Data Analysis in Sport

Author: Peter O'Donoghue,Lucy Holmes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317810384
Category: Medical
Page: 258
View: 2400

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Making sense of sports performance data can be a challenging task but is nevertheless an essential part of performance analysis investigations. Focusing on techniques used in the analysis of sport performance, this book introduces the fundamental principles of data analysis, explores the most important tools used in data analysis, and offers guidance on the presentation of results. The book covers key topics such as: The purpose of data analysis, from statistical analysis to algorithmic processing Commercial packages for performance and data analysis, including Focus, Sportscode, Dartfish, Prozone, Excel, SPSS and Matlab Effective use of statistical procedures in sport performance analysis Analysing data from manual notation systems, player tracking systems and computerized match analysis systems Creating visually appealing ‘dashboard’ interfaces for presenting data Assessing reliability. The book includes worked examples from real sport, offering clear guidance to the reader and bringing the subject to life. This book is invaluable reading for any student, researcher or analyst working in sport performance or undertaking a sport-related research project or methods course

An Introduction to Performance Analysis of Sport

Author: Peter O'Donoghue
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317810341
Category: Medical
Page: 260
View: 4015

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Performance analysis has become an essential tool for coaches, athletes, sports organisations and academic researchers. Collecting and interpreting performance data enables coaches to improve their training programmes, athletes to make better tactical decisions, sports organisations to manage teams more effectively, and researchers to develop a better understanding of sports performance. This book is an essential introduction to the fundamental principles of performance analysis of sport and how to develop and operate performance analysis systems. Containing worked examples from real sporting events throughout, the book introduces the basics of quantitative and qualitative performance analysis, reviews the different types of data and information that performance analysis can generate, and explains how to test for reliability. It presents a step-by-step guide to developing both manual and computerised analysis systems, and writing up and presenting findings from performance analysis programmes. Representing the most up-to-date, concise and engaging introduction to sports performance analysis, this book is an ideal course text for all introductory performance analysis courses, as well as an invaluable primer for coaches and practitioners in sport.

Research Methods for Sports Performance Analysis

Author: Peter O'Donoghue
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134005369
Category: Science
Page: 296
View: 4876

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Modern techniques of sports performance analysis enable the sport scientist, coach and athlete to objectively assess, and therefore improve upon, sporting performance. They are an important tool for any serious practitioner in sport and, as a result, performance analysis has become a key component of degree programmes in sport science and sports coaching. Research Methods for Sports Performance Analysis explains how to undertake a research project in performance analysis including: selection and specification of a research topic the research proposal gaining ethical approval for a study developing a performance analysis system testing a system for reliability analysing and discussing data writing up results. Covering the full research cycle and clearly introducing the key themes and issues in contemporary performance analysis, this is the only book that sports students will need to support a research project in performance analysis, from undergraduate dissertation to doctoral thesis. Including case studies, examples and data throughout, this book is essential reading for any student or practitioner with an interest in performance analysis, sports coaching or applied sport science.

Performance Analysis in Team Sports

Author: Pedro Passos,Duarte Araújo,Anna Volossovitch
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317577663
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 252
View: 3662

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Filling an important gap in performance analysis literature, this book introduces the key concepts and practical applications of performance analysis for team sports. It draws on cutting-edge research to examine individual and collective behaviours across an array of international team sports. Evidencing the close relationship between coaching and performance analysis, it promotes a better understanding of the crucial role of performance analysis in team sports for achieving successful results. This book not only presents a variety of different ways to analyse performance in team sports, but also demonstrates how scientific data can be used to enrich performance analysis. Part one delineates the main guidelines for research in performance analysis, discussing the characteristics of team sports, coaching processes, variables characterizing performance and methods for team member interaction analysis. Part two drills down into performance analysis across a range of team sports including soccer, basketball, handball, ice hockey, volleyball and rugby. Performance Analysis in Team Sports is an essential companion for any course or research project on sports performance analysis or sports coaching, and an invaluable reference for professional analysts.

Essentials of Performance Analysis in Sport

second edition
Author: Mike Hughes,Ian Franks
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317691385
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 458
View: 1943

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Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, Essentials of Performance Analysis in Sport is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to this core discipline of contemporary sport science. It introduces the fundamental theory of match and performance analysis, using real-world illustrative examples and data throughout, and explores the applied contexts in which analysis can have a significant influence on performance. This second edition includes three completely new chapters covering the key emerging topics of dynamic systems, momentum and performance profiling, as well as updated coverage of core topics in the performance analysis curriculum such as: designing notation systems analysing performance data qualitative analysis of technique time-motion analysis probability using feedback technologies performance analysis and coaching. With extended coverage of contemporary issues in performance analysis and contributions from leading performance analysis researchers and practitioners, Essentials of Performance Analysis in Sport is a complete textbook for any performance analysis course, as well as an invaluable reference for sport science or sport coaching students and researchers, and any coach, analyst or athlete looking to develop their professional insight.

Doing a Research Project in Sport Performance Analysis

Author: Peter O'Donoghue,Lucy Holmes,Gemma Robinson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317213025
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 222
View: 1980

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The research project or dissertation is a core component of any degree programme in the rapidly developing discipline of sport performance analysis. This highly practical and accessible book provides a complete step-by-step guide to doing a research project. Showcasing the very latest research methods, it covers the whole research process, from identifying a research question and system development to data collection, data analysis and writing up the results. Introducing the fundamentals of project planning and management, this book highlights the importance of research ethics and explains the differences between successful undergraduate and postgraduate projects. Full of expert advice and original insights that can be applied to theoretical and empirical research projects, it covers all the key aspects of conducting a degree-level research project, including: selecting a research topic and writing a research proposal working with a supervisor understanding research ethics implementing best practices for project management collecting, interpreting and presenting results. Doing a Research Project in Sport Performance Analysis is an indispensable guide for any student, lecturer or practitioner working in sport performance analysis.

Sports Analytics

Analysis, Visualisation and Decision Making in Sports Performance
Author: Ambikesh Jayal,Allistair McRobert,Giles Oatley,Peter O'Donoghue
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351838954
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 272
View: 573

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As the analysis of big datasets in sports performance becomes a more entrenched part of the sporting landscape, so the value of sport scientists and analysts with formal training in data analytics grows. Sports Analytics: Analysis, Visualisation and Decision Making in Sports Performance provides the most authoritative and comprehensive guide to the use of analytics in sport and its application in sports performance, coaching, talent identification and sports medicine available. Employing an approach-based structure and integrating problem-based learning throughout the text, the book clearly defines the difference between analytics and analysis and goes on to explain and illustrate methods including: Interactive visualisation Simulation and modelling Geospatial data analysis Spatiotemporal analysis Machine learning Genomic data analysis Social network analysis Offering a mixed-methods case study chapter, no other book offers the same level of scientific grounding or practical application in sports data analytics. Sports Analytics is essential reading for all students of sports analytics, and useful supplementary reading for students and professionals in talent identification and development, sports performance analysis, sports medicine and applied computer science.

Computer Science in Sport

Research and Practice
Author: Arnold Baca
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134711158
Category: Computers
Page: 236
View: 9014

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Computers are a fundamentally important tool in sport science research, sports performance analysis and, increasingly, in coaching and education programmes in sport. This book defines the field of ‘sport informatics’, explaining how computer science can be used to solve sport-related problems, in both research and applied aspects. Beginning with a clear explanation of the functional principles of hardware and software, the book examines the key functional areas in which computer science is employed in sport, including: knowledge discovery and database development data acquisition, including devices for measuring performance data motion tracking and analysis systems modelling and simulation match analysis systems e-learning and multimedia in sports education Bridging the gap between theory and practice, this book is important reading for any student, researcher or practitioner working in sport science, sport performance analysis, research methods in sport, applied computer science or informatics.

Routledge Handbook of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise

Author: Brett Smith,Andrew C. Sparkes
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317646916
Category: Social Science
Page: 496
View: 8767

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The last two decades have witnessed a proliferation of qualitative research in sport and exercise. The Routledge Handbook of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise is the first book to offer an in-depth survey of established and emerging qualitative methods, from conceptual first principles to practice and process. Written and edited by a team of world-leading researchers, and some of the best emerging talents, the book introduces a range of research traditions within which qualitative researchers work. It explores the different methods used to collect and analyse data, offering rationales for why each method might be chosen and guidance on how to employ each technique successfully. It also introduces important contemporary debates and goes further than any other book in exploring new methods, concepts, and future directions, such as sensory research, digital research, visual methods, and how qualitative research can generate impact. Cutting-edge, timely and comprehensive, the Routledge Handbook of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise is an essential reference for any student or scholar using qualitative methods in sport and exercise-related research.

Performance Analysis of Sport IX

Author: Derek M. Peters,Peter O'Donoghue
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136167374
Category: Medical
Page: 328
View: 7506

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Performance analysis techniques help coaches, athletes and sport science support officers to develop a better understanding of sport performance and therefore to devise more effective methods for improving that performance. Performance Analysis of Sport IX is the latest in a series of volumes that showcase the very latest scientific research into performance analysis, helping to bridge the gap between theory and practice in sport. Drawing on data from a wide variety of sports, the book covers every key topic and sub-discipline in performance analysis, including: analysis of technique technical effectiveness tactical evaluation studying patterns of play motor learning and feedback work rate and physical demands performance analysis technology analysis of elite athletes and teams effectiveness of performance analysis support observational analysis of injury risk analysis of referees Effective performance analysis is now an essential component of the high performance strategy of any elite sport team or individual athlete. This book is therefore essential reading for any advanced student or researcher working in performance analysis, and invaluable reading for any sport science support officer, coach or athletic trainer looking for ways to improve their work with athletes

The Research Process in Sport, Exercise and Health

Case Studies of Active Researchers
Author: Rich Neil,Sheldon Hanton,Scott Fleming,Kylie Wilson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136455795
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 266
View: 2026

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What are the challenges and potential pitfalls of real research? What decision-making process is followed by successful researchers? The Research Process in Sport, Exercise and Health fills an important gap in the research methods literature. Conventional research methods textbooks focus on theory and descriptions of hypothetical techniques, while the peer-reviewed research literature is mainly concerned with discussion of data and the significance of results. In this book, a team of successful researchers from across the full range of sub-disciplines in sport, exercise and health discuss real pieces of research, describing the processes they went through, the decisions that they made, the problems they encountered and the things they would have done differently. As a result, the book goes further than any other in bringing the research process to life, helping students identify potential issues and problems with their own research right at the beginning of the process. The book covers the whole span of the research process, including: identifying the research problem justifying the research question choosing an appropriate method data collection and analysis identifying a study’s contribution to knowledge and/or applied practice disseminating results. Featuring real-world studies from sport psychology, biomechanics, sports coaching, ethics in sport, sports marketing, health studies, sport sociology, performance analysis, and strength and conditioning, the book is an essential companion for research methods courses or dissertations on any sport or exercise degree programme.

Revolution im Profifußball

Mit Big Data zur Spielanalyse 4.0
Author: Daniel Memmert,Dominik Raabe
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662539101
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 287
View: 2827

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Dieses Buch wird Ihnen dabei helfen, die moderne Spielanalyse von Big Data im Profisport zu verstehen. Diese bildet die Basis dafür, wie man in Sekundenschnelle mit Hilfe von Positionsdaten relevante Informationen aus den Spielen herauslesen kann. Gut verständlich erklären die Autoren die spannenden Ergebnisse, die den Fußball auf der Basis der Spielanalyse 4.0 verändern. Dabei lernen Sie über die Entwicklung der „Positionsdaten-basierten Spielanalyse“ von ihren Kinderschuhen bis hin zum Status quo. Im Zentrum stehen die Erkenntnisse, die uns die moderne Spielanalyse heute liefert: · Anhand von zahlreichen Beispielen aus der Fußball Bundesliga, anderen Ligen des europäischen Spitzensports und der Champions League wird anschaulich gezeigt, wie taktische Aspekte modelliert, einzelne Spiele oder ganze Saisons per Mausklick analysiert und anschließend interpretiert werden können. · &nb sp; Die Ergebnisse sollen dem interessierten (Fußball-)Fan als Leser nicht nur spannende Einblicke hinter die Kulissen des Profifußballs verschaffen, sondern auch die eigenen Vorstellungen und Überzeugungen bezüglich Fußballtaktik auf sportlich höchstem Niveau hinterfragen und zu neuen Überlegungen anregen. Das Buch ist unterhaltsam und leicht lesbar und richtet sich sowohl an Fußball- wie alle Sportspielfans, die sich für neue Entwicklungen und Trends in der Analyse von Sportspielen interessieren. Beispielsweise kommen folgende Experten zu Wort: Ralf Rangnick (Sportdirektor, RB Leipzig), Urs Siegenthaler (Head Scout, Deutsche Nationalmannschaft), Hansi Flick (Sportdirektor, Deutscher Fußball Bund), Johannes Holzmüller (FIFA, Head of Football Technology Innovation), Dr. Holger Broich (Leiter Gesundheit und Fitness, FC Bayern München), Ernst Tanner (Akademie und Nachwuchsleiter, FC Red Bull Salzburg), Lars OD Christensen (Entwicklung Training, FC Midtjylland), Dr. Hendrik Weber (Head of Strategic Projects, Deutsche Fußball-Liga), Tim Bagner (ChyronHego, Account Manager Deutsche Fußball-Liga), Wolfgang Hillmann (Präsident, Deutscher Hockeybund).

Statistics for Sport and Exercise Studies

An Introduction
Author: Peter O'Donoghue
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1136479279
Category: Mathematics
Page: 416
View: 7035

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Statistics for Sport and Exercise Studies guides the student through the full research process, from selecting the most appropriate statistical procedure, to analysing data, to the presentation of results, illustrating every key step in the process with clear examples, case-studies and data taken from real sport and exercise settings. Every chapter includes a range of features designed to help the student grasp the underlying concepts and relate each statistical procedure to their own research project, including definitions of key terms, practical exercises, worked examples and clear summaries. The book also offers an in-depth and practical guide to using SPSS in sport and exercise research, the most commonly used data analysis software in sport and exercise departments. In addition, a companion website includes more than 100 downloadable data sets and work sheets for use in or out of the classroom, full solutions to exercises contained in the book, plus over 1,300 PowerPoint slides for use by tutors and lecturers. Statistics for Sport and Exercise Studies is a complete, user-friendly introduction to the use of statistical tests, techniques and procedures in sport, exercise and related subjects. Visit the companion website at:

Body Composition in Sport, Exercise and Health

Author: Arthur D. Stewart,Laura Sutton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 041561497X
Category: Medical
Page: 218
View: 8576

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The analysis of body composition (fat, bone and muscle) is an important process throughout the biomedical sciences. This is the first book to offer a clear and detailed introduction to the key methods and techniques in body composition analysis and to explain the importance of body composition data in the context of sport, exercise and health. With contributions from some of the world’s leading body composition specialists, the book goes further than any other in demonstrating the practical and applied value of body composition analysis in areas such as performance sport and weight control in clinical populations. The book pays particular attention to the important concept of change in body composition, and includes discussion of ethical issues in the collection, interpretation and presentation of data, and considerations when working with special populations. Bridging the gap between research methods and practical application, this book is important reading for advanced students and practitioners working in sport and exercise science, health science, anatomy, nutrition, physical therapy or ergonomics.

Mixed Methods Research in the Movement Sciences

Case Studies in Sport, Physical Education and Dance
Author: Oleguer Camerino,Marta Castaner,Teresa M. Anguera
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415532272
Category: Education
Page: 222
View: 7833

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Mixed methods research techniques, combining both quantitative and qualitative elements, have become well established throughout the social, behavioural and natural sciences. This is the first book to focus on the application of mixed methods research in the movement sciences, specifically in sport, physical education and dance. Researchers and practitioners in each of these fields are concerned with the study of habitual behaviour in naturalistic contexts, and of the concurrent and sequential nature of events and states, precisely the kind of work that multi-method research design can help illuminate. The book is arranged into four sections. The first provides a thorough overview of mixed methods procedures and research design, and summarizes their applicability to the movement sciences. The remaining sections then offer detailed case studies of mixed methods research in team and individual sports (analyzing hidden patterns of play and optimising technique); kinesics and dance (analyzing motor skills behaviour in childhood, and the complexity of motor responses in dance); and physical education (detecting interaction patterns in group situations, and optimizing non-verbal communication by teachers and sports coaches). Mixed Methods Research in the Movement Sciences offers an important new tool for researchers and helps to close the gap between the analysis of expert performance and our understanding of the general principles of movement science. It is important reading for any student, researcher or professional with an interest in motor control, sport and dance pedagogy, coaching, performance analysis or decision-making in sport.


Training, Technik, Taktik, Spiel
Author: Gero Bisanz,GUNNAR GERISCH
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783499610769
Page: 384
View: 1641

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Routledge Handbook of Sports Performance Analysis

Author: Tim McGarry,Peter O'Donoghue,Jaime Sampaio
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415673615
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 491
View: 2561

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Sport performance analysis techniques help coaches, athletes and sport scientists develop an objective understanding of actual sport performance, as opposed to self-report, fitness tests or laboratory based experiments. For example, contemporary performance analysis enables elite sports people and coaches to obtain live feedback of match statistics and video sequences using flexible internet systems, systems that have become an indispensible tool for all those involved in high performance sport. The Routledge Handbook of Sports Performance Analysis is the most comprehensive guide to this exciting and dynamic branch of sport science ever to be published. The book explores performance analysis across the four main contexts in which it is commonly used: support for coaches and athletes; the media; judging sport contests, and academic research. It offers an up-to-date account of methodological advances in PA research, assesses the evidence underpinning contemporary theories of sport performance, and reviews developments in applied PA across a wide range of sports, from soccer to track and field athletics. Covering every important aspect of PA, including tactics, strategy, mechanical aspects of technique, physical aspects of performance such as work-rate, coach behaviour and referee behaviour, this is an essential reference for any serious student, researcher or practitioner working in sport performance analysis, sport coaching or high performance sport.

Complex Systems in Sport

Author: Keith Davids,Robert Hristovski,Duarte Araújo,Natalia Balague Serre,Chris Button,Pedro Passos
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136482156
Category: Medical
Page: 346
View: 424

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Complex systems in nature are those with many interacting parts, all capable of influencing global system outcomes. There is a growing body of research that has modeled sport performance from a complexity sciences perspective, studying the behavior of individual athletes and sports teams as emergent phenomena which self-organise under interacting constraints. This book is the first to bring together experts studying complex systems in the context of sport from across the world to collate core theoretical ideas, current methodologies and existing data into one comprehensive resource. It offers new methods of analysis for investigating representative complex sport movements and actions at an individual and team level, exploring the application of methodologies from the complexity sciences in the context of sports performance and the organization of sport practice. Complex Systems in Sport is important reading for any advanced student or researcher working in sport and exercise science, sports coaching, kinesiology or human movement.

Psychologie der sportlichen Höchstleistung

Grundlagen und Anwendungen der Expertiseforschung im Sport
Author: Norbert Hagemann,Maike Tietjens,Bernd Strauss
Publisher: Hogrefe Verlag
ISBN: 3840920337
Category: Psychology
Page: 283
View: 5220

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Expertise im Sport zeichnet sich nicht nur durch eine gute Körperkonstitution und eine durchtrainierte Muskulatur aus, sondern zusätzlich durch hochspezialisierte psychische Fertigkeiten. In diesem Buch werden die aktuellen theoretischen Konzeptionen und empirischen Befunde zu den kognitiven, emotionalen und motivationalen Bedingungen von Expertenleistungen im Sport vorgestellt. Es werden u. a. folgende Fragen beantwortet: Welchen Einfluss haben genetische Dispositionen und Talent bzw. welchen Einfluss haben Training und Umwelteinflüsse auf die Entstehung einer Expertise? Wie lässt sich die Entwicklung von Expertenleistungen beschleunigen? Welche Rolle spielen Emotionen, Motivation, Wahrnehmung und Entscheidungsprozesse? Was passiert nach dem Karriereende? Dieses Buch richtet sich an alle, die sich intensiv mit den psychischen Bedingungen sportlicher Höchstleistungen auseinander setzen wollen.