D. Porthault

The Art of Luxury Linens
Author: Brian Coleman
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 1423644514
Category: Design
Page: 256
View: 2785

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Inspired French luxury for the home. Take a peek inside private upper class homes that reveal why D. Porthault has been the favored French luxury brand for linens and other fabrics for nearly one hundred years. Tour traditional and old-world styles as well as contemporary upmarket decor for younger families. Cheery bedrooms—many with canopy beds and playful wallpaper—flaunt sheets, coverlets, pillows, and shams in gorgeous printed florals. Sweetly decorated nurseries favor blue, pink, and yellow prints. Terry towels show off Porthault’s signature scalloped and bound edges. Tables set with cloths, placemats, and napkins feature hand-embroidered, custom designs inspired by nature. Rounding out the Porthault story are some very practical, detailed instructions on washing, drying, pressing, and storing fine linens along with tips for removing stains from natural fabrics. Clothes may make the man, but gorgeous, high-quality sheets make the bed. Brian D. Coleman, MD, divides his time between Seattle and New York. His articles have appeared in magazines ranging from Old House Journal, where he is the Editor-at-large; to Period Living in the U.K. Brian is the author of twenty books on the decorative arts, including the recent titles Farrow & Ball and Fortuny Interiors. Erik Kvalsvik has been the principal photographer of more than a dozen books, including Fortuny Interiors, Barry Dixon Inspirations, and Traditional Interiors. He lives in Washington, DC.

Forever Chic

Frenchwomen's Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance
Author: Tish Jett
Publisher: Rizzoli Publications
ISBN: 0847841456
Category: Design
Page: 240
View: 9403

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For any woman who last saw forty on her speedometer comes a sparkling new primer for aging—the French way—with grace and style. Frenchwomen of a certain age (over forty) are captivating and complex. They appear younger than their years and remain stylish throughout their lives. They look at birthdays as a celebration of a life well-lived and perhaps a good reason to go shopping before they dress to perfection for a celebration of another anniversaire. American-born journalist and blogger Tish Jett has lived among the French for years and has studied them and stalked them to learn their secrets. Exploring how their wardrobe, beauty, diet, and hair rituals evolve with time and how some aspects of their signature styles never change, Jett shows how Frenchwomen know their strengths, hide their weaknesses, and never talk about their fears, failures, or flaws. After all, in France, beauty, style, and charm have no expiration dates!

Katharina Grosse

Author: Katharina Grosse
Publisher: Walther Konig Verlag
ISBN: 9783863359768
Page: 175
View: 922

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Das Spannungsfeld von Katharina Grosses Malerei mit der Architektur des Museums von Richard Meier steigert den Kontrast zwischen Rationalismus und Utopie. Die Grenzen des Raumes, hier des "White Cube", werden aufgehoben zugunsten eines Dialogs der Farbgestalten, der sich nicht nur in den einzelnen Gemälden, sondern gerade auch zwischen den unterschiedlichen Bildern entwickelt. Katharina Grosse spannt in zahlreichen ganz- und doppelseitigen Tafeln den Bogen vom Beginn ihrer Karriere als Malerin Anfang der 90er Jahre bis zum heutigen Tag. Das Konzept für diesen Katalog hat sie selbst entwickelt.00Exhibition: Museum Frieda Burda, Baden-Baden, Germany (11.6.-9.10.2016).

Living Forever Chic

Frenchwomen's Timeless Secrets for Everyday Elegance, Gracious Entertaining, and Enduring Allure
Author: Tish Jett
Publisher: Rizzoli Publications
ISBN: 0847864588
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 256
View: 2863

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Why French women of a certain age are the consummate hostesses, homemakers, and style icons--and how you can be, too. Frenchwomen--particularly those 40 and over--are role models for stylish and gracious living, what the French call l'art de vivre. American-born fashion journalist Tish Jett, who has studied these women for years, shared their beauty secrets in her first book, Forever Chic. Now she explores why Frenchwomen of a certain age are master hostesses and homemakers, expert practioners of les bonnes manières as well as everyday elegance, savoir-faire, and as a result, la joie de vivre. Jett explains how to entertain like a Frenchwoman, including a glimpse into the typical French larder from which a delicious meal can be thrown together with ease, to detailed instruction on laying a beautiful table and crafting a perfect cheese plate (did you know that when cutting from a wedge of cheese, slice from the back to the point, which is the "heart" of the cheese, and as such considered the best part and not to be lopped off so others cannot enjoy it). She explores everyday style and elegance, disclosing how to create that special bien dans sa peau (to feel good about oneself) sensation so coveted by Frenchwomen. Jett also shares the importance of discipline, which goes hand in hand with beauty--a well-ordered closet, be it for clothes or linens, translates to easy everyday elegance. With tips on adjusting your beauty and style regimes seasonally, charmingly packaged with color illustrations, Living Forever Chic is a delightful gift for the Francophile in your life.

Time Out Los Angeles

Author: Editors of Time Out
Publisher: Time Out Guides
ISBN: 1846703018
Category: Travel
Page: 336
View: 5174

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Time Out Los Angeles is a VIP pass beyond the velvet rope and into the heart of one of the most fascinating cities in the United States. The capital of the West Coast, a sprawling megalopolis that is home to more stars than the night sky, Los Angeles continues to enthrall all those who visit it. Whether visitors are looking for tips on the hottest bets or hot springs, this is the must-have travel guide — it covers the newest clubs, restaurants, and shopping, as well as day-trip suggestions in every direction.

The Mail Order Shopping Guide

What to Buy and where to Send for It, Around the World and the U.S.A.
Author: Elizabeth Squire
Publisher: N.A
Category: Mail-order business
Page: 383
View: 6186

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Birnbaum's United States 1993

Author: Alexandra Mayes Birnbaum
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780062780546
Category: Travel
Page: 1376
View: 1355

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Birnbaum travel guides are "excellently organized for the casual traveler who is looking for a mix of recreation and cultural insight" (Washington Post) and "the information they offer is up-to-date, crisply presented" (New York Times). "No other guide has as much to offer . . . a pleasure to read".--Today Show.

New York Access

Author: Richard Saul Wurman,Jane Hershey Cuozzo
Publisher: Access
ISBN: 9780062772350
Category: New York (N.Y.)
Page: 332
View: 4978

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The 18 detailed neighborhood maps in this guide will help you immediately locate the hotels, restaurants, shops, and sights of New York City-- including Brooklyn and other boroughs.

Los Angeles

an unusual guide to unusual shopping
Author: Beulah Spigelgass Roth
Publisher: N.A
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 159
View: 4880

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NYC Access

Author: Richard Saul Wurman
Publisher: Access
ISBN: 9780067725009
Page: 320
View: 8601

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The Book of Fine Linen

Author: Francoise De Bonneville
Publisher: Flammarion
ISBN: 9782080202475
Category: Antiques & Collectibles
Page: 208
View: 5482

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A visual tribute to the elegant world of heirloom household fabrics, from the white linen cloth of ancient Egypt to the rainbow-hued coverlets of today. This lively text introduces heirloom household fabrics, their use, manufacture, embellishments, and care, as well as the infinite variety of fibers and materials used. The author explains how they serve as both unusually revealing testaments of the history of daily life and quintessential examples of the weaver's craft, often so magnificently decorated that they rival works of art. The text is supplemented by a rich array of paintings, archival photographs, vintage advertisements, and original commissioned photography from collections, private homes, and workshops of the leading contemporary manufacturers. A comprehensive glossary of technical terms, bibliography, and index complete the book.

Figur: Menschen zeichnen

entdecken, skizzieren, experimentieren
Author: Peter Boerboom,Tim Proetel
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783258601373
Page: 192
View: 4980

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Crown Insiders' Guide to New York City & State

Author: Patricia Brooks,Lester Brooks
Publisher: Crown Pub
Category: Travel
Page: 384
View: 2277

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A helpful rating system for hotels, restaurants, and places of interest is accompanied by insiders' tips on what to avoid as well as what to see


Author: Saul Bellow
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783462029192
Page: 271
View: 4915

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Die Geschichte der Freundschaft zwischen einem weltberühmten Bestsellerautor und seinem Freund.

Erhörte Gebete

Author: Truman Capote
Publisher: Kein & Aber AG
ISBN: 3036992553
Category: Fiction
Page: 240
View: 1472

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Es sollte sein Opus magnum werden, ein schonungsloses Sittenbild proustscher Dimension doch Capote konnte und wollte es nicht abschließen. Gleichwohl ist Erhörte Gebete sein konsequentestes Werk, eine giftgesättigte Abrechnung mit der feinen Gesellschaft. Hier schildert Capote die Reichen und Mächtigen, die Verrückten und Verruchten, all jene, die ihn jahrelang als ihr Schoßhündchen betrachtet hatten. Als das erste Kapitel des Schlüsselromans Mitte der Siebzigerjahre in Esquire abgedruckt wurde, erkannten Capotes Freunde, dass das Schoßhündchen durchaus auch zubeißen konnte: Plötzlich waren ihre intimsten Geheimnisse - vom Seitensprung bis zum vertuschten Mord - schwarz auf weiß nachzulesen. "Es ist sehr schwierig, Gentleman und Schriftsteller zu sein", hat W. Somerset Maugham einmal bemerkt. Mit Erhörte Gebete entschied sich Capote eindeutig für Letzteres.