Mad about Bugs

Author: Deborah Jane Murrell,Ladybird
Publisher: Ladybird
ISBN: 9781846468018
Category: Insects
Page: 32
View: 6503

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Mad About Bugs, from Ladybird, is full of buggy facts! Are you mad about bugs? From spiders and snails to butterflies and bees, this book is packed with fascinating facts and key information for all young creepy-crawly enthusiasts. Also includes a link to fantastic downloadable Mad About posters. Ladybird's Mad About series is all about giving its readers all the facts they could possibly need about their favourite subjects. Get ready to impress all your friends with all your new knowledge! Look out for Mad About Dinosaurs and Mad About Sharks, too!

Ladybugs, Tornadoes, and Swirling Galaxies

English Language Learners Discover Their World Through Inquiry
Author: Brad Buhrow,Anne Upczak Garcia
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
ISBN: 1571104003
Category: Education
Page: 187
View: 6548

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Brad Buhrow and Anne Garcia are primary teachers in a diverse school in Boulder, Colorado. In Ladybugs, Tornadoes and Swirling Galaxies, you will see how they blend comprehension instruction and ELL best practices to explore inquiry as a literacy pathway for English language learners. As teachers and students engage in learning science and social studies content they also discover multiple ways to make meaning. The book is full of photographs of student artwork—including a color insert—that reveals the children's inquiry process, and demonstrates the important role of art as a sign system in ELL literacy and language acquisition. Brad and Anne provide explicit detail on the process they use as they move step-by-step with students from personal narrative through the independent inquiry process. They also discuss use of the Gradual Release Model, authentic assessment, and bilingual identities. Appendices in Spanish and English help to round out this informative and charming resource.

Nick Baker's Bug Book

Discover the World of the Mini-beast!
Author: Nick Baker
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472922107
Category: Nature
Page: 128
View: 8430

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We are all fascinated by, and often wary of, the tiny animals that creep and crawl in our gardens or lurk in the dark corners of our homes, but how much do we really know about insects and their relatives? Nick Baker's Bug Book aims to encourage our understanding of all types of bugs by providing practical information and fun activities. Learn how to determine the sex of a spider, how to look after ants in a home-made formicarium and even how to rear your own dragonflies. Packed with details on essential equipment for bug watching and collecting, informative illustrations and close-up photography, this book is essential reading for budding entomologists of all ages.

Mini Farming: Organic Fruits and Vegetables Gardening at Your Backyard Made Easy

Author: Patrick Cummings
Publisher: Jet Solutions
ISBN: 1540189589
Category: Gardening
Page: N.A
View: 6866

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If you have ever wanted to grow your own fruit and vegetables, have an interest in organic farming and want to take things one step further by producing your own organic fruits and vegetables then a backyard farm could be for you. Depending on the size of your backyard it is possible to grow organic fruit and vegetables to fulfil your needs and maybe even have some to sell at your local market. There is a wealth of fruits and vegetables that you can choose from and the rewards for your work will be truly enjoyable. Backyard farming is becoming increasingly popular and is even considered trendy among many small town habitants who all share the same aim of starting a sustainable organic garden which is respectful of the environment. There is huge demand for local sustainable organic produce and this is another reason why there are increasing numbers of backyard farmer’s year on year. Not only is backyard farming a great hobby, it is a way to provide healthy food for your family and save money. This book has been designed to look at the many elements that make up backyard farming and the following topics are covered in depth: - What is mini farming? - Farming plans - General tips to keep in mind - Helpful routine for a good harvest - Maximize your space - Containers and space - Layout and simple maintenance - Basics of the land - Soil types - Building super soil - Organic control and weeds - Weeds in the garden - The importance of pest control - Composting - Composting worms - Healthy organic gardening - Keeping livestock - Livestock options can help plants - Fish farming from your backyard - Backyard bees - Are backyard chickens really for you? - Which is best, chicken or goat manure - Get the best returns for your efforts - Harvesting and food preservation - Vegetables and herbs - Native fruits - Edibles to grow indoors - Plants for your micro garden - The aim of backyard farming - Urban farming laws to change - Backyard farm calendar.

Stepping Stones to Creativity

Author: Judith Harris,Mel Astill,Elizabeth Palfrey
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 190910101X
Category: Education
Page: 129
View: 9755

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This guide contains four books-worth of creative activities for the early years in one bumper-value guide. Perfect to dip into, this gem of a guide features: - Hundreds of easy-to-follow activities that cover 40 of the most popular early years topics - Each topic contains ideas for singing, dance, movement, storytelling, art and design, and drama - An easy-reference key showing which of the Creative Development Early Learning Goals are being explored An essential for anyone wanting new and creative ideas for use in topic work with the early years. This book is a compendium of all the activities from the following four Stepping Stones to Creativity titles: Dance and Movement; Design, Art and Modelling; Stories, Songs and Rhymes and Drama and Role Play.

Jesus' Son

Author: Denis Johnson
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1466806885
Category: Fiction
Page: 96
View: 5077

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Jesus' Son is a visionary chronicle of dreamers, addicts, and lost souls. These stories tell of spiraling grief and transcendence, of rock bottom and redemption, of getting lost and found and lost again. The raw beauty and careening energy of Denis Johnson's prose has earned this book a place among the classics of twentieth-century American literature.

Look what I made now!

interactive nature activities for young children : over 40 craft ideas, over 120 related activities
Author: Joan Wheaton Buma
Publisher: Prima Lifestyles
ISBN: 9781559581769
Category: Education
Page: 94
View: 3732

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The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2013

Author: Bob Sehlinger,Seth Kubersky,Len Testa
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118333454
Category: Travel
Page: 384
View: 5434

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Unofficial Guides Hotels, attractions, and restaurants in all price categories Evaluations based on reader surveys and critiques—compiled by unbiased inspectors Detailed, two-color maps

Der kleine Käfer Immerfrech

Author: Eric Carle
Publisher: Distribooks Incorporated
ISBN: 9783836942768
Category: Beetles
Page: 44
View: 9050

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Billedbog om en mariehøne, som ca hver time - af 12 - opfører sig truende overfor et nyt og større dyr

Love Letters from Ladybug Farm

Author: Donna Ball
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101464437
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 5777

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Love is in the air in this delightful novel-third in the bestselling Ladybug Farm series from award-winning author Donna Ball. Renovating a broken-down mansion in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley gave three lifelong friends a welcome second chance. But after taking the biggest risk of their lives, are these women also willing to risk their hearts? All the effort Cici, Lindsay, and Bridget have put into transforming an historic but overgrown farm into an upscale winery and special events business is paying off-Ladybug Farm has been chosen to host a society wedding. What this really means is that they are about to be invaded by warring mothers-in-law, a Bridezilla, and a completely clueless groom. They have their hands full keeping Ladybug Farm from descending into total chaos. But there's something about a wedding...

Insects and Human Life

Author: Brian Morris
Publisher: Berg
ISBN: 1845209494
Category: Social Science
Page: 320
View: 7015

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This pioneering book looks at the importance of insects to culture. While in the developed West a good deal of time and money may be spent trying to exterminate insects, in other cultures human-insect relations can be far more subtle and multi-faceted. Like animals, insects may be revered or reviled - and in some tribal communities insects may be the only source of food available. How people respond to, make use of, and relate to insects speaks volumes about their culture. In an effort to get to the bottom of our vexed relationship with the insect world, Brian Morris spent years in Malawi, a country where insects proliferate and people contend. In Malawi as in many tropical regions, insects have a profound impact on agriculture, the household, disease and medicine, and hence on oral literature, music, art, folklore, recreation and religion. Much of the complexity of human-insect relations rests on paradox: insects may represent the source of contagion, but they are also integral to many folk remedies for a wide range of illnesses. They may be at the root of catastrophic crop failure, but they can also be a form of sustenance. Weaving science with personal observations, Morris demonstrates a profound and intimate knowledge of virtually every aspect of human-insect relations. Not only is this book extraordinarily useful in terms of the more practical side of entomology, it also provides a wealth of information on the role of insects in cultural production. Malawian proverbs alone provide many such delightful examples - 'Bemberezi adziwa nyumba yake' ('The carpenter bee knows his own home'). This final volume in Morris' trilogy on Malawi's animal and insect worlds is certain to become a classic study of uncharted territory - the insect world that surrounds us and how we relate to it. Praise for The Power of Animals: Although based upon examination of a single culture, Morris incorporates ecological and anthropological concepts that expand this study of


Author: Claire Hawcock
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781846469220
Category: Dinosaurs
Page: 31
View: 3758

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Literature-Based Mini-Lessons

15 Engaging Lessons That Use Your Favorite Picture Books to Help Every Student Become a More Fluent Reader
Author: Susan Lunsford
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780439086820
Category: Education
Page: 160
View: 9590

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Use the magic of picture books to teach kids essential word skills. This guide features 15 engaging, reproducible lessons to help students become more fluent readers. Illustrations.

Close Your Eyes

Tales from the Blinkspace
Author: Edward Martin III
Publisher: Hellbender Media
Category: Fiction
Page: 308
View: 5067

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"Close Your Eyes -- Tales from the Blinkspace" features 55 new stories from the online blog Welcome to the Blinkspace. It's a great new work of fantasy/horror fiction from independent publisher, Hellbender Media. Edward Martin III dips into Lovecraftian Mythos and makes it his own in stories that take you to the treacherous edge of the ocean, across harsh desert sands, and well into the future. From the soft subtlety of "True Love" to the violent end of love in "Scales", this book is thought-provoking, intriguing, often humorous, and just plain fun to read.

Des knaben Wunderhorn

Alte deutsche Lieder
Author: Ludwig Achim Freiherr von Arnim,Clemens Brentano,Anton Birlinger,Wilhelm Crecelius
Publisher: N.A
Category: Folk-songs, German
Page: 803
View: 7362

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What I Don't Know about Animals

Author: Jenny Diski
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300180624
Category: Nature
Page: 321
View: 1115

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What does novelist, essayist, and memoirist Jenny Diski know about animals? She wasn't really sure as she began to write this book, and she may not be sure now. But of this she is certain: our relationships with, and attitudes toward, animals are really worth thinking about. In "What I Don't Know About Animals," she shows why. Diski sets out on her wide-ranging investigation by remembering the stuffed cuddly creatures from her childhood, the animal books she read, the cartoons she watched, the strays she found. She considers the animals who have lived and still live with her (most especially Bunty the cat), animals she has encountered close up, and those she has feared. She examines human beings, too, and how they have looked at, studied, treated, and written about the non-human creatures of our shared planet. Ranging still further, the author interviews scientists, discusses Derrida and his cat, and observes elephants in Kenya, always seeking the key to the complex relationship we in the modern West have with animals. Subtle, intelligent, and always engaging, this book is a brilliant exploration of what it means to be human and what it means to be animal, and the uncertainty of what we can know about either.