The Greek Revival

Neo-classical Attitudes in British Architecture 1760-1870
Author: Joseph Mordaunt Crook
Publisher: John Murray Pubs Limited
ISBN: 9780719554551
Category: Architecture
Page: 204
View: 1315

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This study of the Greek revival opens with the rediscovery of Greece, involving the figures like Hell Fire Dashwood, Twitcher Sandwich and the Dilettanti Society. Their propagation of the Neo-Classical theory is explained and the expression of that theory in Greek Revival architecture covered.

Greek Revival America

Author: Roger G. Kennedy,John M. Hall
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications
ISBN: 9780847831845
Category: Architecture
Page: 454
View: 7782

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A long, loving look at the styles of living and governing fostered by the American Greek Revival, a period that began in the 1820s and flourished until the Civil War. 200 full-color photographs. 50 black-and-white period illustrations.

Greek Revival

Cooking for Life
Author: Patricia Moore-Pastides
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 161117208X
Category: Cooking
Page: 248
View: 2589

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Take eighty-seven ambrosial recipes designed for the needs and appetites of everyday cooks, leaven with delectable anecdotes about the Greek lifestyle, then pepper with revealing scientific insight, and the result is Greek Revival: Cooking for Life—an appetizing introduction to wonderful flavors and health benefits of the traditional Mediterranean diet. Patricia Moore-Pastides, an accomplished cook and public-health professional, presents dozens of easy-to-make and impossible-to-resist recipes that infuse a healthful diet with the enticement of great taste. Greek Revival showcases a pantheon of healthy recipes, accompanied by beautiful color illustrations, helpful preparation techniques, and tips for making the most of familiar ingredients, from colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, to whole grains, beans, and seafood. These natural flavors are enhanced by rich extra-virgin olive oil, so the delectable dishes are savored without guilt. Following Greek tradition, meat is not eliminated from the diet, but rather saved for special occasion, and you will find a variety of succulent and creative meat recipes in Greek Revival as well. Always mindful of time, health, and budget, the author makes wonderful use of natural, minimally processed ingredients readily found in most neighborhood supermarkets. Recipes include dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with cracked wheat and pine nuts), imam baildi (caramelized eggplant), gemista (vegetables stuffed with barley and mint), xifias souvlaki (herbed swordfish kebabs), tavas (oven-roasted onion, tomato and lamb stew), karidopita (spiced walnut cake), and many more. Throughout the book Moore-Pastides shares lively stories of her days living in Greece and Cyprus that exemplify the enduring charm of an Old World lifestyle. Through her tales we see a snapshot of a world lost to fast-paced modern living, and we are introduced to the health benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Her observations are supported with illuminating summaries of current scientific research. Health-conscious readers looking to improve their diets and protect themselves from the perils of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease will find hope in the author's research, presented in a way that is accessible and inspiring. In Greek Revival, Moore-Pastides happily eliminates the frustration and deprivation so often associated with dieting and gives us instead a fresh and exciting approach to a lifestyle wherein food is healthy, simple, and most of all, delicious.

The Greek Revival in the United States

A Special Loan Exhibition, November 9, 1943 - March 1, [1944]
Author: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.),Joseph Downs
Publisher: N.A
Category: Art, American
Page: 48
View: 5451

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Greek revival

Author: Firth Haring
Publisher: Dutton Adult
ISBN: 9780525243403
Category: Architecture
Page: 350
View: 6589

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The Eve of the Greek Revival

British Travellers' Perceptions of Early Nineteenth-century Greece
Author: Helenē Angelomatē-Tsounkarakē
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415034821
Category: History
Page: 289
View: 8653

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A Home for Everyman

The Greek Revival and Maine Domrestic Architecture
Author: Joyce K. Bibber
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780939761104
Category: Architecture
Page: 209
View: 7944

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Americans Interpret the Parthenon

The Progression of Greek Revival Architecture from the East Coast to Oregon, 1800-1860
Author: Robert Kent Sutton
Publisher: N.A
Category: Architecture
Page: 213
View: 8024

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Takes an incisive look at America's westward movement, concentrating on the spread of Great Revival architecture across the US with its cultivation in Oregon during the 1850s. Sutton draws from a wide variety of documentary and visual sources: diaries and early architectural pattern books to current material, cultural literature and a wealth of outstanding photos.

Colonial Interiors

Federal and Greek Revival, Third Series
Author: Harold Donaldson Eberlein,Cortlandt Van Dyke Hubbard
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781258316679
Page: 170
View: 6824

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Greek Revival in America

Tracing Its Architectural Roots to Ancient Athens
Author: Norman Tyler,Ilene Tyler
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781503149984
Page: 120
View: 8988

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Authors and architects Norman and Ilene Tyler share with readers the thrill of discovering the historic significance of their house, referred to as "one of the finest Greek Revival houses in America." The account begins dramatically with the day one of the four large columns unexpectedly fell onto the front lawn, its capital shattered on the slate sidewalk. From this incident, they initiate research on the question of how and where the elaborately crafted columns were fabricated for their house during the early years of settlement in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They expand their research by visiting sites of other similar nineteenth-century Greek Revival residences in western New York State, and continue their odyssey with visits to the first Greek Revival structures in England, finally tracing the roots of their home to a particular ancient site they discover in Athens, Greece. Many books have been written about about Greek Revival architecture. However, no book has invited readers to trace back through history the genealogy of a single house over 2,500 years. The authors describe, step-by-step, how information is found from many different sources-history books, architecture books, pattern books, articles, interviews with local historians, and site visits in the United States and Europe-that reveals startling new interpretation of documented historical events to change forever the understanding and source of the Greek Revival style.

Greek Revival from the Garden

Growing and Cooking for Life
Author: Patricia Moore-Pastides
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 1611171911
Category: Cooking
Page: 176
View: 1012

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Patricia Moore-Pastides, author of Greek Revival: Cooking for Life, heads to the garden in this new cookbook that makes a do-it-yourself healthful lifestyle possible, offering guidance on how to pursue healthy eating, starting from the ground up. Moore-Pastides, an accomplished cook and public-health professional, presents all new recipes focused on bringing the bounty of the garden to the table in easy and accessible ways. Targeting young adults but valuable for all novices, Greek Revival from the Garden focuses on the time-tested Mediterranean diet—recommended for great taste, good health, and long life—and on learning simple, delicious cooking methods that foster a happy and healthy relationship with good food. The growing section provides all the information necessary for those interested in organic gardening to cultivate an exciting array of fruits and vegetables in containers, raised beds, or yard gardens. Topics include preparing the soil, composting to create organic fertilizer, watering, working with basic tools, and dealing with common pests and problems. Color photographs are provided to inspire new gardeners with more than just tomatoes and cucumbers. Greek Revival from the Garden then invites the reader into the kitchen. This section assumes little prior cooking knowledge or experience and includes kitchen safety, common equipment and cooking methods, and observations from cooking class participants. The highlight of the cooking section are the recipes themselves: a beautifully photographed sampling of fifty mouth-watering dishes prepared with the harvest of homegrown vegetables as the stars, including garden gazpacho, curried butternut squash and apple soup, and nut crusted creamy almond fruit tart. Throughout the book, Moore-Pastides inspires healthy habits by introducing simple ways to grow and prepare nutritious dishes, and promotes a long and fulfilling lifetime relationship with food from garden to table.

Secrets of the Greek Revival (Mystery House #1: San Antonio)

Author: Eva Pohler
Publisher: Green Press/Eva Pohler
ISBN: 1311609970
Category: Fiction
Page: 326
View: 8705

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Ellen and her two best friends share a mid-life crisis by hatching a plan to renovate an 1860's Greek revival in the nearby historic district of San Antonio. Although Ellen isn’t one to believe in ghosts, she comes face to face with something inexplicable in the attic. Her ghost-enthusiast friends convince her that they must help the spirit find closure, and as they dig deeper into the past, they uncover a shocking history that someone in the neighborhood doesn’t want exposed. But Ellen and her friends don't give up easily. They realize they've been called to give voice to the invisible women who suffered behind the walls of the house for decades.

The Pillared City

Greek Revival Mobile
Author: John Sturdivant Sledge
Publisher: N.A
Category: Architecture
Page: 148
View: 2423

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In The Pillared City, John S. Sledge presents a richly illustrated overview of the Greek Revival period in Mobile, Alabama (1825–70), when high style and vernacular columned buildings were erected on the city’s streets. Using a wealth of resources such as deeds and diaries, Sledge reveals the architectural accomplishments that helped Mobile emerge from its position as a rustic backwater to become a prominent international seaport. Sledge explains how these buildings reflect coastal and national trends and details the surprisingly advanced construction techniques required of the architects and builders. Sledge offers more than an architectural history, incorporating stories such as how the triple blows of bankruptcy, yellow fever, and fire nearly obliterated Mobile in 1839. The eventful histories behind prominent landmarks such as Barton Academy, Government Street Presbyterian Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Oakleigh, Stewartfield, Georgia Cottage, and the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion are detailed, as are the lives of historical figures like Henry Hitchcock, James and Charles Dakin, James Gallier, Signor Vito Viti, John Trenier Sr., and Augusta Jane Evans. Featuring more than fifty-five contemporary black-and-white photographs by Sheila Hagler and a rich array of historical images, The Pillared City captures the grace and allure of Mobile’s antebellum style.