Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 11

Author: Charlie Waite
Publisher: Landscape Photographer of the
ISBN: 9780749579074
Category: Photography
Page: 224
View: 989

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The Landscape Photographer of the Year competition is the brainchild of Charlie Waite, one of today's most respected landscape photographers. With AA Publishing, he created this prestigious competition and award with a total prize fund exceeding �20,000, coupled with an exhibition in London showcasing the best of the competition. The full-color book showcasing the best entries has been hugely successful in its first 10 years. Like the others before it, the 11th edition features both classic shots of verdant rural countryside and stark urban landscapes capturing the beauty and diversity of 21st century Britain.

Landscape Photographer of the Year

Collection 10
Author: Charlie Waite
Publisher: AA Publishing
ISBN: 9780749578268
Page: 224
View: 9957

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This collection features photographs from some of the best amateur and professional photographers working in the UK today, with every image captioned by the photographer's own account of the inspiration behind the picture. Along with outstanding images of the British landscape, it includes a technical information section, detailing equipment and techniques used by the photographers.

Landscape Photographer of the Year

Publisher: AA Publishing
ISBN: 9780749559052
Category: Landscape photography
Page: 225
View: 5705

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Following in the outstanding success of the first edition, this wonderful celebration of landscape photography shortlists the winning photographs from the second Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. Take a view, the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, is the brainchild of Charlie Waite, one of today's most respected landscape photographers. Together with AA Publishing, he has created this prestigious competition and award, which was hugely successful in its first year. Britain's heritage is celebrated by people around the world and entries are welcome from everyone, whether resident in the UK or simply visiting, as long as the image is of the British Isles. The full-colour book of best entries will showcase the best pictures from amateur and professional photographers alike.

Landscape Photography

From Snapshots to Great Shots
Author: Rob Sheppard
Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 032182377X
Category: Computers
Page: 249
View: 5750

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A guide to landscape photography using a DSLR camera covers such topics as light, composition, perspective, lenses, black-and-white images, and HDR.

Capture the Magic

Train Your Eye, Improve Your Photographic Composition
Author: Jack Dykinga
Publisher: Rocky Nook, Inc.
ISBN: 1492000264
Category: Photography
Page: 188
View: 9825

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This book uses a structured approach to teach the art of creating interesting, well-composed images. It provides solutions to problems that often get in the way of producing great photographs and emphasizes the importance of training the eye to exclude the extraneous. Examples of strong images are juxtaposed against flawed images, illustrating how to create a successful composition. Topics covered include light and shadow, lens choice, framing, negative space, and many more. In this book, author Jack Dykinga encourages us to look at photography as a way to communicate. Dykinga says, "Photography is a marvelous language that crosses linguistic borders as a universal, powerful, and direct communication. As photographers, we see something we find interesting and simply want to share it." Readers will learn new ways to create interesting and powerful compositions that communicate their intended messages. Filled with beautiful color images throughout, the book is sure to inspire, teach, and motivate photographers of all levels.

Nature Photography Photo Workshop

Author: Nat Coalson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118090322
Category: Photography
Page: 304
View: 2439

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A how-to guide for capturing stunning photographs in nature Photographing nature poses unique challenges and demands that you have special skills and a working knowledge of how to work in—and with—nature. This Photo Workshop is a must-have how-to guide for shooting nature images in nearly any situation you might encounter. You'll learn which equipment is right in different settings and why it should be used, how to get an amazing photo of a fast-moving animal, and how to handle a myriad of tricky weather scenarios. This book covers composition, exposure, fill-flash, special creative techniques, and more. Plus, assignments at the end of each chapter sharpen your skills to for taking unique, artistic nature photographs. Shows you what equipment to use in different settings and why to use it Offers essential advice for photographing a fast-moving animal and dealing with weather obstacles Provides a clear understanding of the basic fundamentals of photography Addresses composition, exposure, fill-flash, creative techniques, and more Shares Photoshop tips for sharpening and improving photos you’ve already taken Packed with inspirational color photos throughout, this workshop guide encourages you to improve your technique for taking nature photographs.

Moose Peterson's Guide to Wildlife Photography

Conventional & Digital Techniques
Author: Bruce Peterson
Publisher: Lark Books
ISBN: 9781579904821
Category: Photography
Page: 192
View: 6811

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Learn how to frame images within backgrounds and track and attract wildlife-while not endangering the species. Compare the advantages of working with conventional and digital cameras, then follow the advice of an experienced pro on choosing from the huge variety of lenses available. Bonus: Moose Peterson's entertaining and instructional stories about some of his favorite photographs.

Melting Away

A Ten-Year Journey through Our Endangered Polar Regions
Author: Camille Seaman
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1616893818
Category: Photography
Page: N.A
View: 4041

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For ten years Camille Seaman has documented the rapidly changing landscapes of Earth's polar regions. As an expedition photographer aboard small ships in the Arctic and Antarctic, she has chronicled the accelerating effects of global warming on the jagged face of nearly fifty thousand icebergs. Seaman's unique perspective of the landscape is entwined with her Native American upbringing: she sees no two icebergs as alike; each responds to its environment uniquely, almost as if they were living beings. Through Seaman's lens, each towering chunk of ice—breathtakingly beautiful in layers of smoky gray and turquoise blue—takes on a distinct personality, giving her work the feel of majestic portraiture. Melting Away collects seventy-five of Seaman's most captivating photographs, lifeaffirming images that reveal not only what we have already lost, but more importantly what we still have that is worth fighting to save.

The Outer Hebrides

Author: Malcolm MacGregor
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780711227910
Category: Hebrides (Scotland)
Page: 112
View: 3235

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The Outer Hebrides is Malcolm MacGregor's second book of landscape photography in Scotland. Here he has travelled throughout the islands in pursuit of Atlantic light. The photographic journey on the edge of Scotland has taken him from the majestic beaches of North Lewis, via the mountainous tops of Harris to the awe-inspiring cliffs on Mingulay in the south. The photographs in this book cover remote mountains, hills, coastline and deserted islands. Additionally he has photographed churches, ruined castles, ancient graveyards, fishing vessels, Harris tweed factories and standing stones, bringing a different perspective to theOuter Hebrides. Conscious of the history of the Hebrideans and how their lives have interacted over the years with thisextraordinary landscape, the accompanying text weaves the landscape into the life, the history and some of the legends that continue today. It also covers some of the lesser-known aspects and viewpoints of the islands and why they are so special and why perhaps we should 'behold the Hebrides' as a unique destination within the British Isles. the varied moods of a Scottish wilderness captured on film an evocative portrait of a increasingly popular tourist destination contains historical anecdotes and local legends

Landscapes for the People

George Alexander Grant, First Chief Photographer of the National Park Service
Author: Ren Davis,Helen Davis
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820348414
Category: Photography
Page: 280
View: 3783

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George Alexander Grant is an unknown elder in the field of American landscape photography. Just as they did the work of his contemporaries Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Eliot Porter, and others, millions of people viewed Grant’s photographs; unlike those contemporaries, few even knew Grant’s name. Landscapes for the People shares his story through his remarkable images and a compelling biography profiling patience, perseverance, dedication, and an unsurpassed love of the natural and historic places that Americans chose to preserve. A Pennsylvania native, Grant was introduced to the parks during the summer of 1922 and resolved to make parks work and photography his life. Seven years later, he received his dream job and spent the next quarter century visiting the four corners of the country to produce images in more than one hundred national parks, monuments, historic sites, battlefields, and other locations. He was there to visually document the dramatic expansion of the National Park Service during the New Deal, including the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps. Grant’s images are the work of a master craftsman. His practiced eye for composition and exposure and his patience to capture subjects in their finest light are comparable to those of his more widely known contemporaries. Nearly fifty years after his death, and in concert with the 2016 centennial of the National Park Service, it is fitting that George Grant’s photography be introduced to a new generation of Americans.

Masters of Landscape Photography

Author: Ross Hoddinott
Publisher: Ammonite Press
ISBN: 9781781453209
Category: Landscape photographers
Page: 176
View: 1365

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Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres for amateur photographers. Mastering the genre, however, takes time: time to perfect exposure, color, composition, and--perhaps above all else--the ability to see and record the landscape in a way that will make your photographs stand above the rest. This guide delves into the world of 16 leading lights, each with their own unique take on how, where, and why the landscape should be recorded. Through probing interviews and beautifully reproduced images, the reader is given an insight into the artist's working practices, from equipment to techniques. Glorious color photographs sit beside atmospheric monochrome, the latest digital techniques rub shoulders with traditional film-based imaging, and conventional landscape mores are countered by experimental artworks, guaranteeing something to inspire every reader.

Digital Landscape Photography

In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams and the Great Masters
Author: Michael Frye
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 178157359X
Category: Photography
Page: 176
View: 2554

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Updated, expanded, and covering the latest software, this new edition of the bestselling Digital Landscape Photography brings the amazing techniques pioneered by Ansel Adams and his contemporaries to every digital photographer. Ansel Adams' imagery - especially his iconic vision of the American National Parks - is widely published and instantly recognisable. Many photographers will have heard of his renowned Zone System, but that is just the tip of the iceberg; his unparalleled attention to detail, which once required hours in the darkroom with specialist tools, is finally accessible to all. Michael Frye's own photography provides many stunning examples of the results that can be achieved, and as one of Adams' natural successors in the field, he is well placed to analyse the many inspirational shots from the great masters of landscape photography. Combining the cutting edge of today's digital work with some of the best-known photos ever taken, this book a must-read for any landscape or nature photographer.

Light in the Landscape

A Photographer's Year
Author: Peter Watson
Publisher: Photographers Inst Press
ISBN: 1861084323
Category: Photography
Page: 181
View: 3424

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This is more than just a breathtaking coffee-table book: it’s an invaluable source of inspiration for anyone eager to learn how to capture a magnificent landscape. All these astonishing images—from the wintry seascapes to the golden skies—come from the camera of Peter Watson, one of the world's finest photographers. Presenting over 100 of his best works, Watson explains how he got the picture, what techniques and filters he used, how he developed depth and texture in the composition, and more. Month by month, his work tracks seasonal changes, seizing nature in all its splendor.

Wild Beauty

Photographs of the Columbia River Gorge, 1867-1957
Author: Terry Toedtemeier,John Laursen
Publisher: Oregon State University Press
ISBN: 9780870714184
Category: Photography
Page: 345
View: 8171

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Spanning ninety years in the history of the Columbia River Gorge, carved by the river through the Cascade Mountain range, a collection of more than 130 images ranges from early photographs from the 1860s to 1957 when the region's landscape was forever altered by the completion of the Dalles Dam.

Seeing Landscapes

The Creative Process Behind Great Photographs
Author: Charlie Waite
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781855857483
Category: Landscape photography
Page: 160
View: 2411

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A guide aimed at amateur photographers who have mastered the basics and are looking for inspiration on creative matters. After more than 20 years as a professional landscape photographer, Waite shares his creative experience as well as many tips and technical details.


The World's Top Photographers and the Stories Behind Their Greatest Images
Author: Terry Hope
Publisher: Rotovision
ISBN: 9782940361014
Category: Photography
Page: 176
View: 9582

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The World's Top Photographers: Landscape is packed with shots of beautiful landscapes. The work of contributors such as Charlie Waite, Michael Busselle, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Jim Brandenburg, and the late Galen Rowell graces the pages of magazines such as National Geographic and Geo, and is exhibited worldwide. In The World's Top Photographers: Landscape, they and other top photographers tell the stories behind some of their favorite images. With anecdotes, tips, and technical details, this book gives a fascinating insight into the creative processes behind the photographs. There is also a brief biography of each photographer, with a bibliography of his or her published work. The book features stunning images of some of the world's most beautiful natural landscapes, from the Scottish Highlands to Monument Valley, and includes forests, mountains, oceans, deserts, and meadows.

Landscape Within

Insights and Inspirations for Photographers
Author: David Ward
Publisher: Aurum PressLtd
ISBN: 9781902538341
Category: Photography
Page: 128
View: 2319

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While no photographer would deny the importance of mastering the technicalities of the craft, most would agree that true satisfaction comes from using technique to realize more profound, creative goals. In this book, distinguished landscape photographer David Ward investigates the goals of photography and how they can best be achieved. He is concerned, primarily, with the nature of creativity as it is experienced and practiced by photographers, and with the thought processes that go into making an image that aspires to be a work of art. In exploring these issues, and in drawing on his own superb work, he has produced a book that goes far beyond the "how to" manual, addressing questions that, though rarely asked, go to the heart of every photographer's ambitions. David Ward has been a fine-art landscape photographer for more than 20 years; his work has appeared in many publications, including Outdoor Photographer and Amateur Photographer.