Guests of the Sheik

An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village
Author: Elizabeth Warnock Fernea
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0307773787
Category: Social Science
Page: 368
View: 2911

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A delightful, well-written, and vastly informative ethnographic study, this is an account of Fernea's two-year stay in a tiny rural village in Iraq, where she assumed the dress and sheltered life of a harem woman. This volume gives a unique insight into a part of the Midddle Eastern life seldom seen by the West. "A most enjoyable book abouut [Muslim women]--simple, dignified, human, colorful, sad and humble as the life they lead." --Muhsin Mahdi, Jewett Professor of Arabic Literature, Harvard Unversity.

Wechselnde Blicke

Frauenforschung in internationaler Perspektive
Author: Ilse Lenz,Andrea Germer,Brigitte Hasenjürgen
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3663118185
Category: Social Science
Page: 230
View: 613

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Literature of Travel and Exploration

An Encyclopedia
Author: Jennifer Speake
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135456631
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 2100
View: 6324

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Containing more than 600 entries, this valuable resource presents all aspects of travel writing. There are entries on places and routes (Afghanistan, Black Sea, Egypt, Gobi Desert, Hawaii, Himalayas, Italy, Northwest Passage, Samarkand, Silk Route, Timbuktu), writers (Isabella Bird, Ibn Battuta, Bruce Chatwin, Gustave Flaubert, Mary Kingsley, Walter Ralegh, Wilfrid Thesiger), methods of transport and types of journey (balloon, camel, grand tour, hunting and big game expeditions, pilgrimage, space travel and exploration), genres (buccaneer narratives, guidebooks, New World chronicles, postcards), companies and societies (East India Company, Royal Geographical Society, Society of Dilettanti), and issues and themes (censorship, exile, orientalism, and tourism). For a full list of entries and contributors, a generous selection of sample entries, and more, visit the Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia website.

A History of Women's Seclusion in the Middle East

The Veil in the Looking Glass
Author: J Dianne Garner,Linn Prentis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134731523
Category: History
Page: 316
View: 7496

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Learn how the seclusion of women can be used as a feminist defense against exploitation—and as an empowering force Internationally acclaimed author Ann Chamberlin’s book, A History of Women’s Seclusion in the Middle East: The Veil in the Looking Glass is a critical interdisciplinary examination of the practice of seclusion of women throughout the Middle East from its beginnings. This challenging exploration discusses the reasons that seclusion may not be as oppressive as is presently generally accepted, and, in fact, may be an empowering force for women in both the West and East. Readers are taken on a controversial, belief-bending journey deep into the surprising origins and diverse aspects of female seclusion to find solid evidence of its surprising use as a defense against monolithic cultural exploitation. The author uses her extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern culture, language, and even archeology to provide a convincing assertion challenging the Western view that seclusion was and is a result of women’s oppression. A History of Women’s Seclusion in the Middle East goes beyond standard feminist rhetoric to put forth shocking notions on the real reasons behind women’s seclusion and how it has been used to counteract cultural exploitation. The book reviews written evidence, domestic and sacred architecture, evolution, biology, the clan, the environment for seclusion, trade, capital and land, slavery, honor, and various other aspects in a powerful feminist argument that seclusion is actually a valuable empowering force of protection from the influence of today’s society. The text includes thirty black and white figures with useful descriptions to illustrate and enhance reader understanding of concepts. A History of Women’s Seclusion in the Middle East discusses at length: prehistoric evidence of seclusion the sense of honor in the Middle East a balanced look at the Islamic religion the true nature of the harem the reasons for the oppression by the Taliban the positive aspects of ’veiling’ seclusion as a defense against capitalist exploitation and other challenging perspectives! A History of Women’s Seclusion in the Middle East is thought-provoking, insightful reading for all interested in women’s history, feminism, and the history and culture of the Middle East.

Being Reflexive in Critical and Social Educational Research

Author: Geoffrey Shacklock,John Smyth
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113571052X
Category: Education
Page: 240
View: 1274

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This text is a collection of case studies and readings on the subject of doing research in education. It takes a personal view of the experience of doing research. Each author presents a reflexive account of the issues and dilemmas as they have lived through them during the undertaking of educational research. Coming from the researcher's own perspectives, their positions are revealed within a wider space that can be personal, political, social and refexive. With this approach, many issues such as ethics, gender, race, validity, reciprocity, sexuality, class, voice, empowerment, authorship and readership are given an airing.

Embroidering Lives

Women's Work and Skill in the Lucknow Embroidery Industry
Author: Clare M. Wilkinson-Weber
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438424086
Category: Social Science
Page: 239
View: 4330

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Fusing aesthetic and economic perspectives in exploring the lives and work of women in the Lucknow, India embroidery industry, this book offers insights into anthropology of work and women’s studies.

Kurdistan on the Global Stage

Kinship, Land, and Community in Iraq
Author: Diane E. King
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813563542
Category: Social Science
Page: 286
View: 4039

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Anthropologist Diane E. King has written about everyday life in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, which covers much of the area long known as Iraqi Kurdistan. Following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’thist Iraqi government by the United States and its allies in 2003, Kurdistan became a recognized part of the federal Iraqi system. The Region is now integrated through technology, media, and migration to the rest of the world. Focusing on household life in Kurdistan’s towns and villages, King explores the ways that residents connect socially, particularly through patron-client relationships and as people belonging to gendered categories. She emphasizes that patrilineages (male ancestral lines) seem well adapted to the Middle Eastern modern stage and viceversa. The idea of patrilineal descent influences the meaning of refuge-seeking and migration as well as how identity and place are understood, how women and men interact, and how “politicking” is conducted. In the new Kurdistan, old values may be maintained, reformulated, or questioned. King offers a sensitive interpretation of the challenges resulting from the intersection of tradition with modernity. Honor killings still occur when males believe their female relatives have dishonored their families, and female genital cutting endures. Yet, this is a region where modern technology has spread and seemingly everyone has a mobile phone. Households may have a startling combination of illiterate older women and educated young women. New ideas about citizenship coexist with older forms of patronage. King is one of the very few scholars who conducted research in Iraq under extremely difficult conditions during the Saddam Hussein regime. How she was able to work in the midst of danger and in the wake of genocide is woven throughout the stories she tells. Kurdistan on the Global Stage serves as a lesson in field research as well as a valuable ethnography.


The Search for National Identity
Author: Liora Lukitz
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135778205
Category: History
Page: 256
View: 4778

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The 1990-1991 crisis in the Middle East and the disturbances that followed, threw the deep-seated divisions within the Iraqi population into focus. This book examines the complexities of the internal cultural, political and religious conflict within the modern state of Iraq.

Burnt Orange Britannia

Adventures in History and the Arts
Author: William Roger Louis
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781845111991
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 320
View: 4582

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How did great academics come to love their subjects? How do they see their roles as educators? In this series of beautifully crafted autobiographies, Burnt Orange Britannia illuminates the forces that drive some of America's brightest minds. Through personal stories of remarkable ambition, resilience and achievement, top historians of the British experience at the University of Texas reflect on their careers, students, and the sweeping changes in academic life that have changed the face of university education in the last fifty years. Burnt Orange Britannia is a candid and absorbing insight into life in the academic fast-stream, that will appeal to all those with an interest in history and the methods and philosophy of its teaching.

Wenn die Nacht am hellsten ist

Author: Nadia Hashimi
ISBN: 3732539601
Category: Fiction
Page: 463
View: 3905

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Fereiba führt in Kabul ein glückliches Leben - bis die Taliban ihr die Arbeit als Lehrerin verbieten und ihren Mann hinrichten. Fereiba sieht sich gezwungen, mit ihren drei Kindern zu fliehen. Mithilfe von Schleppern und gefälschten Pässen will sie sich zu ihrer Schwester in London durchschlagen. Doch in Athen wird ihr ältester Sohn Saleem von der Familie getrennt. Schweren Herzens setzt Fereiba die Reise ohne ihn fort. Werden Mutter und Sohn sich jemals wiedersehen? "Ein wunderschöner Roman mit tiefgründigen Charakteren vor dem dramatischen Hintergrund einer Welt, die verrückt geworden ist. Eine Geschichte unserer Zeit." Bookreporter "Eine Geschichte, die von Herzen kommt. Sie erzählt von Mut inmitten einer Welt, der es an Mitgefühl mangelt." Toronto Star "Nadia Hashimi hat sich auf ihre afghanischen Wurzeln besonnen und vor allem eine einfühlsame und wunderschöne Familiengeschichte geschrieben. Ein schillerndes Porträt Afghanistans in all seiner Pracht." Khaled Hosseini über "Hinter dem Regenbogen"

Die Tochter des Geschichtenerzählers

Meine Heimkehr nach Afghanistan
Author: Saira Shah
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3894807830
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 234
View: 7274

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In England aufgewachsen, kannte Saira Shah, Tochter eines afghanischen Gelehrten, das Land ihrer Väter lange Zeit nur vom Hörensagen. Denn das einzige, was ihr Vater damals für seine kleine Tochter mit in die Fremde rettete, waren tausendundeine faszinierende Geschichten und Legenden aus der Heimat. Erzählungen, die sie niemals vergessen sollte. Erzählungen, die ihr zeitlebens die Sehnsucht nach dem Zauber und der Magie Afghanistans in die Seele brannten. 1986, als sie gerade 21 war, gelang es Saira Shah zum ersten Mal, heimlich in das von russischen Truppen besetzte Afghanistan zu gelangen. Seitdem hat sie - oftmals illegal und unter Lebensgefahr - das Land immer wieder besucht. Jetzt beschreibt die renommierte Journalistin, was sie in nunmehr fast 20 Jahren auf ihren Reisen und bei ihren Aufenthalten in Afghanistan erlebt und erfahren hat. Und sie erzählt davon, wie aus einer einst von Stolz, Gastfreundschaft und religiöser Toleranz geprägten Kultur in nur zwei Jahrzehnten eine von Gewalt und Fundamentalismus zerrissene Nation werden konnte.

Roads of Arabia

archäologische Schätze aus Saudi-Arabien
Author: Museum für Islamische Kunst
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783803033550
Category: Art
Page: 308
View: 4194

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After stops in Paris, Barcelona and St. Petersburg, beginning in January, 2012, the archaeological legacy of Saudi Arabia will now be shown in the exhibition "Roads of Arabia" in Berlin. It will be the only German station on the route. The exhibition is being organized by the "Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities" and the Museum für Islamische Kunst of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin under the patronage of the Federal President Christian Wulff and King Abdullah ibn Abd al-Aziz of Saudi Arabia. The exhibition provides a unique cultural historical panorama of the Arabian Peninsula. Impressive witnesses of the pre and early history as well as the ancient history of Saudi Arabia: the first hand axes, 6000 year old anthropomorphic stele, monumental Egyptian giant statues, enchanting glass and metal works of Roman antiquity as well as objects of the ceramic revolution from the early history of Islam. Spectacular objects from the Kaaba and the city history of Mecca can be seen for the firs time in Germany.