Intensive Bulgarian

A Textbook and Reference Grammar
Author: Ronelle Alexander,Olga M. Mladenova
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
ISBN: 9780299167448
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 414
View: 3646

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This is the first comprehensive textbook teaching English-speakers to read, write, and speak contemporary Bulgarian. The text is designed to be adaptable for students of varying skill levels and can be taught at a gradual or intensive pace. It is also a much-needed reference grammar of Bulgarian, incorporating the latest research and theories on Bulgarian grammar in accessible layman’s language. Volume 1 introduces the basic elements of Bulgarian grammar and contains Lessons 1–15, a Bulgarian-English glossary, an English-Bulgarian glossary for beginners, and an appendix of verbal forms. Like many popular language textbooks, the dialogues in Intensive Bulgarian form a continuing dramatic narrative that gradually introduces students to both language and culture. Throughout the text, Bulgarian constructions and phrases are compared with English ones to clarify grammar and idioms. Lessons include: o dialogues and sample sentences o exercises and translation sentences o basic and supplemental grammar sections o reading selections o a glossary for the lesson o cultural notes. Together, Volumes 1 and 2 of Intensive Bulgarian provide all the materials necessary for teachers and students to learn lively, modern colloquial Bulgarian, to become familiar with Bulgarian cultural life, and to thoroughly understand Bulgarian grammar. Slavic scholars will also find in Volume 2 both a thorough presentation of the Bulgarian verb system, as traditionally conceived, and a new analysis of this system.

Universals in Comparative Morphology

Suppletion, Superlatives, and the Structure of Words
Author: Jonathan David Bobaljik
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262304597
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 332
View: 4422

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This groundbreaking study of the morphology of comparison yields a surprising result: that even in suppletion (the wholesale replacement of one stem by a phonologically unrelated stem, as in good-better-best) there emerge strikingly robust patterns, virtually exceptionless generalizations across languages. Jonathan David Bobaljik describes the systematicity in suppletion, and argues that at least five generalizations are solid contenders for the status of linguistic universals. The major topics discussed include suppletion, comparative and superlative formation, deadjectival verbs, and lexical decomposition. Bobaljik's primary focus is on morphological theory, but his argument also aims to integrate evidence from a variety of subfields into a coherent whole. In the course of his analysis, Bobaljik argues that the assumptions needed bear on choices among theoretical frameworks and that the framework of Distributed Morphology has the right architecture to support the account. In addition to the theoretical implications of the generalizations, Bobaljik suggests that the striking patterns of regularity in what otherwise appears to be the most irregular of linguistic domains provide compelling evidence for Universal Grammar. The book strikes a unique balance between empirical breadth and theoretical detail. The phenomenon that is the main focus of the argument, suppletion in adjectival gradation, is rare enough that Bobaljik is able to present an essentially comprehensive description of the facts; at the same time, it is common enough to offer sufficient variation to explore the question of universals over a significant dataset of more than three hundred languages.

Degrees of Explicitness

Information structure and the packaging of Bulgarian subjects and objects
Author: John Leafgren
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9027297460
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 252
View: 2264

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This book explores factors relevant in the choices speakers and writers make in regard to explicitness of reference to the subjects and objects in their utterances. Bulgarian is a particularly felicitous target language for this type of study, since it possesses a rich inventory of available packaging techniques, ranging from zero reference, to various stressed and unstressed single forms, to actual doubled (“reduplicated”) constructions. The study systematically addresses the need to avoid referential and grammatical ambiguity, and the crucial influence of emphasis. Another, and perhaps most interesting central factor is the status of what the communication is about, which is assessed on two different levels. The book makes use of data from both published Bulgarian fiction and naturally occurring oral conversations. The fundamental similarities between these modes of communication with respect to noun phrase selection is demonstrated, but explanations are also proposed for the observable differences.

Modern German Grammar

A Practical Guide
Author: Ruth Whittle,John Klapper,Bill Dodd,Christine Eckhard-Black,William Dodd
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134859147
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 504
View: 5954

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Announcing an innovative, new, practical reference grammar, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. It is the ideal reference grammar at advanced secondary level and above.

Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbook

With Exercises and Basic Grammar
Author: Ronelle Alexander,Ellen Elias-Bursac
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres
ISBN: 0299236544
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 510
View: 1244

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"Three official languages have emerged: Croatian in Croatia, Serbian in Serbia, and both these languages plus Bosnian in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbook introduces the student to all three. Dialogues and exercises appear in each language, presented side by side for easy comparison; in addition, Serbian is rendered in both its Latin and its Cyrillic spellings. Teachers may choose a single language to use in the classroom, or they may want to familiarize students with all three"--Book jacket.

Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Grammar

With Sociolinguistic Commentary
Author: Ronelle Alexander
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
ISBN: 9780299211936
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 488
View: 2601

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Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Grammar analyzes and clarifies the complex, dynamic language situation in the former Yugoslavia. Addressing squarely the issues connected with the splintering of Serbo-Croatian into component languages, this volume provides teachers and learners with practical solutions and highlights the differences among the languages as well as the communicative core that they all share. The first book to cover all three components of the post-Yugoslav linguistic environment, this reference manual features: · Thorough presentation of the grammar common to Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian, with explication of all the major differences · Examples from a broad range of spoken language and literature · New approaches to accent and clitic ordering, two of the most difficult points in BCS grammar · Order of grammar presentation in chapters 1–16 keyed to corresponding lessons in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbook · "Sociolinguistic commentary" explicating the cultural and political context within which Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian function and have been defined · Separate indexes of the grammar and sociolinguistic commentary, and of all words discussed in both

Die Welt der Slaven

Author: Erwin Koschmieder
Publisher: N.A
Category: Slavic philology
Page: N.A
View: 7614

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Each issue includes section: Slavistische Bibliographie.

Books in Print

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: American literature
Page: N.A
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Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.

Russisch für Dummies

Author: Andrew Kaufman,Serafima Gettys,Inge Wanner
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527705236
Page: 375
View: 6020

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"Russisch für Dummies" bietet einen leichten Einstieg in die russische Sprache. Los geht's mit einer Einführung in die Besonderheiten der russischen Sprache, in die Betonung sowie in die Grammatik einschließlich der Fälle. Dann wird es auch schon praktisch: Jedes Kapitel beschäftigt sich mit einer Alltagssituation: Sie lernen, wie Sie sich auf Russisch vorstellen, etwas beschreiben, telefonieren oder ein Hotelzimmer reservieren. Dabei lernen Sie die wichtigsten Sätze, Umschreibungen und Begriffe, die Sie im Alltag benötigen und bekommen nebenbei viele Informationen zu Alltag und Kultur in Russland. Am Ende jedes Kapitels gibt es eine kleine Übung, mit der Sie Ihre erworbenen Sprachkenntnisse prüfen können. Im Anhang des Buches finden Sie Verb-Tabellen und ein kleines Russisch-Deutsch-/Deutsch-Russisch-Wörterbuch. Auf der beiliegenden CD gibt es die Sprachübungen aus dem Buch zum Anhören und Nachsprechen.

Die Hunde fliegen tief

Author: Alek Popov
Publisher: Residenz Verlag
ISBN: 3701744726
Category: Fiction
Page: 416
View: 7490

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Vom Hundeausführer zum Millionär, vom Millionär zum Aussteiger: Zwei Brüder aus Bulgarien suchen ihr Glück in Amerika und finden immerhin die Asche ihres Vaters. EINE SCHWARZE SCHACHTEL VOLL ASCHE, das ist alles, was Ned und Ango, den ungleichen Brüdern aus Bulgarien, von ihrem Vater geblieben ist. 15 Jahre ist es nun her, dass er, ein Mathematiker zwischen Genie und Wahnsinn, als Gastprofessor in Amerika unter rätselhaften Umständen zu Tode gekommen ist. Jeder der beiden Söhne lebt inzwischen sein eigenes Leben, und der Vater ist längst nur mehr ein Gespenst. Bis sich die Wege der Brüder fern der Heimat in New York wieder kreuzen: Ned, der Tunichtgut, hat es bis in die Top-Etagen der Wall Street geschafft, während der smarte Ango im Central Park mit den Hunden reicher Snobs Gassi geht. Doch dann wendet sich das Blatt, und der Geist des Vaters ist plötzlich wieder lebendig. Mehr jedenfalls, als den beiden lieb ist ... Alek Popov räumt mit alten Märchen auf: Sein neuer Roman, in Bulgarien wochenlang Top 1 auf den Bestseller-Listen, ist eine Satire auf die Goldgräber im Westen wie im Osten, auf die Glückssehnsucht der Erfolgreichen wie der Underdogs und auf die falschen Bilder, die wir voneinander haben, sobald uns eine Welt trennt. Ost oder West, oben oder unten, tot oder lebendig: Lasst uns Brüder sein! Rasant, witzig und verdammt bissig: Wau!

Hammer's German Grammar and Usage

Author: Professor Martin Durrell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1444174037
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 576
View: 3885

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Long trusted as the most comprehensive, up-to-date and user-friendly grammar available, HAMMER'S GERMAN GRAMMAR AND USAGE provides you with a complete guide to German as it is written and spoken today. This new edition includes: -concise descriptions of the main grammatical phenomena of German and their use -examples of grammar taken from contemporary German, helping you to understand the underlying grammatical principles more quickly -invaluable guidance on pronunciation and the German accent -discussion of new words from English roots such as 'zertweeten' ('to tweet'), helping you to communicate in German as used by Germans today -clarification on the spelling reform and current spellings of German, thus increasing your confidence while writing and reading in German. Praised for its clear layout and lucid explanations, this new edition distinguishes the most common forms of usage, both formal and informal, and offers you a combination of reference grammar and manual of current usage that you will find invaluable, whether a student or a teacher, at intermediate or advanced level.

Der Vorleser

Author: Bernhard Schlink
Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG
ISBN: 3257600429
Category: Fiction
Page: 208
View: 8516

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Sie ist reizbar, rätselhaft und viel älter als er ... und sie wird seine erste Leidenschaft. Sie hütet verzweifelt ein Geheimnis. Eines Tages ist sie spurlos verschwunden. Erst Jahre später sieht er sie wieder. Die fast kriminalistische Erforschung einer sonderbaren Liebe und bedrängenden Vergangenheit.