English Legal System in Context 6e

Author: Fiona Cownie,Anthony Bradney,Mandy Burton
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199656568
Category: Law
Page: 399
View: 9682

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English Legal System in Context takes a unique and highly praised analytical approach to the subject of the English Legal System. Frequent examples are incorporated throughout the text, illustrating the link between theory and practice, while the concise and engaging style enables students to have an excellent understanding of the subject as a whole. A wide range of traditional core areas are covered in the text, such as the courts, case law, legal professionals and civil and criminal proceedings. However, the authors also discuss areas such as the role of private policing and the work of non-police agencies, giving students a balanced overview of the subject area. Additionally, the text provides a wealth of references for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the legal system. With a clear and logical structure, this perceptive and wide ranging text provides a unique introduction to the English Legal System.

English Legal System in Context

Author: Fiona Cownie,Anthony Bradney,Mandy Burton
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199289882
Category: Law
Page: 371
View: 2728

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English Legal System in Context provides a critical overview of the legal system. It establishes a sound theoretical framework within which to analyse the system and its various intricacies, encouraging students to develop a critical approach to the study of this important topic. The authors provide an insightful contextual analysis of the system and its main protagonists: as well as the traditional core areas of the English legal system such as the courts, case law, legal professionals, and the civil and criminal proceedings, the text discusses the police and their powers,the role of the CPS, private policing, the work of non-police agencies. This edition also contains a new chapter on alternative dispute resolution, designed to broaden the reader's appreciation of this central issue, plus new material on the role of law schools and law students. With a clear, logical structure, and a wealth of references to take the reader further into the subject, this is a perceptive and wide-ranging study that explains and illuminates this fascinating topic.


Der Top-Down-Ansatz
Author: James F. Kurose,Keith W. Ross
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783868942378
Page: 894
View: 4047

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Walker & Walker's English Legal System

Author: Richard Ward,Amanda Akhtar,Amanda Wragg
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199588104
Category: Law
Page: 732
View: 1282

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A long-standing and trusted text containing everything needed for students of the English legal system. This new edition has been thoroughly revised to improve usability and ensure an even closer fit to courses.

Das UML-Benutzerhandbuch

aktuell zur Version 2.0
Author: Grady Booch,James Rumbaugh,Ivar Jacobson
Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH
ISBN: 9783827322951
Page: 543
View: 4777

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Das Erwachen

Author: Kate Chopin
Publisher: edition fünf
ISBN: 3942374765
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 216
View: 6794

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Sommerfrische am Meer, Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts: Mit 28 Jahren ist Edna Pontellier längst Ehefrau und Mutter. Ihre Ehe scheint harmonisch, das Leben geordnet. Doch dann leistet ihr der aufmerksame Robert Gesellschaft, und Edna verliebt sich. Als die beiden ihre Gefühle füreinander entdecken, flieht der junge Mann erschrocken auf eine Geschäftsreise. Edna wartet vergeblich auf Post. Alleingelassen kehrt sie in die Stadt zurück und lässt alle gesellschaftlichen Konventionen hinter sich — mit fatalen Folgen ...

Legal Aspects of Business, 6e

Author: Akhileshwar Pathak
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 9339205413
Page: N.A
View: 3014

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?The book interfaces law with management and deals comprehensively with almost every field of law which has a bearing on business. The focus of this edition, like that of the earlier editions, is on making the teaching and learning of business laws interesting and engaging. It adopts a ?learning by discovering? approach. Each important theme opens with a section having unsolved cases that bring out disputes arising from business practices and other common incidents. The student, while thinking through the cases and settling the disputes, discovers the concepts and principles that underlie that theme and the interpretation of the relevant legal provisions. The succeeding section on the same theme confirms this understanding and develops it further through notes, examples, and review and analysis of court judgements.? New in this edition ? The entire book has been re-organised with several parts being consolidated and rewritten. Each chapter has a learning review section to strengthen learning. ? Parts on Contract Law, Law on Sale of Goods, Consumer Protection and Intellectual Property Rights have been revised and re-organised. ? The part on Company Law has been written with reference to the Companies Act, 2013. ? A new chapter on the Transfer of Property Act has been added

Human Resource Management, 6th Edition

Theory and Practice
Author: John Bratton,Jeff Gold
Publisher: Palgrave
ISBN: 1137586680
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 688
View: 5010

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The contemporary workplace is ever changing. In many countries the effects of economic globalization has seen the rise in zero-hour contracts, the erosion of trade union power and income inequality. In addition, high-performance work systems, business ethics and environmental sustainability are now creating tremendous challenges in many organizations. These developments play out amongst differing national and international contexts. This fluid and diverse environment makes it even more important to understand the myriad of different theories underpinning human resource management and to explore its impact on organizations, managers and workers. This engaging textbook provides an essential introduction to both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of human resource management; it looks at the way organizations manage human capability, but also exposes the tensions inherent in the employment relationship, encouraging the reader to reflect critically on the realities of contemporary HRM. Building on the success of the previous five editions, this new edition includes: Two new chapters on Ethics in HRM and Green HRM New ‘HRM as I see it’ video interviews with real life HR managers sharing their experiences on managing people in organizations, accessible through a new interactive ebook New ‘HRM and Globalization’ features discussing the particular challenges faced by international organizations New ‘HRM in Practice’ features exploring practical implementation of HR theories Coverage of contemporary themes such as line managers’ roles in HRM, bullying, diversity and inequality Over 100 new references, bringing the discussion right up to date An extensive online resource centre with further teaching and learning materials, accessible at www.palgravehighered.com/bg-hrm-6e.

Internationale Wirtschaft

Theorie und Politik der Außenwirtschaft
Author: Paul R. Krugman,Maurice Obstfeld,Marc J. Melitz
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783868941340
Category: International economic relations
Page: 921
View: 9519

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Campbell Biologie

Author: Neil A. Campbell,Jane B. Reece,Lisa A. Urry,Michael L. Cain,Steven A. Wasserman,Peter V. Minorsky,Robert B. Jackson
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783868942590
Page: 1856
View: 4966

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Visual C# 2017 – Grundlagen, Profiwissen und Rezepte

Author: Walter Doberenz,Thomas Gewinnus,Walter Saumweber
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446453709
Category: Computers
Page: 951
View: 1139

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Dieser Klassiker der C#-/.NET-Programmierung bietet Ihnen Know-how und zahlreiche Rezepte, mit denen Sie häufig auftretende Probleme meistern. Einsteiger erhalten ein umfangreiches Tutorial zu den Grundlagen der C#-Programmierung mit Visual Studio 2017, dem Profi liefert es fortgeschrittene Programmiertechniken zu allen wesentlichen Einsatzgebieten der Windows-Programmierung. Zum sofortigen Ausprobieren finden Sie am Ende eines jeden Kapitels hochwertige Lösungen für nahezu jedes Problem. Mit diesem Buch haben Sie den idealen Begleiter für Ihre tägliche Arbeit und zugleich – dank der erfrischenden und unterhaltsamen Sprache – eine spannende Lektüre, die Lust macht, auch Projekte in der Freizeit umzusetzen. Das Buch gliedert sich in einen Grundlagenteil zur Programmierung mit Visual Studio 2017 und C# 7.0 und einen Technologieteil zu fortgeschrittenen Themen. Im Internet finden Sie darüber hinaus zum Download Beispiele und Bonuskapitel zu Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) und Windows Forms-Anwendungen.

Common law

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783428121519
Category: Common law
Page: 423
View: 4322

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Eine Autobiografie
Author: Asata Shakur
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783944233789
Page: 360
View: 2283

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