »Ein ganz erstaunliches, wunderschönes Buch.« Joan Didion *** »Ich schrie nicht, heulte nicht auf. Ich fiel nicht in Ohnmacht. Abwarten, dachte ich mir. Ich warte ab, bis sie sie alle gefunden haben, und dann bringe ich mich um.« Sri Lanka, 26. Dezember 2004. Sonali Deraniyagala verbringt die Weihnachtsferien mit ihrer Familie in einem wunderschönen Hotel direkt an der Küste, als die Welle kommt. Sonali selbst überlebt knapp, aber sie verliert ihre gesamte Familie, ihren Mann, die beiden kleinen Söhne und ihre Eltern. »Ein unglaublich starkes und zutiefst bewegendes Buch, wie ich schon lange keines mehr gelesen habe. ... Sonali Deraniyagala beschreibt eine Katastrophe und ihre Auswirkungen, die keiner von uns miterleben musste. Und gleichzeitig erweckt sie in ihrem atemberaubenden Erfahrungsbericht alle diejenigen wieder zum Leben, die sie verloren hat, so dass auch wir sie niemals vergessen werden.« Michael Ondaatje

La casa en Mango Street

Author: Sandra Cisneros
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783464202975
Page: 120
View: 1127

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Todo moreno por todos lados, estamos seguros. Pero en un barrio de otro color nuestras rodillas comienzan a temblar traca traca y subimos las ventanillas de nuestros carros hasta arriba y nuestros ojos miran al frente. Sí. Así es.

The Big Mango

Author: Norman Kelley
Publisher: N.A
Category: Fiction
Page: 270
View: 1639

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The Big Mango jumps from New York City to the tropical island-nation of Misericordia, a volcano of pent-up human suffering and rage. A popular uprising led by Father Pierre-Pierre Bernard, a parish priest, provides the island's indigent multitude with a rare moment of freedom and self-rule. But Bernard proves singularly ill-equipped to lead the country as president and is deposed to exile in the U.S. by a right-wing military coup. Enter Nina Halligan, the headstrong, street-savy-but-sophisticated private investigator. A former prosecutor, Nina has a sixth sense for scandal and corruption, as well as a troubled history of dragging the people she loves into danger. Goaded into travelling to Washington to help Father Bernard regain his government, Nina's attention turns to the murder of her friend's husband, Michael Debord, an insider in the administration of U.S. President Jeff Benton. Nina's investigation becomes personal as she and her friend Anna head to Misericordia to find Michael's killer, arriving in "the land of mercy" as it is about to explode.

Lok Sabha Debates

Author: India. Parliament. House of the People,India. Parliament. Lok Sabha
Publisher: N.A
Category: India
Page: N.A
View: 4374

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Maos letzter Tänzer

Vom chinesischen Bauernjungen zum gefeierten Ballettstar
Author: Li Cunxin
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864152909
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 350
View: 8326

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Maos letzter Tänzer ist die autobiografische Geschichte des jungen Chinesen Li Cunxin, der aus ärmlichen Verhältnissen stammt und Anfang der 70er-Jahre völlig überraschend für die renommierteste Ballettschule des Landes, Madame Maos Ballettakademie, ausgewählt wird. In Peking erhält er eine klassische Ballettausbildung. Inspiriert von einem Lehrer, begeistert sich Cunxin immer mehr für den Tanz und gelangt schließlich zu Weltruhm. Als er in Amerika die Tänzerin Elizabeth heiratet, kommt es jedoch zu politischen Verwicklungen mit der fatalen Konsequenz, dass er seine Heimat zunächst nicht mehr besuchen darf. Dieses Buch schildert eindringlich und bildgewaltig das karge Leben im kommunistischen China, in dem jeder Tag ein Kampf ums Überleben ist, die harten Jahre der Ballettausbildung, das Heimweh des kleinen Jungen und seine Leidenschaft für den Tanz. Die beeindruckende Lebensgeschichte eines Ausnahmetalents, die nicht nur Tänzer begeistern wird.

Listen to Your Heart

Author: Furqan Q. Mehmud
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477167668
Category: Fiction
Page: 69
View: 8536

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I chose the title of this book as Listen to Your Heart. Your mind is given to you to use, but your heart is the one that absorbs everything your mind does. So only God knows what your fate is. But if you believe in God then your heart will lead your mind to do what is good for you and what's around you. So have trust in God and then listen to your heart and listen closely.