Letters for Small-business Lawyers

Author: Jean L. Batman
Publisher: Amer Bar Assn
ISBN: 9781616328566
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 194
View: 5816

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Ahuge portion of the U.S. economy is comprised of small businesses. To prosper in this market segment, an attorney must consistently produce effective communication to retain existing clients and pave the way for referral business. This book offers letter templates, forms and advice for the many attorneys who represent, or wish to represent, small businesses.

Letters for Lawyers

Essential Communications for Clients, Prospects, and Others
Author: Thomas E. Kane
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 9781590312674
Category: Law
Page: 157
View: 1208

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The new 2nd edition of this publication will help ease the task of communicating with clients, prospects and others. This book contains numerous communication tools, including: business letters, announcement cards, invitations, survey forms, response cards, press releases, and thank-you notes.

Starting and Running a Small Business For Canadians For Dummies All-in-One

Author: John Aylen
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118223896
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 672
View: 8575

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The comprehensive, six-in-one package small business entrepreneurs can't afford to be without With more Canadians considering starting their own small businesses than ever before, there's never been a greater need for a detailed, comprehensive guide to help budding entrepreneurs get off the ground. Comprised of six books in one that cover every aspect of running a business, from developing a business plan to managing growth successfully, and everything in between, Starting and Running a Small Business For Canadians For Dummies All-in-One will ensure readers' ventures meet with success. The ideal resource for the first-time entrepreneur in a market when small businesses are growing fast Provides a wealth of management advice based on recent research that shows that when small businesses are successful, they hire Includes the financial advice that keeps new businesses from folding within their first five years Offering Canadians everything they need to know about starting their own companies within Canada, this six-book compilation is essential reading for anyone looking to make it big in the world of small business.

Advising the Small Business

Forms and Advice for the Legal Practitioner
Author: Jean L. Batman
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 9781590318874
Category: Small business
Page: 786
View: 8217

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The professional skills of the small business lawyer

Author: Harry J. Haynsworth,American Law Institute-American Bar Association Committee on Continuing Professional Education
Publisher: Amer Law Inst
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 255
View: 7086

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Among the areas covered by this volume are the practitioner's relationship with his clients, ethical problems, the preparation of minutes, contracts, requests for private tax rulings, legal opinions and answers to auditor's requests for information.

Letters for Litigators

Essential Communications for Opposing Counsel, Witnesses, Clients, and Others
Author: Daniel I. Small,Robin Page West
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 9781590312681
Category: Law
Page: 217
View: 2779

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This publication includes numerous letters that can help simplify the task of communicating with opposing counsel, witnesses, clients, the court and others.

201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business

Author: Jane Applegate
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470919663
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 336
View: 4519

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Provides a variety of ideas for the entrepreneurs of small businesses, including finding a great lawyer, locating a good accountant and how to get free government counseling. Original.

The Book of Letters

How to Write a Letter for Every Occasion
Author: Peter Breen
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781865086699
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 291
View: 2267

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A classic and comprehensive guide to the art of letter writing. Covering 100 different scenarios, with invaluable tips for communicating the written word in the most effective way, The Book of Letters ensures you will get a foot in the door and achieve results with every letter you write.

Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business

Author: Fred S. Steingold
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 1413321402
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 456
View: 2414

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Small business owners are regularly confronted by a bewildering array of legal questions and problems. Ignoring them can lead to disaster -- but with lawyers typically charging $200-$300 an hour, calling one to answer routine legal questions can be a fast track to the poorhouse. Fortunately, you have a better alternative. Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business clearly explains the practical and legal information you need to: raise start-up money choose between a sole proprietorship, partnership or LLC get licenses and permits buy or sell a business or franchise negotiate a favorable lease insure your business hire independent contractors safely understand small business tax rules pick and protect a good name resolve legal disputes adopt the best customer policies enter into strong contracts cope with financial problems The new edition updates relevant legal and tax information, such as state drug and alcohol testing laws, environmental regulations, and restrictions on home businesses, as well as provides practical advice on topics such as current trends in raising start-up money, purchasing insurance, and extending credit.

How to Win Your Case in Small Claims Court Without a Lawyer

Author: Charlie Mann
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company
ISBN: 1601383061
Category: Law
Page: 288
View: 1672

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" ... With this comprehensive guide, you will get a complete run-through of everything you need to know before you submit your case to court. The book includes a checklist of things you need to look for before filing a claim, information on how the courts work, and all of the legal jargon--defined--that will be thrown around during the process. You will learn how to state a claim in formal documents and whether your case has a chance of win[n]ing. Different approaches to more than 15 different kinds of small claims cases are provided, along with the limitations on monetary compensation and methods for calculating your own limit. Different legal procedures for bringing legal action against individuals, couples, businesses, and corporations are also provided"--Cover, p. 4.

Getting Started in Small Business For Dummies

Author: Veechi Curtis
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118222830
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 200
View: 9193

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Ensure success when starting your small business with thismust-have introductory guide Have you always wanted to know what it takes to run a successfulsmall business? This easy-to-follow guide includes everything youneed to know to get started. Turn your business idea into realitywith handy information on all the basics, from learning how tocreate a strong business plan to developing a solid onlinepresence. Create your first business plan — discover howto develop smart business strategies and build a roadmap forsuccess Learn the legal jargon — protect your ideas andregister your business properly Market your business strategically — establishwho your key customers are, research your rivals, and create akiller marketing plan Take the stress out of bookkeeping — ensure allof your admin is covered, from choosing accounting software tohandling petty cash Master online marketing — explore different waysto reach customers with keyword optimisation and other onlinetools Open the book and find: Advice about being your own boss Secrets for matching sales goals to savvy marketingstrategies Guidelines for keeping your finances in shape A step-by-step guide to profit margins Tips on using social media to promote your business Learn to: Decide what type of small business is right for you Put together a winning business plan Understand your financial and legal obligations Maximise your online presence

Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers

Author: Gary A. Munneke,William D. Henslee,American Bar Association
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 9781590311523
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 143
View: 1182

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A valuable resource for planning and moving into a successful nonlegal career.

The M & A Process

A Practical Guide for the Business Lawyer
Author: American Bar Association. Committee on Negotiated Acquisitions
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 9781590315729
Category: Law
Page: 358
View: 9111

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This resource addresses the steps for actually doing the deal in a mergers and acquisition transaction. This detailed guide is designed for all customary structures of acquisition transactions (i.e. merger, asset sale, stock sale, share exchanges) and covers the purchase of both publicly and privately held businesses. However, the book covers a greater emphasis on private deals.

Start Your Own Business, Sixth Edition

The Only Startup Book You'll Ever Need
Author: The Staff of Entrepreneur Media
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 1613083009
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 766
View: 3201

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Tapping into more than 33 years of small business expertise, the staff at Entrepreneur Media takes today’s entrepreneurs beyond opening their doors and through the first three years of ownership. This revised edition features amended chapters on choosing a business, adding partners, getting funded, and managing the business structure and employees, and also includes help understanding the latest tax and healthcare reform information and legalities.

Representing the small business

strategies & techniques for old and new economy clients : a satellite program
Author: Audrey M. Roth,Practising Law Institute
Publisher: N.A
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 224
View: 7740

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Start Your Own College Planning Consultant Business

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success
Author: Eileen Figure Sandlin,Entrepreneur magazine
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 1613082460
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 225
View: 573

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Thanks to today’s busy lifestyles, nearly 4,500 institutions of higher learning, and more than 21 million students, the need for college admissions consulting services continues to grow. The experts at Entrepreneur detail how education enthusiasts and/ or those with a passion for counseling others can take advantage of this home-based business opportunity. Coached by our experts, entrepreneurs learn how to identify their specialty or services—from steering high school students towards acceptance to assisting in filing admission and financial applications and other market needs. They also learn business basics such as establishing their company as a legal entity, outfitting a home office, handling the finances, promoting your services and the like. Given contact lists, resource lists, sample documents, and even interviews from practicing entrepreneurs sharing money-saving tips, pitfalls to avoid, and tricks of the trade, entrepreneurs gain all the intel they need to make their business startup and launch a success.