International Space Commerce

Building from Scratch
Author: Roger Handberg
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780813029849
Category: History
Page: 284
View: 4253

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Offers a historical analysis of the international politicians, economists, scientists, and industrialists who have sought to create an entrepreneurial space program. This book also brings a political perspective to the risks, goals, and predicted rewards of space commerce.

The Politics of Space

A Survey
Author: Eligar Sadeh
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136884254
Category: Reference
Page: 320
View: 2598

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The pace of space exploration has long been dictated by political motivations. This book helps to explain why this is so in the post-Cold War era. Combining essays, a glossary of terms, tables and statistics, this new title from Routledge comes as a welcome addition to this increasingly popular topic. The book: covers theories and concepts, as well as current issues gives a background to international and national space agencies contains essays that cover military, commercial and governmental actors in space politics.

Space Exploration and Humanity: A Historical Encyclopedia [2 volumes]

A Historical Encyclopedia
Author: American Astronautical Society
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1851095195
Category: Science
Page: 1318
View: 3862

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A complete history of human endeavors in space, this book also moves beyond the traditional topics of human spaceflight, space technology, and space science to include political, social, cultural, and economic issues, and also commercial, civilian, and military applications. • 580 articles describing various aspects of manned and unmanned space exploration, including a full range of social, technological, and political issues, such as government policy, nationalism, and the technology/military-driven economy • Six overview essays, introducing each of the encyclopedia's major sections and putting that aspect of space exploration into historical context • 136 contributors, many who are leading space historians and experts affiliated with the American Astronautical Society, make firsthand knowledge and fresh insights accessible to all audiences • Numerous photos, including stunning shots from space, star charts, technical drawings, and more • Short bibliographies conclude each entry, pointing readers to the best sources to find out more about the topic • A Glossary defining the various technical terms encountered in the encyclopedia

Chinese Space Policy

A Study in Domestic and International Politics
Author: Roger Handberg,Zhen Li
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134214162
Category: History
Page: 208
View: 8690

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This volume explains the beginnings and expansion of China's space program, analyzing how China is now able to hold such ambitions and how the interaction between technology, politics and economics has influenced the Chinese space program. It opens by tracing out the earlier development of the space program and identifying the successes and problems that plagued this initial effort, later focusing upon its development over the past decade and into the future. As China is now able to reach into outer space with its machines and, since 2003, with its humans, the authors examine how this move from a non-participant status to a state operating at the highest level of space activities has confirmed its potential place as the new economic and military superpower of the twenty-first century. They also demonstrate how recent successes mean that China is now confronted by an issue previously encountered by other space ‘powers’, such as the United States and the former Soviet Union: what is the value of the space program, given its high costs and likelihood of dramatic failure? Chinese Space Policy will be of great interest to students of space studies, Chinese politics, security studies, and international relations in general.

Encyclopedia of Global Resources: South Korea-Zirconium ; Appendixes ; Indexes

Author: Craig W. Allin
Publisher: Salem PressInc
ISBN: 9781587656484
Category: Nature
Page: 1504
View: 7044

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The topic of our natural resources has become an important issue over the last few years. The abundance of some (and scarcity of others) has sparked many a debate. The four volumes in this set discuss not only the aspects of the resources themselves, but their economic and social impact as well. Plus, complimentary online access is provided through Salem Science.


Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Academic libraries
Page: N.A
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Space Safety Regulations and Standards

Author: Joseph N. Pelton,Ram Jakhu
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080961927
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 544
View: 1031

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When international rules and regulations governing space travel were first being developed, only a few countries had any space presence and commercial space activity was non-existent. Today, over 50 countries have on-orbit satellites and commercial space presence is essential to commercial telecommunications and broadcasting, yet international space law remains in its infancy. Space Safety Regulations and Standards is the definitive book on regulatory initiatives involving space safety, new space safety standards, and safety related to new space technologies under development. More than 30 world experts come together in this book to share their detailed knowledge of regulatory and standard making processes in the area, combining otherwise disparate information into one essential reference and providing case studies to illustrate applications throughout space programs internationally. They address the international regulatory framework that relates to traditional space safety programs as well as the emerging regulatory framework that relates to commercial space programs, space tourism, and efforts to create commercial space station facilities. . Fully endorsed by the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) and provides the only definitive reference on regulations and standards for the field of space safety Combines the technical, legal and regulatory information in a clear and integrated reference work suitable for technical professionals, regulators, legal experts, and students in the field Presents a truly global insight from experienced space safety experts worldwide, with representatives from the leading associations, institutions and companies operating in the arena today

Online Business from Scratch

Launch Your Own Seven-Figure Internet Business by Creating and Selling Information Online
Author: Matthew Paulson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781539737674
Page: 234
View: 6720

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Learn How to Build Your Own Seven-Figure Internet Business Do you want to make money online? Are you tired of being told that it's easy to make millions off the Internet? Would you like a realistic strategy that actually works for real people? What if you could actually build an online business that offered high profit margins and required no significant up-front investment? Would you be interested? It is possible to build your own profitable online business, but you can't do it overnight (despite what you have been told by so-called Internet marketing gurus). The simple truth is that you need to choose a solid niche from day one, be willing to consistently work on your business over the course of several months and follow the path laid before you by people that have actually done it. This is not just another book by an "Internet marketing guru" that teaches you to "make money online." Author Matthew Paulson has been building online businesses for more than a decade and he has built multiple six-figure and seven-figure Internet businesses in many different niches. He's not just another so-called "business guru" that makes money online by teaching people to make money online. By reading this book you will receive his step-by-step plan that will show you exactly how to build your own profitable Internet business (even if you aren't very tech savvy).

How to Start an Online Business

A Step by Step to Make Money from Your Computer Even If Your Starting from Scratch!
Author: L. R. Smith
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781535445788
Page: 52
View: 5841

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After having successfully and consistently created several profitable online businesses, this book has all the experience and ingredients that will help you achieve the same. The steps that'll help you build an online business, and fast. Think for a moment - what if you no longer needed to commute to work? What if you could get up, have a shower and stay at home for a productive day of work? What if you could do that every day and you earned more money than a regular job? The choice is obvious. I made it and haven't looked back since. Now I've laid out a detailed plan that anyone can follow and achieve exactly what I (and many others) have been enjoying for the past 5 years. "How to Start an Online Business" is the secret blueprint for you to have your first home-based internet business that will bring you thousands of dollars. This is not a sales pitch sentence - this is fact. As with anything that is worth it in this life, this reality has a price that must be paid: commitment, study, and work. A small price compared to having a soul-killer job, if you ask my opinion. Freedom and success feels better than professional slavery. Unlock the secrets of that path with this book. That is my promise to you.

From Idea to Web Start-up in 21 Days

Author: Jason Glaspey,Scott Kveton
Publisher: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780132541688
Category: Computers
Page: 168
View: 1142

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Once upon a time, starting a business meant months of researching, refining business goals and writing business plans, talking to investors and banks, negotiating for loans, and raising money. But today, agile web development practices mean that you can almost launch on an idea and figure it out as you go. At least that’s what authors Jason Glaspey and Scott Kveton and their colleague Michael Richardson did when starting, an online bacon retailer. In this mouth-watering tale, they describe their process of starting a business on a shoestring, including the things they did right and the things they did wrong. didn’t make them millionaires — not even close! But the lessons they learned have led to comfortable success on their follow-up ventures. And whether it’s choosing a domain name or selecting the right content management systems, buying and storing inventory or figuring out fulfillment, using social media for marketing or finding a location to host an “epic” party, their stories will help you jumpstart your own web business.

Building Business Websites with Squarespace 7

Author: Miko Coffey
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1783559977
Category: Computers
Page: 392
View: 1018

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This book is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to use the latest version of Squarespace to create a website from scratch and take it through to go-live. You don't need any prior experience with Squarespace, HTML or CSS, or building websites in general as everything is done using Squarespace's simple, browser-based interface.

Reinventing NASA

Human Space Flight, Bureaucracy, and Politics
Author: Roger Handberg
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275970024
Category: Political Science
Page: 273
View: 5757

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Describes how NASA's internal values, policy choices, and relations with other political players are all driven by its overriding goal of pursuing human space flight.

Start Your Own Computer Business

The Unembellished Guide
Author: Morris Rosenthal
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780972380102
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 161
View: 4643

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From buying and selling PC hardware to product development and selling services, this book offers a realistic picture of making it on one's own. The book mixes practical advice and cautions with real-world anecdotes of successes and failures.

How to Build a Billion Dollar App

Discover the Secrets of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs of Our Time
Author: George Berkowski
Publisher: Piatkus
ISBN: 0349401381
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 480
View: 1502

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THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BUILDING AN APP-BASED BUSINESS - NOW REVISED AND UPDATED FOR 2017 'A must read for anyone who wants to start a mobile app business' Riccardo Zacconi, founder and CEO King Digital (maker of Candy Crush Saga) 'A fascinating deep dive into the world of billion-dollar apps. Essential reading for anyone trying to build the next must-have app' Michael Acton Smith, Founder and CEO, Mind Candy Apps have changed the way we communicate, shop, play, interact and travel and their phenomenal popularity has presented possibly the biggest business opportunity in history. In How to Build a Billion Dollar App, serial tech entrepreneur George Berkowski gives you exclusive access to the secrets behind the success of the select group of apps that have achieved billion-dollar success. Berkowski draws exclusively on the inside stories of the billion-dollar app club members, including Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Candy Crush and Uber to provide all the information you need to create your own spectacularly successful mobile business. He guides you through each step, from an idea scribbled on the back of an envelope, through to finding a cofounder, building a team, attracting (and keeping) millions of users, all the way through to juggling the pressures of being CEO of a billion-dollar company (and still staying ahead of the competition). If you've ever dreamed of quitting your nine to five job to launch your own company, you're a gifted developer, seasoned entrepreneur or just intrigued by mobile technology, How to Build a Billion Dollar App will show you what it really takes to create your own billion-dollar, mobile business.

Commerce in Space: Infrastructures, Technologies, and Applications

Infrastructures, Technologies, and Applications
Author: Olla, Phillip
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1599046261
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 402
View: 636

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"This book explains the role of earth observation satellite initiatives to meet information needs. It details the importance of the space infrastructure to deliver IT capabilities such as mobile broadband Internet and mobile communication connectivity; it also offers a review of how space technology can influence the future of IT architecture in health, education, logistics, business, and accounting"--Provided by publisher.

One Billion Customers

Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China
Author: James McGregor
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 074325841X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 320
View: 5239

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A blueprint for doing business successfully in the rapidly growing Chinese consumer market shares insight into China's remarkable emergence as a global economic power, the nation's seemingly contradictory business practices, and the experiences of high-profile foreign companies and businesspeople. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.

Building an Effective Information Security Policy Architecture

Author: Sandy Bacik
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420059069
Category: Computers
Page: 368
View: 3132

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Information security teams are charged with developing and maintaining a set of documents that will protect the assets of an enterprise from constant threats and risks. In order for these safeguards and controls to be effective, they must suit the particular business needs of the enterprise. A guide for security professionals, Building an Effective Information Security Policy Architecture explains how to review, develop, and implement a security architecture for any size enterprise, whether it is a global company or a SMB. Through the use of questionnaires and interviews, the book demonstrates how to evaluate an organization’s culture and its ability to meet various security standards and requirements. Because the effectiveness of a policy is dependent on cooperation and compliance, the author also provides tips on how to communicate the policy and gain support for it. Suitable for any level of technical aptitude, this book serves a guide for evaluating the business needs and risks of an enterprise and incorporating this information into an effective security policy architecture.

The Experience Economy

Author: B. Joseph Pine,James H. Gilmore
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1422161978
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 359
View: 5722

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Rev. ed. of: The experience economy: work is theatre & every business a stage. 1999.