Reflections and Praxis
Author: Richard Hougham,Bryn Jones
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137604182
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 284
View: 1637

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A critical and cohesive collection of interdisciplinary perspectives on Dramatherapy as it is being practiced, developed and advanced today. Unpicking the relationship between drama and therapy, exploring its key philosophies and practices, and examining its efficacy, the text is a crucial resource for students and practitioners in a growing field.

Performing Psychologies

Imagination, Creativity and Dramas of the Mind
Author: Nicola Shaughnessy,Philip Barnard
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 147426087X
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 264
View: 1341

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Performing Psychologies offers new perspectives on arts and health, focussing on the different ways in which performance interacting with psychology can enhance understanding of the mind. The book challenges stereotypes of disability, madness and creativity, addressing a range of conditions (autism, dementia and schizophrenia) and performance practices including staged productions and applied work in custodial, health and community settings. Featuring case studies ranging from Hamlet to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, the pioneering work of companies such as Spare Tyre and Ridiculusmus, and embracing dance and music as well as theatre and drama, the volume offers new perspectives on the dynamic interactions between performance, psychology and states of mind. It contains contributions from psychologists, performance scholars, therapists and healthcare professionals, who offer multiple perspectives on working through performance-based media. Presenting a richly interdisciplinary and collaborative investigation of the arts in practice, this volume opens up new ways of thinking about the performance of psychologies, and about how psychologies perform.

Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy

Author: Sue Jennings,Clive Holmwood
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317543211
Category: Psychology
Page: 374
View: 5151

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Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy is the first book of its kind to bring together leading professionals and academics from around the world to discuss their practice from a truly international perspective. Dramatherapy has developed as a profession during the latter half of the twentieth century. Now, we are beginning to see its universal reach across the globe in a range of different and diverse approaches. From Australia, to Korea to the Middle East and Africa through Europe and into North & South America dramatherapists are developing a range of working practices using the curative power of drama within a therapeutic context to work with diverse and wide ranging populations. Using traditional texts in the Indian sub-continent, healing performances in the Cameroon, supporting conflict in Israel and Palestine, through traditional Comedic theatre in Italy, to adolescents in schools and adults with mental ill health, this handbook covers a range of topics that shows the breadth, depth and strength of dramatherapy as a developing and maturing profession. It is divided into four main sections that look at the current international: Developments in dramatherapy Theoretical approaches Specific practice New and innovative approaches Offering insights on embodiment, shamanism, anthropology and cognitive approaches coupled with a range of creative, theatrical and therapeutic methods, this ground breaking book is the first congruent analysis of the profession. It will appeal to a wide and diverse international community of educators, academics, practitioners, students, training schools and professionals within the arts, arts education and arts therapies communities. Additionally it will be of benefit to teachers and departments in charge of pastoral and social care within schools and colleges.

Drama as Therapy Volume 2

Clinical Work and Research Into Practice
Author: Phil Jones
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135164525
Category: Medical
Page: 320
View: 4865

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How is dramatherapy practised? What does research reveal about how dramatherapy offers therapeutic change? This book examines the many ways clients and therapists explore the therapeutic possibilities of drama. Whilst the first volume combined theory, practice and research in the field, this second volume concentrates on clinical material from a range of contexts, with thorough description and analysis of therapeutic work. Bringing together international contributors, chapters explore work with various client groups in an array of contexts, including: work with clients with learning disabilities, dementia, HIV and cancer work with children, adults, older adults, families and women's groups contexts including the justice system, education, family therapy and neurorehabilitation. Drama as Therapy Volume 2: Clinical Work and Research into Practice is not only a welcome companion to the first volume, but also is an important stand alone work which will be of great interest to all those studying, practicing or with an interest in dramatherapy.

Theatre for Change

Education, Social Action and Therapy
Author: Robert Landy,David T. Montgomery
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 113700374X
Category: Education
Page: 352
View: 5387

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Building on Robert J. Landy's seminal text, Handbook of Educational Drama and Theatre, Landy and Montgomery revisit this richly diverse and ever-changing field, identifying some of the best international practices in Applied Drama and Theatre. Through interviews with leading practitioners and educators such as Dorothy Heathcote, Jan Cohen Cruz, James Thompson, and Johnny Saldaña, the authors lucidly present the key concepts, theories and reflective praxis of Applied Drama and Theatre. As they discuss the changes brought about by practitioners in venues such as schools, community centres, village squares and prisons, Landy and Montgomery explore the field's ability to make meaning of a vast range of personal and social issues through the application of drama and theatre.

C. G. Jung

Author: Marie-Luise von Franz
Publisher: N.A
Category: Psychology
Page: 381
View: 1655

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Directory of Postgraduate Studies 2002

Author: Brenda Radcliffe,Hobsons Publishing, PLC,Stella Greavy,Adrian Smith
Publisher: N.A
Category: Universities and colleges
Page: 1720
View: 7721

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Assessment in arts education

Author: Philip Taylor
Publisher: Greenwood International
ISBN: 9780325007953
Category: Art
Page: 163
View: 9548

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With the current emphases on standards and evidence-based learning, it's time to revisit the question of whether standards liberate or stifle excellence in arts education. Assessment in Arts Educationexamines the pressing issues that educators everywhere and at all levels face as they make determinations about progress and achievement in the arts. Assessment in Arts Educationcritiques the application of standards in arts education and the extent to which benchmarks and attainment levels are practically and educationally sensible. It opens up an interdisciplinary discussion on arts-education assessment and provides helpful advice for thinking about assessment and evaluation. Leaders in drama, music, dance, and the visual arts detail how they've navigated the issues around assessment and tackled tough questions such as: How do assessment models shape teaching in the arts? How much guidance should standards provide for arts educators? Who benefits from national and local assessment standards in the arts? What contributions have standards made to the teaching of the creative arts? Meet standards and assessment head on. Read Assessment in Arts Educationand find evidence not only of how your students think and learn, but of how the entire community of arts educators has considered and acted on the demands of these educational times.

Integrative Holistic Health, Healing, and Transformation

A Guide for Practitioners, Consultants, and Administrators
Author: Penny Lewis
Publisher: Charles C. Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 9780398072728
Category: Medical
Page: 350
View: 3947

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Explores how practitioners in a field of alternative medicine/holistic health have the knowledge in support of their work. These core ways of knowing gives them a foundation for evaluating their work, new advances in the field and affords them interrelated frames of knowledge for their continued research in the field.

Das Klonen und der Terror

Der Krieg der Bilder seit 9/11
Author: W. J. T. Mitchell
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 3518763601
Category: Computers
Page: 284
View: 4011

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Die Propagandaformel vom »Krieg gegen den Terror« ist seit geraumer Zeit nicht mehr in aller Munde, wirkt jedoch untergründig fort. Aber haben wir überhaupt jemals richtig begriffen, was damit gemeint ist, und vor allem, wie subtil und mit welchen Mitteln dieser Krieg geführt wurde und wird? In seinem neuen Buch erkundet der renommierte Bildtheoretiker W. J. T. Mitchell die Sprach- und Bildpolitiken im Jahrzehnt nach 9/11 und stößt auf eine so heikle wie mächtige Konstellation aus Metaphern und Bildern, die ihre eigene furchteinflößende Realität erschafft und enorme gesellschaftliche und politische Auswirkungen hat. Letztere werden noch verstärkt durch einen anderen Begriff, der praktisch zeitgleich die Bühne des öffentlichen Diskurses betrat: das Klonen. Das Klonen und der Terror, so eine zentrale These Mitchells, weisen beunruhigende strukturelle Ähnlichkeiten auf und verschmelzen zu einem Dispositiv aus Realem und Imaginärem, Fakten und Metaphern, Überzeugungen und religiösem Glauben – zu einer gefährlichen Allianz aus Biotechnologie, Biopolitik und realer Politik, die sich in Bildern reproduziert und ins kollektive Gedächtnis eingräbt. Mitchells Buch ist ein Meisterwerk politischer Ästhetik und zugleich eine düstere Bilanz der Bush-Ära: »Der Kapuzenmann von Abu Ghraib, des Terrors verdächtig, Opfer der Folter, ein anonymer Klon, gesichtsloser Menschensohn, wird auf absehbare Zeit die Ikone unserer Zeit bleiben.«

Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui

Author: Bertolt Brecht
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 3518739956
Category: Drama
Page: 144
View: 813

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Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui zeigt den Aufstieg Hitlers zur Macht bis zum Jahre 1938. Die NS-Groß-funktionäre erscheinen als Chicagoer Gangster und reden in den glatten Jamben des deutschen klassischen Dramas. Durch die doppelte Verfremdung werden die Ereignisse jener Jahre erkennbar nicht als schicksalhaftes Verhängnis, sondern als die Konsequenz der herrschenden Verhältnisse. Indem er Hitler und seine Kumpane der Lächerlichkeit preisgibt, nimmt Brecht ihnen jenen Zug des Dämonischen, den sie für viele auch heute noch zu besitzen scheinen. Die Parabel stellt klar, daß der Faschismus kein historischer Einzelfall war: Faschismus ist die noch immer mögliche Fortsetzung der Geschäfte mit anderen Mitteln.


an anthology of reality theatre
Author: Johnny Saldaña
Publisher: Altamira Pr
Category: Art
Page: 230
View: 7642

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Ethnodrama: An Anthology of Reality Theatre contains seven carefully-selected ethnodramas that best illustrate this emerging genre of arts-based research, a burgeoning but evident trend in the field of theatre production itself. In his introduction to ethnodrama and to the plays themselves, Salda-a emphasizes how a credible, vivid, and persuasive rendering of a research participant's story as a theatrical performance creates insights for both researcher and audience not possible through conventional qualitative data analysis. With their focus on the personal, immediate and contextual, these plays about marginalized identities, abortion, street life and oppression manage a unique balance between theoretical research and everyday realism.

Community Based Theatre

Funktionalität, Entwicklungs- und Rezeptionsgeschichte Des Volkstheaters in Zimbabwe
Author: Dietlind Schwarzenberger
Publisher: N.A
Category: Amateur theater
Page: 140
View: 3529

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Bildtheorie und Bildpraxis in der Kunsttherapie

Author: Peter Sinapius
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783631586594
Category: Art
Page: 316
View: 4466

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Die beispiellose Zunahme von Bildern und ihre globale Verbreitung in den letzten Jahrzehnten hat auf die Frage, wie Bilder entstehen, wie sie Bedeutung erlangen und wie sie wirken, ein neues Licht geworfen. Insofern das Bild zentrales Medium der Kunsttherapie ist, hat sie die Aufgabe und Verantwortung, Voraussetzungen fur einen reflektierten Umgang mit Bildern zu schaffen. Aus einer interdisziplinaren Orientierung heraus werden in diesem Band unterschiedliche Vorgehensweisen des Bildgebrauchs und ihre theoretischen Implikationen vorgestellt. Ziel ist es, den Blick zu scharfen fur Gesichtspunkte einer zu entwickelnden kunsttherapeutischen Bildtheorie, die ein Verstandnis der Entstehungsbedingungen von Bildern und ihrer Rolle in der kunsttherapeutischen Interaktion vermittelt."

Leib, Raum, Person

Entwurf einer phänomenologischen Anthropologie
Author: Thomas Fuchs
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 9783608942538
Category: Consciousness
Page: 419
View: 6164

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Das Unsagbare

Die Arbeit mit Traumatisierten im Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer Berlin
Author: A. Birck,C. Pross,J. Lansen
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642560865
Category: Psychology
Page: 303
View: 2101

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Jedes Jahr finden etwa 450 Menschen, die Opfer von politischer Verfolgung, Folter oder Bürgerkrieg geworden waren, im Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer Berlin (BZFO) medizinische, psychotherapeutische und soziale Hilfe. Zehn Jahre nach seiner Entstehung ziehen jetzt die Mitarbeiter des BZFO eine Bilanz ihrer Arbeit und dokumentieren die unterschiedlichsten Aspekte der Traumatherapie. Der Schwerpunkt des Buches liegt auf der Beschreibung des therapeutischen Handelns mit schwerst traumatisierten Menschen aus anderen Kulturen. Damit ist es eine unentbehrliche Hilfe für alle, die im psychosozialen oder medizinischen Bereich mit Flüchtlingen zu tun haben, aber auch für Therapeuten, die mit anderen schwer traumatisierten Menschen arbeiten.


Theorie und Praxis
Author: Grete A. Leutz
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642659012
Category: Psychology
Page: 214
View: 343

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