Girls Like That

Author: Evan Placey
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781848423534
Category: Drama
Page: 74
View: 9041

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A new play specially commissioned for the West Yorkshire Playhouse's groundbreaking youth theatre company.


Author: Evan Placey
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781848423916
Category: Drama
Page: 70
View: 650

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Josh and Isabella are childhood sweethearts. They were meant to spend their gap year together, they were meant to be together forever. But Isabella has now become a boy

The Sacrament and Other Plays of Forbidden Love

Author: Hugo Claus,David Willinger
Publisher: Susquehanna University Press
ISBN: 9781575911106
Category: Drama
Page: 273
View: 3562

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Hugo Claus, generally recognized as the greatest living writer in the Dutch language, became famous in the theater for several early works of particular force and daring. This volume includes three of those remarkable early plays: Bride in the Morning, Sugar, and The Sacrament. All three plays boast unforgettable characters trapped in a world of oppressive social mores. The central figures are all subject to sexual and creative impulses towards objects of forbidden love that bring disapproval and censure crashing in on them, subsequently bringing about their own ruin. Bride in the Morning follows an endgame contest between a young heroine enamored of her own mentally challenged brother pitted against her grasping and dictatorial mother, hell bent on separating the two. Sugar, set in the sugar beet country of northern France, reminiscent of the itinerant workers of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, follows the infatuation of a luckless worker, hopelessly enamored of a self destructive local prostitute. And The Sacrament offers the desperate quest for approbation of a young homosexual man, who had been seduced early on by a village priest and who now futilely seeks that priest's understanding. The introduction incorporates lengthy, detailed analyses of the plays, sets them in their historical and stylistic context, provides carefully researched descriptions of the original productions as well as mention of subsequent ones and goes into great depth charting the initial critical and public response to the plays as well as their later reception, as they came to be considered modern classics.

Fool for Love

Author: Sam Shepard
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
ISBN: 9780822204152
Category: Drama
Page: 43
View: 7012

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THE STORY: The scene is a stark motel room at the edge of the Mojave Desert. May, a disheveled young woman, sits dejectedly on a rumpled bed while Eddie, a rough-spoken rodeo performer, crouches in a corner fiddling with his riding gear. When he at

Frogs and Other Plays

Author: Aristophanes
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141935774
Category: Drama
Page: 288
View: 5000

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The master of ancient Greek comic drama, Aristophanes combined slapstick, humour and cheerful vulgarity with acute political observations. In The Frogs, written during the Peloponnesian War, Dionysus descends to the Underworld to bring back a poet who can help Athens in its darkest hour, and stages a great debate to help him decide between the traditional wisdom of Aeschylus and the brilliant modernity of Euripides. The clash of generations and values is also the object of Aristophanes’ satire in The Wasps, in which an old-fashioned father and his loose-living son come to blows and end up in court. And in The Poet and the Women, Euripides, accused of misogyny, persuades a relative to infiltrate an all-women festival to find out whether revenge is being plotted against him.

The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping and Other Plays

Author: Fin Kennedy
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781848421202
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 227
View: 3320

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Tender, uncompromising, haunting and lyrical, these four plays together comprise a contemporary chronicle of the lives of East London's young women. In The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping, four young friends leave the city behind and head into the wilderness, but a burning secret threatens to tear their lives apart. A bittersweet comedy about life, love and friendship once school is long gone. The other plays in this volume are: Mehndi Night Stolen Secrets The Unravelling These plays are the result of a unique four-year partnership between award-winning playwright Fin Kennedy and Mulberry School in East London. Originally performed by the school at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and at Southwark Playhouse, London, they are written in an ensemble storytelling style that will suit younger performance groups around the country, especially those looking for predominantly female roles.


And Other Plays
Author: Neil LaBute
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1429996463
Category: Drama
Page: 144
View: 3185

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Can someone honestly love a person whom they have deceived for thirty years? This is the central question behind Wrecks, Neil LaBute's latest foray into the dark side of human nature. Meet Edward Carr: loving father, successful businessman, grieving widower. In this concise powerhouse of a play, LaBute limns the boundaries of love, exploring the limits of what society will accept versus what the heart will desire. This collection also features rarely staged short plays, including "Liars' Club," "Coax," and the never-before-seen "Falling in Like."

A Girl Like That

Author: Tanaz Bhathena
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
ISBN: 0374305455
Category: Young Adult Fiction
Page: 304
View: 7546

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Fascinating and disturbing.” —Jodi Picoult, #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Small Great Things and Leaving Time A timeless exploration of high-stakes romance, self-discovery, and the lengths we go to love and be loved. Sixteen-year-old Zarin Wadia is many things: a bright and vivacious student, an orphan, a risk taker. She’s also the kind of girl that parents warn their kids to stay away from: a troublemaker whose many romances are the subject of endless gossip at school. You don't want to get involved with a girl like that, they say. So how is it that eighteen-year-old Porus Dumasia has only ever had eyes for her? And how did Zarin and Porus end up dead in a car together, crashed on the side of a highway in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia? When the religious police arrive on the scene, everything everyone thought they knew about Zarin is questioned. And as her story is pieced together, told through multiple perspectives, it becomes clear that she was far more than just a girl like that. This beautifully written debut novel from Tanaz Bhathena reveals a rich and wonderful new world to readers; tackles complicated issues of race, identity, class, and religion; and paints a portrait of teenage ambition, angst, and alienation that feels both inventive and universal.

Dirty Story and Other Plays (Large Print 16pt)

Author: John Patrick Shanley
ISBN: 1458781275
Page: 364
View: 6908

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Three new works by Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Patrick Shanley, one of our country's most politically current and theatrically elastic playwrights. In Dirty Story, a couple of sadomasochistic writers fight over rights to their New York City loft. In this sexy satire of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is ''astonishing,'' says Tony Kushner, ''the analysis of the Middle East in this play is dead on, exactly perfectly pitched. ''In his dark comedy Where's My Money?, Shanley takes on marriage, infidelity, and divorce lawyers in a play that is ''so harsh, it's funny - terrifying, but funny'' (The New York Times).And in his Sailor's Song, love becomes an act of courage, in a seaside romance about the certainty of death, the brevity of youth, and the importance of now.

Mojo and Other Plays

Author: Jez Butterworth
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781559364188
Category: Drama
Page: 317
View: 1261

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* Jez Butterworth burst onto the theatre scene aged twenty-five with Mojo, "one of the most dazzling Royal Court main stage debuts in years” (Time Out). This first volume of his Collected Plays contains that play plus the three that followed, as well as two short one-person pieces published here for the first time - everything in fact that precedes Jerusalem, "unarguably one of the best dramas of the twenty-first century” (Guardian). * Mojo, staged in 1995 but set in the Soho clubland of 1958, "superbly captures the atmosphere of the infant British rock and roll scene where seedy low-lifers hustle for the big time” (Daily Telegraph). It is "Beckett on speed” (Observer) by a "dramatist of obvious talent and terrific promise” (The Times). * The Night Heron (2002) is set in Cambridgeshire Fens amongst assorted oddballs, birdwatchers and the local constabulary. "It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s haunting and it is also strangely beautiful. Above all, it is quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before” (Daily Telegraph). * In The Winterling (2006) a gangland fugitive is visited by two associates from the city who have other things on their mind than a jolly reunion. "The dialogue is testosterone taut, a sense of menace invades every conversation... and as tales of torture and treachery unfold, the black comedy never misses” (Time Out). * The housing estate in Parlour Song (2008) is "a place of illicit desire and painful memories, of bad dreams and mysterious disappearances... a play that combines the comic, the erotic and the downright disconcerting with superb panache” (Daily Telegraph). * Introducing the plays is an interview with Jez Butterworth specially conducted for this volume

Mother of Him

Author: Evan Placey
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
ISBN: 0573701016
Category: Drama
Page: 115
View: 9747

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"Drama / 4m, 3f / interior"--P. [4] of cover.

Picasso at the Lapin Agile and Other Plays

Author: Steve Martin
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780802135230
Category: Drama
Page: 150
View: 6072

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An imagined meeting between Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein in 1904 examines the impact of science and art on a rapidly changing society

Rhinoceros and Other Plays

Includes: The Leader; The Future Is in Eggs; It Takes All Kinds to Make a World
Author: Eugene Ionesco
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802190758
Category: Drama
Page: 160
View: 743

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In Rhinoceros, as in his earlier plays, Ionesco startles audiences with a world that invariably erupts in explosive laughter and nightmare anxiety. A rhinoceros suddenly appears in a small town, tramping through its peaceful streets. Soon there are two, then three, until the “movement” is universal: a transformation of average citizens into beasts, as they learn to move with the times. Finally, only one man remains. “I’m the last man left, and I’m staying that way until the end. I’m not capitulating!” Rhinoceros is a commentary on the absurdity of the human condition made tolerable only by self-delusion. It shows us the struggle of the individual to maintain integrity and identity alone in a world where all others have succumbed to the “beauty” of brute force, natural energy, and mindlessness. Includes Rhinoceros, The Leader, The Future Is in Eggs or It Takes All Sorts to Make a World

Lethal White

Author: Robert Galbraith
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
ISBN: 0316422746
Category: Fiction
Page: 656
View: 2833

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"Rowling's wizardry as a writer is on fulsome display" (USA Today) in this #1 New York Times bestseller. Lethal White is the fourth book in the Cormoran Strike series from the international bestselling author Robert Galbraith. "I seen a kid killed...He strangled it, up by the horse." When Billy, a troubled young man, comes to private eye Cormoran Strike's office to ask for his help investigating a crime he thinks he witnessed as a child, Strike is left deeply unsettled. While Billy is obviously mentally distressed, and cannot remember many concrete details, there is something sincere about him and his story. But before Strike can question him further, Billy bolts from his office in a panic. Trying to get to the bottom of Billy's story, Strike and Robin Ellacott-once his assistant, now a partner in the agency-set off on a twisting trail that leads them through the backstreets of London, into a secretive inner sanctum within Parliament, and to a beautiful but sinister manor house deep in the countryside. And during this labyrinthine investigation, Strike's own life is far from straightforward: his newfound fame as a private eye means he can no longer operate behind the scenes as he once did. Plus, his relationship with his former assistant is more fraught than it ever has been-Robin is now invaluable to Strike in the business, but their personal relationship is much, much trickier than that. The most epic Robert Galbraith novel yet, Lethal White is both a gripping mystery and a page-turning next instalment in the ongoing story of Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott.

Marisol and Other Plays

Author: JosŽ Rivera
Publisher: Theatre Communications Group
ISBN: 1559366168
Category: Drama
Page: 240
View: 4953

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First major collection by a leading Hispanic-American playwright.


Author: Evan Placey
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781848425200
Page: 96
View: 6326

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An explosive and thought-provoking play from the author of Girls Like That, exploring what happens when buried secrets catch up with you. As Head of Year 11, Diane is meant to be implementing the new ‘Healthy Relationships’ curriculum. But then Freddie arrives. She hasn’t seen him since that night six years earlier when he was fifteen. She thinks he took advantage of her. He thinks she groomed him for months. Neither is sure. But when it comes to sex and consent, how far can you blur the lines? Evan Placey's Consensual was first performed by the National Youth Theatre in their 2015 West End season.