In Search of the Miraculous

Fragments of an Unknown Teaching
Author: P. D. Ouspensky
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780156007467
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 399
View: 4497

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A new edition of the groundbreaking spiritual treasure, with a foreword by bestselling author Marianne Williamson . Since its original publication in 1949, In Search of the Miraculous has been hailed as the most valuable and reliable documentation of G. I. Gurdjieff's thoughts and universal view. This historic and influential work is considered by many to be a primer of mystical thought as expressed through the Work, a combination of Eastern philosophies that had for centuries been passed on orally from teacher to student. Gurdjieff's goal, to introduce the Work to the West, attracted many students, among them Ouspensky, an established mathematician, journalist, and, with the publication of In Search of the Miraculous, an eloquent and persuasive proselyte. Ouspensky describes Gurdjieff's teachings in fascinating and accessible detail, providing what has proven to be a stellar introduction to the universal view of both student and teacher. It goes without saying that In Search of the Miraculous has inspired great thinkers and writers of ensuing spiritual movements, including Marianne Williamson, the highly acclaimed author of A Return to Love and Illuminata. In a new and never-before-published foreword, Williamson shares the influence of Ouspensky's book and Gurdjieff's teachings on the New Thought movement and her own life, providing a contemporary look at an already timeless classic.

Der Vierte Weg

Anleitung zur Entfaltung des wahren menschlichen Potentials nach G. I. Gurdjieff
Author: Peter D. Ouspensky
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783936718300
Page: 648
View: 8490

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A Practical Handbook For Unlimited Spiritual Ability

(Optimum Self-Government)
Author: Donald A. Dahlin, D.C.
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 148174481X
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 444
View: 4955

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Donald A. Dahlin, a retired chiropractor, decided that people may be greatly helped by the knowledge he had acquired of natural healing and the use of life energy; from training and experience in psychotherapy and a system by Russian mystic G.I. Gurdjieff, that helped him resolve past hypnosis, and through insights he had gained from his psychic experiences as well as his challenge of the Christian faith. Optimum Self-Government means becoming able to have greater spiritual awareness and control over one’s postulates: mind, health and behavior. You will also be guided to explore life energy and use it to examine and treat your body, to monitor your health with instant biofeedback, examine your spiritual mind and your animal mind (blue print of the body), to explore the world of extra-sensory perception to converse with people, plants and animals, the power of prayer, etc. You will find a new reality that is priceless!

Emotions and Spirituality in Religions and Spiritual Movements

Author: Erika Wilson
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 0761859519
Category: Religion
Page: 220
View: 6269

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Applying recent psychological and neuropsychological studies of emotions, Wilson explores the role of emotions in major Eastern, Western, and primal religions, as well as in some contemporary spiritual movements. The book discusses several religions’ attitudes on how to handle positive and negative emotions.

Evolutionary Witchcraft

Author: T. Thorn Coyle
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101143704
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 320
View: 4069

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A learned and serious manual to Witchcraft for the mature practitioner, by one of the craft's leading teachers.

Wie man Freunde gewinnt

Die Kunst, beliebt und einflussreich zu werden
Author: Dale Carnegie
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104031479
Category: Self-Help
Page: 304
View: 1450

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Dieses Buch zeigt Ihnen: - wie man Freunde gewinnt - wie man auf neuen Wegen zu neuen Zielen gelangt - wie man beliebt wird - wie man seine Umwelt beeinflußt - wie man mehr Ansehen erlangt - wie man im Beruf erfolgreicher wird - wie man Streit vermeidet - wie man ein guter Redner und brillanter Gesellschafter wird - wie man den Charakter seiner Mitmenschen erkennt - wie man seine Mitarbeiter anspornt und vieles mehr...


Author: Abdourahman A. Waberi
Publisher: Peter Trier
ISBN: 9783940435033
Page: 74
View: 8286

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1994 findet in Ruanda ein Massaker statt, das von der UNO als Volkermord anerkannt wurde. 1998 reist Abdourahman A. Waberi im Rahmen des Projekts "Rwanda, ecrire par devoir de memoire" nach Kigali. "Schadelernte" ist ein Werk zwischen Fiktion und Reportage, in seiner Unklassifizierbarkeit Abbild der Unmoglichkeit das Ereignis in Kategorien einzuteilen und sich ihm erzahlend zu nahern. "Wenn das Werk ein langes Echo hervorruft (...), dann weil seine Stimme nicht die des Analytikers, des Politikers oder Historikers ist, sondern die des Poeten (Blandine Longre,, Januar 2005).

Miracles in the ER

Extraordinary Stories from a Doctor's Journal
Author: Robert D. Lesslie
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0736954848
Category: Religion
Page: 240
View: 2945

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You’ve heard about them. Extraordinary...unexplainable...seemingly miraculous true stories that couldn’t have happened—but did. Real-life stories of life changes, answered prayers, inner and outer healing where they appeared impossible. Again and again, bestselling author Dr. Robert Lesslie has encountered such Miracles in the ER during his decades of experience in emergency medicine. In these vignettes—all true stories—Dr. Lesslie chronicles miracles of... physical healing joy and forgiveness restored relationships time granted and spent angels—human and otherwise These touching, dramatic, thought-provoking snapshots of life will grace you with hope and prompt you to look more closely for the miracle stories around you that so often go unseen and untold.

Marketplace Miracles

Extraordinary Stories of Marketplace Turnarounds Transforming Businesses, Schools and Communities
Author: Rick Heeren
Publisher: Gospel Light Publications
ISBN: 9780830743964
Category: Religion
Page: 240
View: 8995

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When the New York Times wrote a front-page account of Elk River, Minnesota’s faith-filled transformation, Rick Heeren was the city’s leader behind the scenes. Here, he shares his story and many other motivating how-to accounts of businesses, schools and communities that have put God at the center of their vision and seen miraculous turnarounds. See how one company in Minnesota planted 600 churches in the Ukraine. Discover how a real estate developer turned a foreclosed mall into a focal point that would change a city. Learn how one woman’s self-published book blossomed into a movie, and a pastor’s idea for a motion picture camera led to $200 million to make his first major film. Heeren also shares practical ideas for readers who catch his enthusiasm and passion for bringing about transformation in their own communities. After reading Heeren’s book, you’ll see why with God, nothing is impossible!


Author: Ragnar Jónasson
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104014213
Category: Fiction
Page: 368
View: 9182

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Erstklassige Spannung aus Island: Die Dark-Iceland-Serie des isländischen Erfolgsautors Ragnar Jónasson. Band 2: "Todesnacht" und Band 3: "Blindes Eis" Schön wie ein Engel lag sie da - und so tot Winter in einem kleinen, abgelegenen Fischerdörfchen im Norden von Island, das nur durch einen Bergtunnel zu erreichen ist. Eine junge, halbnackte Frau liegt blutend und bewusstlos im Schnee. Ein alter Schriftsteller stürzt im Theater zu Tode. Ari, der neue Polizist am Ort, erkennt rasch, dass er erst die Verbrechen der Vergangenheit aufklären muss, um die Fälle der Gegenwart lösen zu können. Und das in einem Dorf, wo er niemandem trauen kann und ihm auch niemand helfen will.