CQ Almanac 2008

110th Congress 2nd Session
Author: Jan Austin
Publisher: Congress at Your Fingertips
ISBN: 9780982353707
Category: Political Science
Page: N.A
View: 6308

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Bush on the Home Front

Domestic Policy Triumphs and Setbacks
Author: John D. Graham
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253004130
Category: Political Science
Page: 440
View: 9659

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Military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq consumed so much attention during his presidency that few people appreciated that George W. Bush was also an activist on the home front. Despite limited public support, and while confronting a deeply divided Congress, Bush engineered and implemented reforms of public policy on a wide range of issues: taxes, education, health care, energy, environment, and regulatory reform. In Bush on the Home Front, former Bush White House official and academic John D. Graham analyzes Bush’s successes in these areas and setbacks in other areas such as Social Security and immigration reform. Graham provides valuable insights into how future presidents can shape U.S. domestic policy while facing continuing partisan polarization.

U.S. Foreign Policy Today

American Renewal?
Author: Steven W. Hook,James M. Scott
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1544350309
Category: Political Science
Page: 312
View: 2604

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This new contributed volume from Steven Hook and James Scott introduces students to the conduct of foreign policy under the Obama administration. Its twelve original essays, written by a stellar cast of experts in the field, address whether the Obama administration’s strategy represents a “renewal” of U.S. engagement. To what extent has this administration succeeded in building both the domestic and international constituencies needed to implement its foreign policy goals? How exactly have Obama’s policies regarding drone strikes, prisoner abuse, extraordinary rendition, and climate change differed from Bush-era policies? Contributors provide detailed assessments of these and many other key questions. Designed to fit easily into courses on U.S. foreign policy, the volume’s first part looks at policy formulation, while the second part tackles policy domains. An extensive bibliography makes a great student resource for further research.

CQ Almanac

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781568026404
Category: United States
Page: 700
View: 2404

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CQ Almanac Plus gives you an in-depth look at the major bills of the second session of the 108th Congress, including the landmark overhaul of the nation's intelligence community and the failed attempt to update the nation's main highway law. The book also details the year's two big tax bills - for businesses and for middle-class families, along with the 13 appropriations bills, of which were enacted by the end of the session for the first time in three years. This year's edition also has a special section on the 2001 elections, with summaries of the presidential and congressional races and complete, official returns for every congressional district in the country. Each of the more than 80 legistative histories contains a detailed adescription of the bill, a behind-the-scene look at how it was shaped and its status at the end of 2004. CQ Almanac Plus also gives you the following: Key Votes Vote Studies All roll-call votes Public Laws

Congressional Quarterly Almanac

106th Congress 1st Session...1999
Author: Inc. Congessional Quarterly,CQ Press
Publisher: Congress at Your Fingertips
ISBN: 9781568022703
Category: Political Science
Page: 1000
View: 8675

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This reference puts the full year of American Congress and national politics into historical perspective. It covers actions, votes, and other acts of the first session of the 106th Congress. Also included are recorded votes, presidential statements and public laws from 1999.

Crossing the Aisle

Party Switching by US Legislators in the Postwar Era
Author: Antoine Yoshinaka
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316473082
Category: Political Science
Page: N.A
View: 5057

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Switching parties is arguably the most important decision a politician will ever make. This book is the first-ever systematic study of the causes and consequences of legislative party switching in the United States. The author argues that re-election alone does not explain party switching. He proposes an ambition-based theory that accounts for multiple goals (including higher office aspirations and the desire for influence in the legislature) with a focus on the electoral costs and the institutional benefits of the decision. The book combines the statistical analysis of electoral data and legislative careers in the US Congress and state legislatures with elite interviews of party switchers, non-switchers, and a party leader. The case study of a party switcher's decision in 'real time' documents the complexity of the decision in a politician's own words prior to and following the switch. The book raises important questions regarding the meaning of a party label.

The U.S. Senate

From Deliberation to Dysfunction
Author: Burdett Loomis
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1483305244
Category: Political Science
Page: 296
View: 4602

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With an avalanche of scholarship on the House, it can be tough to balance out coverage in a typical Congress course with appropriate readings on the "slow institution." Offering top-notch research geared to an undergraduate audience, Loomis' new edited volume represents a broad picture of the contemporary Senate and how it came to be. While addressing issues of delay, obstruction, and polarization in a variety of ways, the scholars in this collection are not proposing a reform agenda, but instead, explore the historical and political contexts for how difficult it can be to change a non-majoritarian, highly individualistic institution. Students will come away from these chapters with a much greater appreciation of the Senate's unique combination of tradition, precedent, and constitutional mandate.

Canadian Almanac & Directory

Author: Leslie MacKenzie
Publisher: Grey House Publishing
Category: History
Page: 1778
View: 2584

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The Canadian Almanac & Directory contains sixteen directories in one - giving you all the facts and figures you will ever need about Canada. No other single source provides users with the quality and depth of up-to-date information for all types of research. This national directory and guide gives you access to statistics, images and over 100,000 names and addresses for everything from Airlines to Zoos-updated every year. Each section is a directory in itself, providing robust information on business and finance, communications, government, associations, arts and culture (museums, zoos, libraries, etc.), health, transportation, law, education, and more. Government information includes federal, provincial and territorial-and includes an easy-to-use quick index to find key information. A separate municipal government section includes every municipality in Canada, with full profiles of Canada's largest urban centers. A complete legal directory lists judges and judicial officials, court locations and law firms across the country. A wealth of general information, The Canadian Almanac & Directory also includes national statistics on population, employment, imports and exports, and more. National awards and honors are presented, along with forms of address, Commonwealth information and full color photos of Canadian symbols. Postal information, weights, measures, distances and other useful charts are also incorporated. Complete almanac information includes perpetual calendars, five-year holiday planners and astronomical information. Published continuously for over 160 years, The Canadian Almanac & Directory is the best single reference source for business executives, managers and assistants; government and public affairs executives; lawyers; marketing, sales and advertising executives; researchers, editors and journalists, and is a must for all Canadian libraries and universities

CQ's Politics in America, 2010

The 111th Congress
Author: Chuck McCutcheon,Christina L. Lyons
Publisher: Cq Press
ISBN: 9781604266030
Category: Political Science
Page: 1214
View: 7643

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Reliable, readable, insightful, and objective, CQ&BAD:rsquo;s Politics in America has been called &BAD:ldquo;the ultimate insider&BAD:rsquo;s guide to politics.&BAD:rdquo; Politics in America is an essential resource for any collection that serves readers who want authoritative information on the members of the 111th Congress. The profiles of the 535 members plus the delegates offer concise and candid analysis of personalities, political styles, legislative agendas, political ambitions, and reputations of members at home and on Capitol Hill. Detailed state and district information plus a wealth of information and data on campaign finance, partisan caucuses, standing committees, and other member facts round out the book. The 2010 edition details how the Democrats strengthened their majorities in the House and Senate.Profiles include:Biographical data, committee assignments, CQ Vote Studies, interest group ratings, and contact informationState-by-state and congressional voting demographicsCampaign finance statistics and election resultsLeadership, caucuses, and member statistics

Library and Book Trade Almanac 2011

Author: Information Today Inc
Publisher: Information Today
ISBN: 9781573874120
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 836
View: 8961

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An industry information resource and directory covers news, trends, events, new legislation, and funding changes and offers statistics on book prices, library expenditures, and average salaries.

Curiosités et énigmes de l'histoire de France

Author: Jean-Pierre Colignon
Publisher: Albin Michel
ISBN: 2226196498
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 6946

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Qui a inspiré à « Marianne », figure allégorique de la République, son prénom ? À quelle prédiction de Nostradamus renvoie le cri de Catherine de Médicis : « Saint-Germain ... Je suis perdue ! »Qui fut couronné roi de Corse au XVIIe siècle ? Comment s'appelle l'unique sainte républicaine de l'histoire de France ?À quel académicien doit-on la notion de protection de la vie privée ?Quel personnage politique a instauré l'isoloir pour les élections ?Où et pourquoi peut-on trouver une réplique du Manneken Pis en France ? ...Laissez-vous guider par Jean-Pierre Colignon au fil de ce voyage ludique et érudit à travers les siècles, à la découverte de mots, d'énigmes et autres curiosités de l'histoire de France. De Vercingétorix à Nicolas Sarkozy, un parcours libre et buissonnier au coeur de l'histoire et de la langue française, ponctué de jeux et enrichi de commentaires ... pour s'instruire en s'amusant !


Author: Karl G. Grell
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642498604
Category: Science
Page: 284
View: 9237

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Die Protozoologie ist keine besondere Wissenschaft, sondern nur die Zu sammenfassung der Kenntnisse, welche wir von einer bestimmten Tiergruppe, den Protozoen, besitzen. Sie ist daher nichts weiter als ein Teil der speziellen Zoologie. Trotzdem hat das Wort "Protozoologie" einen besonderen Klang. Mehr als alle anderen Tiergruppen haben die Protozoen dazu angeregt, Fragen von allgemeiner biologischer Bedeutung aufzuwerfen, und nicht wenige Fragen sind mit ihrer Hilfe beantwortet worden oder einer Beantwortung nähergerückt. In anderen Ländern ist die Bewertung der Protozoen als Untersuchungs objekte in ständigem Anstieg begriffen. Äußerlich kommt dies z. B. darin zum Ausdruck, daß die im Jahre 1947 in den USA gegründete "Society of Proto zoologists" heute bereits über 450 Mitglieder zählt. Seltsamerweise ist aber das Interesse an den Protozoen unter den deutschen Biologen immer mehr im Schwinden begriffen. Mit diesem Buch möchte ich dazu beitragen, dieses Interesse neu zu beleben. Die Anregung dazu gab mir eine Vorlesung, die ich in den letzten Jahren mehr mals im Zoologischen Institut der Tübinger Universität hielt. Hierzu trug auch ein protozoologischer Kurs bei, den ich in jedem Sommersemester gemeinsam mit meinem Kollegen V. SCHWARTZ veranstalte.

La Roue Rouge

Quatrième noeud : Avril 17
Author: Alexandre Soljénitsyne
Publisher: Fayard
ISBN: 2213653852
Category: Fiction
Page: 720
View: 8791

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Après la révolution de février-mars, le calme est partiellement revenu en Russie. Le pays a un gouvernement qui, pour la poursuite de la guerre et la fidélité envers les Alliés, s’inscrit dans la continuité de l’ancien régime. Voici venu le mois d’avril, qu’aucun bouleversement majeur ne paraît devoir troubler. Peut-on, en effet, accorder quelque importance au retour d’émigration fût-ce avec la complicité de l’ennemi allemand d’un obscur Lénine ? Il conviendrait pourtant de prendre la chose au sérieux, car l’homme est un concentré d’énergie et de volonté. Le Gouvernement Provisoire ne tardera pas à l’apprendre à ses dépens. En quelques jours, la tonalité change dans les rues de la capitale. Le rouge, dominante du mois de mars, vire imperceptiblement au sombre : ténébreux sont les cortèges d’ouvriers partisans de Lénine, qui, fusil à la bretelle, sèment la violence et l’effroi. Manifestations pacifiques de soutien au gouvernement, activisme du Soviet des Députés ouvriers et soldats qui s’érige en second pouvoir, fusillades à Pétrograd, décomposition du front, soif paysanne d’un partage immédiat de la terre, démagogie bolchévique : une mécanique s’enclenche, repoussant dans l’ombre les histoires individuelles, incapables de résister à la roue de l’Histoire. Bientôt, elle y rejettera aussi les grandes figures ministres, chefs militaires... qui occupent encore le devant de la scène. Organisé en deux volumes (le premier s’étend du 25 avril au 5 mai, le second suit le fil des événements jusqu’au 20 mai), Avril dix-sept est le dernier « nœud » de cette Roue rouge dans laquelle Alexandre Soljénitsyne prend à bras-le-corps la révolution russe. Tel n’était pas le projet initial de l’auteur, qui comptait poursuivre son récit bien après la révolution. Mais la patiente mise en place, des années durant, des fragments de l’histoire russe à l’aube du xxe siècle a fait surgir cette évidence : dès le mois d’avril les jeux étaient faits et le pays allait tout droit vers le coup d’Etat d’Octobre. L’écrivain interrompt donc là son récit, mais le deuxième volume d’Avril, à paraître, sera complété par un résumé des « nœuds » non écrits.