Archaeological Concepts, Techniques, and Terminology for American Prehistoric Lithic Technology

Author: Wm Jack Hranicky
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1481751743
Category: Social Science
Page: 586
View: 5728

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Archaeological Concepts, Techniques, and Terminology for American Prehistory Lithic Technology by Wm Jack Hranicky is a 600-page comprehensive publication that encompasses the study of American prehistoric stone tools and implements. It is a look-up volume for studying the material culture of prehistoric people and using its concepts and methods for researching this aspect of archaeology. There are over 3000 entries which are defined and illustrated. It also has an extensive set of references and an overview for the study of stone tools.

Lithic Analysis

Author: George H. Odell
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441990097
Category: Social Science
Page: 262
View: 6837

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This practical volume does not intend to replace a mentor, but acts as a readily accessible guide to the basic tools of lithic analysis. The book was awarded the 2005 SAA Award for Excellence in Archaeological Analysis. Some focuses of the manual include: history of stone tool research; procurement, manufacture and function; assemblage variability. It is an incomparable source for academic archaeologists, cultural resource and heritage management archaeologists, government heritage agencies, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students of archaeology focused on the prehistoric period.

Trekking the Shore

Changing Coastlines and the Antiquity of Coastal Settlement
Author: Nuno F. Bicho,Jonathan A. Haws,Loren G. Davis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781441982193
Category: Social Science
Page: 498
View: 5652

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Human settlement has often centered around coastal areas and waterways. Until recently, however, archaeologists believed that marine economies did not develop until the end of the Pleistocene, when the archaeological record begins to have evidence of marine life as part of the human diet. This has long been interpreted as a postglacial adaptation, due to the rise in sea level and subsequent decrease in terrestrial resources. Coastal resources, particularly mollusks, were viewed as fallback resources, which people resorted to only when terrestrial resources were scarce, included only as part of a more complex diet. Recent research has significantly altered this understanding, known as the Broad Spectrum Revolution (BSR) model. The contributions to this volume revise the BSR model, with evidence that coastal resources were an important part of human economies and subsistence much earlier than previously thought, and even the main focus of diets for some Pleistocene and early Holocene hunter-gatherer societies. With evidence from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, this volume comprehensively lends a new understanding to coastal settlement from the Middle Paleolithic to the Middle Holocene.

Fitting Rocks

Lithic Refitting Examined
Author: Utsav Schurmans,Marc De Bie
Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited
Category: Social Science
Page: 118
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Lithic refitting has been around for well over a century now. While the mechanics of conjoining artifacts have remained unchanged, despite some recent attempts to automate at least part of the process, the questions that have been addressed with refitting data changed dramatically over time and probably will continue to do so in the future. This volume reflects both well-established uses of refitting as well as some novel approaches.

Basiswissen Archäologie

Theorien, Methoden, Praxis
Author: Colin Renfrew,Paul G. Bahn
Publisher: Philipp Von Zabern Verlag Gmbh
ISBN: 9783805339483
Category: History
Page: 304
View: 7898

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Mit mehr als 150.000 verkauften Exemplaren gilt der Band Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice im englischsprachigen Raum bereits jetzt als Standardwerk im Fach Archaologie. Diese jetzt erstmals auf Deutsch vorliegende sorgfaltig uberarbeitete und zum Teil vollig neu geschriebene Fassung ist eine ausserst gut lesbare Einfuhrung fur alle, die sich fur Archaologie interessieren und eine kompakte Darstellung der Methoden und Praxis archaologischer Arbeit suchen. Beruhmte Archaologen und Ausgrabungsstatten passieren Revue. Inhaltlich ist das Buch auf der Hohe der Forschung, auch die neuesten technischen Methoden und Technologien werden behandelt. (Philipp von Zabern 2009)

Use-Wear and Residue Analysis in Archaeology

Author: João Manuel Marreiros,Juan F. Gibaja Bao,Nuno Ferreira Bicho
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319082574
Category: Social Science
Page: 223
View: 6478

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This book is designed to act as a readily accessible guide to different methods and techniques of use-wear and residue analysis and therefore includes a wide range of different and complementary essential topics: experimental tests, observation and record methods and techniques and the interpretation of a diversity of tool types and worked raw materials. The onset of use-wear studies was marked by the development of theory, method and techniques in order to infer prehistoric tools functionality and, therefore, understand human technological, social and cultural behavior. The last decade of functional studies, use-wear and residue analysis have been aimed at the observation, recording and interpretation of different activities and worked materials found on archaeological tools made on different types of organic and non-organic materials. This international group of contributions will be fundamental for all researchers and students of the discipline.

Archaeology in Practice

A Student Guide to Archaeological Analyses
Author: Jane Balme,Alistair Paterson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405148861
Category: Social Science
Page: 464
View: 9755

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Archaeology in Practice: A Student Guide to ArchaeologicalAnalyses offers students in archaeology laboratory courses adetailed and invaluable how-to manual of archaeological methods andprovides insight into the breadth of modern archaeology. Written by specialists of material analyses, whose expertiserepresents a broad geographic range Includes numerous examples of applications of archaeologicaltechniques Organized by material types, such as animal bones, ceramics,stone artifacts, and documentary sources, or by themes, such asdating, ethics, and report writing Written accessibly and amply referenced to provide readers witha guide to further resources on techniques and theirapplications Enlivened by a range of boxed case studies throughout the maintext

Der Mann im Eis

Neue Funde und Ergebnisse
Author: Konrad Spindler,Elisabeth Rastbichler-Zissernig,Harald Wilfing,Dieter zur Nedden,Hans Nothdurfter
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3709165997
Category: Science
Page: 325
View: 2528

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Die mittelassyrischen Texte aus Tell Chuēra in Nordost-Syrien

Author: Stefan Jakob
Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag
ISBN: 9783447057240
Category: History
Page: 189
View: 6955

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Wahrend der Regierungszeit des Konigs Tukulti-Ninurta I. (1233-1197) kam die Expansion des mittelassyrischen Reiches, die knapp ein Jahrhundert zuvor ihren Anfang genommen hatte, zu einem vorlau? gen Hohepunkt. Spatestens nach dem Sieg uber den sudlichen Nachbarn und Erzrivalen Babylon war Assyrien im Kreis der Grossmachte Vorderasiens zur bestimmenden Macht geworden. In den eroberten Gebieten des Westens (Gezira, Euphratgebiet) erfolgte der konsequente Ausbau eines Netzes administrativer Zentren, zu dem auch die Stadt Harbe (modern Tell Chuera) gehorte. Hier fand sich in einem of?ziellen Gebaude der mittelassyrischen Siedlung ein Archiv mit administrativen Urkunden und Briefen, die uber einen Zeitraum von etwa anderthalb Dekaden die Organisation der staatlichen Okonomie, militarische Aktivitaten und nicht zuletzt die Abfertigung durchreisender Kuriere und auslandischer Diplomaten aus Hatti, Agypten und der Levante dokumentieren. Die insgesamt 112 Texte und Textfragmente erlauben so bisher nicht gekannte Einblicke in den Alltag einer assyrischen Distrikthauptstadt vor der Wende vom 13. zum 12. Jahrhundert v. Chr.

Mesoamerican Lithic Technology

Experimentation and Interpretation
Author: Kenn Hirth
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780874807653
Category: History
Page: 350
View: 1203

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Any overview of prehispanic society in the Americas would identify its obsidian core-blade production as a unique and highly inventive technology. Normally termed prismatic blades, these long, parallel-sided flakes are among the sharpest cutting tools ever produced by humans. Their standardized form permitted interchangeable use, and such blades became the cutting tool of choice throughout Mesoamerica between 600-800 B.C. Because considerable production skill is required, increased demand may have stimulated the appearance of craft specialists who played an integral role in Mesoamerican society. Some investigators have argued that control over obsidian also had a significant effect on the development and organization of chiefdom and state-level societies. While researchers have long recognized the potential of obsidian studies, recent work has focused primarily on compositional analysis to reconstruct trade and distribution networks. Study of blade production has received much less attention, and many aspects of this highly evolved craft are still lost. This volume seeks to identify current research questions in Mesoamerican lithic technology and to demonstrate that replication studies coupled with experimental research design are valuable analytical approaches to such questions.

Method and theory for investigating the peopling of the Americas

Author: Robson Bonnichsen
Publisher: Center for the Study of First Americans
Category: Social Science
Page: 264
View: 6387

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The first of four volumes to come out of the first World Summit Conference on the peopling of the Americas, this includes sections on methods, geoarchaeology, biological approaches, linguistic approaches, and material culture.