Readings & Cases in Information Security: Law & Ethics

Author: Michael E. Whitman,Herbert J. Mattord
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1435441575
Category: Computers
Page: 352
View: 3251

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Readings and Cases in Information Security: Law and Ethics provides a depth of content and analytical viewpoint not found in many other books. Designed for use with any Cengage Learning security text, this resource offers readers a real-life view of information security management, including the ethical and legal issues associated with various on-the-job experiences. Included are a wide selection of foundational readings and scenarios from a variety of experts to give the reader the most realistic perspective of a career in information security. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Spiders in the Curtains

Author: Patrick Welby-Everard
ISBN: 1326689274
Category: Fiction
Page: 318
View: 8856

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In December 1980 a mysterious alien object crashes to Earth in Suffolk England, starting a cover up known in UFO'logy as the Rendlesham Forest incident. 35 years later the item falls into the hands of Martin Smith, a physics student from Yorkshire. He is thrown into a world of danger, aided by a misfit group of scientists. Intent on returning the object to its rightful owners, they are constantly pursued and hunted by a ruthless group of mercenaries who work for a series of powerful companies known as ""The Firm"" Not knowing what is really concealed inside this mysterious alien artefact, their simple task turns into a massive mission, with help from an unlikely friend.

The Visible Employee

Using Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance to Protect Information Assets--without Compromising Employee Privacy Or Trust
Author: Jeffrey M. Stanton,Kathryn R. Stam
Publisher: Information Today, Inc.
ISBN: 9780910965743
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 353
View: 9783

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The misuse of an organization's information systems by employees, whether through error or by intent, can result in leaked and corrupted data, crippled networks, lost productivity, legal problems, and public embarrassment. As organizations turn to technology to monitor employee use of network resources, they are finding themselves at odds with workers who instinctively feel their privacy is being invaded. The Visible Employee reports the results of an extensive four-year research project, covering a range of security solutions for at-risk organizations as well as the perceptions and attitudes of employees toward monitoring and surveillance. The result is a wake-up call for business owners, managers, and IT staff, as well as an eye-opening dose of reality for employees.

Dämonen der Furcht

Ein Dämonenjäger Murphy Roman: Cassiopeiapress Spannung
Author: Alfred Bekker,W. A. Hary,Marten Munsonius
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 3736848153
Category: Fiction
Page: 179
View: 1407

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Murphy schauderte, als er einen der Aufzüge in den Dakota Apartments betrat. Dieses Haus hat eine düstere Aura, dachte er. Er sah die Männer und Frauen an, die sich mit ihm zusammen in die enge Kabine gequetscht hatten. Er schwitzte. Seit drei Wochen wohnte er in Apartment 234 D, 12. Stock. Vorgeblich war er ein ganz normaler Mieter. In Wahrheit war er im Auftrag des Ordens vom Weißen Licht hier, der auch das Apartment für ihn angemietet hatte. Ein blassgesichtiger Mann lockerte die Krawatte und stierte Murphy an. Ein Blick von geradezu beunruhigender Intensität... So dunkle Augen, ging es Murphy durch den Kopf. Wie schwarze Löcher mitten in einem Cluster heller Riesensonnen. Murphy glaubte die Anwesenheit magischer Energien zu spüren. Ganz kurz nur. Diese Empfindung dauerte nicht länger als den Bruchteil einer Sekunde. Irgend etwas stimmt nicht mit diesem Mann, dachte Murphy. Er sah Murphy direkt an, verzog das Gesicht und bleckte die Zähne wie ein Raubtier. Seine Augen!, durchzuckte es Murphy. Im nächsten Moment waren sie vollkommen schwarz. Nichts Weißes war mehr in ihnen zu sehen. Ein dumpfes Knurren drang aus seiner Kehle. Ein Laut, wie man ihn kaum einem menschlichen Wesen zuordnen mochte. In dieses Knurren hinein mischten sich Worte. "NATANETA PARANODOR EYET..."

East Tennessee State University

Author: Don Good
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738585888
Category: Education
Page: 127
View: 6922

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East Tennessee State University (ETSU), located in Johnson City, was founded in 1911 as East Tennessee State Normal School to provide teachers for the state's public schools. The institution originally offered two courses of study: a four-year high school program and a two-year normal school curriculum, which initially enrolled 29 students. Today ETSU serves more than 14,000 students and offers over 100 undergraduate programs, 75 master's programs, and a dozen areas of doctoral study. The university is organized into 11 colleges and schools. Approximately 700 full-time faculty members, 80 percent of whom hold doctorates, serve the institution's students. Indicative of embracing its Appalachian heritage and location, the university boasts several unique programs, which include bluegrass studies and storytelling. While ETSU offers all the opportunities and resources of any large university, it also has many advantages typically found only in small colleges.

Lincoln's Autocrat

The Life of Edwin Stanton
Author: William Marvel
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469622505
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 632
View: 2296

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Edwin M. Stanton (1814-1869), one of the nineteenth century's most impressive legal and political minds, wielded enormous influence and power as Lincoln's Secretary of War during most of the Civil War and under Johnson during the early years of Reconstruction. In the first full biography of Stanton in more than fifty years, William Marvel offers a detailed reexamination of Stanton's life, career, and legacy. Marvel argues that while Stanton was a formidable advocate and politician, his character was hardly benign. Climbing from a difficult youth to the pinnacle of power, Stanton used his authority--and the public coffers--to pursue political vendettas, and he exercised sweeping wartime powers with a cavalier disregard for civil liberties. Though Lincoln's ability to harness a cabinet with sharp divisions and strong personalities is widely celebrated, Marvel suggests that Stanton's tenure raises important questions about Lincoln's actual control over the executive branch. This insightful biography also reveals why men like Ulysses S. Grant considered Stanton a coward and a bully, who was unashamed to use political power for partisan enforcement and personal preservation.

Das Haus des Todes

Author: Paul Cleave
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641095484
Category: Fiction
Page: 576
View: 5631

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Tretet ein - seid meine Gäste ... Es ist Nacht über der Metropole Christchurch, Neuseeland. Caleb Cole verlässt sein Haus, steigt in den Wagen. Er macht sich an die Arbeit – es gibt viel zu tun. Caleb fühlt sich gut – er ist frisch geduscht, kein Blut klebt mehr an seinem Körper. Nun ist es Zeit, das Werk zu vollenden. Es soll eine lange Nacht werden – mit vielen Opfern. Caleb biegt in die Straße zum alten Schlachthaus. Hier wird er seine Gäste versammeln. Behutsam fasst er an sein Messer. Das Spiel beginnt ...

Specialty Competencies in Couple and Family Psychology

Author: Mark Stanton,Robert K. Welsh
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195387872
Category: Medical
Page: 304
View: 8149

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Specialty Competencies in Couple and Family Psychology provides a comprehensive explanation of the competencies involved in the specialty and illustrates how complexity, reciprocity, interdependence, adaptation, and self-organization are important aspects of the epistemology of a couples and family approach.

Darwinian Fitness in the Global Marketplace

Analysing the Competition
Author: P. Rajagopal
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137268336
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 295
View: 5787

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Reviews theories of competition and existing literature, and examines the attributes of market competition and strategies adhered to by firms in the global marketplace. Provides an in-depth analysis of a broad spectrum of important topics on competitive strategies and tactics.

Im Land der Mitternachtssonne

Author: Norah Sanders
ISBN: 3838724755
Category: Fiction
Page: 550
View: 7913

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ePremiere - faster than print. "ePremiere" von Bastei Lübbe ist ein exklusives Angebot an E-Book Leser: Alle Titel der Reihe erscheinen immer ein bis zwei Monate vor dem gedruckten Buch. 1929. Alaska, San Francisco und Hawaii. Sechs Wünsche stehen auf Ronans Liste. Sechs Gefühle. Nicht sich selbst will er sie erfüllen, sondern denen, die er zurücklässt, wenn er stirbt. Sie sollen die Lebensfreude entdecken, bevor es zu spät ist. Sein erstes Geschenk gilt seiner großen Liebe Tess. Sie hat ihren Mann und ihre Tochter verloren. Ronan fühlt mit ihr - doch Tess' Schicksal gibt ihm auch den Mut, mit ihr die Reise seines Lebens zu wagen: den Flug nach Alaska. Er hat einen letzten Wunsch: Er will die Mitternachtssonne sehen, den Tag erleben, der nie endet ...

Edwin Stanton

Author: Amy Allison
Publisher: Infobase Learning
ISBN: 1438144180
Page: N.A
View: 897

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This book relates events in the personal and professional life of Edwin Stanton, who served as President Lincoln's Secretary of War, during the Civil War.

Surrounded by Evil

Author: Rosemary Ginko
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595190987
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 115
View: 9851

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Surrounded By Evil is a fictionalized memoir about a young, bright, but naive woman named Alessandra Reni...She mysteriously & innocently falls into the trap of a group of dentists involved in international corruption...She becomes manipulated by them, as they use the glitz and glamour of their wealthy life styles to entice unknowing women into their game plan...She trusts so sincerely, but hopelessly, to her own destruction...But, when she turns to her family for help, the realization that they have connections to organized crime and its massive power, only courageously implel her forward, to untangle the puzzle she has fallen into... She falls prey to the very powerful, hopelessly handsome, but devious, Dr. Cameron Collins...Who does everything he can, out of his obsession with power & fear for his own life, make women more beautiful than they ever dreamed of...only to sexually exploit them for greed...While, his own talent is being exploited by an even greater power over him, to perform and produce or die...

Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3

A 3-Step Plan to Balance Sugar, Lose Weight, and Reverse Diabetes Complications
Author: Prevention Magazine Editors
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 1605294950
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 352
View: 3184

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For the more than 21 million Americans who currently suffer from diabetes, there simply is no other reference that can match the breadth and depth of expertise found here. To prepare this book, the editors of Prevention interviewed dozens of endocrinologists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and other health professionals who specialize in diabetes care. Tapping into the wisdom and advice of this "dream team" of diabetes professionals, they have put together an integrated plan of attack to fight the disease on every front. Unlike the vast majority of books on diabetes that zero in on a single component, Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3 recognizes that diabetes is a multidimensional disease and therefore any effective management plan must take all contributing factors into account. The latest research shows that with a combination of targeted treatment strategies and sensible lifestyle changes, it is possible to slow—if not stop—diabetes-related decline. Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3 distills the latest, cutting-edge information on every aspect of diabetes management into a comprehensive three-step program, with each step targeting a key component of optimal diabetes control: - Step 1—Treat and prevent diabetes complications - Step 2—Change the lifestyle factors that can compromise blood sugar balance - Step 3—Build a self-care regimen to safeguard against the disease's long-term effects With Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3, readers have the knowledge and tools they need to get ahead of diabetes—and stay there for good.

Une nouvelle vie pour le Dr Stanton

Author: Fiona Lowe
Publisher: J'ai Lu
ISBN: 2290106534
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 5130

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Le Dr Josh Stanton (et sa voiture de sport) se marie mal avec la campagne. Mais, criblé de dettes, il a dû accepter un poste à Bear Paw, minuscule bourgade perdue dans l’immensité sauvage du Montana. Seul. Katrina McCade est de retour à Bear Paw après huit ans d’absence. Le coeur meurtri par le chirurgien de l’hôpital où elle était infirmière, elle panse ses plaies auprès des siens, dans son village natal.Perchée sur une échelle, elle repeint la chambre de sa petite bicoque quand Josh y fait son apparition et... reçoit le pot de peinture sur la tête. L’agent immobilier à qui Katrina avait confié la location de sa maison, ne la sachant de retour, l’a louée au beau médecin.Une rencontre explosive au milieu de nulle part.

Dr Stanton

Author: T. Swan
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781975895785
Page: 502
View: 1889

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If happiness is a gift.Then Cameron Stanton is my Santa Claus.I can't tell you the exact moment I fell in love with him.Only that I did.With every glance, every touch, every minute.... he stole a little more of me.They say that all men are created equal.Well that's a blatant lie!I know because I met Gods gift to women in Vegas,I pretended he was my husband to get rid of another man.He took our fake marriage seriously and it became his personal goal to consummate.He spoke to me in French and I lied to him in German.His laughter was addictive.But I thought what happens in Vegas would stay in Vegas.Until it didn't.Dr. Stanton turned up where I least expected and my lies came back to haunt me.The attraction is palpable.The secrets unchangeable.I need him more than air.This is a stand alone, contemporary romance.

Human Factors in the Design and Evaluation of Central Control Room Operations

Author: Neville A. Stanton,Paul Salmon,Daniel Jenkins,Guy Walker
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439809925
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 446
View: 2055

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Whether used for aviation, manufacturing, oil and gas extraction, energy distribution, nuclear or fossil fuel power generation, surveillance or security, all control rooms share two common features. The people operating them are often remote from the processes that they are monitoring and controlling and the operations work 24/7. The twin demands of remote and continuous operation place special considerations on the design of central control rooms. Human Factors in the Design and Evaluation of Central Control Room Operations provides an analysis of Human Factors and Ergonomics in this complex area and the implications for control room staff. This information contained within this book can then be used to design, assessed and evaluate control rooms. Taking an integrated approach to Human Factors and Ergonomics in the control room environment, the book presents fourteen human factors topics: competencies, training, procedures, communications, workload, automation, supervision, shift patterns, control room layout, SCADA interfaces, alarms, control room environment, human error, and safety culture. Although there are many resources available on each of these topics, this book the information together under one cover with a focus on central control room operations. Each chapter is self-contained and can be read in any order, as the information is required.

Vascular Mechanics and Pathology

Author: Mano J. Thubrikar
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387682341
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 494
View: 9341

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The purpose of the book is to bring the two disciplines - vascular mechanics and pathology - together. In addition, the book bridges the gap in our knowledge and enhances engineering applications in medicine. This cutting-edge work presents the use of veins as arterial grafts and discusses the role of vein valves in graft stenosis. The book illustrates aneurysm formation, growth, and rupture, using pressure vessel principles. This new work details the investigation of, amongst other topics, aortic dissection, showing for the first time that the aortic root mechanics plays a vital role in the development of this pathology.