Irony's Edge

The Theory and Politics of Irony
Author: Linda Hutcheon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134937547
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 264
View: 8048

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The edge of irony, says Linda Hutcheon, is always a social and political edge. Irony depends upon interpretation; it happens in the tricky, unpredictable space between expression and understanding. Irony's Edge is a fascinating, compulsively readable study of the myriad forms and the effects of irony. It sets out, for the first time, a sustained, clear analysis of the theory and the political contexts of irony, using a wide range of references from contemporary culture. Examples extend from Madonna to Wagner, from a clever quip in conversation to a contentious exhibition in a museum. Irony's Edge outlines and then challenges all the major existing theories of irony, providing the most comprehensive and critically challengin theory of irony to date.

Irony on Occasion

From Schlegel and Kierkegaard to Derrida and de Man
Author: Kevin Newmark
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
ISBN: 0823240126
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 370
View: 4626

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This book examines how the romantic and post-romantic concept of irony provides the means for an uneasy articulation between philosophical thought and literary language. It considers the role played by ironic disruptions in writings by Friedrich Schlegel, Søren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Mann, Jean Paulhan, Jacques Derrida, Paul de Man, and J.M. Coetzee.

A Theory of Parody

The Teachings of Twentieth-century Art Forms
Author: Linda Hutcheon
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252069383
Category: Art
Page: 143
View: 8678

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In this major study of a flexible and multifaceted mode of expression, Linda Hutcheon looks at works of modern literature, visual art, music, film, theater, and architecture to arrive at a comprehensive assessment of what parody is and what it does.Hutcheon identifies parody as one of the major forms of modern self-reflexivity, one that marks the intersection of invention and critique and offers an important mode of coming to terms with the texts and discourses of the past. Looking at works as diverse as Tom Stoppard's Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Brian de Palma's Dressed to Kill, Woody Allen's Zelig, Karlheinz Stockhausen's Hymnen, James Joyce's Ulysses, and Magritte's This Is Not a Pipe, Hutcheon discusses the remarkable range of intent in modern parody while distinguishing it from pastiche, burlesque, travesty, and satire. She shows how parody, through ironic playing with multiple conventions, combines creative expression with critical commentary. Its productive-creative approach to tradition results in a modern recoding that establishes difference at the heart of similarity.In a new introduction, Hutcheon discusses why parody continues to fascinate her and why it is commonly viewed as suspect--for being either too ideologically shifty or too much of a threat to the ownership of intellectual and creative property.

Irony in the Work of Philosophy

Author: Claire Colebrook
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803215177
Category: Philosophy
Page: 332
View: 2480

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In an era that proclaims itself postironic, the question and problem of irony are of more interest than ever. In this compelling inquiry, Claire Colebrook first takes up all the majorøfigures in post-Cartesian philosophy on the subject of irony: Spinoza, Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche. She similarly examines the modern thinkers in the Anglo-Saxon tradition: Rorty, Searle, and de Man. She then engages in an analysis of the Continental canon and the ironic dimension that marks contemporary philosophy. Beyond the question of irony, Colebrook treats the presence of irony in the history of philosophy and those points of overlap between nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature and philosophy. Ultimately, she extends what has belonged primarily to the domain of literature into a world of concepts.

Satire TV

Politics and Comedy in the Post-network Era
Author: Jonathan Gray,Jeffrey P. Jones,Ethan Thompson
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814731996
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 283
View: 7179

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This work examines what happens when comedy becomes political, and politics become funny. A series of original essays focus on a range of programmes, from 'The Daily Show' to 'South Park'.

A Poetics of Postmodernism

History, Theory, Fiction
Author: Linda Hutcheon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134986262
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 288
View: 5003

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First published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

A Decade of Dark Humor

How Comedy, Irony, and Satire Shaped Post-9/11 America
Author: Ted Gournelos,Viveca Greene
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1617030074
Category: Social Science
Page: 253
View: 1043

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A Decade of Dark Humor analyzes ways in which popular and visual culture used humor-in a variety of forms-to confront the attacks of September 11, 2001 and, more specifically, the aftermath. This interdisciplinary volume brings together scholars from four countries to discuss the impact of humor and irony on both media discourse and tangible political reality. Furthermore, it demonstrates that laughter is simultaneously an avenue through which social issues are deferred or obfuscated, a way in which neoliberal or neoconservative rhetoric is challenged, and a means of forming alternative political ideologies. The volume's contributors cover a broad range of media productions, including news parodies (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, The Onion), TV roundtable shows (Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher), comic strips and cartoons (Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks, Jeff Danzinger’s editorial cartoons), television drama (Rescue Me), animated satire (South Park), graphic novels (Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers), documentary (Fahrenheit 9/11), and other productions. Along with examining the rhetorical methods and aesthetic techniques of these productions, the essays place each in specific political and journalistic contexts, showing how corporations, news outlets, and political institutions responded to-and sometimes co-opted-these forms of humor.

Politics of Visibility and Belonging

From Russias "Homosexual Propaganda" Laws to the Ukraine War
Author: Emil Edenborg
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351712942
Page: N.A
View: 8161

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In this book, Edenborg studies contemporary conflicts of community as enacted in Russian media, from the 'homosexual propaganda' laws to the Sochi Olympics and the Ukraine war, and explores the role of visibility in the production and contestation of belonging to a political community. The book examines what it is that determines which subjects and narratives become visible and which are occluded in public spheres; how they are seen and made intelligible; and how those processes are involved in the imagination of communities. Investigating the differentiated consequences of visibility, Edenborg discusses what forms of visibility make belonging possible and what forms of visibility may be related to exclusion or violence. The book maps and analyses the practices and mechanisms whereby a state seeks to produce and shape belonging through controlling what becomes visible in public, and how that which becomes visible is seen and understood. In addition, it examines what forms contestation can take and what its effects may be. Advancing theoretical understanding and offering a useful way to analytically conceptualize the role of visibility in the production and contestation of political communities, this work will be of interest to students and scholars of gender and sexuality politics, borders, citizenship, nationalism, migration and ethnic relations.

Hunger and Irony in the French Caribbean

Literature, Theory, and Public Life
Author: Nicole Simek
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9781137559913
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 201
View: 5683

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Through a series of case studies spanning the bounds of literature, photography, essay, and manifesto, this book examines the ways in which literary texts do theoretical, ethical, and political work. Nicole Simek approaches the relationship between literature, theory, and public life through a specific site, the French Antillean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, and focuses on two mutually elucidating terms: hunger and irony. Reading these concepts together helps elucidate irony’s creative potential and limits. If hunger gives irony purchase by anchoring it in particular historical and material conditions, irony also gives a literature and politics of hunger a means for moving beyond a given situation, for pushing through the inertias of history and culture.

Black Mischief

Author: Evelyn Waugh
Publisher: New Canadian Library
ISBN: 0735252947
Category: Fiction
Page: 180
View: 8816

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Bringing a war-torn country into the twentieth century can’t be that hard, right? Seth has an Oxford education, and has just successfully ended a Civil War in Azania. Azania, of course, is the country of which he is emperor. And what’s a newly secure emperor to do with his country? Why, modernize it of course. He recruits an English aristocrat and an Armenian entrepreneur to help, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew… Penguin Random House Canada is proud to bring you classic works of literature in e-book form, with the highest quality production values. Find more today and rediscover books you never knew you loved.

Alabama Getaway

The Political Imaginary and the Heart of Dixie
Author: Allen Tullos
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 082033961X
Category: History
Page: 364
View: 1830

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In Alabama Getaway Allen Tullos explores the recent history of one of the nation's most conservative states to reveal its political imaginary—the public shape of power, popular imagery, and individual opportunity. From Alabama's largely ineffectual politicians to its miserly support of education, health care, cultural institutions, and social services, Tullos examines why the state appears to be stuck in repetitive loops of uneven development and debilitating habits of judgment. The state remains tied to fundamentalisms of religion, race, gender, winner-take-all economics, and militarism enforced by punitive and defensive responses to criticism. Tullos traces the spectral legacy of George Wallace, ponders the roots of anti-egalitarian political institutions and tax structures, and challenges Birmingham native Condoleezza Rice's use of the civil rights struggle to justify the war in Iraq. He also gives due coverage to the state's black citizens who with a minority of whites have sustained a movement for social justice and democratic inclusion. As Alabama competes for cultural tourism and global industries like auto manufacturing and biomedical research, Alabama Getaway asks if the coming years will see a transformation of the “Heart of Dixie.”

Baudelaire's Prose Poems

The Practice and Politics of Irony
Author: Sonya Stephens
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780198158776
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 181
View: 1382

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The aim of this book is to offer a new reading of Baudelaire's Petits Poemes en prose which demonstrates the significance of ironic otherness for the theory and functioning of the work and for the genre of the prose poem itself. The book considers Baudelaire's choice of this genre and the way in which he seeks to define it, both paratextually and textually. It examines the ways in which the prose poem depends on dualities and deboublements as forms of lyrical and narrative difference which, in their turn, reveal ideological otherness and declare the oppositionality of the prose poem. Finally, the book demonstrates a relationship between these forms of otherness and Baudelaire's theory of the popular comic arts and, in doing so, proposes that the prose poems should be read as literary caricature.

Swastika Night

Author: Katharine Burdekin
Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 9780935312560
Category: Fiction
Page: 196
View: 9057

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Seven hundred years after Hitler's conquest of Europe men are encouraged to follow the soldierly virtues, while women are reduced to breeders and victims


Author: Claire Colebrook
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415251341
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 195
View: 9900

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In this handy volume, Claire Colebrook offers an overview of the history and structure of irony, from Socrates to the present. Students will welcome this clear, concise guide, which: *traces the use of the concept through history, from Greek times to the Romantic period and on to the postmodern era *looks closely at the work of Socrates and the more contemporary theorists Jacques Derrida and Gilles Deleuze *explores the philosophical, literary and political dimensions of irony *applies theories of irony to literary texts Making even the most difficult debates accessible and clear, this is the ideal student introduction to the many theories of irony.

Queer Tracks: Subversive Strategies in Rock and Pop Music

Author: Dr Doris Leibetseder
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409472035
Category: Music
Page: 236
View: 8645

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Queer Tracks describes motifs in popular music that deviate from heterosexual orientation, the binary gender system and fixed identities. This exciting cutting-edge work deals with the key concepts of current gender politics and queer theory in rock and pop music, including irony, parody, camp, mask/masquerade, mimesis/mimicry, cyborg, transsexuality, and dildo. Based on a constructivist concept of gender, Leibetseder asks: ‘Which queer-feminist strategies are used in rock and pop music?’ ‘How do they function?’ ‘Where do they occur?’ Leibetseder's methodological process is to discover subversive strategies in queer theory, which are also used in rock and pop music, without assuming that these tactics were first invented in theory. Furthermore, this book explains where exactly the subversiveness is situated in those strategies and in popular music. With the help of a new kind of knowledge transfer the author combines sociological and cultural theories with practical examples of rock and pop music. The subversive character of these queer motifs is shown in the work of contemporary popular musicians and is at the same time related to classical discourses of the humanities. Queer Tracks is a revised translation of Queere Tracks. Subversive Strategien in Rock- und Popmusik, originally published in German.

Irony in Film

Author: James MacDowell
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137329939
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 220
View: 3066

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Irony in Film is the first book about ironic expression in this medium. We often feel the need to call films or aspects of them ironic; but what exactly does this mean? How do films create irony? Might certain features of the medium help or hinder its ironic potential? How can we know we are justified in dubbing any film or moment ironic? This book attempts to answer such questions, investigating in the process crucial and under-examined issues that irony raises for our understanding of narrative filmmaking. A much-debated subject in other disciplines, in film scholarship irony is habitually referred to but too seldom explored. Combining in-depth theorising with detailed close analysis, this pioneering study asks what ironic capacities films might possess, how film style may be used ironically, and what role intention should play in film interpretation. The proposed answers have significance for our understanding of not only ironic filmmaking, but the nature of expression in this medium.

Veils of irony

the development of narrative technique in women's novels of the 1790s
Author: Anna Uddén
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9789155448882
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 187
View: 5340

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Includes abstract.

Serve the People!

Author: Yan Lianke
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 9781555848880
Category: Fiction
Page: 225
View: 9174

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Set in 1967, at the peak of the Mao cult, Serve the People! is a beautifully told, wickedly daring story about the forbidden love affair between Liu Lian, the young, pretty wife of a powerful Division Commander in Communist China, and her household’s lowly servant, Wu Dawang. When Liu Lian establishes a rule for her orderly that he is to attend to her needs whenever the household’s wooden Serve the People! sign is removed from its usual place, the orderly vows to obey. What follows is a remarkable love story and a profound and deliciously comic satire on Mao’s famous slogan and the political and sexual taboos of his regime. As life is breathed into the illicit sexual affair, Yan Lianke brilliantly captures how the Model Soldier Wu Dawang becomes an eager collaborator with the restless and demanding Liu Lian, their actions inspired by primitive passions that they are only just discovering. Originally banned in China, and the first work from Yan Lianke to be translated into English, Serve the People! brings us the debut of one of the most important authors writing from inside China today.