Eye of the Crow

The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His 1st Case
Author: Shane Peacock
Publisher: Tundra Books
ISBN: 9781770490789
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 272
View: 6695

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Sherlock Holmes, just thirteen, is a misfit. His highborn mother is the daughter of an aristocratic family, his father a poor Jew. Their marriage flouts tradition and makes them social pariahs in the London of the 1860s; and their son, Sherlock, bears the burden of their rebellion. Friendless, bullied at school, he belongs nowhere and has only his wits to help him make his way. But what wits they are! His keen powers of observation are already apparent, though he is still a boy. He loves to amuse himself by constructing histories from the smallest detail for everyone he meets. Partly for fun, he focuses his attention on a sensational murder to see if he can solve it. But his game turns deadly serious when he finds himself the accused — and in London, they hang boys of thirteen. Shane Peacock has created a boy who bears all the seeds of the character who has mesmerized millions: the relentless eye, the sense of justice, and the complex ego. The boy Sherlock Holmes is a fascinating character who is sure to become a fast favorite with young readers everywhere. From the Hardcover edition.

Eye of the Crow

Author: Shane Peacock
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 0887769195
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 251
View: 5375

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Living as an outcast amongst his classmates due to his family heritage, young Sherlock finds comfort studying the world around him and reconstructing events, but when he decides to snoop around for clues to solve a sensational murder, Sherlock is accused of the crime and now must use all his mystery-solving clues to save himself. Reprint.

Eyes of Crow

Author: Jeri Smith-Ready
Publisher: LUNA
ISBN: 9781426807510
Category: Fiction
Page: 384
View: 6519

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For Rhia was bound to the Spirit of Crow, gifted with the foresight of Death's approach and doomed to the isolation of one feared and set apart. There must always be one whose magic can ease the passage of the people of Asermos to the Other Side. But to be the guide her people require, to truly know the depth of her gift—her curse—Rhia must surrender herself to the wisdom of the Great Forest…and drink deeply of Death itself. And though two powerful men stand ready to aid her, even to love her, the Aspect of Crow demands unthinkable sacrifices from one who walks its path.

Death in the Air

The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His Second Case
Author: Shane Peacock
Publisher: Tundra Books
ISBN: 9781770490802
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 264
View: 444

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After the harrowing experience of losing his mother while solving a brutal murder in London’s East End, young Sherlock Holmes commits himself to fighting crime … and is soon involved in another case. While visiting his father at the magnificent Crystal Palace, Sherlock stops to watch a remarkable and dangerous trapeze performance high above, framed by the stunning glass ceiling of the legendary building. Suddenly, the troupe’s star is dropping, screaming and flailing, toward the floor. He lands with a sickening thud just a few feet away, and rolls up almost onto the boy’s boots. Unconscious and bleeding profusely, his body is grotesquely twisted. In the mayhem that follows, Sherlock notices something that no one else sees — something is amiss with the trapeze bar! He knows that foul play is afoot. What he doesn’t know is that his discovery will put him on a frightening, twisted trail that leads to an entire gang of notorious criminals. Wrapped in the fascinating world of Victorian entertainment, its dangerous performances, and London’s dark underworld, Death in the Air raises The Boy Sherlock Holmes to a whole new level. Be sure not to miss Eye of the Crow, The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His First Case. From the Hardcover edition.

The Way the Crow Flies

Author: Ann-Marie Macdonald
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307375919
Category: Fiction
Page: 832
View: 5124

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“The sun came out after the war and our world went Technicolor. Everyone had the same idea. Let’s get married. Let’s have kids. Let’s be the ones who do it right.” The Way the Crow Flies, the second novel by bestselling, award-winning author Ann-Marie MacDonald, is set on the Royal Canadian Air Force station of Centralia during the early sixties. It is a time of optimism--infused with the excitement of the space race but overshadowed by the menace of the Cold War--filtered through the rich imagination and quick humour of eight-year-old Madeleine McCarthy and the idealism of her father, Jack, a career officer. Ann-Marie MacDonald said in a discussion with Oprah Winfrey about her first book, “a happy ending is when someone can walk out of the rubble and tell the story.” Madeleine achieves her childhood dream of becoming a comedian, yet twenty years later she realises she cannot rest until she has renewed the quest for the truth, and confirmed how and why the child was murdered.. Publishers Weekly, in a starred review, called The Way the Crow Flies “absorbing, psychologically rich…a chronicle of innocence betrayed”. With compassion and intelligence, and an unerring eye for the absurd as well as the confusions of childhood, , MacDonald evokes the confusion of being human and the necessity of coming to terms with our imperfections.

Vanishing Girl

Author: Shane Peacock
Publisher: Tundra Books (NY)
ISBN: 1770492348
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 326
View: 5135

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Young Sherlock Holmes, aspiring master detective, travels to the country, the coast, and a haunted lair of night creatures in his investigations into the disappearance of a wealthy young socialite.

Eye of the crow

a romantic voodoo tale
Author: Vienna August
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780966638707
Category: Detective and mystery stories
Page: 253
View: 7296

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The Eyes of Willie McGee

A Tragedy of Race, Sex, and Secrets in the Jim Crow South
Author: Alex Heard
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061993565
Category: History
Page: 432
View: 9728

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In this gripping saga of race and retribution, Alex Heard (editorial director of Outside magazine) tells a moving and unforgettable story of the deep South that says as much about Mississippi today as it does about the mysteries of the past. In doing so, he evokes the bitter conflicts between black and white, north and south in America.


Author: Barbara Wright
Publisher: Yearling Books
ISBN: 0375873678
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 297
View: 467

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In 1898, Moses Thomas's summer vacation does not go exactly as planned as he contends with family problems and escalating tension between the African-American and white communities of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Eyes Right

Confessions from a Woman Marine
Author: Tracy Crow
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803240287
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 208
View: 5100

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Just out of high school in 1977, her personal life already a mess, Tracy Crow thought the Marines might straighten her out. And sure enough, in the Corps she became a respected public affairs officer and military journalist—one day covering tank maneuvers or beach assaults, the next interviewing the secretary of the navy. But success didn’t come without a price. When Crow pledged herself to God, Corps, and Country, women Marines were still a rarity, and gender inequality and harassment were rampant. Determined to prove she belonged, Crow always put her career first—even when, after two miscarriages and a stillborn child, her marriage to another Marine officer began to deteriorate. And when her affair with a prominent general was exposed—and both were threatened with court-martial—Crow was forced to re-evaluate her loyalty to the Marines, her career, and her family. Eyes Right is Crow’s story. A clear-eyed self-portrait of a troubled teen bootstrapping her way out of a world of alcoholism and domestic violence, it is also a rare inside look at the Marines from a woman’s perspective. Her memoir, which includes two Pushcart Prize–nominated essays, evokes the challenges of being a woman and a Marine with immediacy and clarity, and in the process reveals how much Crow’s generation did for today’s military women, and at what cost.

The Dragon Turn

Author: Shane Peacock
Publisher: Tundra Books
ISBN: 1770494111
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 236
View: 4337

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While clebrating Irene's birthday by accompanying her to a magician's performance, young Sherlock Holmes is called upon to clear the magician's name when the latter is accused of murdering a rival.

Crow Planet

Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness
Author: Lyanda Lynn Haupt
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 9780316053396
Category: Nature
Page: 256
View: 5983

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There are more crows now than ever. Their abundance is both an indicator of ecological imbalance and a generous opportunity to connect with the animal world. CROW PLANET reminds us that we do not need to head to faraway places to encounter "nature." Rather, even in the suburbs and cities where we live we are surrounded by wild life such as crows, and through observing them we can enhance our appreciation of the world's natural order. CROW PLANET richly weaves Haupt's own "crow stories" as well as scientific and scholarly research and the history and mythology of crows, culminating in a book that is sure to make readers see the world around them in a very different way.

Blacky the Crow

Author: Thornton W. Burgess
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486110869
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 96
View: 9825

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Children will love this wonderful tale of Blacky the Crow, who gets into trouble seeing things he shouldn't. Reset in large type with four original illustrations by Harrison Cady.

The Secret Fiend

Author: Shane Peacock
Publisher: Tundra Books (NY)
ISBN: 1770493859
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 260
View: 1795

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When a fawning Beatrice reports that her friend has been abducted by Spring-Heeled Jack, young Sherlock Holmes is reluctant to believe her story until suspicious clues point to some of his close friends.

Becoming Holmes

Author: Shane Peacock
Publisher: Tundra Books (NY)
ISBN: 1770492321
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 245
View: 8937

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With a young Sherlock Holmes immersed in despair, the only thing that can rouse him from this blackness comes when he uncovers a sinister plot unleashed by Malefactor.

The Eye of the Falcon

Author: Michelle Paver
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 069819134X
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 272
View: 8854

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Fans of epic adventure will love the life-or-death stakes in the third Gods and Warriors book The eruption of the volcano has shrouded the sun in ash, and the harsh winter is never-ending. With no trace of his lost sister to be found, Hylas takes ship for Keftiu, to find Pirra and free her from captivity. But the Crows are also coming to Keftiu, led by the power-hungry Telamon. And Telamon knows what Hylas doesn’t: that in the chaos of the volcanic eruption, Pirra took the Crows’ prophesized dagger. Aided by Havoc, the lion cub, and Echo, a falcon of the Goddess, Hylas and Pirra will face the Crows once again, in a terrifying epic battle to save the land—or destroy it. Readers of Rick Riordan, T.A. Barron, and John Flanagan will love this exciting Bronze Age series.

Desert Notes

Reflections in the Eye of a Raven
Author: Barry Holstun Lopez
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 144945108X
Category: Fiction
Page: 89
View: 6482

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A freelance writer and photographer invites the reader to walk with him through the desert where life is clear and elemental.

The Eye of Midnight

Author: Andrew Brumbach
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0385744617
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 256
View: 9139

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In May 1929 Maxine Campbell and her cousin William Battersea arrive at their grandfather's house in New Jersey to find that the house is empty--and soon they are caught up in the contest for an ancient Arabian relic called the Eye of Midnight, which several secret societies are willing to do anything to posses.

Gifts of the Crow

How Perception, Emotion, and Thought Allow Smart Birds to Behave Like Humans
Author: John Marzluff,Tony Angell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439198748
Category: Nature
Page: 320
View: 9702

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A University of Washington professor of wildlife science taps the findings of his extraordinary research into crow intelligence to offer insight into their ability to make tools and respond to environmental challenges, explaining how they engage in human-like behaviors from giving gifts and seeking revenge to playing and experiencing dreams.

The Crows of Pearblossom

Author: Aldous Huxley
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 9780810997301
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 40
View: 5708

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Originally published: New York: Random House, 1967.