Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance and Testing

Author: Paul Gill
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420017551
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 1000
View: 3682

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The second edition of a bestseller, this definitive text covers all aspects of testing and maintenance of the equipment found in electrical power systems serving industrial, commercial, utility substations, and generating plants. It addresses practical aspects of routing testing and maintenance and presents both the methodologies and engineering basics needed to carry out these tasks. It is an essential reference for engineers and technicians responsible for the operation, maintenance, and testing of power system equipment. Comprehensive coverage includes dielectric theory, dissolved gas analysis, cable fault locating, ground resistance measurements, and power factor, dissipation factor, DC, breaker, and relay testing methods.

Power System Analysis

Short-Circuit Load Flow and Harmonics, Second Edition
Author: J.C. Das
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439820805
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 1092
View: 4178

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Fundamental to the planning, design, and operating stages of any electrical engineering endeavor, power system analysis continues to be shaped by dramatic advances and improvements that reflect today’s changing energy needs. Highlighting the latest directions in the field, Power System Analysis: Short-Circuit Load Flow and Harmonics, Second Edition includes investigations into arc flash hazard analysis and its migration in electrical systems, as well as wind power generation and its integration into utility systems. Designed to illustrate the practical application of power system analysis to real-world problems, this book provides detailed descriptions and models of major electrical equipment, such as transformers, generators, motors, transmission lines, and power cables. With 22 chapters and 7 appendices that feature new figures and mathematical equations, coverage includes: Short-circuit analyses, symmetrical components, unsymmetrical faults, and matrix methods Rating structures of breakers Current interruption in AC circuits, and short-circuiting of rotating machines Calculations according to the new IEC and ANSI/IEEE standards and methodologies Load flow, transmission lines and cables, and reactive power flow and control Techniques of optimization, FACT controllers, three-phase load flow, and optimal power flow A step-by-step guide to harmonic generation and related analyses, effects, limits, and mitigation, as well as new converter topologies and practical harmonic passive filter designs—with examples More than 2000 equations and figures, as well as solved examples, cases studies, problems, and references Maintaining the structure, organization, and simplified language of the first edition, longtime power system engineer J.C. Das seamlessly melds coverage of theory and practical applications to explore the most commonly required short-circuit, load-flow, and harmonic analyses. This book requires only a beginning knowledge of the per-unit system, electrical circuits and machinery, and matrices, and it offers significant updates and additional information, enhancing technical content and presentation of subject matter. As an instructional tool for computer simulation, it uses numerous examples and problems to present new insights while making readers comfortable with procedure and methodology.

Electricity Pricing

Engineering Principles and Methodologies
Author: Lawrence J. Vogt
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351837362
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 696
View: 8969

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As the advent of the Smart Grid revolutionizes how homeowners and businesses purchase and manage power, electricity pricing is becoming more complicated and intricate than ever before, while the need for more frequent rate revisions remains a primary issue in the field. A timely and accessible guide for the new industry environment, Electricity Pricing: Engineering Principles and Methodologies helps those involved in both the engineering and financial operations of electric power systems to "get the money right" while ensuring reliable electric service at a fair and reasonable cost. Explores both the business functions and engineering principles associated with electricity pricing Examining pricing approaches and opportunities, this book presents tools, viewpoints, and explanations that are generally not found in contemporary literature. It clarifies valuable analysis techniques, realistic examples, and unique lessons passed along from those inside the industry. This "how to do it" guide fosters a multidisciplinary understanding that integrates information, methodologies, and techniques from accounting, economics, engineering, finance, and marketing. Detail-oriented but still mindful of the big picture, this book examines the complex relationship between electricity, customers, and service providers in relation to pricing. Electricity Pricing also: Presents mathematical methods and techniques used to establish electricity prices, determine cost causation, and evaluate pricing structures and mechanisms Explores ways to translate and integrate cost elements into practical pricing structures Details how engineering concepts are used to apportion production, delivery, and associated costs to determine cost of service and to support all aspects of ratemaking strategy, design, analysis, and decision making This comprehensive professional reference addresses theory but remains grounded in no-nonsense practical applications. It is dually suited to introduce newcomers to the technical principles and methodologies of electricity pricing and provide veterans with a valuable consolidation of advanced tools for pricing analysis and problem solving. Watch an interview of the author at http://youtu.be/4fU8nkDVhNY

Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Second Edition

Author: James H. Harlow
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420008715
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 560
View: 9972

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Combining select chapters from Grigsby's standard-setting The Electric Power Engineering Handbook with several chapters not found in the original work, Electric Power Transformer Engineering became widely popular for its comprehensive, tutorial-style treatment of the theory, design, analysis, operation, and protection of power transformers. For its second edition, this popular progeny rejoins the handbook as one in a set of five carefully focused volumes. In addition to updates in nearly every chapter, this highly regarded reference brings to the Handbook its original contributions, discussing phase-shifting, rectifier, and constant-voltage transformers as well as power transformer protection and transient-voltage response. It also includes two new sections in the chapter on reactors, covering installation considerations for dry-type air-core reactors as well as line traps and power line carrier communication-, data-, and protective-relaying systems. Major updates appear in the highly active areas of dry-type transformers, instrument transformers, reactors, and load-tap changers. This book offers convenient access to everything from basic theory and concepts to detailed analysis of the individual components of a transformer. Reflecting standards, technologies, and new developments around the world, Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Second Edition provides a thorough and up-to-date guide for power engineers at all levels of expertise. Other volumes in the set include: Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Electric Power Substations Engineering, Second Edition Power Systems Power System Stability and Control

High Voltage Engineering and Testing

Author: Hugh McLaren Ryan
Publisher: IET
ISBN: 9780852967751
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 726
View: 7513

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High voltage, Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Electrical testing, Building and Construction

DIN VDE 0100

Daten und Fakten für das Errichten von Niederspannungsanlagen
Author: Karl-Heinz Krefter,Herbert Schmolke
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783800734726
Category: Electric networks
Page: 275
View: 3879

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Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Third Edition

Author: James H. Harlow
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 143985629X
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 693
View: 4879

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Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Third Edition expounds the latest information and developments to engineers who are familiar with basic principles and applications, perhaps including a hands-on working knowledge of power transformers. Targeting all from the merely curious to seasoned professionals and acknowledged experts, its content is structured to enable readers to easily access essential material in order to appreciate the many facets of an electric power transformer. Topically structured in three parts, the book: Illustrates for electrical engineers the relevant theories and principles (concepts and mathematics) of power transformers Devotes complete chapters to each of 10 particular embodiments of power transformers, including power, distribution, phase-shifting, rectifier, dry-type, and instrument transformers, as well as step-voltage regulators, constant-voltage transformers, transformers for wind turbine generators and photovoltaic applications, and reactors Addresses 14 ancillary topics including insulation, bushings, load tap changers, thermal performance, testing, protection, audible sound, failure analysis, installation and maintenance and more As with the other books in the series, this one supplies a high level of detail and, more importantly, a tutorial style of writing and use of photographs and graphics to help the reader understand the material. Important chapters have been retained from the second edition; most have been significantly expanded and updated for this third installment. Each chapter is replete with photographs, equations, and tabular data, and this edition includes a new chapter on transformers for use with wind turbine generators and distributed photovoltaic arrays. Jim Harlow and his esteemed group of contributors offer a glimpse into the enthusiastic community of power transformer engineers responsible for this outstanding and best-selling work. A volume in the Electric Power Engineering Handbook, Third Edition. Other volumes in the set: K12642 Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution, Third Edition (ISBN: 9781439856284) K12648 Power Systems, Third Edition (ISBN: 9781439856338) K13917 Power System Stability and Control, Third Edition (9781439883204) K12650 Electric Power Substations Engineering, Third Edition (9781439856383) Watch James H. Harlow's talk about his book: Part One: http://youtu.be/fZNe9L4cux0 Part Two: http://youtu.be/y9ULZ9IM0jE Part Three: http://youtu.be/nqWMjK7Z_dg

Elektrotechnik und Elektronik für Maschinenbauer

Author: Ekbert Hering,Rolf Martin,Jürgen Gutekunst,Joachim Kempkes
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642128815
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 571
View: 4956

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Überall im Maschinenbau werden elektrische und zunehmend auch elektronische Komponenten eingesetzt. Das Werk gibt einen Überblick über die klassischen Gebiete der Elektrotechnik, wobei besonderer Wert auf die technischen Neuerungen im Bereich der Leistungselektronik, der Sensoren und Aktoren gelegt wird. Auch die Themen Beleuchtungstechnik, Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV), Sicherheit und Sensoren fehlen nicht. Mithilfe zahlreicher Übersichtsdarstellungen, Praxisbeispielen und Übungen können sich Leser leicht in dieses Gebiet einarbeiten.

Make: Elektronik

Author: Charles Platt
Publisher: O'Reilly Germany
ISBN: 3897216019
Category: Electronic books
Page: 327
View: 9171

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Mochtest du Elektronik-Grundwissen auf eine unterhaltsame und geschmeidige Weise lernen? Mit Make: Elektronik tauchst du sofort in die faszinierende Welt der Elektronik ein. Entdecke die Elektronik und verstehe ihre Gesetze durch beeindruckende Experimente: Zuerst baust du etwas zusammen, dann erst kommt die Theorie. Vom Einfachen zum Komplexen: Du beginnst mit einfachen Anwendungen und gehst dann zugig uber zu immer komplexeren Projekten: vom einfachen Schaltkreis zum Integrierten Schaltkreis (IC), vom simplen Alarmsignal zum programmierbaren Mikrocontroller. Schritt-fur-Schritt-Anleitungen und uber 500 farbige Abbildungen und Fotos helfen dir dabei, Elektronik einzusetzen -- und zu verstehen.

Power Circuit Breaker Theory and Design

Author: Charles H. Flurscheim
Publisher: IET
ISBN: 9780906048702
Category: Science
Page: 600
View: 1631

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The book has 13 chapters and the following topics are dealt with: development of circuit breakers; physics of circuit breaker arcs; network switching conditions; oil circuit breakers; air break circuit breakers; air blast circuit breakers; SF6 circuit breakers; vacuum circuit breakers; special switching systems; circuit breaker specification and testing; design criteria for reliability, maintenance & safety; insulation applied to circuit breakers; cost effective design; and visual current chopping.

Digitaler Distanzschutz

Grundlagen und Anwendung
Author: Gerhard Ziegler
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783895783203
Category: Electric apparatus and appliances
Page: 392
View: 8157

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Der Distanzschutz bildet die Basis des Netzschutzes in Übertragungsnetzen und vermaschten Verteilungsnetzen. Das Buch behandelt die Grundlagen des Distanzschutzes und die Besonderheiten der Digitaltechnik. Einen Schwerpunkt bildet die Anwendung der digitalen Distanzrelais im Verteilungs- und Übertragungsnetz. Für die zweite Auflage wurden alle Inhalte überarbeitet und insbesondere die Produktbeschreibungen auf den neuesten Stand gebracht. Das Buch wendet sich an Ingenieure und Studenten, die sich in das Gebiet des Selektivschutzes einarbeiten wollen, aber auch an praxiserfahrene Anwender, die den Einstieg in die digitale Distanzschutztechnik suchen. Außerdem dient es als Nachschlagewerk zur Lösung von Problemen in der praktischen Anwendung.

Electric Drives, Second Edition

Author: Ion Boldea,Syed A. Nasar
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849325212
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 432
View: 588

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Industrial motion control is paramount in raising productivity and quality and in reducing energy and equipment maintenance costs in all industries. Electric drives share most of industrial motion control applications. This book presents a comprehensive view of modern (variable speed) electric drives, requiring no prior knowledge of power electronics or electric machinery. It serves as an excellent source to anyone seeking thorough knowledge on topology, performance, design elements, digital simulation programs (in MATLAB) and test results, as well as practical issues in industrial drives. An interactive CD-ROM version is attached, including: the entire text, for browsing problem solutions selected slides, for presentation 8 digital simulation MATLAB-Simulink programs of various drives Electric Drives represents a new philosophy on the subject, steering its readership through the numerous advances in technology and outlining ways for more improvement in the field.

Power Plant Electrical Equipment and Systems Handbook

Author: Philip Kiameh
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780071799850
Category: Electric machinery
Page: 608
View: 2864

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This is a practical, comprehensive guide for the selection, applications, operation, diagnostic testing, troubleshooting, maintenance, and refurbishment of all types of electrical equipment and systems used in power stations and in other industries.

Gegen den Tag

Author: Thomas Pynchon
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644046417
Category: Fiction
Page: 1600
View: 2707

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Dieser Roman umspannt den Zeitraum zwischen der Weltausstellung in Chicago 1893 und den Jahren kurz nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg; er führt von Colorado über London und Göttingen, Venedig und Wien, den Balkan, Sibirien bis zum Hollywood der Stummfilmära sowie an ein, zwei Orte, die auf keiner Landkarte zu finden sind. Mit schrankenloser Phantasie und mit kauzigem Witz erzählt Thomas Pynchon von Macht, Dynamit und zügelloser Geldgier: «Vielleicht ist dies nicht die Welt, aber mit ein, zwei kleinen Änderungen könnte sie es sein.» «Das einzige Buch dieser Jahre, das die Welt, wie sie ist, tatsächlich herausfordert.» (Süddeutsche Zeitung) «Ein Meisterwerk, wie man es als Literaturkritiker vielleicht nur einmal in seinem Leben annoncieren darf ... aktueller als hier hat Pynchon nie geschrieben.» (Denis Scheck) «Sein komischster und zugleich sein zugänglichster Roman.» (The New York Book Review) «Pynchon lesen ist wie ein Sabbatical von all dem Müll, der uns umgibt.» (Stern) «Unvergesslich ... eines der größten Abenteuer der Gegenwartsliteratur.» (Focus) «Kaum eine der 1600 Seiten, auf der es nicht poetisch funkeln würde, die nicht von skurrilem Witz durchzogen wäre. Auf Knien möchte man den Übersetzern danken.» (Tagesspiegel) «Das Opus magnum im bisherigen Schaffen von Thomas Pynchon.» (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

Electrical Power Cable Engineering

Author: William A. Thue
Publisher: Marcel Dekker Incorporated
ISBN: 9780824799762
Category: Technology
Page: 307
View: 5718

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This reference provides up-to-date coverage of the design, manufacture, installation, testing, operation, and performance expectations of electrical power cables used worldwide - focusing on low- and medium-voltage cables. Containing an extensive glossary as well as key references, tables, equations, drawings, and photographs, Electrical Power Cable Engineering benefits cable, power, electrical and electronics, industrial, transmission, distribution, energy, and research and development engineers, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

Regelung elektrischer Antriebe

Author: Werner Leonhard
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642573282
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 462
View: 1596

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Leistungselektronisch gespeiste und mikroelektronisch geregelte elektrische Antriebe sind dynamisch hochwertige und universell einsetzbare elektromechanische Energiewandler, die heute in vielfältigen Ausführungsformen in weiten Bereichen von Drehmoment, Drehzahl und Leistung zur Verfügung stehen. Von besonderer Bedeutung sind kommutatorlose Drehstrom-Regelantriebe, die erst mit vektoriellen Verfahren und einer digital verwirklichten Regelungstechnik möglich wurden. Das Buch enthält eine zusammenfassende theoretische Darstellung elektrischer Regelantriebe einschließlich der leistungselektronischen Umrichter, von klassischen Gleichstromantrieben bis zu digital geregelten Drehstromantrieben. Die beschriebenen Verfahren werden durch experimentelle Ergebnisse belegt; Anwendungen sind anhand von Beispielen diskutiert.

Schnellaufende Verbrennungsmotoren

Author: Harry R. Ricardo,A. Werner,P. Friedmann
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642507808
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 452
View: 7727

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Dieser Buchtitel ist Teil des Digitalisierungsprojekts Springer Book Archives mit Publikationen, die seit den Anfängen des Verlags von 1842 erschienen sind. Der Verlag stellt mit diesem Archiv Quellen für die historische wie auch die disziplingeschichtliche Forschung zur Verfügung, die jeweils im historischen Kontext betrachtet werden müssen. Dieser Titel erschien in der Zeit vor 1945 und wird daher in seiner zeittypischen politisch-ideologischen Ausrichtung vom Verlag nicht beworben.

Michael von Dolivo-Dobrowolsky und der Drehstrom

Anfänge der modernen Antriebstechnik und Stromversorgung
Author: Gerhard Neidhöfer,VDE-Ausschuss "Geschichte der Elektrotechnik."
Publisher: N.A
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 300
View: 9007

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