An Illustrated History
Author: Malvin E. Ring
Publisher: Abradale Press
ISBN: 9780810981164
Category: Medical
Page: 319
View: 5901

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Five centuries of fear and loathing, pain and relief, make for fascinating, enlightening reading in a profusely illustrated, international history of dental theory and practice.

History of Dentistry

A Practical Treatise for the Use of Dental Students and Practitioners
Author: James Anderson Taylor
Publisher: N.A
Category: Dentistry
Page: 238
View: 4682

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Restorative Techniques in Paediatric Dentistry

An Illustrated Guide to the Restoration of Extensive Carious Primary Teeth
Author: M. S. Duggal,M. E. J. Curzon,S. A. Fayle,K. J. Toynba,A. J. Robertson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1853175927
Category: Medical
Page: 152
View: 9295

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This was one of the first books on the market to illustrate the various clinical techniques for restoration, which is increasingly favored over extraction for primary teeth. A revised and updated edition of this successful text offers, in addition, new material on plastic restorations. Restorative Techniques addresses the specific needs of the pediatric patient, and it helps the clinician manage the restoration with those needs in mind. As a classic volume, it is essential for every dentist, particularly those who work with children and adolescents and particularly those who perform restorative dentistry.

Dental Morphology for Anthropology

An Illustrated Manual
Author: Heather J. H. Edgar
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315300826
Category: Social Science
Page: 202
View: 7304

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This work provides a new, comprehensive update to the Arizona State University Dental Anthropology System (ASUDAS). Drawing upon her extensive experience in informatics, curating data, and dental morphological data acquisition, Edgar has developed accessible and user-friendly standardized images and descriptions of dental morphological variants. The manual provides nearly 400 illustrations that indicate ideal expressions of each dental trait. These drawings are coupled with over 650 photographs of real teeth, indicating real-world examples of each expression. Additionally, trait descriptions have been written to be clear, comparative, and easy to apply. Together, the images and descriptions are presented in a standardized form for quick and clear reference. All of these modifications to ASUDAS make it more usable for students and professionals alike. In addition to these features of the manual, the text makes a brief but strong argument for why dental morphology will continue to be a useful tool in biological anthropology through the 21st century.

Horror of the 20th Century

An Illustrated History
Author: Robert E. Weinberg
Publisher: N.A
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 256
View: 7860

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The most renowned writers, illustrators, publishers, actors, and filmmakers are drawn together in this exquisite portrayal of horror. Every media from comics, paperbacks, hardcovers, and movies is represented in full color.

The Smile Stealers: The Fine and Foul Art of Dentistry

Author: Richard Barnett
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500773866
Category: Medical
Page: 256
View: 4544

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An incisive and startling international review of the evolution of dentistry from the Bronze Age to the present day, presented in a gorgeous package This achingly fascinating book follows the evolution of dentistry throughout the world from the Bronze Age to the present day, featuring captivating, grim illustrations of the tools and techniques of dentistry through the ages. It charts the changing social attitudes toward the purpose and practice of dentistry from the crude and painful endeavors of early civilizations to the fluoridated water, cosmetic surgery, and heightened expectations of today. Organized chronologically, The Smile Stealers interleaves beautiful and gruesome 3D objects, technical illustrations, and paintings from the Wellcome Collection’s unique medical archive of material from Europe, America, and the Far East with seven authoritative and eloquent themed articles from medical historian Richard Barnett. Including previously unseen illustrations, this comprehensive review of the development of the trade and discipline of dentistry covers topics as diverse as the very first dentures, the smile revolution in eighteenth-century portraiture, and the role of dentistry in forensic science. The Smile Stealers is guaranteed to appeal to those who see the beauty in medicine and biology as it probes the growth of dentistry.

Forensic Dental Evidence

An Investigator's Handbook
Author: C. Michael Bowers
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780123820013
Category: Law
Page: 368
View: 3157

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Forensic Dental Evidence: An Investigators Handbook highlights the discussion regarding unjust convictions caused by inaccurate bitemark opinions. The book focuses on cases that use forensic techniques, emphasizing modern methods and protocols. Through this book, the latest information available is offered to the forensic community. This book demonstrates expertise in forensic dentistry by presenting chapters on human identification in domestic and international situations; investigations on missing person and violent crimes against persons; mass-disaster planning and disaster response; and new threats from terrorist attacks on urban centers. Furthermore, it discusses topics regarding bitemark evidence, such as forensic photography, analysis and legal issues. The book also presents two chapters on new scientific topics: The Next Level in Victim Identification: Materials Properties as an Aid in Victim Identification; and DNA for First Responders: Recognizing, Collecting, and Analyzing Biological Evidence Related to Dentistry (chapters 3 and 8, respectively). This book is suited to anyone seeking knowledge on forensic dentistry; it will be of great value to investigators, lawyers, medical examiners, nurses, and dentists with an interest in forensic dental cases. Contributions by internationally recognized and experienced forensic experts cover missing persons cases and mass disaster cases from around the world Contains over 200 full-color photographs of crime scene evidence, human identification cases and bitemark details Includes many new exoneration cases derived from the Editor's work with the Innocence Project

Bleaching Techniques in Restorative Dentistry

An Illustrated Guide
Author: Linda Greenwall
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203417437
Category: Medical
Page: 428
View: 5977

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Interest in bleaching teeth has grown dramatically in the last few years as new markets become available and stimulate further development. This guide is written to help the busy restorative dentist who needs to keep up to date with the types of product available, the techniques to use them effectively and safely, and how to use them in combination with restorative dentistry in treating patients.

Toothworms and Spider Juice

Author: Loretta Frances Ichord
Publisher: N.A
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 94
View: 7827

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Surveys the history of dentistry, from ancient civilizations up to the knowledge and treatments of modern times.

Physical Evaluation in Dental Practice

Author: Géza T. Terézhalmy,Michaell A. Huber,Anne Cale Jones
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111870469X
Category: Medical
Page: 252
View: 1606

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Physical Evaluation in Dental Practice introduces the general concepts of physical evaluation, teaching essential skills and values in patient care and offering a quick reference to common problems of the head and neck. This practical clinical guide provides concise, illustrated synopses of the manifestation of common diseases and conditions in the mouth, head, and neck. Offering the practicing dentist a solid grounding in patient examination, evaluation, and diagnosis, Physical Evaluation in Dental Practice is an invaluable chair-side reference aimed at predoctoral dentists, dental hygiene students, practicing dentists, and hygienists.

Tooth Whitening

An Evidence-Based Perspective
Author: Jorge Perdigão
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319388495
Category: Medical
Page: 268
View: 8879

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This book reviews the evidence relating to the mechanisms, clinical efficacy, safety/toxicity, and clinical application of tooth whitening techniques and materials. All clinical techniques are profusely illustrated step by step. The book is divided into four parts, the first of which explains how tooth whitening with peroxides works and examines the overall safety of peroxides and potential complications. The findings of clinical trials with peroxide-based materials for clinical practice are then examined, with discussion of a wide range of issues in at-home whitening and in-office whitening. The third part focuses on the techniques of enamel microabrasion and resin infiltration, which entail removal of a microscopic layer of enamel and may be used to improve tooth color either alone or in combination with peroxides. The concluding part includes a variety of informative clinical cases using combined bleaching and restorative techniques for discolored teeth. Tooth Whitening — An Evidence-Based Perspective will be of interest for dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and others with an interest in the subject

American Surgery

An Illustrated History
Author: Ira M. Rutkow
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9780316763523
Category: Medical
Page: 638
View: 7202

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Written by a world-renowned historian of surgery, this volume is a masterful textual and pictorial history of the evolution of American surgery. Dr. Rutkow draws on his experience as a surgeon and a historian to provide an enlightening account of the development of surgery in the context of American social, economic, and political history. He also chronicles the complete histories of the surgical specialties. Interspersed with the narrative is an extraordinary collection of archival photographs and drawings, many of which have never before been published. More than 1,000 biographies of pioneering surgeons are deftly woven into the narrative.

An Introduction to the History of Dentistry

With Medical & Dental Chronology & Bibliographic Data
Author: Bernhard Wolf Weinberger
Publisher: Martino Pub
ISBN: 9781578985029
Category: Medical
Page: 950
View: 8821

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Still a definitive work on the subject. Two Volumes. The first volume covers the history to 1800; the second deals solelywith the history of dentistry in America." Garrison and Morton 3703. This work represents an attempt to portray the many steps in the origin, evolution and growth of our knowledge of dentistry from the time of prehistoric man until the 19th century. All aspects of the subject are covered, with chapters including: The Teeth of Prehistoric Man Ancient Medical Concept of Disease Mesopotamian and Oriental Dentistry Ancient Egyptian Medicine % Dentistry Dentistry of the People of Israel Dental Art of the Phoenicians Golden Age of Roman Dentistry And many more . Weinberger also treats the literature of dentistry, providing an extended bibliography on the subject, as well as a treatment of histories written on the subject. Volume Two is devoted entirely to the history of dentistry in the United States. There is also considerable attention given to prominent individuals throughout the history of dentistry

Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology, and Anatomy

Author: Margaret J. Fehrenbach,Tracy Popowics
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323356281
Category: Medical
Page: 352
View: 8189

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Featuring a full-color review of dental structures, Illustrated Dental Embryology, Histology, and Anatomy, 4th Edition provides a complete look at the development, cellular makeup, and morphology of the teeth and associated structures. A clear, reader-friendly writing style makes it easy to understand both basic science and clinical applications, putting the material into the context of everyday dental practice. New to this edition are updates on caries risk, safe levels of fluoride use, and prevention of periodontal disease. Expert authors Margaret Fehrenbach and Tracy Popowics provide an essential background in oral biology for dental hygiene and dental assisting students, including excellent preparation for board exams. Comprehensive coverage includes all the content needed for an introduction to the developmental, histological, and anatomical foundations of oral health. Hundreds of full-color anatomical illustrations and clinical and microscopic photographs accompany text descriptions of anatomy and biology. An approachable writing style covers the latest evidence-based information and makes it easy to grasp and learn to apply the material. A logical organization separates the book into four units for easier understanding: (1) an introduction to dental structures, (2) dental embryology, (3) dental histology, and (4) dental anatomy. Key terms open each chapter, accompanied by phonetic pronunciations, and are highlighted within the text, and a glossary provides a quick and handy review and research tool. Clinical Considerations boxes relate abstract-seeming biological concepts to everyday clinical practice. Learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter clearly identify the information you are expected to absorb. Summary tables and boxes provide quick, easy-to-read summaries of concepts and procedures and serve as useful review and study tools. Student resources on the Evolve companion website enhance learning with practice quizzes, samplecase studies, review questions, and interactive exercises. A student workbook offers a wealth of interactive exercises, including labeling/structure identification to master anatomy, word-search and crossword puzzles for vocabulary practice, detailed guidelines for tooth drawing, and illustrated case studies with follow-up questions; in the back of the book, 32 removable flashcards provide practice on identifying permanent teeth and their features and characteristics. Sold separately. A bibliography lists resource citations for further research and study. Expert author Margaret Fehrenbach is one of the most trusted names in dental hygiene education, and writes extensively, lectures widely, and consults for many of the major dental manufacturers and supply companies. NEW! Updated coverage includes the newest evidence-based information on orofacial embryology, especially enamel formation; orofacial histology including fibroblasts, microplicae, keratin, collagen proteins, aging, repair, 3-D tissue engineering, mucoperiosteum, dental pulp stem cells, and platelet-rich plasma; root anatomy; and the latest guidelines on dental biofilm, fluoride use, smile design, periodontal procedures, endoscopy, saliva testing, enamel remineralization, periimplant disease, myofunctional therapy, and orthodontic therapy intervention. NEW color illustrations, photomicrographs, and diagrams add detail and help to build comprehension. NEW co-author Tracy Popowics, PhD, provides research and expertise related to advanced dental content.

Evidence-Based Dentistry

An Introduction
Author: Allan Hackshaw,Elizabeth Paul,Elizabeth S. Davenport
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1405124962
Category: Medical
Page: 225
View: 2404

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During the years spent as a dental student and while practising as a dentist, it is important to be able to assess causes of disease and to determine effective methods of detection, prevention and treatment. Throughout their careers, dentists need to keep abreast of new developments and techniques. There is, however, an abundance of published research and it can be difficult for the student or practising dentist to be able to identify and, more importantly, interpret articles that would be useful. This book aims to provide an introduction to understanding and interpreting research articles. This book introduces the basic epidemiological and statistical aspects of research. Because the aim is for dentists to be able to read scientific articles, all the topics and concepts covered are based entirely on published papers from journals in dentistry, and the understanding of numerical concepts is achieved through building on particular examples.

Contemporary Periodontal Surgery

An Illustrated Guide to the Art Behind the Science
Author: Geoffrey Bateman,Shuva Saha,Iain Leslie Chapple
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781850971238
Category: Medical
Page: 191
View: 6062

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The authors explore the techniques of dental surgery.

Head, Neck, and Orofacial Infections

A Multidisciplinary Approach
Author: James R. Hupp,Elie M. Ferneini
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323289452
Category: Face
Page: 482
View: 3381

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Use best practices in effectively treating infections of the head, neck, and orofacial complex! Head, Neck, and Orofacial Infections: An Interdisciplinary Approach is the only resource on the market with in-depth guidelines to the diagnosis and management of pathology due to severe infections. No longer do you have to search through journal articles and websites, as this comprehensive, full-color reference covers both cutting-edge and time-tested approaches to recognizing and handling infections. From well-known OMS educator James Hupp and oral surgeon Elie Ferneini, and with chapters written by expert contributors, this book is ideal for use in the classroom, as preparation for the NBDE and specialty exams, and as a clinical resource for patient care. UNIQUE! Comprehensive coverage of head, neck, and orofacial infections addresses the diagnosis and management of pathology due to infections of the head and neck and orofacial complex. Expert contributors are drawn from the disciplines of oral and maxillofacial surgery, head and neck surgery, plastic surgery, and otolaryngology, and they provide state-of-the-art guidance based on extensive experience with current techniques as well as technological advances in managing head, neck, and orofacial infections. Over 500 photographs, radiographs, and illustrations demonstrate pathologies, procedures, and outcomes. A logical organization addresses these topics: 1) issues that are common to all infections of the head and neck region, 2) infections of specific parts of the region, and 3) infections related to certain procedures, types of patients, unusual organisms, and medical-legal implications. Key chapters include: Odontogenic Infections of the Fascial Spaces chapter focuses on the etiology, clinical manifestations, anatomic considerations, and treatment of odontogenic infections. Nasal and Para-Nasal Sinus Infections chapter discusses the pathophysiology and management of nasal and paranasal sinus infections. Microbiologic Considerations with Dental Implants chapter reviews the issues associated with the prevention of infection with surgical implant placement, including the factors that are known to cause infection, the putative bacteria involved and means to control infection once it occurs.