Handbook of Enology, 2 Volume Set

Author: Pascal Ribéreau-Gayon
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780470011577
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 928
View: 4437

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A must for all serious students and practitioners of viticulture, the Handbook of Enology (volumes 1 and 2) serves as both a text and reference book for students and practitioners interested and working in the field of winemaking. Carefully revised and updated, this second edition features new scientific and technological results to reflect the most up-to-date knowledge in winemaking. Written by two esteemed authors, the handbook discusses the scientific basics and technological problems of winemaking and the resulting consequences for the practitioner, providing an authoritative and complete reference manual for the winemaker, and an in-depth textbook for the student.

Handbook of Enology, Volume 1

The Microbiology of Wine and Vinifications
Author: Pascal Ribéreau-Gayon,Denis Dubourdieu,B. Donèche,A. Lonvaud
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470010355
Category: Science
Page: 512
View: 1276

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The "Microbiology" volume of the new revised and updated Handbook of Enology focuses on the vinification process. It describes how yeasts work and how they can be influenced to achieve better results. It continues to look at the metabolism of lactic acid bacterias and of acetic acid bacterias, and again, how can they be treated to avoid disasters in the winemaking process and how to achieve optimal results. The last chapters in the book deal with the use of sulfur-dioxide, the grape and its maturation process, harvest and pre-fermentation treatment, and the basis of red, white and speciality wine making. The result is the ultimate text and reference on the science and technology of the vinification process: understanding and dealing with yeasts and bacterias involved in the transformation from grape to wine. A must for all serious students and practitioners involved in winemaking.

Handbook of Animal-Based Fermented Food and Beverage Technology, Second Edition

Author: Y. H. Hui,E. Özgül Evranuz
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439850224
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 814
View: 6399

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Fermented food can be produced with inexpensive ingredients and simple techniques and makes a significant contribution to the human diet, especially in rural households and village communities worldwide. Progress in the biological and microbiological sciences involved in the manufacture of these foods has led to commercialization and heightened interest among scientists and food processors. Handbook of Animal-Based Fermented Food and Beverage Technology, Second Edition is an up-to-date reference exploring the history, microorganisms, quality assurance, and manufacture of fermented food products derived from animal sources. The book begins by describing fermented animal product manufacturing and then supplies a detailed exploration of a range of topics including: Dairy starter cultures, microorganisms, leuconostoc and its use in dairy technology, and the production of biopreservatives Exopolysaccharides and fermentation ecosystems Fermented milk, koumiss, laban, yogurt, and sour cream Meat products, including ham, salami, sausages, and Turkish pastirma Malaysian and Indonesian fermented fish products Probiotics and fermented products, including the technological aspects and benefits of cheese as a probiotic carrier Fermented food products play a critical role in cultural identity, local economy, and gastronomical delight. With contributions from over 60 experts from more than 20 countries, the book is an essential reference distilling the most critical information on this food sector.

Der Weinatlas

Author: Hugh Johnson,Jancis Robinson
Publisher: GRÄFE UND UNZER Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 9783774207752
Category: Cooking
Page: 352
View: 8448

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Genau drei Jahrzehnte sind vergangen, seit Hugh Johnsons Weinatlas zum ersten Mal erschien und die Kritiker in aller Welt zu Beifallsstürmen wie hinriss. Das Buch wurde in ein Dutzend Sprachen übersetzt und millionenfach verkauft. Die nun vorliegende und bereits lang ersehnte fünfte Ausgabe hat Hugh Johnson gemeinsam mit der Weinexpertin und Autorin von Weltruf Jancis Robinson verfasst. Robinson hat einen Großteil der Texte neu geschrieben und damit den großen Veränderungen und Entwicklungen in der Weinwelt seit der letzten Ausgabe 1994 Rechnung getragen. Die wichtigste Neuerung sind die vollständig neu erstellten Karten, die seit der ersten Ausgabe das Rückgrat dieses Atlas bilden und ihn zum nach wie vor konkurrenzlosen Referenzwerk machen: "Lively, intelligent writing combined with lush photography und unmatched technical accuracy make this an enjoyable read for the novice and a must have for the accomplished oenophile" (Wine Enthusiast über die englische Originalausgabe).

Handbook of Herbs and Spices

Author: K. V. Peter
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0857095684
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 624
View: 8808

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Herbs and spices are among the most versatile ingredients in food processing, and alongside their sustained popularity as flavourants and colourants they are increasingly being used for their natural preservative and potential health-promoting properties. An authoritative new edition in two volumes, Handbook of herbs and spices provides a comprehensive guide to the properties, production and application of a wide variety of commercially-significant herbs and spices. Volume 2 begins with a discussion of such issues as the medicinal uses of herbs and spices and their sustainable production. Herbs and spices as natural antimicrobials in foods and the effect of their natural antioxidants on the shelf life of food are explored, before the book goes on to look in depth at individual herbs and spices, ranging from ajowan to tamarind. Each chapter provides detailed coverage of a single herb or spice, and begins by considering origins, chemical composition and classification. The cultivation, production and processing of the specific herb or spice is then discussed in detail, followed by analysis of the main uses, functional properties and toxicity. With its distinguished editor and international team of expert contributors, the two volumes of the new edition of Handbook of herbs and spices are an essential reference for manufacturers using herbs and spices in their products. They also provide valuable information for nutritionists and academic researchers. Provides a comprehensive guide to the properties, production and application of a wide variety of commercially-significant herbs and spices Begins with a discussion of such issues as the medicinal uses of herbs and spices and their sustainable production Explores herbs and spices as natural antimicrobials in foods and the effect of their natural antioxidants on the shelf life of food

Winemaking Problems Solved

Author: Christian E Butzke
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0857090186
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 432
View: 6041

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What is the best way to cold settle my white juices? How do I sample for Brettanomyces? What’s the best procedure to clean or store a used barrel? How do I care for the winery pump? My wine is too astringent - what do I do? When can I skip filtering my wine? When will it re-ferment and push the corks? How do I best store and ship my bottled wine? Expert answers to these and further questions that arise during winemaking can be found in this convenient reference book. Arranged in practical question and answer format, Winemaking problems solved provides brief, quickly accessible solutions to more than one hundred issues of frequent concern to winemaking professionals. Chapters review issues associated with grape analysis, juice and must preparation, yeast and malolactic fermentation, wine clarification and stabilisation, filtration, packaging and storage. Sections on winery equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, wine microbiology and sanitation are also included. The final part of the book focuses on particular wine quality issues, such as hazes and off-odours. With expert contributions from a diverse team of international enologists, Winemaking problems solved is an essential, hands-on reference for professionals in the winemaking industry and students of enology. Provides solutions to a variety of issues of frequent concern to wine making professionals Reviews issues related to grape analysis, filtration, packaging and microbiology A hands-on reference book written by a diverse team of international enologists

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wine Basics, 2nd Edition

Author: Tara Q. Thomas
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101022078
Category: Cooking
Page: 416
View: 604

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From grape lover to grape aficionado. The possibilities of learning about and buying wine have expanded and so has The Complete Idiots Guide® to Wine Basics with a new edition. Here, readers can get their hands on new information such as ordering hard-to-find wine online, discussing the newest and most popular labels and vintages, and understanding the biggest trend in wine today - environmentally conscious wines and winemaking. Readers will find: ?Essentials about the winemaking process, key terms, tips for tasting, and buying advice ?Organic, biodynamic and natural winemaking ?Winemaking in states other than California, Oregon, and Washington ?Regions gaining popularity, such as South Africa, Eastern Europe, and Portugal

The Athenæum

A Journal of Literature, Science, the Fine Arts, Music, and the Drama
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 7212

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Wein für Dummies

Author: McCarthy,Mary Ewing-Mulligan
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 9783527701230
Category: Cooking
Page: 368
View: 3602

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Gehören Sie auch zu den Leuten, die gerne ein Gläschen Wein in trauter Runde genießen? Und wollten Sie sich schon immer einmal in die Geheimnisse und den blumigen Jargon richtiger Weinverkoster einweihen lassen? Dann begeben Sie sich mit den Weinkennern Ed McCarthy und Mary Ewing-Mulligan auf eine Entdeckungstour! Sie erklären Ihnen, welche erlesenen Traubensorten es gibt, wie Wein angebaut wird, durch welche Faktoren sein Geschmack beeinflusst werden kann und welche berühmten Weinregionen Sie kennen sollten. Doch damit Sie nicht nur in der Theorie glänzen, werden natürlich auch ganz praktische Fragen geklärt: Wie wird Wein serviert und gelagert? Darf man einen Bordeaux zum Fisch oder einen Riesling zum Schweinebraten trinken? Kurzum: Hier erfahren Sie alles, was Sie für den Einstieg in die Welt des Weines wissen müssen.

Table Wines

The Technology of Their Production
Author: Maynard A. Amerine,Maynard Andrew Amerine,Maynard Alexander Joslyn
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520016576
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 997
View: 6420

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Steven Holl

world of wine LOISIUM
Author: Gudrun Hausegger,Othmar Pruckner,Dietmar Steiner
Publisher: Hatje Cantz Pub
Category: Travel
Page: 111
View: 7198

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A few years ago, on the edge of Langenlois, Austria, in the midst of rolling vineyards, three neighboring families faced a puzzle: recent technology had made their extensive cellars, some up to 900 years old, obsolete for wine production. What to do with the space? This unique meeting of traditional viniculture, ancient building technology and contemporary architecture and scholarship was the answer. It comprises a flagship entrance hall, multimedia exhibits on wine production throughout the now-linked cellars, and a hotel and art garden. Both the hotel and the slightly tilted cube of the welcome hall - it lists five degrees to the south, pulling, as the vines do, towards the sun - were designed by the acclaimed American architect Steven Holl, who was inspired by the geometry of the subterranean cellars. World of Wine Loisium is an absorbing document of the four-part project. It includes essays about the region, a collection of Holl's own views of the project (he is, as well as an architect, a widely published writer on architecture), and essays about the global phenomena of star architects and the developers who commission their work, putting the project into a larger perspective.

Allgemeine Mikrobiologie

Author: Georg Fuchs
Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag
ISBN: 3132418870
Category: Science
Page: 752
View: 8151

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Das Standardwerk der Mikrobiologie – aktuell und umfassend Hier erfährst du alles, was du im Biologiestudium über Mikrobiologie wissen musst: - die verschiedenen Mikroorganismen im Überblick - allgemeiner Zellstoffwechsel mit Biosynthesen und Abbau organischer Verbindungen - unterschiedliche Stoffwechselleistungen der verschiedenen Mikroorganismen - Genetik und Molekularbiologie - Ökologie, Symbiose, Antagonismus - Systematik der Mikroorganismen, mit Vernetzung zum Stoffwechselkapitel - Biogeochemie und marine Mikrobiologie - Einführung in die medizinische Mikrobiologie und Infektionskrankheiten - Biotechnologie, inkl. Informationen zu Fermentationstechnik und Lebensmittelbiologie - Anhang mit den wichtigsten thermodynamischen Grundlagen des Stoffwechsels - Vokabularium mit den wichtigsten ins Deutsche übersetzten Fachausdrücken Großes Format, übersichtliches Layout, bewährtes didaktisches Konzept: - viele Bilder und Grafiken, komplett farbig - klar formulierter Haupttext - spannend und verständlich geschrieben - verschiedenfarbige Boxen mit vertiefendem Wissen und Methoden Jederzeit zugreifen: Der Inhalt des Buches steht Ihnen ohne weitere Kosten digital in der Wissensplattform eRef zur Verfügung (Zugangscode im Buch). Mit der kostenlosen eRef App haben Sie zahlreiche Inhalte auch offline immer griffbereit.