Empire Windrush

Fifty Years of Writing about Black Britain
Author: Onyekachi Wambu
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780753808399
Category: Blacks
Page: 443
View: 7072

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In 1948, the SS Empire Windrush, carrying hundreds of young men and women from the Caribbean, docked in Southampton. The ship's arrival signalled the beginning of a mass migration which was to have profound effects on Britain for the next 50 years. This anthology charts those 50 years.

Die Kunst der Migration

Aktuelle Positionen zum europäisch-afrikanischen Diskurs. Material - Gestaltung - Kritik
Author: Marie-Hélène Gutberlet,Sissy Helff
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839415942
Category: Art
Page: 370
View: 4059

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Entgegen den bekannten »Afrika«-Katastrophenszenarios beschäftigt sich dieses Buch mit der Repräsentation afrikanisch-europäischer Migration aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive. Versammelt sind hier 25 Positionen zu afrikanischen Avantgarden in Kino, zeitgenössischer Kunst, Literatur, digitalen Medien, Architektur und Computerspielen bis hin zu aktuellen Debatten der Medienkritik. Ein gewinnbringendes Buch, das Autoren zu Wort kommen lässt, die sich aus geläufigen Mustern im Umgang mit Afrikabildern hinausbewegen und so dazu ermutigen, afrikanisch-europäische Migration neu und anders zu denken.

Companion to Contemporary Black British Culture

Author: Alison Donnell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134700253
Category: Reference
Page: 384
View: 9360

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The Companion to Contemporary Black British Culture is the first comprehensive reference book to provide multidisciplinary coverage of the field of black cultural production in Britain. The publication is of particular value because despite attracting growing academic interest in recent years, this field is still often subject to critical and institutional neglect. For the purpose of the Companion, the term 'black' is used to signify African, Caribbean and South Asian ethnicities, while at the same time addressing the debates concerning notions of black Britishness and cultural identity. This single volume Companion covers seven intersecting areas of black British cultural production since 1970: writing, music, visual and plastic arts, performance works, film and cinema, fashion and design, and intellectual life. With entries on distinguished practitioners, key intellectuals, seminal organizations and concepts, as well as popular cultural forms and local activities, the Companion is packed with information and suggestions for further reading, as well as offering a wide lens on the events and issues that have shaped the cultural interactions and productions of black Britain over the last thirty years. With a range of specialist advisors and contributors, this work promises to be an invaluable sourcebook for students, researchers and academics interested in exploring the diverse, complex and exciting field of black cultural forms in postcolonial Britain.

Black British Literature

Novels of Transformation
Author: Mark Stein
Publisher: Ohio State University Press
ISBN: 081420984X
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 243
View: 8874

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In this fascinating book, Mark Stein examines black British literature, centering on a body of work created by British-based writers with African, South Asian, or Caribbean cultural backgrounds. Linking black British literature to the bildungsroman genre, this study examines the transformative potential inscribed in and induced by a heterogeneous body of texts. Capitalizing on their plural cultural attachments, these texts portray and purvey the transformation of post-imperial Britain. Stein locates his wide-ranging analysis in both a historical and a literary context. He argues that a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach is essential to understanding post-colonial culture and society. The book relates black British literature to ongoing debates about cultural diversity, and thereby offers a way of reading a highly popular but as yet relatively uncharted field of cultural production. With the collapse of its empire, with large-scale immigration from former colonies, and with ever-increasing cultural diversity, Britain underwent a fundamental makeover in the second half of the twentieth century. This volume cogently argues that black British literature is not only a commentator on and a reflector of this makeover, but that it is simultaneously an agent that is integral to the processes of cultural and social change. Conceptualizing the novel of transformation, this comprehensive study of British black literature provides a compelling analytic framework for charting these processes.

Postcolonial Contraventions

Cultural Readings of Race, Imperialism and Transnationalism
Author: Laura Chrisman
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 1847795323
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 208
View: 8438

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Laura Chrisman's 'Colonial Discourse and Postcolonial Theory: A Reader', was published in 1993. It became a landmark of postcolonial studies. This new text offers insights into the field she helped establish. Both polemical and scholarly, "Postcolonial contraventions" is challenging in its analysis of black Atlantic studies, colonial discourse analysis and postcolonial theory. Chrisman provides important paradigms for understanding imperial literature, Englishness, and black transnationalism. Her concerns range from the metropolitan centre of Conrad's "Heart of Darkness", to fatherhood in Du Bois's "The Souls of Black Folk"; from the marketing of South African literature to cosmopolitanism in Chinua Achebe; from utopian discourse in Benita Parry to Frederic Jameson's theorization of empire. Chrisman also engages critically with postcolonial intellectuals Paul Gilroy, David Lloyd, Anne McClintock, Edward Said, Gayatri Spivak and Robert Young, uncovering conservatism from unexpected quarters. The book joins a growing chorus of materialist voices within postcolonial studies, and addresses an urgent need for greater attention to the political, historical and socio-economic elements of cultural production. This book should be of interest to students, researchers and teachers of postcolonial studies, theory and literature; black diaspora and Atlantic studies; imperialism and Victorian literature of empire, and British literature of the 19th century.

Writing Black Britain 1948-1998

An Interdisciplinary Anthology
Author: James Procter
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719053825
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 338
View: 3672

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The first anthology of its kind, this timely collection brings together a diverse range of black British literatures, essays and documents from across the post-war period within a single volume. Spanning half a century, this rich archive of representations includes South Asian, African and Caribbean cultural production by both leading and lesser-known artists, critics and commentators.

Sociology in Perspective

Author: Mark Kirby
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435331603
Category: Sociology
Page: 831
View: 2170

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This text, specifically for AQA specifications, is designed to be easy and encouraging for students to use. The book contains updated material and activities together with a new chapter on study skills. It also indicates clearly where activities meet the new evidence requirements for key skills.

Raum und Bewegung in der Literatur

die Literaturwissenschaften und der Spatial Turn
Author: Wolfgang Hallet,Birgit Neumann
Publisher: transcript Verlag
Category: Landscape in literature
Page: 409
View: 5442

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Raum ist in literarischen Texten nicht nur Ort der Handlung, sondern auch kultureller Bedeutungsträger. Die Raumdarstellung bildet eine der grundlegenden Komponenten der (fiktionalen) Wirklichkeitserschließung. Kulturelle Normen und Wertehierarchien finden im literarischen Raum eine konkret anschauliche Form; umgekehrt haben literarische Räume maßgeblichen Anteil an der Aushandlung kultureller Raumordnungen. In diesem Band werden literaturwissenschaftliche Raumkonzepte systematisch erfasst und unter theoretischen, methodischen und gattungsspezifischen Gesichtspunkten vorgestellt. Der Band leistet damit einen genuin disziplinären Beitrag zu der disziplinübergreifend geführten Diskussion um den Spatial Turn und rückt Literatur als konstitutiven Bestandteil kultureller Raumkonstruktionen in den Blick

Populärliteratur Als Kulturelles Gedächtnis

Eine Vergleichende Studie Zu Zeitgenössischen Britischen und Amerikanischen Popular Romances Der Verlagsgruppe Harlequin Mills & Boon
Author: Gabriele Linke
Publisher: Universitaetsverlag Winter
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 382
View: 4320

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Die Studie wirbt um ein neues Verstandnis von Popularliteratur, indem sie aufzeigt, wie romances in einen gesellschaftlichen Prozess der Reproduktion kultureller Standardisierungen und des Erinnerns an historische Erfahrungen und Ereignisse eingebunden sind. Da der Erfolg der Serienliebesromane seit den 1970er Jahren mit der Internationalisierung des Buchmarktes einhergeht, erhebt sich die Frage, ob und wie ein standardisiertes und weltweit vermarktetes Genre als nationalkulturelles Gedachtnis fungieren kann. Der Vergleich britischer und nordamerikanischer romances zeigt, wie nationalkulturelle Details das Erzahlschema mit Leben erfullen und wie auf genrespezifische Weise an Geschehnisse der nationalen Vergangenheit wie den Vietnamkrieg oder die britischen Kolonialkriege erinnert wird.

"Black" British Aesthetics Today

Author: R. Victoria Arana
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Category: Art
Page: 389
View: 6417

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"Black" British Aesthetics Today is a collection of twenty-four exciting critical and theoretical essays exploring current thinking about the hottest artistic, literary, and critical works now being produced by "black" Britons. This book features a number of chapters by the avant-garde "black" British novelists, poets, and artists themselves. It includes, for instance, aesthetic manifestos by Diran Adebayo, Anthony Joseph, Roshini Kempadoo, Sheree Mack, Valerie Mason-John, and SuAndi as well as key essays by globally renowned critics, including Amna Malik, Kobena Mercer, Lauri Ramey, Roy Sommer, and many others. As a compendium, this book represents a powerfully fresh intellectual current of thought. It provides readers with important insights into contemporary "black" aesthetics, and it includes an array of important clarifications initially voiced at the groundbreaking international symposium that took place on April 8, 2006, at Howard University in Washington, D.C., by outstanding new scholars in this burgeoning field of study: e.g., Kevin Etienne-Cummings, Valerie Kaneko Lucas, Michael McMillan, Magdalena Maczynska, Courtney Martin, Jude Okpala, Deirdre Osborne, Koye Oyedeji, Meenakshi Ponnuswami, Sandra Ponzanesi, Andrene M. Taylor, Samera Owusu Tutu, and Tracey Walters. The authors contextualise contemporary "black" British aesthetics in relation to the African, African American, and Postcolonial aesthetic traditions; they explore an exciting array of critical theories, trends of feeling, and lively aesthetic movements thriving today in "black" Britain; and they examine and assess embodied aesthetics at play in a wide range of specific works by today's most brilliant "black" British novelists, poets, photographers, live performance artists, dramatists, architects, musicians, graphic artists, and cinematographers.

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Cultures and Identities
Author: Marta Sofia López
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 207
View: 3653

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A collection of essays, which analyze black diasporic communities and their cultural productions in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, focusing on women afrosporic writers.

Snow on sugarcane

the evolution of West Indian poetry in Britain
Author: Ian Andrew Dieffenthaller
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 305
View: 6353

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As recently as the early 1970s, scholars were able to argue conclusively for the existence of West Indian poetry as distinct from the English canon. Because much of its development occurred in Britain, hybridising with British practice was inevitable and this book makes a case for a West Indian British poetry which at first parallels and later becomes distinct from either of its parent bodies, relying instead on a cross-cultural aesthetic that continues to evolve. Early chapters examine the work of Claude McKay, Una Marson and Phyllis Allfrey in tandem with West Indian novels and calypsos of the 1950s and incipient critical practice fronted by Kamau Brathwaite. Subsequent chapters chart the influence of the Caribbean Artists Movement and poets such as John La Rose, Andrew Salkey and Faustin Charles. The politicising of the West Indian British community in the 1970s gave rise to the work of Linton Kwesi Johnson and -~dub' poetry. It also initiated the concept of -~black Britain,' which continues to obscure developments in West Indian British poetry into the twenty-first century. Later chapters examine these developments and chronicle the literary strategies of poets such as E. A. Markham, John Agard, James Berry, Fred D'Aguiar, Amryl Johnson and Grace Nichols, who along with poets from a non-West Indian heritage enrich the new hybrid voice and ensure its continued existence. In History of the Voice, Kamau Brathwaite questioned the cultural basis of West Indian children in the 1950s who wrote of snow falling on cane fields. It is in West Indian British poetry that such collisions are made possible -" and culturally viable.

The Oxford Companion to Black British History

Author: David Dabydeen,John Gilmore,Cecily Jones
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Category: History
Page: 592
View: 8187

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A unique A-Z guide to the history of black people in the British Isles from classical times to the present day. With entries for landmark figures (e.g. Mary Seacole, Crimean nurse), key events (the Brixton Riots), concepts (Emancipation), and historical accounts. Wide-ranging coverage from medicine and warfare to art, music, sport, and education.

The Oxford encyclopedia of British literature

Author: David Scott Kastan
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195169218
Category: Fiction
Page: 2656
View: 6008

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A comprehensive reference presents over five hundred full essays on authors and a variety of topics, including censorship, genre, patronage, and dictionaries.

London calling

how Black and Asian writers imagined a city
Author: Sukhdev Sandhu
Publisher: N.A
Category: Social Science
Page: 498
View: 7159

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The Oxford English Literary History: 1948-2000 : the internationalization of English literature

Author: Jonathan Bate
Publisher: N.A
Category: English literature
Page: N.A
View: 2471

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The Oxford English Literary History is the new century's definitive account of a rich and diverse literary heritage that stretches back for a millennium and more. Each of these groundbreaking volumes offers a leading scholar's considered assessment of the authors, works, cultural traditions, events, and ideas that shaped the literary voices of their age. The series will enlighten and inspire not only everyone studying, teaching, and researching in English Literature, but all serious readers.