Healthcare of the Well Pet

Author: Caroline Jevring,Thomas E. Catanzaro
Publisher: Bailliere Tindall Limited
ISBN: 9780702023934
Category: Medical
Page: 201
View: 2803

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A practical book describing ways of implementing health care programs in small animal practices. In the initial chapters, practical "how-to" aspects such as client reminder and recall systems, marketing, use of staff time and more are discussed in general terms. Also covers specific types of programs in detail by first presenting theory and scientific background, and then demonstrating how this information can be presented to clients effectively to convince them of the benefits to their pets of preventative health care. Spanish version also available, ISBN: 84-8174-623-1

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary,Handbook, Debra M. Eldredge, 4th Edition,2007

Dog Owner's
Author: Howell Book House
Publisher: Bukupedia
ISBN: 0470067853
Category: Pets
Page: 658
View: 727

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This book is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of veterinarians. Readers should regularly consult a veterinarian in matters relating to their dog’s health, and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require medical attention. In writing this book, we have described the signs and symptoms that will lead you to a preliminary idea of what is happening with your dog, so you can weigh the severity of the problem. Knowing when to call your veterinarian is very important. Delays can be dangerous. At the same time, we have sought to provide guidance for the acute or emergency situations that you must handle on your own until you can get your dog to a veterinarian. Life-saving procedures such as artificial respiration and heart massage, and what to do in the event of poisonings, obstetrical problems, and other emergencies are explained step by step. But a veterinary handbook is not a substitute for professional care. Advice from a book can never be as helpful or as safe as actual medical advice. No text can replace the interview and the hands-on examination that enables a veterinarian to make a speedy and accurate diagnosis. However, the knowledge provided in this book will enable you to more effectively cooperate and better understand your interactions with your veterinarian. You’ll be more alert to the signs of health problems and better able to describe them. You’ll know more about basic care for your dog, and you’ll be prepared in an emergency.

You and Your Puppy

Training and Health Care for Your Puppy's First Year
Author: James DeBitetto,Sarah Hodgson
Publisher: *Howell Book House
ISBN: 9780764562389
Category: Pets
Page: 272
View: 7155

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First published in 1995, this authoritative book has helped nearly 40,000 families raise healthy, content pets. Packed with illustrations and photos, it explains how to keep puppies healthy, put them through basic training, correct behavior problems, and integrate them into family life. Since the initial publication, coauthor Sarah Hodgson has become the media's favorite puppy expert—a dog trainer who writes for The New York Times, appears on the Rosie O'Donnell Show," the "Today Show," and other programs, and even helped Katie Couric choose a puppy."

Natural Pet Care

How to Improve Your Animal's Quality of Life
Author: Gary Null
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
ISBN: 1609802675
Category: Pets
Page: 280
View: 6165

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Right now, there are more pets in America than people, and many count their pets among the most beloved members of their family. However, a surprising number of pet owners are not aware that the lifestyle they provide their companions may not be a healthy one. Gary Null has helped countless Americans inprove their diets and their health with his natural approach to healthy living and scepticism of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Now, with Natural Pet Care , he carefully and compassionately lays out the ways we can improve our pets’ health and lives. Natural Pet Care includes "Animals on the Move", which explains the importance of proper exercise, "Everybody in the Tub!", which covers natural bathing and grooming products and techniques, "The Impetuous Pet", which helps in understanding your animal’s behavior, and appendices for those seeking holistic veterinary care, pet friendly lodgings and animal friendly organizations. Natural Pet Care also provides sources for natural pet foods and products, while scrutinizing the pet food industry. He describes, for instance, that almost any dog owner would be horrified to learn what really goes into most commercial dog foods—even some of the more expensive brands—including "slaughterhouse throwaways" and diseased animal parts. As an alternative, Null offers "The Tao of Chow," in which he recommends countless natural alternatives that can easily be made at home—recipes included—and which can prolong and improve your pet's life. With this book on your reference shelf, you and your spectacular pet will be ready to tackle anything naturally! Natural Pet Care deals extensively with the health of dogs and cats, but also is devoted to other common pets, including birds, rabbits, ferrets, fish, horses, rodents, and snakes. Long overdue, Gary Null's Natural Pet Care will help pet owners provide their furry, feathered, and scaled companions with the healthy lifestyle they need and deserve.

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats

Author: Richard H. Pitcairn,Susan Hubble Pitcairn
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 1623367557
Category: Pets
Page: 512
View: 1946

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For more than 30 years, Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats has been the go-to resource for health-conscious animal lovers. This fourth edition is updated with the latest information in natural pet health, including groundbreaking research on the benefits of vegan diets for pets, as well as nutritionally complete recipes to give your pets optimal health that you can also enjoy, making home prepared diets easier than ever. The Pitcairns also discuss behavior issues, general nutrition, and a more humane approach to caring for pets. The Pitcairns have long been the trusted name in holistic veterinary care and continue to be at the forefront of natural pet health. Written with the same compassion and conviction, the fourth edition of Natural Health for Dogs & Cats will help you give your beloved animals the healthiest, happiest life.

Animal Care and Management at the National Zoo

Interim Report
Author: Committee on a Review of the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoological Park,Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources,Institute for Laboratory Animal Research,Division on Earth and Life Studies,National Research Council
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309091780
Category: Science
Page: 128
View: 2220

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This interim report assesses issues related to animal management, husbandry, health, and care at the Smithsonian Institution's National Zoological Park. The report finds that there are shortcomings in care and management that are threatening the well-being of the animal collection and identifies the "most pressing" issues that should be addressed.

Mental Health and Well-Being in Animals

Author: Franklin D. McMillan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470384727
Category: Medical
Page: 301
View: 8168

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The past few decades have seen a virtual explosion of scientific research in the area of cognition, emotions, suffering, and mental states in animals. Studies in the field, laboratory, and clinical medical practice have amassed an overwhelming body of evidence demonstrating that mental well-being is of paramount importance in all aspects of animal care. There is no longer any reasonable doubt among researchers that mental health is of equal importance as physical health and animal well-being. Recent research convincingly shows that physical health is strongly influenced by mental states, thereby making it clear that effective health care requires attention to the emotional well-being as well as physical. Yet, for its vast importance, mental health in veterinary medicine has to date not been compiled and structured into an organized field or body of knowledge. This information, so critical to the formal establishment of the field of mental health and well-being in animals, remains scattered throughout a wide array of scientific journals. This book represents the first authoritative reference text bringing together the most up-to-date information in the variety of subjects comprising the field of mental health and well-being in animals. Bringing together a host of distinguished experts internationally noted in the fields of animal emotion research, animal behavior, cognitive science, and neuroscience, the book represents the first authoritative reference compiling the diverse information on the animal mind and combining the revolutionary advances in the cognitive sciences with the knowledge in veterinary medicine and clinical animal behavior. This book takes a descriptive and proscriptive approach to mental health, mixing the scientific research with practical information with clinical applications for veterinary health professionals to use in practice.

Introduction to US Health Policy

The Organization, Financing, and Delivery of Health Care in America
Author: Donald A. Barr
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421420716
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 456
View: 3275

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Health care reform has been a dominant theme in public discourse for decades now. The passage of the Affordable Care Act was a major milestone, but rather than quell the rhetoric, it has sparked even more heated debate. In the latest edition of Introduction to US Health Policy, Donald A. Barr reviews the current structure of the American health care system, describing the historical and political contexts in which it developed and the core policy issues that continue to confront us today. Barr’s comprehensive analysis explores the various organizations and institutions that make the US health care system work—or fail to work. He describes in detail the paradox of US health care—simultaneously the best in the world and one of the worst among developed countries—while introducing readers to broad cultural issues surrounding health care policy, such as access, affordability, and quality. Barr also discusses specific elements of US health care with depth and nuance, including insurance, especially Medicare and Medicaid. He scrutinizes the shift to for-profit managed care while analyzing the pharmaceutical industry, issues surrounding long-term care, the plight of the uninsured, the prevalence of medical errors, and the troublesome issue of nursing shortages. The thoroughly updated edition of this widely adopted text focuses on the Affordable Care Act. It explains the steps taken to carry out the Act, the changes to the Act based on recent Supreme Court decisions, the success of the Act in achieving the combined goals of improved access to care and constraining the costs of care, and the continuing political controversy regarding its future. Drawing on an extensive range of resources, including government reports, scholarly publications, and analyses from a range of private organizations, Introduction to US Health Policy provides scholars, policymakers, and health care providers with a comprehensive platform of ideas that is key to understanding and influencing the changes in the US health care system.

Behaviour Problems in Small Animals

Practical Advice for the Veterinary Team
Author: Jon Bowen (BVetMed.),Sarah Heath
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702027677
Category: Medical
Page: 283
View: 1141

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This compact, easy-access guide to behavioral problems encountered in veterinary practice offers immediate and helpful advice for today's veterinary team. Instructor resources are available; please contact your Elsevier sales representative for details. Coverage offers immediate advice to the veterinary team who are often presented with behavioral problems in their practice. Easy-to-read format includes introductions, medical differentials, underlying causes, diagnosis, action boxes, and summaries. Content refers the reader to other chapters throughout the book, so that information can be found quickly and easily. Helpful handouts, which can be photocopied, offer yet another way to further your learning experience.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals

A Guide for the Consumer
Author: Susan E. Davis
Publisher: Joycare Onsite, LLC
ISBN: 9780989275002
Category: Medical
Page: 286
View: 6289

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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals: A Guide for the Consumer is the essential guide to help pet owners navigate the veterinary physical therapy and rehabilitation field throughout the animal's lifespan. It will assist you in: how to find a qualified therapist, what to expect on the initial visit, explaining the process of goal setting and treatment intervention plans. It offers descriptions of physical modalities, therapeutic exercises, and a wide variety of conditions affecting the pet in the areas of orthopedics, neurology, oncology, metabolic illness, and congenital deformities. This book also addresses interesting topics such as aging pets/geriatrics, arthritis, injury prevention, stem cell procedures, reiki, braces and splints, wheeled carts and artificial limbs. Included are numerous patient case studies and anecdotal stories covering over five animal species.

Medicine and Slavery

The Diseases and Health Care of Blacks in Antebellum Virginia
Author: Todd L. Savitt
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
ISBN: 9780252008740
Category: History
Page: 332
View: 2439

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A detailed analysis of the occurrence of disease and the quality of medical care in antebellum Virginia focuses on the treatment of Black slaves and freemen

Greening Health Care

How Hospitals Can Heal the Planet
Author: Kathy Gerwig
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199385831
Category: Medical
Page: 264
View: 1083

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The relationship between hospitals and the environment is defined by a glaring contradiction: as health care facilities deliver care at any cost, their environmental footprint -- pollution, waste production, unsustainable food services -- contributes to harming community health. Greening Health Care examines the intersections of health care and environmental health, both in terms of traditional failures and the revolution underway to fix them. Authored by one of the pioneers in health care's green movement, it presents practical solutions for health care organizations and clinicians to improve their environments and the health of their communities. Topics include: making food services sustainable, managing hospital waste, and relevant impacts/mitigating measures related to climate change. As environmental protection grows into an imperative for all aspects of society, Greening Health Care offers an historical and practical approach to sustainable health care delivery.

Bless This Mess: A Picture Story of Healthcare in America

Author: Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA
ISBN: 1483479625
Page: 102
View: 3488

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Our neighbors on other planets look with puzzlement at the United States, located on the beautiful planet Earth. Despite amazing knowledge, discovery, and skill, healthcare delivery in this country is expensive, episodic, not customer-friendly, and much better for citizens with lots of money than those with less. Can this country find the resolve to embrace change, learn from other planets (or at least other countries and industries on this planet), and create an optimistic future for an ideal delivery system? In a picture story that embraces disruption and transformation, this journey through time and space offers a humorous exploration of the weaknesses of the American healthcare delivery system. Bless This Mess asks how we might re-imagine how we teach, how we care, and how we put an end to health disparities ... and get us closer to the holy grail of a believable understandable bill! The challenge is ours. Will we take it?

Hoping to Help

The Promises and Pitfalls of Global Health Volunteering
Author: Judith N. Lasker
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 1501703846
Category: Social Science
Page: 256
View: 8496

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Overseas volunteering has exploded in numbers and interest in the last couple of decades. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people travel from wealthier to poorer countries to participate in short-term volunteer programs focused on health services. Churches, universities, nonprofit service organizations, profit-making "voluntourism" companies, hospitals, and large corporations all sponsor brief missions. Hoping to Help is the first book to offer a comprehensive assessment of global health volunteering, based on research into how it currently operates, its benefits and drawbacks, and how it might be organized to contribute most effectively. Given the enormous human and economic investment in these activities, it is essential to know more about them and to understand the advantages and disadvantages for host communities. Most people assume that poor communities benefit from the goodwill and skills of the volunteers. Volunteer trips are widely advertised as a means to “give back” and “make a difference.” In contrast, some claim that health volunteering is a new form of colonialism, designed to benefit the volunteers more than the host communities. Others focus on unethical practices and potential harm to the presumed “beneficiaries.” Judith N. Lasker evaluates these opposing positions and relies on extensive research—interviews with host country staff members, sponsor organization leaders, and volunteers, a national survey of sponsors, and participant observation—to identify best and worst practices. She adds to the debate a focus on the benefits to the sponsoring organizations, benefits that can contribute to practices that are inconsistent with what host country staff identify as most likely to be useful for them and even with what may enhance the experience for volunteers. Hoping to Help illuminates the activities and goals of sponsoring organizations and compares dominant practices to the preferences of host country staff and to nine principles for most effective volunteer trips.

Redefining Health Care

Creating Value-based Competition on Results
Author: Michael E. Porter,Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1422133362
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 528
View: 792

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The U.S. health care system is in crisis. At stake are the quality of care for millions of Americans and the financial well-being of individuals and employers squeezed by skyrocketing premiums—not to mention the stability of state and federal government budgets. In Redefining Health Care, internationally renowned strategy expert Michael Porter and innovation expert Elizabeth Teisberg reveal the underlying—and largely overlooked—causes of the problem, and provide a powerful prescription for change. The authors argue that competition currently takes place at the wrong level—among health plans, networks, and hospitals—rather than where it matters most, in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of specific health conditions. Participants in the system accumulate bargaining power and shift costs in a zero-sum competition, rather than creating value for patients. Based on an exhaustive study of the U.S. health care system, Redefining Health Care lays out a breakthrough framework for redefining the way competition in health care delivery takes place—and unleashing stunning improvements in quality and efficiency. With specific recommendations for hospitals, doctors, health plans, employers, and policy makers, this book shows how to move health care toward positive-sum competition that delivers lasting benefits for all.

Health Care for Some

Rights and Rationing in the United States Since 1930
Author: Beatrix Hoffman
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226348032
Category: History
Page: 319
View: 611

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Examines the divisive issue of universal health care in the United States and offers an explanation as to why health care is not considered a right in America, as it is in most other nations.

Leading Change in Health Care

Building a Viable System for Today and Tomorrow
Author: Ian Morrison
Publisher: AHA Press
ISBN: 9781556483837
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 200
View: 6057

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An updated collection of short essays written by Ian Morrison: The essays tell important stories that address the current environment and are organized around overarching themes on how to build viable systems in health care finance and delivery. Readers will find Morrison's wry observations and wicked ideas entertaining, irreverent, thoughtful, and inspiring. His analysis offers lively starting points for provocative and memorable board room discussions. The essays were written for Hospitals & Health Networks (H&HN) magazine and its online editions, H&HN Weekly and H&HN Daily and cover a decade's worth of health care change, with sensitivity to our current reform environment. The chapters are organized into overarching themes that address the need for structural change in the way health care is delivered and financed. Each essay encourages you to question the status quo and to look at the details of our delivery system a bit differently. They will inspire you to renew the ideals and leadership commitments you set for yourself. You and your board will find plenty to chuckle about as Ian skewers the often painful logic and convoluted thinking behind our national health care policies. Yet, he manages to introduce original thinking on alternative management practices, policy analysis, and solutions to problems that vex health care leaders every day.

The Healing of America

A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care
Author: T. R. Reid
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0143118218
Category: Medical
Page: 290
View: 3643

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A best-selling author guides a whirlwind tour of successful health-care systems worldwide, disproving American myths of "socialized medicine" to find possible paths toward reform. Reprint.