Gender in Cross-cultural Perspective

Author: Caroline Brettell,Carolyn Fishel Sargent
Publisher: Pearson College Division
ISBN: 9780135336137
Category: Social Science
Page: 560
View: 4622

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This reader introduces students to the most significant topics in the field of the anthropology of gender, drawing not only from classic sources but also from the most recent, diverse literature on gender roles and ideology around the world. It takes a clear, accessible approach to subject matter, making coverage appropriate for students from a variety of levels.

Invitation to Anthropology

Author: Luke Eric Lassiter
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0759122555
Category: Social Science
Page: 252
View: 2382

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This concise introduction to cultural anthropology offers a fresh and accessible approach to stimulating student interest in the human experience.


Author: N.A
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0759118507
Page: N.A
View: 9160

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Internationalizing the Psychology Curriculum in the United States

Author: Frederick Leong,Wade E. Pickren,Mark M. Leach,Anthony J. Marsella
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461400732
Category: Psychology
Page: 342
View: 7243

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The psychology community recognizes that cultivating an international worldview is crucial not only to professionals and researchers, but more importantly, for professors and students of psychology as well. It is critically necessary for psychologists to learn from their colleagues who are working in different cultural contexts in order to develop the type of knowledge and psychological understanding of human behavior that will be maximally useful to practitioners and researchers alike. This volume, Internationalizing the Psychology Curriculum in the United States, provides information and resources to help psychology faculty educate and train future generations of psychologists within a much more international mindset and global perspective. Recognizing that cultural context are central to a true and accurate psychology, the authors describes how cultural, economic, political, and social factors in different countries frame individual experience and affect the science and practice of psychology. Each of the chapters will provide a content-specific overview of how the curriculum in psychology with regards to social, development, clinical, counseling psychology, etc will need to be modified in order to present a much more global view of psychology.

Culture, Health and Illness, Fifth edition

Author: Cecil G. Helman
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1444113631
Category: Medical
Page: 512
View: 4820

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Culture, Health and Illness is the leading international textbook on the role of cultural and social factors in health, illness, and medical care. Since first published in 1984, it has been used in over 40 countries within universities, medical schools and nursing colleges. This new edition meets the ever-growing need for a clear starting point in understanding the clinical significance of cultural and social factors. The book addresses the complex interactions between health, illness and culture by setting out anthropological theory in a highly readable, jargon-free style and integrating this with the practice of health care using real-life examples and case histories. Fully revised throughout, the fifth edition has expanded its coverage of topics that are challenging both the patient and the carer's understanding of health and illness: poverty and inequality of healthcare, genetics, biotechnology, the internet and health, chronic diseases, drug-resistant infections, changes in nutrition and body image, medical care of migrants, medical technology, global pandemics such as AIDS and malaria, drug and alcohol dependence, and patients' 'languages of distress', a complex topic central to the doctor-patient relationship. In today's world of increasing cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of populations, Culture, Health and Illness is essential reading for students of medicine, nursing, psychiatry, public health, health education, international health and medical anthropology, across the globe.


Psychological Perspectives
Author: Linda Brannon
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 9780205521142
Category: Psychology
Page: 557
View: 2079

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"Gender: Psychological Perspectives "examines the behavior, biology, and social context in which both women and men function." "Research and scholarship form the basis of this book, providing the material for a critical review and an overall picture of gender from a psychological perspective. To accent the relevance of research findings in vivid detail, Brannon supplements the review of scholarly research with personal, narrative accounts of gender-relevant aspects of people's lives. Brannon also highlights the cross-cultural perspective of gender by including a section on diversity in each chapter, as well as weaving diversity issues throughout the text. Highlights of the Fifth Edition Includes more coverage of men and men's issues, striving for a better balance of women's and men's issues. New chapter organization moves the discussion of gender stereotypes to the third chapter to allow it to act as a framework for the book. Examination of implicit stereotyping also has been added. Includes more than 600 new references and 12 updated headline stories, as well as several new "According to the Media" and "According to the Research" boxes. Includes more research on ethnicity and cross-cultural issues, both in the "Considering Diversity" sections and throughout the chapters. Includes several studies on brain imaging, some that reveal gender differences and others that fail to do so.

Multicultural Perspectives In Social Work Practice with Families, 3rd Edition

Author: Elaine P. Congress, MSSW, DSW,Manny J. Gonzalez, DSW
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 082610830X
Category: Social Science
Page: 408
View: 4718

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Multicultural Perspectives in Social Work Practice with Families is in its thirdedition and continues to expand the depth and breadth with which culturemay be understood and the impact of culture in working with families.Congress, Gonzalez, and their contributors have updated this text to includea focus on evidence-based practice, 10 additional chapters, revision of avaluable assessment tool, and a culturagram. This book clearly is an essentialresource for social workers committed to culturally sensitive practice."--Journal of Teaching in Social Work Encompassing the most current issues faced by multicultural families across the lifespan and the social workers who serve them, this popular textbook contains ten new chapters and provides content that has been significantly expanded throughout. These new and reconceived chapters offer professors and social work graduate students a broader and more comprehensive take on the key issues that arise when treating families from diverse cultural backgrounds and current, evidence-based models for assessment and treatment. New chapters include: Evidence-based models of care for ethnically-diverse families Practice with Asian-American families Practice with Native American and indigenous families Practice with Hispanic families Practice with Arab families Practice with adolescents Practice with families when there is risk of suicide Practice with families dealing with substance use and abuse Practice with families around health issues Legal issues with immigrants Contributors to the text are leaders in the field of multicultural issues that encompass a wide range of racial and ethnic populations. Updated case studies, vignettes, and statistical data illustrate the book's content.

Multicultural Education of Children and Adolescents, MyLabSchool Edition

Author: M. Lee Manning,Leroy G. Baruth
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 9780205464692
Category: Education
Page: 408
View: 8476

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Multicultural Education of Children and Adolescents is unique in that it looks at both cultural groups and ways in which to teach multicultural education. This text expands the definition of multicultural to include gender, disability, and sexual orientation. It is an invaluable resource providing suggestions for working with families of culturally diverse backgrounds, as well as with school administration and special school personnel.

Human Behavior Theory

A Diversity Framework
Author: Roberta R. Greene,Nancy P. Kropf
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 0202366553
Category: Social Science
Page: 277
View: 4233

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As American society becomes increasingly diverse, social workers must use a variety of human behavior frameworks to understand their clients' culturally complex concerns. This text applies specific human behavior theories to diversity practice. They show how human behavior theory can be employed in interventions in the life problems of diverse client populations at the individual, group, social network, and societal levels. Several groups are examined. They include: minority groups; ethnic groups; women; older adults; members of certain social classes affected by economic and educational (dis)advantage, especially those living in poverty; people with developmental disabilities, people of varying sexual and gender orientations, and religious groups. Case studies that illustrate social work practice in the area are highlighted. The case studies include Social Work Practice within a Diversity Framework; The Social Work Interview; Symbolic Interactionism: Social Work Assessment, Meaning, and Language; Erikson's Eight Stages of Development; Role Theory and Social Work Practice; A Constructionist Approach; Risk, Resilience and Resettlement; Addressing Diverse Family Forms; Small Group Theory; Natural Social Networks; Power Factors in Social Work Practice. This volume will be a fundament resource for practitioners and an essential tool for training.

The Counseling Process

A Multitheoretical Integrative Approach
Author: Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
Category: Education
Page: 408
View: 8361

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Master the basics of the counseling process with THE COUNSELING PROCESS: A MULTITHEORETICAL INTEGRATIVE APPROACH! Concise yet comprehensive, this counseling text provides you with the tools you need to succeed in this course and your career. Case studies, with questions, encourage you to place yourself in the role of the helper and to consider client material as a counselor would. Learning exercises assist in the internalization of learning and in the practicing of specific skills for effective counseling.

Teaching racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity in social work

a collection of model course outlines
Author: Carrie Jefferson Smith,Council on Social Work Education. Commission on Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity,Council on Social Work Education
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780872930780
Category: Political Science
Page: 147
View: 6083

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Drinking from the Same Well

Cross-Cultural Concerns in Pastoral Care and Counseling
Author: Lydia F. Johnson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630876712
Category: Religion
Page: 178
View: 9469

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Drinking from the Same Well is designed for those who seek a praxis-oriented theological grounding in the exploration of cross-cultural perspectives in the field of pastoral care and counseling. It traverses the broad terrain of cultural analysis and also explores in depth a number of discrete cross-cultural issues in pastoral counseling, related to communication, conflict, empathy, family dynamics, suffering, and healing. Cultural analysis and theological reflection are situated alongside numerous case studies of persons and situations that enflesh the concepts being discussed, and readers are invited to engage personally with the material through a variety of focus questions and reflective exercises. This book can serve as a helpful textbook for seminarians and a useful guide for pastors and priests, church study groups, multicultural parishes, and anyone engaged in helping ministries with persons from other cultures. The goal is to develop culturally competent pastoral caregivers by providing a comprehensive and practical overview of the generative themes and challenges in cross-cultural pastoral care.

Sex and Gender

Author: Hilary M. Lips
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities, Social Sciences & World Languages
Category: Psychology
Page: 630
View: 6441

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This is a comprehensive introduction to sex and gender theories, research, and issues, focusing on social psychological and feminist perspectives. The book examines the similarities and differences between women and men, discusses where that knowledge comes from, and explains how that knowledge may itself be shaped and limited by cultural perceptions. This new edition has been thoroughly revised with up-to-date research citations for all chapters and more current examples.

Culture and Psychology

Author: David Matsumoto,Linda Juang
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111344930
Category: Psychology
Page: 544
View: 1752

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CULTURE AND PSYCHOLOGY, 5E illustrates why and how psychologists should account for cultural factors in their efforts to explain and understand behavior. The authors' cross-cultural framework gives students the tools necessary for evaluating psychology from a cultural perspective, while the inclusion of the most current research highlights the relationship between culture and psychology. In addition, the text encourages students to question traditionally held beliefs and theories as and their relevance to different cultural groups today. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Toward acceptance

sexual orientation issues on campus
Author: Vernon A. Wall,Nancy J. Evans
Publisher: Univ Pr of Amer
Category: Education
Page: 455
View: 6081

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Crossing Boundaries
Author: Grace Galliano
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
Category: Psychology
Page: 418
View: 4080

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Designed to engage students with its unique writing style and critical thinking, this text provides an overview to the study of Gender while emphasizing cross cultural/multicultural issues to demonstrate what's truly universal about Gender. Galliano's text has been extensively class-tested at Texas AandM University and has been carefully evaluated against nearly 100 detailed student reviews.

Marriages and Families

Author: Agnes Czerwinski Riedmann,Mary Ann Lamanna,Adie Nelson
Publisher: Nelson Thomson Learning
ISBN: 9780176168872
Category: Choice (Psychology)
Page: 680
View: 5168

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This new adaptation of the best-selling American text is contemporary, covering such current topics as non-traditional families; Comprehensive, with all material being deemed essential by reviewers, and Balanced, with excellent historical and theoretical coverage of Canadian families. Using the theme of choice, the text helps students learn with weblinks at end of each chapter, 'As We Make Choices' boxes, and 'A Closer Look At Diversity' sections.

New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling

Author: Gerald Monk,John Winslade,Stacey Sinclair
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412916763
Category: Psychology
Page: 510
View: 6210

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Offering a fresh theoretical perspective and packed with powerful strategies, New Horizons in Multicultural Counseling clarifies the complexity of culture in our increasingly globalized society. Counselors will find practice-based strategies to help them progress in their clinical practice and gain cultural competence.

Gender-Inclusive Treatment of Intimate Partner Abuse, Second Edition

Evidence-Based Approaches
Author: John Hamel, LCSW
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826196780
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 412
View: 4241

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This groundbreaking book on the gender-inclusive treatment of intimate partner abuse has been fully updated to reflect new and refined evidence-based approaches that have evolved since the first edition was published nearly ten years ago. It describes new treatment protocols that are strongly supported by current research that enables mental health practitioners to engage in a more nuanced-and gender inclusive conceptualization and treatment of intimate partner abuse in its many permutations. The book eschews the field's previous reliance on traditional domestic violence and treatment protocols to offer new paradigms that reflect the trend toward a more balanced, evidence-based and less heteronormative conceptualization of partner abuse. It presents the latest findings from the third installment of the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project. Included are new examples of evidence-based programs currently in existence and those that are in formative stages, fully updated exercises and handouts, new risk assessment instruments, and new definitions of evidence-based treatment. Of special note are several new appendices that include updated assessment forms, a victim safety plan, client workbook guidelines and exercises, resources and programs for court-ordered clients, and exercises for high conflict family violence parent groups. In addition, a new assessment protocol will be available as a free download. New to the Second Edition: Includes the latest findings from the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project Presents most current literature on risk assessment instruments Provides new definitions of evidence-based treatment regarding degree of rigor along with outcome data and newest relevant studies Discusses promising new group programs Includes a new assessment tool available as free download Describes several new, evidence-based gender-inclusive approaches Offers comprehensive appendices that reflect recent advances including newassessment forms, a victim safety plan, client workbook guidelines and exercises, resources and programs for court-ordered clients, and exercises for high conflict family violence parent groups

Leadership Challenge

Author: James M. Kouzes,Barry Z. Posner
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783527503742
Category: Executive ability
Page: 382
View: 7390

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Through research, interviews and the experience of hundreds of managers, Kouzes and Posner show how leadership can be learned and mastered by all. Readable, interesting, and up-to-date. Highly recommended.--Library Journal.