How to Succeed with Specific Learning Difficulties in College and University

A Guide for Students, Educators and Parents
Author: Amanda Kirby
Publisher: Souvenir Press
ISBN: 0285642413
Category: Education
Page: 224
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For any adult with specific learning difficulties going to college or university can be a challenge. These can present in the work and home setting, learning new skills, meeting new people, and coping with a new environment. From study skills to budgeting, from cooking to relationships, Amanda Kirby identifies routes to success in both education and socially. At the heart of this book is its practical approach to provide information and advice that is easy to access and to use. Drawing on decades of practical, professional and academic experience Amanda Kirby provides solutions that are not only very accessible but also directs you to further reading and resources including apps and websites. Having this information all in one place is like a gold mine, as it has been previously scattered and very hard to find.

How to Succeed with Specific Learning Difficulties at College and University

A Guide for Students, Educators and Parents
Author: Dr. Amanda Kirby
Publisher: Souvenir Press
ISBN: 0285642413
Category: Education
Page: 224
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For any adult with specific learning difficulties, going to college or university can be a challenge. From study skills to budgeting, from cooking to relationships, Amanda Kirby identifies routes to success in both education and socially. At the heart of How To Succeed with Specific Learning Difficulties at College and University is its practical approach to provide information and advice that is easy to access and to use. Drawing on decades of practical, professional and academic experience, Amanda Kirby provides solutions that are very accessible. How To Succeed with Specific Learning Difficulties at College and University provides opportunities for further reading and directs you to relevant apps and websites. Prior to Amanda Kirby's book, helpful information was very difficult to obtain; now, having this information all in one place is like a gold mine. How To Succeed with Specific Learning Difficulties at College and University covers: - Preparing for College and University - Getting and Staying Organised - Independent Living - Study Skills - Socialising and Feeling Good - Preparing for the Workplace For any adult with specific learning difficulties going to college or university can be a challenge. These can present in the work and home setting, learning new skills, meeting new people, and coping with a new environment. From study skills to budgeting, from cooking to relationships, Amanda Kirby identifies routes to success in both education and socially. At the heart of this book is its practical approach to provide information and advice that is easy to access and to use. Drawing on decades of practical, professional and academic experience Amanda Kirby provides solutions that are not only very accessible but also directs you to further reading and resources including apps and websites. Having this information all in one place is like a gold mine, as it has been previously scattered and very hard to find.

Rona Tutt’s Guide to SEND & Inclusion

Author: Rona Tutt
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1473987458
Category: Education
Page: 152
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How to give children and young people who have SEN and disabilities (SEND), the support they need in the environment where they feel most fully included, should be a key concern of every teacher and practitioner. Drawing on her years of experience and conversations with a range of professionals, as well as the thoughts of children, young people and families who have encountered a number of settings, SEND expert Dr Rona Tutt examines both the benefits of the recent SEND reforms and also the opportunities that have been missed to meet needs more flexibly. Content focuses on; - Creating a climate where all children can thrive - An appreciation for the variety of innovative ways school leaders are meeting the needs of students - A consideration of the wider context of SEN from local to national level Clear and accessible, this is an inspiring read for anyone concerned with how individual needs are best met, rather than where their education takes place.


A Practical Guide for Teachers and Parents
Author: Barbara Riddick,Judith Wolfe,David Lumsdon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1853467804
Category: Education
Page: 134
View: 6597

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This book focuses on realistic strategies for non-specialists to use when working with pupils who have dyslexia. It offers detailed, practical guidance on defining and identifying dyslexia, dyslexia in the early and middle years and at secondary school, and worked examples of IEPs. It also discusses providing effective support for the literacy and numeracy hours, raising self-esteem, and working with parents and voluntary organizations. In addition, the authors cover using checklists and assessments, choosing suitable programs and resources, and useful addresses and books. Teachers and teaching assistants in mainstream classrooms and parents wanting to help their children will find this book invaluable.

Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Ontario Context

An Introduction
Author: Kimberly Maich,Carmen Hall
Publisher: Canadian Scholars’ Press
ISBN: 1551309122
Category: Psychology
Page: 352
View: 8872

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Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Ontario Context is the first book to offer a thorough introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Ontario. Highlighting examples, research, and interventions specific to Ontario, this manual provides an abundance of information in one central location, making it an indispensable tool for any Ontario professional working with individuals with ASD. This comprehensive text begins with a brief history of ASD and an overview of its contemporary understandings, including current diagnostic criteria. Covering a range of evidence-based interventions that have been shown to be effective for individuals with ASD—and supplemented with graphics, checklists, and hands-on strategies for application—this book provides essential information to inform practitioners. The concluding section on ASD across the lifespan explores how these interventions are delivered within agencies throughout Ontario, from preschool through to adulthood, and addresses relevant issues and topics for each age group. Featuring chapter summaries, definitions of key terms, lists of further resources, and reflective questions, this highly accessible and pedagogically rich text is vital reading not only for current and future practitioners, but also for parents of children with ASD.

Including Everyone

Creating Music Classrooms Where All Children Learn
Author: Judith Jellison
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190266554
Category: Music
Page: 272
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Many practical books for music educators who work with special needs students focus on students' disabilities, rather than on the inclusive classroom more generally. In Including Everyone: Creating Music Classrooms Where All Children Learn, veteran teacher and pedagogue Judith Jellison offers a new approach that identifies broader principles of inclusive music instruction writ large. As she demonstrates in this aptly-titled book, the perceived impediments to successfully including the wide diversity of children in schools in meaningful music instruction often stem not from insurmountable obstacles but from a lack of imagination. How do teachers and parents create diverse musical communities in which all children develop skills, deepen understanding, and cultivate independence in a culture of accomplishment and joy? Including Everyone equips music teachers with five principles of effective instruction for mixed special needs / traditional settings that are applicable in both classroom and rehearsal rooms alike. These five guidelines lay out Jellison's argument for a new way to teach music that shifts attention away from thinking of children in terms of symptoms. The effective teacher, argues Jellison, will strive to offer a curriculum that will not only allow the child with a disability to be more successful, but will also apply to and improve instruction for typically developing students. In this compelling new book, Judith Jellison illustrates what it takes to imagine, create, and realize possibilities for all children in ways that inspire parents, teachers, and the children themselves to take part in collaborative music making. Her book helps readers recognize how this most central component of human culture is one that allows everyone to participate, learn, and grow. Jellison is a leader in her field, and the wealth of knowledge she makes available in this book is extensive and valuable. It should aid her peers and inspire a new generation of student teachers.

Educating Service Children

Eleventh Report of Session 2005-06; Report, Together with Formal Minutes, Oral and Written Evidence
Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Defence Committee
Publisher: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 0215030621
Category: Education
Page: 178
View: 5800

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Frequent moves are a feature of Service life, and mobility can have a detrimental impact on children's emotional well-being and their educational attainment. The Committee's report examines issues relating to the education of the children of armed forces service personnel, including Service schools overseas and the performance of the Ministry of Defence's agency, Service Children's Education (SCE), which is responsible for providing these schools, as well as issues affecting Service children in UK state-maintained and independent sector day and boarding schools. The Committee concludes that Service personnel deserve assurance that their children's education will not suffer because of their parent's employment, and expresses its doubts that the DfES and the MoD currently take the interests of Service children sufficiently into account. Findings include: the need for better co-ordination between the MoD, the DfES and the devolved administrations to ensure continuity of education for children moving between different parts of the UK; the DfES needs to undertake work to determine how many Service children are in UK schools and the system for transferring student records between schools needs to be improved, particularly for Service children with special needs; and the MoD should increase the provision of telephones and internet access for Service personnel on operations so that they can communicate with their children.

21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook

Author: Thomas L Good
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1452265992
Category: Education
Page: 1032
View: 7166

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21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook offers 100 chapters written by leading experts in the field that highlight the most important topics, issues, questions, and debates facing educators today. This comprehensive and authoritative two-volume work provides undergraduate education majors with insight into the rich array of issues inherent in education—issues informing debates that involve all Americans. Key Features: · Provides undergraduate majors with an authoritative reference source ideal for their classroom research needs, preparation for GREs, and research into directions to take in pursuing a graduate degree or career · Offers more detailed information than encyclopedia entries, but not as much jargon, detail, or density as journal articles or research handbook chapters · Explores educational policy and reform, teacher education and certification, educational administration, curriculum, and instruction · Offers a reader-friendly common format: Theory, Methods, Applications, Comparison, Future Directions, Summary, References and Further Readings 21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook is designed to prepare teachers, professors, and administrators for their future careers, informing the debates and preparing them to address the questions and meet the challenges of education today.

Technology for Transition and Postsecondary Success

Supporting Executive Function
Author: Gillian R. Hayes ,Stephen W. Hosaflook
Publisher: National Professional Resources Inc
ISBN: 1935609939
Category: Education
Page: 6
View: 9514

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This six-page (tri-fold) laminated reference guide by Gillian Hayes and Stephen Hosaflook focuses on readily available tools for augmenting and supporting the development of executive function skills, such as time and task management, organization, and self-regulation. These skills are crucial for accomplishing a variety of transition-related goals, including carrying out the daily routines that enable people to function autonomously, enroll in and be successful in postsecondary school, and obtain and excel at a job. Technology for Transition and Postsecondary Success identifies and describes how to use a spectrum of helpful technological tools in creative ways to support the transition to postsecondary education or employment. The guide also provides tips for using technology appropriately--including mobile device and email etiquette-- and staying safe online.

Behavioral Approaches for Children and Adolescents

Challenges for the Next Century
Author: Philip C. Kendall,Jan H. Slavenburg,Henk P.J.G. van Bilsen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1475794061
Category: Psychology
Page: 176
View: 9040

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Challenges for the next decade as the subtitle ofa book is a statement ofambition. In the present time we have to be ambitious as scientists, clinicians, and teachers. Without ambition we would not be able to confront the problems of young people in an effective way. In this decade, we can see an abundance of problems of young people: football hooliganism, school drop out, vandalism, delinquency, lack ofsocial skills, aggression, and depression. The problem seems to grow. Governments, parents, and concerned citizens call for action now. Unfortunately, the action that is taken is often impulsive and not based on scientifically proven methods: longerjail sentences for young first offenders, putting young offenders in military look-alike training camps, etc. For some reason, the usage of effective interventions is limited. In this, book the reader will find an extensive overview of what we know to be effective as a "cure" or prevention for the above-mentioned problems. The first four chapters will give the reader a clear insight ofwhat the "state ofthe art" is today. erview of cognitive behavioural therapies with children and ado An integrative ov lescents isgiven by Kendall, Panichelli-Mindel, and Gerow.Russo and Navalta providesome new dimensions ofbehavior analysis and therapy. What behavioral approaches can offer to education is described by Slavenburg and van Bilsen in two chapters. In Part II authors from Australia, the United States, and the Netherlands describe programs for specific clinical populations: attention deficit disorder, anti-social youth, learning problems, social skills problems, depression, and aggression.

Interactive Distance Learning in PreK-12 Settings

A Handbook of Possibilities
Author: Jan M. Yates
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781563088209
Category: Education
Page: 281
View: 7720

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This practical book shows how to integrate elements of distance learning into PreK-12 settings. With emphasis on Internet-based delivery formats, Yates presents the latest research and proven techniques for creating effective distance-learning opportunities that enhance student achievement.

Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management

Author: Don Hossler,Bob Bontrager
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118819535
Category: Education
Page: 656
View: 4818

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Improve student enrollment outcomes and meet institutional goalsthrough the effective management of student enrollments. Published with the American Association for CollegiateRegistrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), the Handbook ofStrategic Enrollment Management is the comprehensivetext on the policies, strategies, practices that shapepostsecondary enrollments. This volume combines relevant theoriesand research, with applied chapters on the management of officessuch as admissions, financial aid, and the registrar to provide acomprehensive guide to the complex world of Strategic EnrollmentManagement (SEM). SEM focuses on achieving enrollment goals, andsustaining institutional revenue and serving the needs of students.It provides insights into the ways SEM is practiced acrossfour-year institutions, community colleges, and professionalschools. More than just an enhanced approach to admissions and financialaid, SEM examines the student's entire educational cycle. Fromentry through graduation, this volume helps SEM professionals andgraduate students interested in enrollment management to anticipatechange and balancing the goals of revenue, access, diversity, andprestige. The Handbook of Strategic EnrollmentManagement: Provides an overview of the thinking of leading practitionersthat comprise SEM organizations, including marketing, recruitment,and admissions; tuition pricing; financial aid; the registrar'srole, academic advising; and, retention Includes up-to-date research on current issues in SEM includingcollege choice, financial aid, student persistence, and theeffective use of technology Guides readers creating strategic enrollment organizations thatfit the unique history, culture, and policy context of yourcampus Strategic enrollment management has become one of the mostimportant administrative areas in postsecondary education, and itis being adopted in countries around the globe. The Handbook ofStrategic Enrollment Management is for anyone in enrollmentmanagement, admissions, financial aid, registration and records,orientation, marketing, and institutional research who wish toenhance the health and vitality of his or her institution. It isalso an excellent text for graduate programs in higher educationand student affairs.

Music for Children with Hearing Loss

A Resource for Parents and Teachers
Author: Lyn Schraer-Joiner
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199382506
Category: Music
Page: 264
View: 9835

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Written by an expert in the field who is both a teacher and a teacher-educator, this book is an in-depth and practical resource for educators and parents who wish to introduce music to children with hearing loss. Author Lyn Schraer-Joiner makes a compelling case for offering music education to children with hearing loss before presenting a series of important and up-to-date teaching strategies meant to inform their educational experience, including preparations for the classroom, communication strategies for parents and teaching staff, and tips on more specific or technical matters such as conducting musical audiograms. These resources provide a solid background for hands-on instructional materials such as music lessons, supplemental activities, educational resources, discussion points, and journal samples for the classroom and home. Schraer-Joiner goes to great lengths to offer detailed, purposeful suggestions for specific classroom settings such as general music, choral ensemble, and instrumental ensemble as well as a set of recommended listening lessons that take this potential variety of settings into account. Furthermore, Schraer-Joiner provides suggestions for incorporating music into everyday activities and also presents an overview of recent research which reinforces the benefits of music upon social and emotional development as well as speech and language development. Each chapter concludes with a section entitled "For Your Consideration" which features review questions, ideas, and instructional activities that teachers and parents can accomplish with deaf and hard of hearing children. The book's "Kids Only" online component provides deaf and hard-of-hearing children with descriptions of the many opportunities available to them in the arts, inspirational case studies and stories, as well as important ideas and topics for deaf and hard-of-hearing children to consider discussing with the teachers, family members, and healthcare professionals that they work with. The message of this book is a powerful one particularly in this day and age. As hearing aid and cochlear implant technologies improve and become increasingly widespread, all teachers--especially music teachers--should expect to see more deaf and hard-of-hearing children in their classrooms. Awareness and preparation are not only vital in aiding these children in the classroom, but are in fact required of teachers by federal law. This book is a comprehensive resource for teachers and parents who wish to gain a better understanding of the emerging field of music education for students with hearing loss.

Primary Care of the Child With a Chronic Condition E-Book

Author: Patricia Jackson Allen,Judith A. Vessey,Naomi Schapiro
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 032308088X
Category: Medical
Page: 880
View: 3176

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Written by nurse practitioners for nurse practitioners, this one-of-a-kind resource provides the expert guidance you need to provide comprehensive primary care to children with special needs and their families. It addresses specific conditions that require alterations in standard primary care and offers practical advice on managing the major issues common to children with chronic conditions. A consistent format makes it easy to locate essential information on each condition. Plus, valuable resources help you manage the issues and gaps in health care coverage that may hinder quality care. This is the only book authored by Nurse Practitioners that focuses on managing the primary health care needs of children with chronic conditions. More than 60 expert contributors provide the most current information available on specific conditions. Comprehensive summary boxes at the end of all chronic conditions chapters provide at-a-glance access to key information. Resource lists at the end of each chronic condition chapter direct you to helpful websites, national organizations, and additional sources of information that you can share with parents and families. Updated references ensure you have access to the most current, evidence-based coverage of the latest research findings and management protocols. Four new chapters — Celiac Disease, Eating Disorders, Muscular Dystrophy, and Obesity — keep you up to date with the latest developments in treating these conditions. Autism content is updated with the latest research on autism spectrum disorders, including current methods of evaluation, identification, and management. Coverage of systems of care features new information on how to help families obtain high-quality and cost-effective coordinated services within our complex health care system. Easy-to-find boxes in the chronic conditions chapters summarize important information on treatment, associated problems, clinical manifestations, and differential diagnosis.

Start Your Own College Planning Consultant Business

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success
Author: Eileen Figure Sandlin,Entrepreneur magazine
Publisher: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 1613082460
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 225
View: 5803

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Thanks to today’s busy lifestyles, nearly 4,500 institutions of higher learning, and more than 21 million students, the need for college admissions consulting services continues to grow. The experts at Entrepreneur detail how education enthusiasts and/ or those with a passion for counseling others can take advantage of this home-based business opportunity. Coached by our experts, entrepreneurs learn how to identify their specialty or services—from steering high school students towards acceptance to assisting in filing admission and financial applications and other market needs. They also learn business basics such as establishing their company as a legal entity, outfitting a home office, handling the finances, promoting your services and the like. Given contact lists, resource lists, sample documents, and even interviews from practicing entrepreneurs sharing money-saving tips, pitfalls to avoid, and tricks of the trade, entrepreneurs gain all the intel they need to make their business startup and launch a success.

Using Assessments to Teach for Understanding

A Casebook for Educators
Author: Judith Shulman,Andrea Kay Whittaker,Michele Lew
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 9780807742143
Category: Education
Page: 140
View: 4688

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A companion to Facilitator's Guide to Using Assessments to Teach for Understanding, this casebook presents the challenges and dilemmas that teachers face with the contemporary climate of high-stakes accountabilty. The cases provide an opportunity to collaboratively analyse and reflect on issues.

Self-Advocacy Skills for Students With Learning Disabilities

Making It Happen in College and Beyond
Author: Henry B. Reiff
Publisher: National Professional Resources Inc./Dude Publishing
ISBN: 9781934032060
Category: Education
Page: 215
View: 5702

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Filled with strategies, and resources, this book uses the author's groundbreaking research about successful adults with learning disabilities, to promote self-advocacy. This work is brimming with useful and practical information. It is easily understood and embraced by students with learning disabilities, their parents, guidance counselors, and stakeholders in the fields of both higher and special education.

Children and Learning Difficulties

Author: Onita Nakra
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 164429737X
Category: Psychology
Page: 240
View: 494

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Children and Learning Difficulties is written to enable educators and parents to understand the nature of learning disability so they in turn can transform the capabilities of all children who struggle with learning. A specific learning disability occurs when difficulty with reading, writing, or mathematics actively interferes with success in school or college. Most individuals with a learning disability are bright, intelligent and creative yet struggle with formal learning. This book discusses how to identify the exact nature of a learning diability, outlines procedures for assessment and diagnosis, and suggests methods that have been proven to be effective. Practical guidelines and resources are available for teachers, educators and parents. The book is an invaluable resource and tool for all educators and families who are looking for answers to their questions.