Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible

Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score
Author: Dave Pelz,James A. Frank
Publisher: Aurum Press
ISBN: 9781854106483
Category: Golf
Page: 429
View: 1807

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Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible is the first of a four-book series from world-renowned golf guru, Dave Pelz. This bestselling classic features the author’s scientifically-proven secrets to lowering scores by improving the short game. The philosophy underpinning the Short Game Bible is as simple as it is revolutionary: Instead of practicing the wrong things the right way, or the right things the wrong way, Pelz shows you how to find your own personal weaknesses and how to improve them to efficiently lower your scores. Packed with all the knowledge, charts and photos needed to learn from the master, Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible is the essential book for every golfer looking to improve his or her game. Pelz’s approach to golf is easy to understand: 80 percent of the strokes golfers lose to par are determined by their play within 100 yards of the green –the crucial scoring game. The short game, perhaps the most important and yet least focused-on aspect of golf, can make or break your entire game. Across 13 chapters liberally supplemented by diagrams, illustrations and photos, Pelz dispenses advice on everything from the basics such as score counts, the five games of golf and the mechanics of the short game; to specific advice on distance wedges, the pitch shot, sand shot and short-game equipment. With years of experience invested in his renowned golf schools and clinics, and a raft of endorsements from top players like two-time U.S. Open Chamption Lee Janzen, you’ll be hard pushed to find a more comprehensive, educative book on the short game.

Dave Pelz's Putting Bible

The Complete Guide to Mastering the Green
Author: Dave Pelz,James A. Frank
Publisher: Gardners Books
ISBN: 9781854107138
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 394
View: 4405

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Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible is the second of four books in the hugely popular Dave Pelz Scoring Game Series. Following the enormous success of his Short Game Bible, now the authoritative instructor tackles one of golf’s least understood skills – putting. Because a putt is the last shot on every hole, and there is no possibility of recovery from a short miss, the putt can count a disproportionate amount. As Pelz discusses in this indispensible guide, the putt constitutes around 43 percent of all swings made - and often almost 100 percent of a game’s anguish and frustration! But, as the author explains, putting is actually simple to understand and do. It is also one of the few skills in sport in which any player, regardless of size, strength, speed, gender or education, can compete equally with the best professionals in the world. Using decades of scientific research from studying thousands of golfers, this Nasa-trained scientist shows readers the simplicity of putting that escapes most golfers, and lays out the fifteen well-defined steps to putting perfection. This comprehensive guide from the internationally revered master of the short game and putting game is an absolute essential for all golfers looking to take strokes off their score.

Dave Pelz's Golf without Fear

Author: Dave Pelz
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101665114
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 384
View: 7645

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The renowned instructor behind elite pros such as Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh shows you how to conquer the ten shots you fear the most. Some golfers stand over shots with so much fear in their hearts that they can't bear to swing their clubs. Others, filled with anxiety, butcher shots they might otherwise hit reasonably well. After conducting worldwide surveys to determine which shots golfers fear the most, master golf instructor Dave Pelz has focused his skilled research and development on creating a methodology and conditioning process proven to teach golfers how to conquer their top 10 most feared shots. The first book to use the "Golfer's Eye View(tm)"-a technique developed for Pelz by "hall of fame" golf photographer Leonard Kamsler-Dave Pelz's Golf without Fear features Pelz's signature combination of science and savvy. Coaching readers through their shots, Pelz offers a visual method of instruction, with close-up images of the problems that caused their fears, the solutions to those problems, and step-by-step instructions for how to execute those shots with confidence in the future. He retrains golfers to apply precise, clearly defined body positions and setups, in addition to specific techniques for the moment when contact with the ball occurs, making Dave Pelz's Golf without Fear a trove of score-saving lessons. With full-color photography throughout, this is a powerful course in making winners out of even your worst shots.

Dave Pelz's Putting Games

The More You Play, the Better You Putt
Author: Dave Pelz
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101590858
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 176
View: 6061

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The first putting book in more than a decade from the world’s best-known— and bestselling—golf instructor. With numerous bestselling books, coast-to-coast golf schools, and lessons to elite pros, Dave Pelz has founded an empire based upon his scientific approach to the game. His last putting book, Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible, was a blockbuster, but his fans are eager to learn the master’s newest and most up-to-date techniques. Their wait is finally over. In Dave Pelz’s Putting Games, he synthesizes the lessons he gives to elite pros, including Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Steve Elkington, Bo Van Pelt, and Mike Weir—not to mention the thousands of amateurs who attend the Dave Pelz Scoring Game schools and clinics every year. Pelz guides readers through the process of fine-tuning existing strokes, creating new skills and techniques, and using feedback devices at home, where it’s easy to find the time to make it happen, all in the name of improving your putting skills. Every golfer knows that improving his or her putting will lower scores, yet great putting remains one of the game’s most elusive goals. Filled with full-color instructional photos and step-by-step lessons, Dave Pelz’s Putting Games is the answer to a golfer’s dream: It shows the way to improve your putting by playing games in the comfort and convenience of your own home during the week, so you can shoot lower scores on the course on the weekends.

Make Your Golf Dream a Reality

Realistic Techniques for Reaching Your Golf Goals (in Record Time!)
Author: Lou Hays
Publisher: Hays Publishing
ISBN: 9781880673775
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 142
View: 3732

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Most mid and high-handicap golfers mistakenly believe that a perfect swing is the only key to golf success. Make Your Golf Dream A Reality cuts through this illusion and shows golfers how to achieve lower scores with the swing they already possess. The book identifies typical high-handicapper mistakes and provides a step-by-step system for overcoming these score-killing faults. This system of "smart" golf immediately leads to better scoring without the struggle and confusion of a major swing transformation. Readers learn to pinpoint and correct individual playing weaknesses instead of mindlessly hitting balls on the range and calling it practice. The book walks the reader through accurate game analysis and offers explicit shot-saving remedies that can produce lower scores immediately. Readers will find in these pages a wealth of practical ideas to immediately start improving golf scores.


das mentale Spiel meistern
Author: Joseph Parent
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783442218820
Page: 223
View: 1935

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Dave Pelz's Damage Control

How to Save Up to 5 Shots Per Round Using All-New, Scientifically Proven Techniques for Playing Out of Trouble Lies
Author: Dave Pelz
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101665106
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 352
View: 4031

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A paradigm-smashing instruction book on recovering from trouble and avoiding ?disaster shots??the three or four errant shots in each round that lead to blow up holes and ruin golfers? scores Over his three decades of working with pro and amateur golfers, Dave Pelz noticed some definite differences between the two, particularly in how pros and amateurs handle trouble shots. Seeking quantitative evidence for his hunch, he used his analytical tools to look at thousands of scorecards from a wide range of amateur players. The data showed that the majority of golfers play at or below their handicap most of the time but are done in by a few ?disaster holes??double bogeys or worse?each round that ruin their score. In Damage Control, Dave Pelz teaches all the techniques necessary to recover from trouble and avoid disasters. He explains the golf fact that you will hit errant shots?into deep rough, into sand, into shallow water, or near obstacles that inhibit your swing. The key is being able to recover from these shots and not make a bad situation worse by hitting the ball into deeper trouble. The book is filled with full-color photos and drills on how to make all the shots you might encounter on a golf course using five skills specifically designed to minimize the chances of making your life worse. Revealing methods for shot-making never before seen in an instructional book, Damage Control is a groundbreaking new look at the game from a master instructor.

Inner Game Golf

die Idee vom Selbstcoacing
Author: W. Timothy Gallwey
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783980916707
Page: 279
View: 9718

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Golf ist eine flüchtige Angelegenheit. Das gilt für Einsteiger wie Profis. So gut der letzte Schlag gewesen sein mag - nie gibt es Gewissheit über den nächsten. Diese Situation ist typisch für das Golfspiel. Und man kann ihr auf zweierlei Weise begegnen. Wir können nach vermeintlichen äußeren Sicherheiten suchen, in dem wir uns die Technik des "richtigen Schwungs" erarbeiten. Die Fülle der damit verbundenen TO DO's können aber schnell zu Überforderung und Verkrampfung führen. Anders bei dem in diesem Buch beschriebenen Weg. Dort geht es um die Entwicklung einer inneren Sicherheit, die von äußeren Situationen unabhängiger macht. Der Schlüssel dazu liegt in einer verstärkten Aufmerksamkeit für den eigenen Schwung und im Erkennen des eigenen "inneren Spiels". Mit lebendigen Beispielen und starken Argumenten zeigt Gallwey den Weg zum Selbstcoaching auf, einer Methode, die nicht nur das Leben auf dem Golfplatz leichter macht. Dieses Golfbuch ist im englischsprachigen Raum längst ein Klassiker.


Author: Tom Parham
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1503559076
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 240
View: 5515

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My friend the late Hilton Yow and I talked often, mostly about sports, his beloved daughters, his really bad hip, and religion. Hilton was a strong born again. My dad was a Southern Baptist Minister. Hilton got my attention on TV. While channel-hopping, I spied him, next in line to be healed. The would-be healer called Hilton up. He put it like this: Come on up, sir, and tell us what is wrong. Im thinking hip all the way. But just as Hilton started to speak, the healer admonished my friend, No, dont say anything. Ill tell you where it is! My initial thought was that that was a little risky, even for a healer. Without a word from Hilton, the reverend began to trace with his forefinger parts of Hiltons lower face, his neck, and his upper shoulders. He looked confidently at Hilton and suggested, Im getting it, arent I? Hilton looked chagrined yet still hopeful, adding this, his only comment: Well, no. But go ahead and get all of it while you are in there! My first attempt at writing a book (Play Is Where Life Is [2007]) included a variation of this true story. But I didnt get it all. Allthis time includes parts of Play Is Where Life Is that bear repeating. And large portions of a blog (www.tomparham.wordpress.com), which has nearly one hundred articles on a variety of subjects. With the help of Johnnie Bonehead Dennis, I produced Nearly Fifty in 2013. A coffee-tablestyled book, I tried to portray almost fifty years of friendship among a group of buddies who held the first of these gatherings with a Super Bowl party, the first Super Bowl. We havent missed a year, Classic Americana and friendship. Included is a history in text and photos. I have to apologize for the blog guide. I tried to set it up myself, and that didnt work too well. The best I can offer is that all of the articles can eventually be found on the blog. In this book, I put the blog articles used in the text in the text order they are used. Additional blog articles that seemed appropriate for this book then appear as a group at the end of the text. That confuses even the author. Now to piss you off. There are two parts (A and B) that are new. Part A deals with serious stuff, while Part B is much lighter and hopefully fun stuff. The old coach in me couldn't resist several new tennis thoughts. As well as considerable classic information some may not have seen. Getting it all is tough work. Some are serious as a heart attack. Some are trivial. No one will get it all. Or like it all, but you may not like all my music, but stay with me. Ill find you (Ray Charles).

How to Learn Golf

Author: Harry Hurt III
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743419314
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 304
View: 969

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Talk to any and all golfers, be they Tour professionals or once-a-month country clubbers, and you'll hear that they want to improve their game in some way. But up until now, most expert books on golf instruction have focused only on the approach advocated by a particular teaching pro or famous player; the authors usually talk about "the golf swing" or "the putting stroke" as if there is only one way to do it -- their way. With How to Learn Golf, the first comprehensive guide to contemporary golf instruction, Harry Hurt III will help you become a better golfer by identifying what type of player you really are, and which of the several leading methods are right for you and your golfing goals. Based on Hurt's sessions with all of America's top ten instructors, this book helps you choose between the two main types of golf instruction available -- error correction, which offers a quick fix for a specific swing flaw, and swing development, where the focus is on building the swing from top to bottom. Hurt provides illuminating detail on the most effective approaches to improving each aspect of your golf game: putting, the full swing, the short game, and the all-important mental game. Hurt also includes a biographical listing of the best golf instructors nationwide and where their expertise lies, so you can determine who may be best suited to your needs. And if you've never sought an instructor before or you've had problems communicating with yours, there are two handy worksheets: eighteen questions you should ask your teaching pro and eighteen questions your pro should ask you. From beginners and high handicappers to scratch players and Tiger Woods wannabes, golfers of all skill levels looking to take the next step to improving their games need only look to How to Learn Golf.

Fearless Golf

Das neue Mentaltraining. Von Profispielern empfohlen
Author: Gio Valiante,Mike Stachura
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783440109960
Page: 246
View: 4687

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Die sieben Gesetze des Golfschwungs

Author: Nick Bradley
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783898803830
Page: 192
View: 4004

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Mit Hilfe dieses Buches kann der Golfer das erreichen, wonach er am meisten strebt: einen kraftvollen und konsistenten Schwung. Autor Nick Bradley, Proficoach auf der Europäischen Golftour, segmentiert die komplexe Schwungbewegung in sieben Schlüsselabschnitte. Jeder einzelne wird im Detail erklärt und ergänzt durch eine Reihe praktischer Übungen, die den Lernprozess beschleunigen und dem Golfer eine intensivere Wahrnehmung des einmaligen Gefühls vermitteln, einen korrekten Golfschwung zu beherrschen. Besonders instruktiv und ein markanter Unterschied zu den sonst üblichen Büchern zur Golftechnik ist, dass eine Fülle von Computerbildern einen exakten Einblick in alle Phasen der Schlagbewegung und der entsprechenden Körperhaltung des Spielers geben. Auch die neuesten Erkenntnisse der Biomechanik und Psychologie werden genutzt, um ein solides Beherrschen des Golfspiels zu erzielen.

Core Performance Golf

das revolutionäre Trainings- und Ernährungsprogramm für den Erfolg auf dem Golfplatz
Author: Mark Verstegen,Pete Williams
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783868830057
Page: 256
View: 3379

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Kurzes Spiel beim Golf für Dummies

Author: Michael Patrick Shiels,Michael Kernicki
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783527701766
Page: 281
View: 7613

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Mit gezieltem Schlag ins Loch! Beim Golf denkt man vielleicht zunächst einmal an weite Schläge über gut gepflegtes Grün, an Treffer auf den ersten Schlag, aber 50% aller Schläge im Golf sind kurze Schläge. Dieses handliche Büchlein, das in jeder Golfer-Tasche passt, widmet sich besonders den kurzen Schlägen und gibt wertvolle Tipps, wie man das Loch garantiert trifft. Egal, ob Sie Ihren Ball aus dem Bunker bekommen möchten oder ihn einlochen wollen - ein gezielter kurzer Schlag wirkt Wunder. Detaillierte Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen und zahlreiche Abbildungen beschreiben die Bewegung und zeigen die genaue Haltung beim Schlagen. Sie erfahren: Wie Sie mit einem geschickten Schlag den Ball ins Loch putten Wie Sie sich mit Chippen und Pitchen dem Loch annähern Wie Sie Ihre persönliche Stratgie beim kurzen Spiel entwickeln Wertvolle Tipps, um Ihr Spiel zu verbessern


Author: Dieter Hochmuth
Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag
ISBN: 3132021318
Category: Medical
Page: 280
View: 2417

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Golf-Physiotherapie - gezielt therapieren und trainieren Das erste Buch zur Golf-Physiotherapie - mit zahlreichen sportphysiotherapeutischen Themen, um gezielt therapieren und trainieren zu können. Hier finden Sie alle wichtigen Grundlagen für die effektive Behandlung von Golfern und ihren funktionellen Störungen. Das Buch vermittelt Basiswissen zum Golfschwung und erläutert darauf aufbauend die Zusammenhänge zu Problemen, funktionellen Störungen und Schmerzsymptomen. Abschließend erhalten Sie eine reichhaltige Auswahl an Übungen, die Sie in der Therapie und im Golf-Training verwenden können. Über 500 Grafiken veranschaulichen die Golftechnik und die passenden Übungen. Alle golfspezifischen Details aufbereitet für Physiotherapeuten

Ein Haus in Brooklyn

Author: Lynn Austin
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783868272628
Page: 416
View: 2994

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In einem Haus in Brooklyn überschlagen sich Anfang der 1940er Jahre die Ereignisse. Die zwölfjährige Esther Shaffer muss nach dem plötzlichen Tod ihrer Mutter verkraften, dass ihr Vater freiwillig in den Krieg zieht, Penny Goodrich, die heimlich in Esthers Vater verliebt ist, eröffnet sich dadurch die Chance ihres Lebens und Jakob Mendel, der um seinen Sohn in Ungarn bangt, wird beschuldigt, die Synagoge seiner Gemeinde angezündet zu haben. Alle Bewohner des Hauses fiebern dem Frieden entgegen, doch bis dahin ist es noch ein weiter Weg. Werden sie erkennen, dass Gott in ihrem Leben am Wirken ist - selbst wenn er schweigt? Werden sie erkennen, dass er sie liebt und auch heute noch Wunder wirkt? Ein mitreissender Roman über das Leben, die Liebe und das Festhalten an Gott auch in schwierigen Zeiten. Lynn Austin ist verheiratet, hat drei Kinder und lebt in Illinois. Ihre grosse Familie, die vier Generationen umfasst, ist ebenso Aufgabe wie Inspiration für sie. Wenn ihr nach dem Tagesgeschäft noch Zeit bleibt, ist sie als Vortragsreisende unterwegs und widmet sich der Schriftstellerei.