Leadership in Health Care

Author: Jill Barr,Lesley Dowding
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1473943337
Category: Medical
Page: 336
View: 4276

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This bestselling textbook helps students understand how important leadership skills are, at whatever level they are working at, as well as how to develop into a leader themselves. It supports students in getting to grips with essential theories and thinking critically about how these can be used to improve practice for quality patient care. The new edition covers the whole spectrum of topics relevant to leadership and management, including areas that people commonly struggle with such as conflict and delegation. Key features: · A website with videos of the authors explaining difficult concepts, exercises to help students apply theory to practice and weblinks to further resources · Case scenarios which demonstrate leadership in action across a variety of settings . Up-to-date, including the implications of the Francis report

Leadership in Healthcare

Author: Richard B. Gunderman
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781848009431
Category: Medical
Page: 195
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Leadership in Healthcare opens up the world of leadership studies to all healthcare professionals. Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals spend thousands of hours studying the science and technology of healthcare, and years or even decades putting into practice recent findings in molecular biology, clinical diagnostics, and therapeutics. By contrast, the topic of leadership and the traits of effective leaders tend to receive remarkably little attention. Yet no less vital than an understanding of how to interpret diagnostic tests and design care plans is a grasp of healthcare's organizational side, including the operation of multidisciplinary care teams, academic departments, and hospitals. If patient care, education, research, and professional service are to thrive in years to come, we must do a better job of preparing healthcare professionals to lead effectively. Composed of insightful and thought-provoking essays on the key facets of leadership, this book is designed to meet the needs of several important constituencies, including educators of health professionals who wish to incorporate leadership into their educational programs; health professional organizations seeking to enhance their members' leadership effectiveness, and individual health professionals who wish to embrace leadership in their personal and professional lives. This book represents a vital resource for health professionals who wish to enhance the quality of leadership in health professions education, practice, and professional development. In addition to regularly caring for patients, Richard Gunderman, MD PhD MPH brings to this discussion a wealth of personal experience in professional and organizational leadership.

Women and Leadership in Health Care

The Journey to Authenticity and Power
Author: Catherine Robinson-Walker
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 227
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"Catherine Robinson-Walker uncovers important insights that help both men and women develop key strategies that will strengthen the leadership in their organizations. Her research reflects the value of the 'co-creation model' for the future of health care."-Kathryn Johnson, President/CEO, The Health Forum Written for health care executives and managers, of both sexes, Women and Leadership in Health Care explores the vital issues that surround the gAnder disparity in health care leadership. This book answers the vital questions concerning how gAnder affects health care leadership. It reveals how to create a diverse, creative, and resourceful leadership pool. And gives women the tools they need to break the glass ceiling.Filled with useful suggestions and practical advice, the book * Offers guidance for overcoming gAnder barriers in health care leadership * Reveals how senior level executives and managers can learn the skills they need to become successful mentors to future health care leaders * Shatters common myths such as "Time alone will solve the problem of too few women in the health care executive ranks" * Spells out how executives and managers can renew and hone their leadership abilities * Focuses on the lessons men learn from women and the lessons women learn from men * Outlines effective strategies from recognized experts in the fields of negotiation, communication, and executive recruitment

Management and Leadership in Nursing and Health Care

An Experiential Approach, Third Edition
Author: Elaine La Monica Rigolosi, EdD, JD, FAAN
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826108407
Category: Medical
Page: 448
View: 6397

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Time-tested leadership and management strategies based on experiential learning activities are at the foundation of this text for undergraduate and graduate students in nursing and health care leadership or management courses. It is grounded in theories and concepts applied to the health care environment from business, organizational psychology, health care law, and educational administration fields. The text encompasses theories of effective communication, problem analysis, conflict resolution, and time management challenges. This new edition includes three new chapters that cover current theories of creative leadership, working with diverse groups, and ethics for leaders and managers in health care, as well as new experiential learning activities throughout. These activities make theory application palpable and support the development of skills that students can use to motivate, educate, and lead those in health care to achieve the goals of a group, team, or organization. Included among the experiential learning activities are case studies, simulation, review questions, suggested assignments, and expected learning outcomes. The text will also be of value to nurse managers who wish to enhance their current leadership or managerial skills. Key Features: Provides strong direction for improving leadership and management skills in the health care environment Includes three new chapters on creative leadership, working with diverse groups, and ethics for healthcare leaders and managers Offers new learning activities throughout, including review questions and suggested assignments Features over 35 Experiential Exercises which invite the reader to experience new behaviors in a safe environment

Leadership and Management in Healthcare

Author: Neil Gopee,Jo Galloway
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1526412896
Category: Medical
Page: 320
View: 4298

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Now in its Third Edition, this best-selling textbook continues to support you on your journey from being an emerging registered healthcare professional through to becoming a competent care manager. Action points, case studies and strong practice guidelines enable you to understand how leadership and management theory applies to the care you deliver in a wide range of care settings. Fully updated throughout, the new edition includes: More case studies and examples from a wide range of care settings and countries. New key topics such as dimensions of leadership, NHS Change Model, transition to registered practitioner and revalidation requirements, emotional intelligence and resilience. A companion website with access to further case studies, journal articles and web links. This book is essential for nursing, health and social care students taking modules on leadership, management and transition to practice in their final year, as well as for newly qualified professionals or those seeking to refresh their skills.

Dyad Clinical Leadership

Author: Kathleen Sanford
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 1496310888
Category: Medical
Page: 312
View: 4464

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Healthcare leaders are facing major change in how healthcare is delivered as we move from fee-for-service payment models to pay for value. Physicians and hospitals are evolving from separate financial entities (with relationships varying from customers/workshops to competitors) to unified systems. Government policy maker, payers, and hordes of consultants advise hospitals to increase physician leadership in all parts of the system. However, few have proposed how this can be done when the gaps between hospitals and physicians are so wide. Physicians do not trust healthcare leaders, lack leadership and teamwork skills, and have little knowledge of how systems work. Some hospital leaders are working to overcome these gaps by setting up dyad leadership teams, consisting of a physician and an experienced manager/leader. The physician member of the team helps with the first gap; the nurse or other dyad partner is important to manage the other gaps. Until now, with the publication of Dyad Clinical Leadership, there has not been a source to help clinical dyad partners learn and understand how to work together in this emerging management model. Kathleen D. Sanford, DBA, RN, CENP, FACHE, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), builds on CHI’s success with this unique playbook for the model.

Leadership in Health Care

A European Perspective
Author: Neil Goodwin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134290187
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 200
View: 6627

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This unique text is the first to explore leadership in the context of healthcare systems across Europe. It investigates leadership and management learning against the backdrop of increasing European parliamentary influence, the expansion of EU membership, and the increasing number of patients, staff, governments and healthcare employers viewing Europe as a single market for healthcare provision and employment. Written by leading authority Neil Goodwin, this timely book provides an assessment of the literature as well as practical guidance for developing personal leadership. It includes case studies and examples and is a must-buy for all students studying health management, leadership and public management as well as professionals within health services across Europe. This is the fourth text in the Routledge Health Management Series.

Visionary Leadership in Health

Delivering Superior Value
Author: Jay Satia,Anant Kumar,Moi Lee Liow
Publisher: SAGE Publishing India
ISBN: 9351504506
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 380
View: 7852

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This book presents a visionary leadership framework and its application toward delivering superior value in health. It provides a road map on how to create shared vision, assess vision–reality gap, identify paths to pursue, inspire, and empower stakeholders, and utilize results-based management to deliver superior value. By linking leadership and management in health rather than juxtaposing them, the book argues that the task of every health professional requires a mix of leadership and management, although their relative emphasis may vary as per the context and content of the health program. The book will equip health professionals to not only improve personal performance but also enhance the value that their health programs will generate for their beneficiaries.

Team Leadership and Partnering in Nursing and Health Care

Author: Cynthia Armstrong Persily, PhD, RN, FAAN
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826199895
Category: Medical
Page: 272
View: 3935

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"I enjoyed this book. It provides excellent information on the current use of healthcare teams and partnerships. It is a worthwhile resource for anyone interested in developing and working with healthcare teams." Score: 100, 5 Stars.--Doody's Medical Reviews Teamwork is an undisputed asset for reducing nursing and medical errors, improving quality of patient care, resolving workload issues, and avoiding burnout. This text helps to foster the leadership expertise and partnerships that will facilitate the delivery of the highest-quality care. It based on the time-tested wisdom that leadership knowledge, skills and, competencies gained by training a group of nurses in the same organization rather than a single nurse are much more likely to result in genuine organizational transformation. It is the only text available to focus in depth on building and maintaining effective partnerships, motivating and developing others in the team, organizational analysis, strategizing, communicating, planning and managing change, measuring team and partnership effectiveness through metrics, and leveraging results within and outside of the organization. Case studies across a variety of organizations and environments and drawn from years of nursing team and leadership training, illuminate key points and provide readers with real life examples of the application of key concepts. These include such scenarios as developing a team to create, implement and evaluate a nurse residency program in a large tertiary hospital; creating a cross-agency public health team to plan and deploy rural H1N1 responses; founding a multi-campus team for the creation and implementation of a new BSN curriculum; and leadership in a partnership to support the legislative creation of a nursing workforce center. Learning objectives, tables, charts, models, and questions for thought in each chapter reinforce information in the text. Plentiful references provide opportunities for further study. Authored by a noted expert in education, team building, and policy making in nursing and health care, the book will be of value to emerging and seasoned leaders and graduate educators and students, including CNL, DNP, and NPs. Key Features: Examines, in depth, team leadership and professional, clinical, and educational partnering in and for nursing Features real-life case studies in diverse practice and academic centers Offers a practical approach to applying team leadership and partnership concepts when facilitating health care change Reviews team models and skills, how to take action, issues and challenges along the way, measuring results, and applying leverage to sustain gains Presents information in a concise, step-by-step format replete with learning objectives, tables, charts, and questions for thought

Practical Leadership in Nursing and Health Care

A Multi-Professional Approach
Author: Suzanne Henwood
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1444172352
Category: Medical
Page: 255
View: 4285

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This multidisciplinary text is an essential introduction to leadership in health care, combining the underpinning theory with a practical approach to help you come to decisions and solutions in everyday practice. * Written in an accessible and easy to understand style by an international team of practitioners who will engage, inspire and empower you to really make a difference in practice * Evidence based and with a focus on patient care and service delivery to ensure best practice * Includes case studies from a range of disciplines as well as questions and reflective activities to help you apply theory to practice * Provides practical tools from a number of disciplines including NLP, positive psychology, coaching and transactional analysis * Free HodderPlus website provides PowerPoints, case studies, questions, reflection activities and annotated web links This practical guide is an invaluable tool for all students and professionals in nursing and allied health, including radiographers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and paramedics.

Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare

Curing the Challenge Facing Today's Healthcare Leaders
Author: J. Bryan Bennett
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781546597223
Page: 150
View: 381

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With Foreword written by Chris Van Gorder (President & CEO, Scripps Health). Healthcare has been undergoing significant changes in recent years with more expected well into the foreseeable future. Now, more than ever, we need leaders who are well-versed in all aspects of leadership. Unfortunately, the skills that made healthcare leaders successful in the past may not be enough to be successful in the future. Managing change requires a very special set of skills. Project management, lean six sigma and other change processes all identify leadership as a key critical success factor. In fact, a recent study by the Healthcare Center for Excellence revealed that lack of leadership was the greatest challenge to implementing healthcare analytics. More alarming was the fact that those in leadership positions did not recognize their role in the change management process. Added to this is the confusing advice on what is needed to be a good leader, when, in actuality, all that is needed is for the leader to be them self. Leadership is a process that must be prescribed and practiced every day. It is the same way professional athletes worldwide have followed their prescribed training regimen to improve their already exceptional abilities. "Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare" is based on the proprietary 5-step Professional Leadership Process which creates a personalized leadership development program built on an individual's innate qualities and strengths. It is designed as a continually improving process to help leaders at any level of the organization develop and adapt a personalized leadership vision and philosophy for utilization in their daily leadership routine. The program creates better leaders by incorporating the most often overlooked steps that research indicates are essential to better leadership development. Additionally, the book includes the leadership perspectives from interviews with top healthcare executives such as Dr. Toby Cosgrove (President & CEO, Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Laura Forese (Executive VP & COO, New York-Presbyterian), Dr. Michael Hunt (President & CEO, St. Vincent's Health Partners), Nancy Schlichting (Retired CEO, Henry Ford Health Systems) and others. REVIEW HIGHLIGHTS: "The lessons and practices [in the book] will make all of us better leaders and most importantly, will directly benefit those patients and families we serve." -- David Feinberg, President & CEO, Geisinger Health "This is one of the best and most powerful leadership books I have read. I believe he has found an elixir for making all of us better leaders." -- Jim Mattes, President & CEO, Grande Ronde Hospital "I highly recommend reading and following [Bryan's] leadership book. He is a remarkable person. The world needs more people like Bryan Bennett." -- Scott Becker, Publisher, Becker's Hospital Review "Prescribing Leadership in Healthcare is a book readers will want to come back to again and again." -- Tom Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Healthcare IT News

Leadership for Health Professionals

Author: Gerald (Jerry) R. Ledlow,Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health Georgia Southern University Gerald Ledlow,M. Nicholas Coppola
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 1449619606
Category: Medical
Page: 412
View: 7269

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Leadership for Health Professionals: Theory, Skills, and Applications concentrates on leadership as a subject of study and enables students to apply and practice the theories, models, and responsibilities of leadership within a health organization context. This thorough, well-organized text includes practical cases from leaders in various health professions, presenting leadership principles with an emphasis on enabling and empowering students and professionals to become better leaders in practice, develop an efficacious personal leadership model, and improve health outcomes through better leadership. Leadership for Health Professionals: Theory, Skills, and Applications provides students with the fundamentals of leadership theory and bridges the gap between theory and practice with an emphasis on practical application. With exercises and discussion questions to reinforce key concepts and create critical thinking opportunities, Leadership for Health Professionals combines theoretical foundations with practical applications and is the ideal text to prepare students and professionals for leadership opportunities. Instructor Resources Include: Instructor's Manual, TestBank, Exercises, PowerPoint Slides and Exercises

Leadership Lessons for Health Care Providers

Author: Frank James Lexa
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128019115
Category: Medical
Page: 236
View: 4089

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The rapid changes in health care including novel technologies as well as the changing economic, political, and social landscapes are all forcing physicians as well as most types of health care practitioners to re-think their role in leadership. This is particularly true in the US in recent years, but the same issues are widely prevalent affecting health care workers around the globe. Developing capable medical leaders who can navigate these challenges will be essential. Physicians and other health care practitioners usually receive little or no leadership training in the course of their education. At the next steps in their training: internship, residency and fellowship, gaining clinical acumen takes precedence over developing other skills that are at the core of leadership training. Leadership Lessons for Health Care Providers will allow all types of health professionals to gain a better understanding of what leadership is, how to develop their skills while still early in their careers, how to understand and handle common leadership conundrums and chart a path towards increasing their leadership capabilities as they reach mid-career and beyond. This book will provide a great start for those who are interested in learning more about leadership and includes recommendations for next steps at all stages in leadership work. Discusses and offers practical advice on a number of leadership development topics including levels of leadership, different styles and techniques, dealing with conflict, making hard decisions, and setting priorities Includes valuable insight from leaders and specialists in the health care field Directs readers to additional leadership resources as next steps

Leadership in Health and Social Care

An Introduction for Emerging Leaders
Author: Louise Jones,Clare L. Bennett
Publisher: Lantern Publications
ISBN: 9781908625021
Category: Medical
Page: 142
View: 2013

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From reviews: "I found this book to be an excellent read... My favourite part is at the end of each chapter where the authors very kindly give a chapter summary. I would say this, with learning outcomes for each chapter, is the reader’s ‘pot of gold’ – and an excellent resource for students. The social and political stance of this text is sensitively weaved throughout, encouraging the wider thought processes of the reader. Images and illustrations provide a welcome and useful change to the traditional academic text, and I would recommend the book as an important reference resource for those starting on their leadership journey, or for those wanting to update. A well-informed, easy read that I will be recommending to our students to support their studies." The Biomedical Scientist, 2013: 70 (4) "Thisis an excellent book for anyone who is starting to take an interest in Leadershipwithin their health or social care role... Overall, the bookis clearly aimed at practitioners and should be a ‘must-read’ for those whowish to understand more about practical leadership and who aspire to moresenior positions within their field of practice." Lecturer,StaffordshireUniversity Faculty of Health Sciences Leadership in Health andSocial Care is an accessible text forstudents and practitioners seeking todevelop their leadership skills. "Icommend this book to you as a ‘way in’ to the leadership world for anyoneworking in health and social care. It treats you like an adult and expects youto take responsibility for your own leadership development. Wenow know that good leadership has a direct relationship with good services andwe can certainly no longer afford mediocrity. We need leaders to enable thedisruptive innovation that will be required to improve the quality of care withless resource to do so." Fromthe Foreword by Karen Middleton, Chief Health Professions Officer for England. Key features: · Introduces the concept of leadership and its importance in health andsocial care. · Discusses the skills and qualities that make for effective leadership. · Analyses the role of the leader as a catalyst for change. · Helps readers to explore their own perceptions of leadership throughactivities and scenarios.

Leadership in Nursing Practice

Author: Weberg
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 1284164632
Category: Medical
Page: 600
View: 9815

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Leadership in Nursing Practice: Changing the Landscape of Health Care, Third Edition provides nursing students with the leadership skill-set they will need when entering the field.

Transforming Health Care Leadership

A Systems Guide to Improve Patient Care, Decrease Costs, and Improve Population Health
Author: Michael Maccoby,Clifford L. Norman,C. Jane Norman,Richard Margolies
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118603672
Category: Medical
Page: 416
View: 4771

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Praise for Transforming Health Care Leadership "The authors of this book provide the necessary tools for health care leaders to build a learning organization that can make the Triple Aim a reality—better patient care, at lower per-capita cost, while learning to improve population health." —Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, FRCP, president emeritus and senior fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; former administrator, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services "This book is a must for every nurse leader's library and should be a resource and tool in every graduate nursing program, particularly those who are preparing doctoral students focused on systems leadership. It is full of experiential learning, and brings leadership to life." —Alexia Green, RN, PhD, FAAN, professor and dean emeriti, Anita Thigpen Perry School of Nursing, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center "At a time when bold changes are necessary in the delivery of health services to improve outcomes and lower costs, the authors provide both compelling reasons for change and specific case studies of how it can be done. This is an important resource for leaders at every level in every part of the health sector today. It should be required reading for all those who want to improve the performance of their part of our medical enterprise." —John Rother, president and CEO, National Coalition on Health Care "Transforming Health Care Leadership is a well-constructed guide to transforming health care by creating transformational leadership. Anyone serious about improving health care—who has hope that we can actually succeed at making things better for our patients and communities while practicing good financial stewardship—needs to read this book." —Tony Joseph, MD, founder, The Healthcare Accreditation Colloquium

Leadership for Healthcare

Author: Hartley, Jean,Benington, John
Publisher: Policy Press
ISBN: 1847424864
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 168
View: 387

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"Hartley and Benington's Leadership for healthcare offers a fresh and compelling approach to understanding leadership as part of a wider frame of organisational issues. Their six-part leadership framework provides a useful means to draw down key lessons from the wider leadership literature into the healthcare setting."-John Storey, Professor of Management, The Open University Business School "Never before has leadership been such an important lever for reform in health and healthcare. This important work provides a clear framework to understand healthcare leadership. It is also sensibly grounded in the complex adaptive system of delivering health and healthcare. This work is a refreshing departure from many other simplistic approaches which see leadership merely as a response to context rather than a complex dynamic process."-Dame Yve Buckland, Chair, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Writing, advice and training on leadership is growing at a vigorous rate with various frameworks now competing for attention. Having a clear sense of which leadership ideas and practices are rooted in sound theory and convincing evidence, and which are more speculative, is vital for healthcare leaders. This book provides a coherent set of six lenses through which to scrutinise the leadership literature relevant to healthcare – leadership concepts, characteristics, contexts, challenges, capabilities and consequences. It offers a view of leadership beyond the traditional focus on the individual, and argues instead that leadership has to be understood and developed as a complex set of practices by many people within specific organisational and inter-organisational contexts and cultures. This framework is particularly valuable in the highly dynamic and changing context of the public and voluntary sectors generally, and of the NHS and the field of healthcare specifically. Leadership for healthcare will be useful not only to those who have a formal or informal leadership position in a healthcare organisation, but also to those in government, education, housing, leisure services, the police, fire services and the voluntary sector.

Masterpieces in Health Care Leadership

Author: Vincent Pelote,Lynne Route
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 1449663990
Category: Law
Page: 298
View: 5922

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Masterpieces in Health Care Leadership: Cases and Analysis for Best Practices is a series of case studies that describes in detail the overview and framework for understanding the role and impact of healthcare leaders, vis-à-vis the concepts and tools already presented in the companion workbook by the same authors: Health Care Leadership: Practical Tools Workbook. Each case study will also feature in-depth leadership profiles (emotional intelligence, social motive, leadership style, and personality type) and practical analysis of the organizational structures and specific philosophies behind the specific topics. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.


Theory and Practice
Author: Peter G. Northouse
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483317544
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 520
View: 1051

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2016 Recipient of the McGuffey Longevity Award from the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) Translated into 12 different languages and used in 89 countries, this market-leading text successfully combines an academically robust account of the major theories and models of leadership with an accessible style and practical examples that help students apply what they learn. Peter G. Northouse uses a consistent format for each chapter, allowing students to compare the various theories. Each chapter includes three case studies that provide students with practical examples of the theories discussed. Adopted at more than 1,000 colleges, universities, and institutions worldwide, Leadership: Theory and Practice provides readers with a user-friendly account of a wide range of leadership research in a clear, concise, and interesting manner.