A Feast for Crows

A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Four
Author: George R. R. Martin
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 9780553900323
Category: Fiction
Page: 784
View: 6861

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THE BOOK BEHIND THE FOURTH SEASON OF THE ACCLAIMED HBO SERIES GAME OF THRONES Few books have captivated the imagination and won the devotion and praise of readers and critics everywhere as has George R. R. Martin’s monumental epic cycle of high fantasy. Now, in A Feast for Crows, Martin delivers the long-awaited fourth book of his landmark series, as a kingdom torn asunder finds itself at last on the brink of peace . . . only to be launched on an even more terrifying course of destruction. A FEAST FOR CROWS It seems too good to be true. After centuries of bitter strife and fatal treachery, the seven powers dividing the land have decimated one another into an uneasy truce. Or so it appears. . . . With the death of the monstrous King Joffrey, Cersei is ruling as regent in King’s Landing. Robb Stark’s demise has broken the back of the Northern rebels, and his siblings are scattered throughout the kingdom like seeds on barren soil. Few legitimate claims to the once desperately sought Iron Throne still exist—or they are held in hands too weak or too distant to wield them effectively. The war, which raged out of control for so long, has burned itself out. But as in the aftermath of any climactic struggle, it is not long before the survivors, outlaws, renegades, and carrion eaters start to gather, picking over the bones of the dead and fighting for the spoils of the soon-to-be dead. Now in the Seven Kingdoms, as the human crows assemble over a banquet of ashes, daring new plots and dangerous new alliances are formed, while surprising faces—some familiar, others only just appearing—are seen emerging from an ominous twilight of past struggles and chaos to take up the challenges ahead. It is a time when the wise and the ambitious, the deceitful and the strong will acquire the skills, the power, and the magic to survive the stark and terrible times that lie before them. It is a time for nobles and commoners, soldiers and sorcerers, assassins and sages to come together and stake their fortunes . . . and their lives. For at a feast for crows, many are the guests—but only a few are the survivors.

Die Macht der Musik: Georg Friedrich Händels Alexander’s Feast

Interdisziplinäre Studien
Author: Anja Bettenworth,Dominik Höink,Ulrich Berges
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3862341151
Category: Art
Page: 220
View: 8233

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»Alexander’s Feast Or: The Power of Music« gehört zu den wenigen Werken der Literatur- und Musikgeschichte, bei denen sowohl Text (John Dryden, 1697) als auch Vertonung (Georg Friedrich Händel, 1736) als Meisterwerke gelten.Das Stück schildert die machtvolle Wirkung der Musik am Beispiel Alexanders des Großen: Während eines feierlichen Gelages in Persepolis, mit dem Alexander seinen Sieg über die Perser begeht, gelingt es dem Sänger Timotheus mit seiner Musik Affektschwankungen – zwischen liebender Zuneigung und kampfeslustiger Rachsucht – beim berühmten Heerführer zu erreichen.Der Sammelband beleuchtet das bisher wenig behandelte Werk aus der Perspektive verschiedener Fachwissenschaften (Anglistik, Klassische Philologie, Kunstgeschichte, Musikwissenschaft, Theologie). Das Spektrum reicht von der Verarbeitung der zugrunde liegenden antiken Erzählungen über die Analyse der Dryden’schen Ode bis hin zur Untersuchung der Vertonung Händels und deren Rezeption.

The Mycenaean Feast

Author: James C. Wright
Publisher: ASCSA
ISBN: 9780876619513
Category: History
Page: 217
View: 6376

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The large-scale, formal consumption of huge quantities of food and drink is a feature of many societies, but extracting evidence for feasting from the archaeological record has, until recently, been problematic. This collection of essays investigates the rich evidence for the character of the Mycenaean feast. While much of the evidence discussed comes from the Palace of Nestor near Pylos, the authors also discuss new material from Tsoungiza near Nemea, and from other Bronze Age sites on mainland Greece and Crete. Textual evidence (from Linear B tablets) for the collection of raw materials, and the stocktaking of equipment, is complemented by discussions of the faunal and artifactual assemblages feasts left behind. Specially commissioned papers put Mycenaean practice in context by comparing it to contemporary activities on Cyprus and in Minoan Crete, while a final chapter compares Bronze with Iron Age Greece, especially as seen through the lens of Homeric epic. This volume offers a rich and detailed collection of evidence, from a variety of sources, for conspicuous consumption in the Mycenaean period. As well as being core reading for Aegean prehistorians, it will be of interest to students of later Greek culture, anthropologists, and other scholars interested in the wider social aspects of eating and drinking.

The Huron-Wendat Feast of the Dead

Indian-European Encounters in Early North America
Author: Erik R. Seeman
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 0801898544
Category: History
Page: 163
View: 2430

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"Two thousand Wendat (Huron) Indians stood on the edge of an enormous burial pit... they held in their arms the bones of roughly seven hundred deceased friends and family members. The Wendats had lovingly scraped and cleaned the bones of the corpses that had decomposed on the scaffolds. They awaited only the signal from the master of the ritual to place the bones in the pit. This was the great Feast of the Dead." Witnesses to these Wendat burial rituals were European colonists, French Jesuit missionaries in particular. Rather than being horrified by these unfamiliar native practices, Europeans recognized the parallels between them and their own understanding of death and human remains. Both groups believed that deceased souls traveled to the afterlife; both believed that elaborate mortuary rituals ensured the safe transit of the soul to the supernatural realm; and both believed in the power of human bones. Appreciating each other’s funerary practices allowed the Wendats and French colonists to find common ground where there seemingly would be none. Erik R. Seeman analyzes these encounters, using the Feast of the Dead as a metaphor for broader Indian-European relations in North America. His compelling narrative gives undergraduate students of early America and the Atlantic World a revealing glimpse into this fascinating—and surprising—meeting of cultures.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Italian Feast

Author: Jack Coll,Maureen McQuaid
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738557335
Category: History
Page: 127
View: 5105

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By 1890, Italian immigrants began settling in Bridgeport to work in the mills and factories along the Schuylkill River. With more than 5,000 residents by 1923, the need for an Italian parish was evident. Rev. John Colantonio was sent to establish the parish, and in 1924, construction began on the lower church. Shortly thereafter, Bridgeports oldest and longest-running event was created in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast. Since its beginning the feast has continued to be a family tradition. The vintage images in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Italian Feast feature that tradition and the thousands of visitors who have made a pilgrimage to Bridgeport each year to celebrate the feast.

Holy Feast and Holy Fast

The Religious Significance of Food to Medieval Women
Author: Caroline Walker Bynum
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520063297
Category: Religion
Page: 444
View: 2405

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Examines the role of food in the religion of women in the Middle Ages and argues that food practices enabled women to exert power in the family and define their religious vocations

Recipes for a Medieval Feast

Working Flexibly with Fractions
Author: Janey Levy
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 9781404260610
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 32
View: 6841

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Shows how to solve problems involving fractions using examples of recipes for medieval food.

Feast of Fools

The Morganville Vampires
Author: Rachel Caine
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781440631566
Category: Young Adult Fiction
Page: 256
View: 3862

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Watch a Windows Media trailer for this book.

A Feast of Snakes

A Novel
Author: Harry Crews
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684842483
Category: Fiction
Page: 192
View: 9159

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A small Georgia town, filled with a curious assortment of losers, anticipates the promise of bizarre new possibilities with the upcoming rattlesnake hunt

The Never-ending Feast

The Anthropology and Archaeology of Feasting
Author: Kaori O'Connor
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847889271
Category: Social Science
Page: 256
View: 8491

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Feast! Throughout human history, and in all parts of the world, feasts have been at the heart of life. The great museums of the world are full of the remains of countless ghostly feasts – dishes that once bore rich meats, pitchers used to pour choice wines, tall jars that held beer sipped through long straws of gold and lapis, immense cauldrons from which hundreds of people could be served. Why were feasts so important, and is there more to feasting than abundance and enjoyment? The Never-Ending Feast is a pioneering work that draws on anthropology, archaeology and history to look at the dynamics of feasting among the great societies of antiquity renowned for their magnificence and might. Reflecting new directions in academic study, the focus shifts beyond the medieval and early modern periods in Western Europe, eastwards to Mesopotamia, Assyria and Achaemenid Persia, early Greece, the Mongol Empire, Shang China and Heian Japan. The past speaks through texts and artefacts. We see how feasts were the primary arena for displays of hierarchy, status and power; a stage upon which loyalties and alliances were negotiated; the occasion for the mobilization and distribution of resources, a means of pleasing the gods, and the place where identities were created, consolidated – and destroyed. The Never-Ending Feast transforms our understanding of feasting past and present, revitalising the fields of anthropology, archaeology, history, museum studies, material culture and food studies, for all of which it is essential reading.

A Continual Feast

A Cookbook to Celebrate the Joys of Family and Faith Throughout the Christian Year
Author: Evelyn Birge Vitz
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 9780898703849
Category: Cooking
Page: 296
View: 7185

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Here is a cookbook to celebrate the joys of family and faith throughout the Christian year. Wonderful recipes and ideas from the Christian tradition offer suggestions on when and why these dishes might be served. 275 recipes bring new meaning to "breaking bread together". Illustrated.

The First Thanksgiving Feast

Author: Joan Anderson
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780395518861
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 48
View: 4206

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Recreates the first harvest feast celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621 using the Pilgrim and Indian actors and the seventeenth-century setting of Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The Feast of the Sorcerer

Practices of Consciousness and Power
Author: Bruce Kapferer
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226424118
Category: Religion
Page: 367
View: 3950

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Sorcery has long been associated with the "dark side" of human development, along with magic and witchcraft. This text argues, however, that sorcery practices reveal critical insights into how consciousness is formed, and how human beings constitute their social

A Continual Feast

Words of Comfort and Celebration, Collected by Father Tim
Author: Jan Karon
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780143036562
Category: Reference
Page: 192
View: 9616

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Father Tim Kavanaugh of Mitford records lively ideas, wisdom, and humorous thoughts in his dog-eared journals.

Saints and Feast Days

A Resource and Activity Book
Author: Sisters of Notre Dame Chardon Ohio
Publisher: Loyola Press
ISBN: 082941505X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 476
View: 3405

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The saints come alive in this book of saint biographies with stories of men and women from many places, time periods, and walks of life. Each saint biography includes suggested activities.

Feast Your Eyes

The Unexpected Beauty of Vegetable Gardens
Author: Susan Pennington,Ann C. Easterling,Smithsonian Institution. Traveling Exhibition Service
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520235223
Category: Architecture
Page: 142
View: 3200

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In an effort to beautify traditional vegetable gardens, landscape architects and gardeners are finding inspiration in the European vegetable gardens of the 17th century. "Feast Your Eyes" examines the historical antecedents of this modern movement. 106 illustrations. 16 photos.

Feast and Folly

Cuisine, Intoxication, and the Poetics of the Sublime
Author: Allen S. Weiss
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791455173
Category: Philosophy
Page: 157
View: 951

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The author samples the "fine art" of French cuisine, offering both a rich history and a social, political, and aesthetic look at France's proudest cultural achievement. (Cookbooks)