Japanese Tales

Author: Royall Tyler
Publisher: Pantheon
ISBN: 0307784061
Category: Fiction
Page: 400
View: 8485

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Two hundred and twenty tales from medieval Japan—tales that welcome us into a fabulous faraway world populated by saints, scoundrels, ghosts, magical healers, and a vast assortment of deities and demons. Stories of miracles, visions of hell, jokes, fables, and legends, these tales reflect the Japanese civilization. They ably balance the lyrical and the dramatic, the ribald and the profound, offering a window into a long-vanished culture. With black-and-white illustrations throughout Part of the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library

Japanese Tales from Times Past

Stories of Fantasy and Folklore from the Konjaku Monogatari Shu
Author: N.A
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462917216
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 288
View: 8362

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This collection of translated tales is from the most famous work in all of Japanese classical literature—the Konjaku Monogatari Shu. This collection of traditional Japanese folklore is akin to the Canterbury Tales of Chaucer or Dante's Inferno—powerfully entertaining tales that reveal striking aspects of the cultural psychology, fantasy, and creativity of medieval Japan—tales that still resonate with modern Japanese readers today. The ninety stories in this book are filled with keen psychological insights, wry sarcasm, and scarcely veiled criticisms of the clergy, nobles, and peasants alike—suggesting that there are, among all classes and peoples, similar failings of pride, vanity, superstition and greed—as well as aspirations toward higher moral goals. This is the largest collection in English of the Konjaku Monogatari Shu tales ever published in one volume. It presents the low life and the high life, the humble and the devout, the profane flirting, farting and fornicating of everyday men and women, as well as their yearning for the wisdom, transcendence and compassion that are all part and parcel of our shared humanity. Stories Include: The Grave of Chopsticks Robbers Come to a Temple and Steal Its Bell The Woman Fish Peddler at the Guardhouse Fish are Turned into the Lotus Sutra A Dragon is Caught by a Tengu Goblin The Monk Tojo Predicts the Fall of Shujaku Gate Wasps Attack a Spider in Revenge

TALES OF OLD WORLD JAPAN - 20 Ancient Japanese Tales and Legends

20 Japanese folk and fairy tales stretching back to the beginning of time
Author: Anon E. Mouse
Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 8826466874
Category: Fiction
Page: 138
View: 501

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The 20 tales contained in this volume were chosen which because they are not familiar to the English-reading public, so be prepared for the richness of original, ancient Japanese knowledge and lore. Another factor in their selection was because of their beauty and charm of incident and colour, than with the aim to represent the many-sided subject of Japanese lore. Herein you will find tales like: The Birth-Time Of The Gods, The Sun-Goddess, The Heavenly Messengers, The Palace Of The Ocean-Bed, The Star-Lovers, The Island Of Eternal Youth, The Moon-Maiden plus many more. They account for the tales from the God-period contained in the “Kojiki and the Nihongi”—“The Records of Ancient Matters”compiled in the 8th C. AD and profess to outline the events of the cycles of years from the time of Ame-no-mi-naka-nushi-no-kami’s birth, at the beginning of time, to the death of the Empress Suiko in A.D. 628. The first six tales in this little volume are founded on some of the most significant and picturesque incidents of this God-period. The opening legend gives a brief relation of the birth of several of the great Shinto deities, of the creation of Japan and of the world, of the Orpheus-like descent of Izanagi to Hades, and of his subsequent fight with the demons. So, we invite you to download and curl up with this unique sliver of Eastern culture not seen in print for over a century; and immerse yourself in the tales and fables of yesteryear. ---------------------------- TAGS: fairy tales, folklore, myths, legends, children’s stories, children’s stories, bygone era, fairydom, fairy land, classic stories, children’s bedtime stories, fables, Old world, japan, oriental, east, Japanese deities, Birth-Time, Sun-Goddess, Heavenly Messengers, Prince, princess, king, queen, Ruddy-Plenty, Palace, Ocean Bed, Autumn, Spring, Star Lovers, star-crossed, Island, Eternal Youth, Rai-Taro, Son, daughter, Thunder God, Souls, Moon Maiden, Great Fir Tree, Takasago, Willow, Mukochima, Forest, Vision, Tsunu Princess, Fire Fly, Sparrow, Wedding, Love, Snow White, Fox, Nedzumi, Koma, Gon

The Demon at Agi Bridge and Other Japanese Tales

Author: Burton Watson,Haruo Shirane
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231152450
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 156
View: 7001

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Burton Watson and Haruo Shirane, renowned translators and scholars, introduce English-speaking readers to the vivid tradition of early and medieval Japanese anecdotal ( setsuwa) literature. These orally narrated and written tales drew on both local folk tradition and continental sources. Taken from seven major anthologies of anecdotal literature compiled between the ninth and thirteenth centuries, these dramatic and often amusing stories open a major window onto the foundations of Japanese culture. Out of thousands of setsuwa, Shirane has selected thirty-eight of the most powerful and influential, each of which is briefly introduced. Recounting the exploits of warriors, farmers, priests, and aristocrats, and concerning topics as varied as poetry, violence, power, and sex, these tales reveal the creative origins of a range of literary and dramatic genres, from court tales and travel accounts to no drama and Kabuki. Watson's impeccable translations relay the wit, mystery, and Buddhist sensibility of these protean works, while Shirane's sophisticated analysis illuminates the meaning and context of their compact stories. Capped by an extensive bibliography, this collection fully immerses the reader in the thrilling world of secular and religious tales.

Ein wilder Schwan

Author: Michael Cunningham
Publisher: Luchterhand Literaturverlag
ISBN: 3641175631
Category: Fiction
Page: 160
View: 5072

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Michael Cunningham erzählt die alten Märchen neu – er betrachtet sie aus einem anderen Blickwinkel, hinterfragt sie mit Witz und Verve und zeigt dabei, wie zeitlos sie sind. Noch nie waren Märchen so lustig und raffiniert, so düster und sexy – und so wahr. Rumpelstilzchen, Hänsel und Gretel, Schneewittchen und Rapunzel – wer erinnert sich nicht an die Gutenachtgeschichten aus der Kindheit, an Märchen, die uns verzauberten und schaudern machten. Einer der begnadetsten amerikanischen Schriftsteller holt nun diese und andere Märchen in unsere Gegenwart und erzählt, was sie verschwiegen oder vergessen haben oder wie es nach dem angeblichen Ende »wirklich« weitergeht. Und welch tiefe Abgründe sich an jeder Ecke auftun können. Die altüberlieferten Mythen über Könige und Prinzessinnen, Flüche, Zauber, Habgier und Verlangen erweisen sich in Michael Cunninghams spielerischen, so ironischen wie klugen Erzählungen als verblüffend modern und menschlich.


Author: Edogawa Rampo,Ranpo Edogawa,江戶川乱步
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 9780804803199
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 222
View: 3821

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Treasury of Japanese Folktales

Bilingual English and Japanese Edition
Author: Yuri Yasuda
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462914624
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 112
View: 3796

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Learn Japanese and enjoy folktales at the same time with this whimsically illustrated multicultural children's book! This bilingual edition of A Treasury of Japanese Folktales—presented in both English and Japanese—contains 12 of the best Japanese legends and fairy tales, told to generation after generation of Japanese children. Originally written in English by Yuri Yasuda, based on her interpretations of traditional Japanese tales, these charming stories of rich imagination are now accompanied by Japanese text by Yumi Matsunari and Yumi Yamaguchi. The Japanese text includes basic kanji accompanied by furigana to help beginning learners to recognize and learn the characters. Adventures carry us, on turtle-back, to the splendors of the underwater palace of the dragon princess, to the beautiful hills where Kintaro plays with his animal friends, and to a temple where we discover a "tea kettle" that is really a cunning badger in disguise. Executed with great skill and imagination, the 98 color illustrations bring to life the charming characters of these heart-warming tales of old Japan, which include: Shitakiri Suzume, the Tongue-Cut Sparrow Kintaro, the Strong Boy Kaguya Hime, the Luminous Princess Momotaro, the Peach Boy Bunbuku Chagama, the Lucky Cauldron

Seven Japanese Tales

Author: Junʼichirō Tanizaki
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780679761075
Category: Fiction
Page: 298
View: 3725

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Junichiro Tanizaki's Seven Japanese Tales collects stories that explore the boundary at which love becomes self-annihilation, where the contemplation of beauty gives way to fetishism, and where tradition becomes an instrument of voluptuous cruelty. A beautiful blind musician exacts the ultimate sacrifice from the man who is both her disciple and her lover. A tattooist turns the body of an exquisite young girl into a reflection of her predatory inner nature. A young man is erotically imprisoned by memories of his absent mother. Shocking in its content and lyrical in its beauty, these stories represent some of the finest work of one of Japan's greatest modern writers.

Japanese Folktales

Classic Stories from Japan's Enchanted Past
Author: N.A
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 9784805314616
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 3300

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Japanese Folktales is one of the most complete collections of stories translated to English and introduces the reader to the vast world of Japanese ghouls, goblins, ogres, sea kings, magical birds, dragons, and of course, Momotaro, the Peach Boy. Japanese folklore is richly imaginative and the 22 classic stories collected here are some of the most popular ever told. Each story transports the reader to a different realm of magical kingdoms, mysterious seas, and mythical lands including: The story of goldfish dancers and carp musicians who entertain a brave warrior The tale of a lonely girl whose life is changed by a shining disc left by her mother The explanation of how the jellyfish lost its bones And the adventures of a boy born from a peach that washes up on a riverbank that every Japanese child knows by heart. These well-loved folk tales are sure to delight readers young and old while introducing them to Japan's vivid fantasy tradition.

Folktales from the Japanese Countryside

Author: Hiroko Fujita,Fran Stallings,Harold Wright,Miki Sakurai
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781591584889
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 196
View: 9311

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From one of Japan's most popular and respected storytellers, more than 40 traditional Japanese stories--animal tales, tales of supernatural beings, stories about village characters and priests and their apprentices, and more.

Tales from Japan

Author: Helen McAlpine
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780192751751
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 150
View: 8235

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Includes accounts of the creation of earth and heaven, deeds of legendary Japanese warriors, and the romance of Princess Kaguya from the country of the moon.

Blue Bamboo

Japanese Tales of Fantasy
Author: Osamu Dazai,Ralph F. McCarthy
Publisher: Kodansha International
ISBN: 9784770026101
Category: Fiction
Page: 182
View: 9940

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Seven short stories by one of Japan's pre-eminent postwar writers and prose stylists. These imaginative stories are full of water spirits, ghosts, and a mixture of fantastic allegory and affecting romance.

Tales of Old Japan

Author: A.B. Mitford
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1105422178
Category: History
Page: 292
View: 1277

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This text about Japan was written by A.B. Mitford and originally published in 1871. Ever since its publication it has become a classic on Japanese history and culture. From the amazing story of the Forty-Seven Ronin to an eyewitness account of Hara-Kiri (ritual Japanese suicide) this text covers many Japanese stories and traditions unknown to the West at that time. "The recent revolution in Japan has wrought changes social as well as political; and it may be that when, in addition to the advance which has already been made, railways and telegraphs shall have connected the principal points of the Land of Sunrise, the old Japanese, such as he was and had been for centuries when we found him eleven short years ago, will have become extinct. It has appeared to me that no better means could be chosen of preserving a record of a curious and fast disappearing civilization than the translation of some of the most interesting national legends and histories." -Tales of Old Japan 1871

The Seven Gods of Luck

A Japanese Tale
Author: David Kudler
Publisher: Stillpoint Digital Press
ISBN: 1938808037
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 38
View: 5025

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Fifteenth Anniversary Edition with new notes by author David Kudler Sachiko and Kenji just want to welcome the new year in the proper way, but their mother tells them they don't have the money for a New Year's feast. An act of generosity brings help from an unexpected source in this heartwarming Japanese classic. May the Seven Gods of Luck visit you! "A lively adaptation of a Japanese folktale.... The well-paced, carefully plotted text has a sprightly partner in its stylized, gently colored illustrations." - School Library Journal "A sweetly illustrated retelling" - The New York Times

How to Fool a Cat

And More Japanese Tales for Children
Author: Fran Stallings,Hiroko Fujita
Publisher: Parkhurst Brothers Publishers Incorporated
ISBN: 9781624910555
Page: 145
View: 6368

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"Charming and captivating, these authentic and little-known Japanese folktales are told clearly and simply, making them easily accessible to young listeners at home or in the classroom. Thoughtf ul comments and notes from the two tellers provide clear ti ps for successful telling, along with a very useful glossary. If you tell stories to children, this is a must-purchase book " --Sherry Norfolk, Storyteller, Author and Teaching Artist