Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics

Author: Kate Curtis,Clair Ramsden
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0729579824
Category: Medical
Page: 1494
View: 5417

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Emergency and Trauma Care is written for Australian emergency care providers including paramedics, emergency nurses, pre-hospital care providers, nurse practitioners, general practice nurses and allied health practitioners including occupational therapists and physiotherapists who are caring for trauma patients. This book follows the patient journey from pre-hospital to definitive care. Using a body systems approach, each chapter provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of adult and paediatric emergencies. Implications for clinical practice is supported by chapters of professional practice, clinical skills, research, evidence-based practice, and legal, ethical and cultural issues. Clinical assessment, physiology, management and rationale for intervention of common and not so common emergency presentations are provided, with each chapter providing clear and relevant examples for both Paramedics and Nurses. Emergency and Trauma Care brings together a team of highly respected clinical practitioners and academics to deliver the most up-to-date text dealing with the practical procedures and evidence experienced by emergency and trauma care providers every day. Chapter 2 Pre-hospital care overview in Australia and NZ Chapter 10 Scene assessment, management and rescue Chapter 11 Pre-Hospital Clinical Reasoning, Triage and Communication Pre-hospital and emergency nursing considerations included in all relevant chapters Chapter 5 Cultural Considerations in Emergency Care addresses cultural diversity, beliefs and values and focuses on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and Maori health Chapter 19 Resuscitation includes advanced life support, airway management and incorporates the 2010 Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines Chapter 37 People with disabilities provides assessment, examination and communication strategies for working with clients with intellectual and physical disabilities Section 5 focuses on examination and communication strategies for working with unique population groups, including the elderly, disabled, obstetric and paediatric patients Section 6 details major trauma assessment and management, blast injury, and trauma to specific body regions Essentials outline the main points addressed in each chapter Practice tips assist with communication skills, procedures and assessment Case studies supported by questions throughout Summaries and Key points, review questions, web links and references provide for consolidation and further research. Evolve resources include Power point slides, 30 additional Case studies, image bank, web links Three paramedic specific chapters (including scene assessment and management)

Prehospital Trauma Care

Author: Eldar Soreide,Christopher M. Grande
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780824741785
Category: Medical
Page: 816
View: 9539

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Comprehensive in scope and content, Prehospital Trauma Care (PTC) covers all aspects of emergency medicine-triage assessment and treatment, anesthesia, intensive care, psychiatry, health and military disasters, burns, shock, and surgery. Written by over 70 distinguished international experts representing Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA. Considering geographic and cultural perspectives in trauma care, Prehospital Trauma Care explores demographics and mechanisms of injury in PTC organization of PTC in developed countries worldwide the hierarchy of the prehospital trauma team and crew-resource management features of initial patient care from advanced airway management to state-of-the-art fluid resuscitation and prevention of hypothermia, including provision of adequate analgesia specialized approaches to blunt and penetrating trauma treating special groups such as the traumatized child and the entrapped patient, as well as specific situations, including chemical injuries and hypothermia transport and extraordinary challenges such as rural areas, mass attendance events, terrorism, and VIP protection and much more. Promoting an efficient trauma chain of survival and a secure continuum of care, Prehospital Trauma Care is essential reading for emergency medicine and critical care physicians, anesthesiologists, surgeons, pediatricians, sports medicine specialists, air and ground transport nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and all related medical specialists with an interest in trauma care.

Das ICU-Buch

Praktische Intensivmedizin
Author: Paul L. Marino,Götz Geldner,Tilmann Müller-Wolff
Publisher: "Elsevier,Urban&FischerVerlag"
ISBN: 3437170325
Category: Medical
Page: 912
View: 7674

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Ob Weiterbildungsassistent auf der Intensivstation oder erfahrener Arzt: das ICU-Buch - Praktische Intensivmedizin macht es Ihnen leicht, die oft sehr komplexen Vorgänge bei z.T. multimorbiden Patienten zu verstehen, die richtigen Prioritäten zu setzen und begründete diagnostische und therapeutische Entscheidungen zu treffen. Das Buch spannt den Bogen von der Physiologie über gebräuchliche Arbeitstechniken bis hin zu konkreten und klinisch begründeten Behandlungskonzepten bei speziellen Erkrankungen. Detaillierte Diagnostik und differenzierte Therapie werden problemorientiert dargestellt Die Interdisziplinäre Herangehensweise wird den oft vielschichtigen Erkrankungen gerecht Neu in der 5. Auflage: Komplett überarbeitet und aktualisiert unter Betonung neu erschienener Übersichtsartikel und klinischer Leitlinien 5 zusätzliche Kapitel: Gefäßkatheter, Berufsbedingte Expositionen, Alternative Beatmungsverfahren, Pankreatitis und Leberinsuffizienz sowie Nichtmedikamentöse Toxidrome Komplett in Farbe - das macht das Buch maximal lesefreundlich „Resümee" für die Praxis am Kapitelende unterstützt Sie bei der Umsetzung im Klinikalltag 246 neue Abbildungen und 199 neue Tabellen visualisieren die Inhalte und zeigen Ihnen alles Wichtige auf einen Blick Inhalte adaptiert entsprechend deutscher und europäischer Leitlinien/Empfehlungen sowie gesetzlicher Vorgaben


Ein Praxisbuch für interdisziplinäre Teams
Author: Peter Frommelt,Hubert Lösslein
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642129153
Category: Medical
Page: 803
View: 4704

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Im Praxisbuch wird das gesamte Arbeitsfeld der Rehabilitation nach neurologischen Verletzungen und Erkrankungen umfassend und auf dem neuesten wissenschaftlichen Stand beschieben. Die Autoren stellen evidenzbasierte Konzepte vor, die sich direkt in der therapeutischen Praxis umsetzen lassen. Die Neuauflage wurde übersichtlicher gestaltet und aktualisiert, der Akzent stärker bei teilstationärer und ambulanter Rehabilitation gesetzt. Der Band bietet beides: eine umfassende Einführung für Einsteiger sowie neue Anregungen für erfahrene Therapeuten.

Principles of Advanced Trauma Care

Author: Michael W. Hubble,Johnsie Page Hubble
Publisher: Delmar Pub
ISBN: 9780766819870
Category: Study Aids
Page: 717
View: 5928

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Students in EMT-Paramedic courses need to know the most recent developments in trauma care. This book provides you with an excellent overview on the principles of trauma care, followed by field techniques for assessment and triage of the patient. Specific trauma injuries are detailed. Treatment methods are covered for the field, emergency department, and special situations material on new procedures, techniques and equipment will add to readers' skills in advanced life support systems. Chapters include field case studies and references to current literature sources in trauma management.Key features:* Addresses the causes of specific injuries* Includes review and study questions* Meets 1999 DOT national Standard Curriculum for the EMT-paramedic* Offers scenarios that apply concepts to patient situations(EMS, emergency care, EMT, trauma care, EMT-Paramedic, nursing, emergency medical services, trauma, triage, paramedic)

Junger Mann aus reichem Haus

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG
ISBN: 3257602693
Category: Fiction
Page: 176
View: 9515

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Enthält: ›Junger Mann aus reichem Haus‹, ›Die Hochzeitsparty‹, ›Die letzte Schöne des Südens‹. Drei Geschichten über das Geld und die Liebe – und den Verlust von beidem."

Manual of Clinical Trauma Care

The First Hour
Author: Susan Budassi Sheehy
Publisher: Mosby Incorporated
Category: Medical
Page: 430
View: 7339

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MANUAL OF CLINICAL TRAUMA CARE: THE FIRST HOUR focuses on improving emergency assessment and intervention for the immediate care of trauma patients, which is critical to the patient's survival. This volume is designed to build specialized assessment skills emphasizing physiology and pathophysiology, mechanisms of injury and history procurement, with information presented in a practical, quick-reference format. The third edition has been thoroughly updated to include new technologies and current trauma statistics and to focus attention on new issues like shifting hospital systems and community education and prevention. New chapters cover the model trauma system, hospital systems of care, and interpersonal violence. · Uses the team approach to promote cooperation among physicians, paramedics, nurses, radiology technicians, respiratory therapists, surgeons, and other trauma team members · Gives trauma care providers a broader knowledge of the causes of disease, as well as greater understanding of the body in motion · Focuses on the physiology and pathophysiology of injury to encourage critical thinking · Serves as a quick-and-ready reference for specific trauma care skills such as interosseous infusion and emergency thoracotomy, and revises trauma management · Includes numerous tables, boxes, and mnemonic devices to improve retention NEW FEATURES: · Provides a timely new chapter on interpersonal violence that helps emergency personnel confidently and appropriately identify and assess at-risk patients, plan for the patient's safety, provide resources and referrals, and when necessary, begin a legal intervention process · Includes a new chapter that gives an historical overview of the beginning and continual evolution of emergency care. Provides new triage guidelines to help practitioners determine which patients need the most immediate care · Offers a new chapter on hospital systems that clearly explains the difference between trauma centers and specialty trauma centers and dispenses key information on documentation, qualifications, stress management, and quality improvement · Provides an expanded Mechanism of Injury chapter that addresses a wider audience of health care providers, helping those who are not the first responders to know precisely what questions to ask of the initial care team

Der Cop

Author: Ryan David Jahn
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641079691
Category: Fiction
Page: 336
View: 9594

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Das Telefon klingelt. Es ist deine Tochter. Sie ist seit vier Monaten tot. Ian Hunt hat noch eine knappe Stunde bis Schichtende, als seine Tochter anruft. Es ist über sieben Jahre her, dass er ihre Stimme zuletzt gehört hat. Vor vier Monaten wurde sie für tot erklärt. Plötzlich wird der Anruf von einem Mann unterbrochen. Es ist der Mann, der Maggie vor sieben Jahren aus dem Kinderzimmer entführt hat. Maggie kann noch vage Angaben zu ihrem Entführer machen, dann bricht die Verbindung ab. Eine gnadenlose Jagd quer durch Amerika nimmt ihren Lauf.

Berufsbildungsrecht im Betrieb

Praxishandbuch mit rechtssicheren Erläuterungen und sofort einsetzbaren Arbeitshilfen
Author: Wolfgang Schellhöh,Michael Weber
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783865860255
Page: 368
View: 3528

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Emergency Care

A Textbook for Paramedics
Author: Ian Greaves,Keith Porter,Tim J. Hodgetts,Malcolm Woollard
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702025860
Category: Medical
Page: 660
View: 1958

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This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It is a unique, comprehensive text for paramedics in the UK covers all areas of knowledge that paramedics are expected to be familiar with and the wide range of situations they will face. Each chapter is written by an expert practicing in the field. The book is designed to be as accessible as possible with important points highlighted in tinted panels, lists, tables, flow charts and mnemonics. It is highly illustrated to aid comprehension. the comprehensive coverage of UK paramedic practice makes this the only book with all the core information that UK paramedics need to know the highly structured presentation (lists, tables, important points highlighted in tinted panels, flow charts, mnemonics) assists learning and revision over 350 high-quality line diagrams and photographs clearly illustrate complex procedures, relevant anatomy and give examples of equipment the text will be fully updated in line with changes to training for paramedics, paramedic protocols, technological developments etc the design and layout will be improved to make the text easier to use

Der Gefangene

Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641110297
Category: Fiction
Page: 464
View: 6277

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Die Hölle auf Erden – Die Packende Geschichte eines Justizskandals In der Tradition von Truman Capotes »Kaltblütig« widmet sich John Grisham einem Kriminalfall, der erschütterndes Zeugnis ablegt über die Ungerechtigkeit eines modernen Rechtssystems. Brillant erzählt und getragen von großer Sympathie für seinen Helden, wird Ron Williamsons Schicksal zu einem packenden Thriller, der nicht mehr aus der Hand zu legen ist. Debbie Carter arbeitet als Bardame im »Coachlight Club« in Ada, Oklahoma. Sie ist beliebt bei den Gästen. Auch Ron Williamson, ehemaliger Baseballprofi und Stammgast im Club, sitzt oft bei ihr an der Bar. Eines Morgens wird die junge Frau vergewaltigt und erwürgt in ihrer Wohnung aufgefunden. Sechs Jahre später werden Ron Williamson und sein Freund Dennis Fritz aufgrund einer Falschaussage der Tat bezichtigt. Williamson wird zum Tode, Fritz zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt. Beide beteuern ihre Unschuld. Elf Jahre verbringt Williamson unter grausamen und entwürdigenden Haftbedingungen in der Todeszelle. Kurz vor der Hinrichtung zeigt eine DNA-Untersuchung, dass weder Fritz noch Williamson die Tat begangen haben können. Sie werden freigesprochen. Der wahre Täter, damaliger Hauptbelastungszeuge der Anklage, wird wenig später verhaftet. Fünf Jahre nach seiner Freilassung stirbt Ron Williamson an den Folgen der Haft.

Trauma Care & EMS Operations

Author: Richard Beebe,Myers
Publisher: Delmar Pub
ISBN: 9781428323490
Category: Medical
Page: 228
View: 5690

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Practice for success with engaging case studies, practice questions, skills sheets and other activities found within this Study Guide.

Professional Paramedic, Volume III: Trauma Care & EMS Operations

Author: Richard Beebe,Myers
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1428323481
Category: Medical
Page: 752
View: 8059

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Meet and exceed educational requirements and expectations for Paramedic training with The Professional Paramedic Series. Based on the new National EMS Education Standards, this economical three-volume series equips you and your learners with the resources necessary for both paramedic certification and re-certification. Comprehensive, using a case-based methodology, while remaining street-friendly, each volume in the series walks learners through the skills and concepts critical to the job of a Paramedic. The framework of each book is practical in approach: introducing principles, skills and terminology; presenting a typical case; walking through critical response steps; and again reviewing key concepts to ensure understanding for successful application on the job. Volume III: Trauma Care & EMS Operations highlights special response considerations and a broad range of operational medical topics to prepare readers with the complete spectrum of knowledge required to succeed as a Paramedic. Topics include traumatic brain injury, environmental medicine, specialty care transport, triage systems, and much more. This book follows up on the fundamental information covered in Volume I: Foundations of Paramedic Care and the application of skills in emergency situations in Volume II: Medical Emergencies, Maternal Health & Pediatrics. Practical and reader-friendly, each volume includes a full color design with detailed photos, graphics and step-by-step skill sequences to ensure your learners are fully prepared for the responsibilities, adventures, and challenges of the paramedic profession. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Fliegen um Leben und Tod

Bergretter zwischen Matterhorn und Everest
Author: Sabine Jürgens,Gerold Biner
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 3280038367
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 256
View: 9542

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Mit beispiellosem Engagement und eisernem Willen organisieren Gerold Biner und seine Schweizer Kollegen aus Zermatt den Aufbau einer Rettungsstation und ein Ausbildungsprogramm in Nepal. Dabei erleben sie wunderbare Fortschritte, aber auch dramatische Rückschläge. Eine Abenteuergeschichte, der es nicht an persönlichen Statements fehlt, sei es zur Leichtsinnigkeit mancher Berggänger oder zu Extremsportarten, die den Tod als ständigen Begleiter haben. Biner redet Klartext und kontert die Kritik an den Schweizer Bergrettern im Zusammenhang mit Rettungseinsätzen auf dem Dach der Welt.

Principles and Practice of Trauma Nursing

Author: Rose Ann O'Shea
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0443064059
Category: Medical
Page: 735
View: 727

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This unique, authoritative book explores the spectrum of trauma care provided in the UK, discussing procedures for specific trauma presentations as well as the nurse's role in providing care in the emergency setting. Chapters on the relevant biosciences are included, which serve as an excellent source of review or instruction for nurses of all levels. In addition to the basic science dimensions of trauma nursing, the book also addresses clinical, psychosocial, and psychological aspects of care. Its structured approach to patient management presents information in an easy-to-follow format. Research evidence is used throughout to support the text, laying the foundation for expert nursing practice. Multidisciplinary approach makes the book relevant to current practice. Key learning points are highlighted with the text to help direct the reader's attention and encourage learning. A wide range of expert contributors makes the book a credible and authoritative source. Easy-to-understand chapters on fundamental biosciences expand readers' knowledge. Extensive illustrations, line drawings, and easy-to-read tables provide clear, visual explanations of important material. Appropriate references and recommended sources for further reading help readers develop knowledge and insight. Structured textbook format facilitates learning, enables information to be found quickly, and makes the book more user-friendly. The section on pre-hospital care presents a key piece of the trauma care spectrum, rather than focusing solely on the nurse's role in in-hospital care.

Trauma Nursing E-Book

From Resuscitation Through Rehabilitation
Author: Karen A. McQuillan,Mary Beth Flynn Makic,Eileen Whalen
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1437726577
Category: Medical
Page: 992
View: 1889

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Using the unique cycles of trauma framework, the 4th edition of this classic and highly acclaimed resource is thoroughly updated to bring you comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge research findings and current issues, trends, and controversies in trauma nursing. Detailed information guides you through all phases of care – from preventive care and the time of injury to the resuscitative, operative, critical, intermediate, and rehabilitative stages. Timely discussions on emerging topics such as mass casualty and rural trauma/telemedicine keep you up to date with the latest developments in the field. This practical, evidence-based reference is the most complete resource available for both novice and experienced trauma nurses working in a variety of care settings. Comprehensive coverage includes practical, clinically relevant trauma information for nurses at all levels of knowledge and experience working in a variety of settings. Evidence-based content ensures that you are using the latest and most reliable information available to provide state-of-the-art care for trauma patients. A user-friendly format, logical organization, and helpful tables and illustrations help you find information quickly and clarify key concepts and procedures. Detailed information guides you through all phases of care – from preventive care and the time of injury to the resuscitative, operative, critical, intermediate, and rehabilitative stages. Special populations coverage prepares you to meet the unique needs of pregnant, pediatric, and elderly patients, as well as bariatric patients, burn victims, patients with substance abuse issues, and organ and tissue donors. A section on Clinical Management Concepts gives you a solid understanding of key issues affecting all patients regardless of their injury, including mechanism of injury, traumatic shock, patient/family psychosocial responses to trauma, pain management, wound healing, and nutrition. A new Mass Casualty chapter prepares you to act quickly and confidently in the event of a disaster, with guidelines for initial response and sustained response, lessons learned from recent disasters, government involvement, and hazmat, bioterrorism, and nuclear-radiological preparedness. A new chapter on Rural Trauma/Telemedicine focuses on the unique nature of rural trauma care and offers strategies to help you improve healthcare delivery in this challenging environment. A new Trauma in the Bariatric Patient chapter provides the specialized information you need to meet the challenges and needs of this growing patient population.

Emergency Medical Services for Children

Author: Jane S. Durch,Kathleen N. Lohr
Publisher: National Academies
Category: Medical
Page: 396
View: 7465

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Explores why emergency care for children--from infants through adolescents--must differ from that for adults and describes what seriously ill or injured children generally experience in today's EMS systems. Points the way to integrating EMS-C into current and emergency programs and into broader aspects of health care for children. Gives recommendations for ensuring access to emergency care through the 9-1-1 system; training health professionals, from paramedics to physicians; educating the public; and more.