Drafting and Negotiating Computer Contracts

Author: Rachel Burnett,Paul Klinger
Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional
ISBN: 9781845920241
Category: Law
Page: 737
View: 8074

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Whether you are a legal adviser, IT supplier or IT purchaser, this fully updated edition of Drafting and Negotiating Computer Contracts will ensure you have the edge in your negotiations. Covering a wide variety of IT contracts, each chapter provides an outline of the structure and contents of the contract, followed by sample clauses and drafting notes and key-point checklists. Uniquely, this enables you to develop a contract from scratch by focusing on key points and producing a skeleton draft before a fully worked draft. No other book brings you such a useful and practical approach.

Drafting and Negotiating IT Contracts

Author: Paul Klinger,Rachel Burnett
Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional
ISBN: 9781847667120
Category: Law
Page: 808
View: 4947

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"The invaluable guidance to be found in this book.must surely engender a 'must have' reaction from anyone engaged in the IT contracting process." Geoff Shingles, CBE (from the foreword to this edition) Drafting and Negotiating IT Contracts provides a perspective on IT contracts that is practical rather than academic, it contains an informed narrative designed to assist when negotiating a wide range of contracts, supported by an extensive collection of precedents. It ensures that those who have different objectives to achieve in agreeing the contract can all find their solution in this book. Building flexible and safe contracts: Drafting and Negotiating IT Contracts, Third Edition shows how building in flexibility is an integral part of constructing contracts. For practical help it contains: . Explanations of complex legal concepts; . Help in identifying the risk factors involved if various provisions are omitted or left unchallenged; . Valuable template contracts are provided as starting points; . Useful checklists to aid the contract drafting process; . An accompanying CD-ROM allowing the book to be read and used in digital form, and ensuring easy access to the precedents. Cloud computing and further updates: This third edition is packed full of updates and new content, such as a new chapter that discusses the negotiability of contracts between cloud computing providers and customers, sections on software and digital business that cover the evolution of new forms of software provision, both on- and off-line, conventionally and as a service, as well as models for agile and traditional software development agreements. Other updates include: . Privacy in relation to e-commerce and websites; . Compliance with data protection laws; . Business continuity and disaster recovery; . The impact of competition law. Previous ISBN: 9781845920241

Computer contracts

negotiating and drafting guide
Author: Esther C. Roditti,Robert Pratt Bigelow
Publisher: N.A
Category: Law
Page: N.A
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Computer Law

Drafting and Negotiating Forms and Agreements
Author: Richard Raysman,Peter Brown
Publisher: Law Journal Press
ISBN: 9781588520241
Category: Law
Page: 1500
View: 4261

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Computer Law covers topics as: hardware acquisition, financing/maintenance; software licensing, development/maintenance; antitrust law; copyright, patent/trade secret protection of software; and more.

A Guide to IT Contracting

Checklists, Tools, and Techniques
Author: Michael R. Overly,Matthew A. Karlyn
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466597917
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 448
View: 4749

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Even leading organizations with sophisticated IT infrastructures and teams of lawyers can find themselves unprepared to deal with the range of issues that can arise in IT contracting. Written by two seasoned attorneys, A Guide to IT Contracting: Checklists, Tools, and Techniques distills the most critical business and legal lessons learned through the authors’ decades of experience drafting and negotiating IT-related agreements. In a single volume, readers can quickly access information on virtually every type of technology agreement. Structured to focus on a particular type of IT agreement, each chapter includes a checklist of essential terms, a brief summary of what the agreement is intended to do, and a complete review of the legal and business issues that are addressed in that particular agreement. Providing non-legal professionals with the tools to address IT contracting issues, the book: Contains checklists to help readers organize key concepts for ready reference Supplies references to helpful online resources and aids for contract drafting Includes a CD-ROM with reusable checklists and complete glossary that defines key legal, business, and technical terms Costly mistakes can be avoided, risk can be averted, and better contracts can be drafted if you have access to the right information. Filled with reader-friendly checklists, this accessible reference will set you down that path. Warning you of the most common pitfalls, it arms you with little-known tips and best practices to help you negotiate the key terms of your IT agreements with confidence and ensure you come out on top in your next contract negotiation.

Contracting for Space

Contract Practice in the European Space Sector
Author: Ingo Baumann
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317160126
Category: Law
Page: 456
View: 2997

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Recent significant developments in the European space sector have had an impact on business and the growth of national and European commercial space law. This book analyses and assesses the legal issues and key factors influencing the space sector in Europe. It is an up-to-date guide to the regulatory background of space projects and examines the typical legal problems which need to be solved by practitioners in the field. Taking into account public and commercial international law and practice, this book examines substantive issues of law specific to launchers, satellite manufacturers and space service providers with contributions from leading experts and practitioners in the field of European space law and policy.

The United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts

An In-depth Guide and Sourcebook
Author: Amelia H. Boss,Wolfgang Kilian
Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.
ISBN: 9041127496
Category: Law
Page: 514
View: 1990

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Error in electronic communications; and problems of identity and data integrity. Several authors provide in-depth analysis of the interaction between ECC provisions and other relevant legal regimes (including the United States, ASEAN, the EU, Sri Lanka, India, and China), as well as the interrelations between the ECC and ICC rules, rules under the CISG, and the trade usages of the lex mercatoria. The various contributors highlight issues arising from each ECC provision, and provide well-informed insight into how remaining problems are likely to be resolved as the Convention enters into force. Stakeholders from all concerned sectors of the legal community businesspersons and their counsel, IGO and government officials, and academics will benefit greatly from the detailed information, analysis, and guidance offered here.

Internet Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

Legal Practices in the EU, US and China
Author: Faye Fangfei Wang
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139488457
Category: Law
Page: N.A
View: 3082

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The adoption of electronic commercial transactions has facilitated cross-border trade and business, but the complexity of determining the place of business and other connecting factors in cyberspace has challenged existing private international law. This comparison of the rules of internet jurisdiction and choice of law as well as online dispute resolution (ODR) covers both B2B and B2C contracts in the EU, USA and China. It highlights the achievement of the Rome I Regulation in the EU, evaluates the merits of the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreement at the international level and gives an insight into the current developments in CIDIP. The in-depth research allows for solutions to be proposed relating to the problems of the legal uncertainty of internet conflict of law and the validity and enforceability of ODR agreements and decisions.

Europäisches Vertragsrecht

Author: Hein Kötz
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161537677
Category: Law
Page: 549
View: 4935

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English summary: This volume deals with the contract law of the European legal systems. What are the essential rules of these systems on the formation and validity of contracts? What rules apply to a party's right to bring a claim for performance, to terminate the contract or to claim damages for breach? While the discussion is based on the national rules, they are taken into account only as local variations on a European theme. To what extent is it therefore possible to speak of a common European law of contract? What contributions do the "Principles of European Contract Law" and the proposal of the "Draft Common Frame of Reference" make? This book is not only aimed at helping to teach young Europeans lawyers, but also strives to assist those engaged in the reform of national contract law or the drafting of uniform European legislation. The first 1996 edition of the volume has now been updated and completed. German description: Unter "Europaischem Vertragsrecht" versteht dieses Buch die Regeln, die den Rechtsordnungen der europaischen Lander gemeinsam sind: Wie kommt ein gultiger Vertrag zustande? Nach welchen Regeln wird beurteilt, ob eine Vertragspartei die Erfullung des Vertrages verlangen, von dem Vertrag Abstand nehmen, ihn widerrufen oder kundigen oder den Kontrahenten auf Schadensersatz in Anspruch nehmen kann? Lassen sich auf dem Gebiet des Vertragsrechts gemeineuropaische Strukturen auffinden? Gibt es allgemein akzeptierte Regeln? Wie sind sie zu formulieren, wenn man die "Prinzipien des Europaischen Vertragsrechts" oder die Vorschlage des "Draft Common Frame of Reference" berucksichtigt? Dabei werden die Losungen der nationalen Rechtsordnungen ausfuhrlich - wenn auch stets nur als nationale Variationen eines europaischen Themas - behandelt. Das Buch kann deshalb bei der rechtsvergleichenden Ausbildung der jungen europaischen Juristen eine Rolle spielen, ferner auch dort, wo e s um die Vorbereitung europaischen Gesetzesrechts oder um die Reform der nationalen Vertragsrechte geht. Das Buch ist in einer ersten unvollstandigen Auflage schon 1996 erschienen. Die Neuauflage bringt den Text auf den neuen Stand und erganzt ihn um die damals noch fehlenden Abschnitte.

Software Contract Agreements

Author: Robert Bond
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781854186928
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 561
View: 3716

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The second edition of this popular Briefing provides crucial insight into the law relating to computer contracts. It provides an introduction to the techniques of negotiating and drafting computer contracts with particular concentration on software licences. While it provides a general explanation of the law, it goes in depth and into more detail on the practical and commercial aspects of computer contract negotiations.

Outsourcing IT - The Legal Aspects

Planning, Contracting, Managing and the Law
Author: Rachel Burnett
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1317084527
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 254
View: 1784

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Outsourcing has increased and developed immensely in scope, sophistication and ambition over the last twenty years - and continues to evolve. Information technology outsourcing is potentially highly complex and risk-laden, especially for the fast growing areas of business process and transformational outsourcing, and where whole departments or business areas are outsourced. Decisions taken by the customer at the outset have long term ramifications: they need to ensure that the processes are flexible enough to deal with change, maintain necessary levels of security, avoid abandoning management of key resources and prevent costs spiralling out of control. It is essential to have a good contract to meet such challenges. All these issues and others, such as intellectual property arrangements, the complexities of transferring staff, property and other assets, tendering procedures and performance monitoring, must not be ignored and are addressed in the second edition of Rachel Burnett's successful Outsourcing IT. Whether you are a supplier or a customer, it is vital to have a properly negotiated formal contract if you are entering into an outsourcing arrangement. A good contract needs careful planning and this book provides a comprehensive guide to the whole process. Well-planned and well-structured outsourcing arrangements, by well-informed and well-advised customers, are far more likely to work for both customer and supplier alike and Outsourcing IT - The Legal Aspects: Planning, Contracting, Managing and the Law is the perfect place to start.


Author: Niklas Luhmann
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3322956997
Category: Social Science
Page: 388
View: 1557

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Inhalt: Klassische Ansätze zur Rechtssoziologie - Rechtsbildung: Grundlagen einer soziologischen Theorie - Recht als Struktur der Gesellschaft - Positives Recht - Sozialer Wandel durch positives Recht - Rechtssystem und Rechtstheorie.

Kill the Company

12 Killer-Tools für die Wiedergeburt Ihres Unternehmens
Author: Lisa Bodell
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593420546
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 223
View: 5721

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Viele Unternehmen sind innerlich so erstarrt, dass sie eine Anleitung zur Kreativität brauchen. Trend- und Innovationsberaterin Lisa Bodell sieht die Welt bevölkert von Zombie-Unternehmen, denen dringend neues Leben eingehaucht werden muss! Sie weiß, dass die Quelle für Wandel und Kreativität im Herzen der Firmen zu finden ist: in den Mitarbeitern. Denn diese kennen die wirklichen Schwachstellen. Mit 12 Killer-Tools machen mutige Führungskräfte dem Zombie sicher den Garaus. Mit "Kill a Stupid Rule" rütteln sie am Status quo. Ihre "Killerfragen " dienen dem provokativen Nachhaken. Indem sie "das Unmögliche möglich machen", stärken sie die Abwehrkräfte ihres Unternehmens. Sie schaffen mit "Kill the Company" Killer-Unternehmen!

Die Geschichte von Addie und Long Boy und wie sie beide fröhlichen Herzens auf anderer Leute Kosten lebten

Author: Joe David Brown
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3688103165
Category: Fiction
Page: 314
View: 2148

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Der Leser sei gewarnt: das durchtriebene Pflänzchen Addie wird ihm gewiß das Herz stehlen. Aufs Stehlen versteht die Kleine sich nämlich, sie ist ein wahres Naturtalent. Das muß sogar der gewiefte Long Boy anerkennen, der die arme Waise unter seine Fittiche und in seine Gaunerschule nimmt. So lernt Addie schnell, wie man tränenseligen Witwen Prachtbibeln mit Widmung aus dem Jenseits andreht oder wie man eine schrottreife Karre in einen funkelnagelneuen Straßenkreuzer verwandelt, indem man einen hartgesottenen Gebrauchtwarenhändler elegant aufs Kreuz legt. Ihre Begabung läßt sie auch dann nicht im Stich, als es darum geht, Long Boy aus den Netzen einer wasserstoffblonden Schaubudenschönheit zu befreien, um ihn wieder fürs Geschäft flottzumachen. Und so kurven diese beiden schrägen Vögel im kanariengelben Cadillac zwischen Florida und Oklahoma fröhlich von einem Kaff zum anderen, nie um einen pfiffigen Trick verlegen, anderer Leute Geld in die eigene Tasche zu praktizieren. Immer machen die beiden ihren Schnitt, auch wenn einmal ein Geschäft schiefgeht. Eine abenteuerliche Flucht führt mitten hinein ins Dollar-Paradies der Baumwolle, mit der man besonders viel verdienen kann, wenn man sich nicht die überflüssige Mühe macht, sie anzubauen, ehe man sie verkauft. Größere Geschäfte – größere Gefahren: schon nahen im Foyer des Grand-Hotels von Memphis zwei dunkelgekleidete Herren mit den Handschellen, als Major Carter F. Lee alias Colonel Culpepper rettend eingreift. Er ist einer der Großen der Branche; unter seiner kundigen Anleitung macht Long Boy steile Karriere.

Frei wie in Freiheit

Author: Sam Williams,Richard Stallman,Theo Walm
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1326662341
Page: N.A
View: 2792

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