Contact in the 16th Century

Networks Among Fishers, Foragers and Farmers
Author: Brad Loewen,Claude Chapdelaine
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press
ISBN: 0776623613
Category: Social Science
Page: 412
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From Labrador to Lake Ontario, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to French Acadia, and Huronia-Wendaki to Tadoussac, and from one chapter to the next, this scholarly collection of archaeological findings focuses on 16th century European goods found in Native contexts and within greater networks, forming a conceptual interplay of place and mobility. The four initial chapters are set around the Gulf of Saint Lawrence where Euro-Native contact was direct and the historical record is strongest. Contact networks radiated northward into Inuit settings where European iron nails, roofing tile fragments and ceramics are found. Glass beads are scarce on Inuit sites as well as on Basque sites on the Gulf’s north shore, but they are numerous in French Acadia. Ceramics on northern Basque sites are mostly from Spain. An historical review discusses the partnership between Spanish Basques and Saint Lawrence Iroquoians c.1540-1580. The four chapters set in the Saint Lawrence valley show Tadoussac as a fork in inland networks. Saint Lawrence Iroquoians obtained glass beads around Tadoussac before 1580. Algonquin from Lac Saint-Jean began trading at Tadoussac after that. They plied a northern route that linked to Huronia-Wendaki via the Ottawa Valley and the Frontenac Uplands. Finally, four chapters set around Lake Ontario focus on contact between this region and the Saint Lawrence valley. Huron-Wendat sites around the Kawartha Lakes show an influx of Saint Lawrence trade in the 16th century, followed by an immigration wave about 1580. Huron-Wendat sites near Toronto show an unabated inflow of Native materials from the Saint Lawrence valley; however, neutral sites west of Lake Ontario show Native and European materials arriving from the south. A review of glass bead evidence presented by various authors shows trends that cut across chapters and bring new impetus to the study of beads to discover 16th-century networks among French and Basque fishers, Inuit and Algonquian foragers and Iroquoian farmers. With contributions from Saraí Barreiro, Meghan Burchell, Claude Chapdelaine, Martin S. Cooper, Amanda Crompton, Vincent Delmas, Sergio Escribano-Ruiz, William Fox, Sarah Grant, François Guindon, Erik Langevin, Brad Loewen, Jean-François Moreau, Jean-Luc Pilon, Michel Plourde, Peter Ramsden, Lisa Rankin and Ronald F. Williamson.

Tu sais, mon vieux Jean-Pierre

Essays on the Archaeology and History of New France and Canadian Culture in Honour of Jean-Pierre Chrestien
Author: John Willis
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press
ISBN: 077662458X
Category: History
Page: 448
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Tu sais, mon vieux Jean-Pierre is inspired by the work of archaeologist Jean-Pierre Chrestien (1949–2008), who worked hand-in-glove with a generation of researchers in helping to unearth unexpected and always interesting aspects of New France. Contributions focus first upon the door to New France in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland and Acadia. A second set of essays move further up the St. Lawrence and into the heartland of the continent. The final section examines aspects of Canadian culture: popular art, religion and communication. The essays share a curiosity for material culture, a careful regard for detail and nuance that forms the grain of New France studies, and sensitivity to the overall context that is part and parcel of how history proceeds on the local or regional scale. Happily we can now dispense with old-fashioned and facile generalizations about the allegedly absent bourgeoisie, the purportedly deficient commercial ethic of the habitants and the so-called underlying military character of the colony and get down the business of understanding real people and their possessions in context.

Die Flintdolche Dänemarks

Studien über Chronologie und Kulturbeziehungen des südskandinavischen Spätneolithikums
Author: Ebbe Lomborg
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9788750502418
Category: Denmark
Page: 218
View: 5060

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Anatolian metal

Author: Ünsal Yalçin
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783937203348
Category: Metal-work, Prehistoric
Page: 230
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Deutsche in der Antarktis

Expeditionen und Forschungen vom Kaiserreich bis heute
Author: Cornelia Lüdecke
Publisher: Ch. Links Verlag
ISBN: 3861538253
Page: 221
View: 2019

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Mein Jahr in der Provence

Author: Peter Mayle
Publisher: Droemer eBook
ISBN: 3426420023
Category: Fiction
Page: 288
View: 4617

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Peter Mayle hat sich seinen großen Traum erfüllt und ist in die Provence gezogen. Doch das erste Jahr ist gar nicht einfach, und immer wieder kommt es zu Missverständnissen – nicht nur, weil man die Sprache dort einfach nicht versteht, sondern auch, weil die Lebensweise der Franzosen so merkwürdig anders als die der Briten ist.

Der Wisent

Bison bonasus
Author: Małgorzata Krasińska,Zbigniew A. Krasiński
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783894324810
Category: European bison
Page: 328
View: 2136

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das spätbronzezeitliche Gräberfeld
Author: Maureen A. Basedow
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783805325547
Category: Excavations (Archaeology)
Page: 245
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