The Wild World of 4-manifolds

Author: Alexandru Scorpan
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 0821837494
Category: Mathematics
Page: 609
View: 4646

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What a wonderful book! I strongly recommend this book to anyone, especially graduate students, interested in getting a sense of 4-manifolds. --MAA Reviews The book gives an excellent overview of 4-manifolds, with many figures and historical notes. Graduate students, nonexperts, and experts alike will enjoy browsing through it. -- Robion C. Kirby, University of California, Berkeley This book offers a panorama of the topology of simply connected smooth manifolds of dimension four. Dimension four is unlike any other dimension; it is large enough to have room for wild things to happen, but small enough so that there is no room to undo the wildness. For example, only manifolds of dimension four can exhibit infinitely many distinct smooth structures. Indeed, their topology remains the least understood today. To put things in context, the book starts with a survey of higher dimensions and of topological 4-manifolds. In the second part, the main invariant of a 4-manifold--the intersection form--and its interaction with the topology of the manifold are investigated. In the third part, as an important source of examples, complex surfaces are reviewed. In the final fourth part of the book, gauge theory is presented; this differential-geometric method has brought to light how unwieldy smooth 4-manifolds truly are, and while bringing new insights, has raised more questions than answers. The structure of the book is modular, organized into a main track of about two hundred pages, augmented by extensive notes at the end of each chapter, where many extra details, proofs and developments are presented. To help the reader, the text is peppered with over 250 illustrations and has an extensive index.

Beauville Surfaces and Groups

Author: Ingrid Bauer,Shelly Garion,Alina Vdovina
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319138626
Category: Mathematics
Page: 183
View: 7489

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This collection of surveys and research articles explores a fascinating class of varieties: Beauville surfaces. It is the first time that these objects are discussed from the points of view of algebraic geometry as well as group theory. The book also includes various open problems and conjectures related to these surfaces. Beauville surfaces are a class of rigid regular surfaces of general type, which can be described in a purely algebraic combinatoric way. They play an important role in different fields of mathematics like algebraic geometry, group theory and number theory. The notion of Beauville surface was introduced by Fabrizio Catanese in 2000 and after the first systematic study of these surfaces by Ingrid Bauer, Fabrizio Catanese and Fritz Grunewald, there has been an increasing interest in the subject. These proceedings reflect the topics of the lectures presented during the workshop ‘Beauville surfaces and groups 2012’, held at Newcastle University, UK in June 2012. This conference brought together, for the first time, experts of different fields of mathematics interested in Beauville surfaces.

Algebraic Geometry over the Complex Numbers

Author: Donu Arapura
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461418097
Category: Mathematics
Page: 329
View: 5781

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This is a relatively fast paced graduate level introduction to complex algebraic geometry, from the basics to the frontier of the subject. It covers sheaf theory, cohomology, some Hodge theory, as well as some of the more algebraic aspects of algebraic geometry. The author frequently refers the reader if the treatment of a certain topic is readily available elsewhere but goes into considerable detail on topics for which his treatment puts a twist or a more transparent viewpoint. His cases of exploration and are chosen very carefully and deliberately. The textbook achieves its purpose of taking new students of complex algebraic geometry through this a deep yet broad introduction to a vast subject, eventually bringing them to the forefront of the topic via a non-intimidating style.

Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

Author: Steven Dale Cutkosky
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 1470435187
Category: Geometry, Algebraic
Page: 484
View: 1886

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This book presents a readable and accessible introductory course in algebraic geometry, with most of the fundamental classical results presented with complete proofs. An emphasis is placed on developing connections between geometric and algebraic aspects of the theory. Differences between the theory in characteristic and positive characteristic are emphasized. The basic tools of classical and modern algebraic geometry are introduced, including varieties, schemes, singularities, sheaves, sheaf cohomology, and intersection theory. Basic classical results on curves and surfaces are proved. More advanced topics such as ramification theory, Zariski's main theorem, and Bertini's theorems for general linear systems are presented, with proofs, in the final chapters. With more than 200 exercises, the book is an excellent resource for teaching and learning introductory algebraic geometry.

Local and Global Methods in Algebraic Geometry

Author: Nero Budur,Tommaso de Fernex,Roi Docampo,Kevin Tucker
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 1470434881
Category: Festschriften
Page: 355
View: 5486

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This volume contains the proceedings of the conference Local and Global Methods in Algebraic Geometry, held from May 12–15, 2016, at the University of Illinois at Chicago, in honor of Lawrence Ein's 60th birthday. The articles cover a broad range of topics in algebraic geometry and related fields, including birational geometry and moduli theory, analytic and positive characteristic methods, geometry of surfaces, singularity theory, hyper-Kähler geometry, rational points, and rational curves.

Geometry of Low-Dimensional Manifolds: Volume 1, Gauge Theory and Algebraic Surfaces

Author: S. K. Donaldson,S. Donaldson,C. B. Thomas
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521399784
Category: Mathematics
Page: 276
View: 7634

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Distinguished researchers reveal the way different subjects (topology, differential and algebraic geometry and mathematical physics) interact in a text based on LMS Durham Symposium Lectures.

Geometry of the Plane Cremona Maps

Author: Maria Alberich-Carramiñana,Maria Alberich-Carraminana
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540428169
Category: Mathematics
Page: 255
View: 8523

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This book provides a self-contained exposition of the theory of plane Cremona maps, reviewing the classical theory. The book updates, correctly proves and generalises a number of classical results by allowing any configuration of singularities for the base points of the plane Cremona maps. It also presents some material which has only appeared in research papers and includes new, previously unpublished results. This book will be useful as a reference text for any researcher who is interested in the topic of plane birational maps.

Homogeneous Structures on Riemannian Manifolds

Author: F. Tricerri,L. Vanhecke
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521274893
Category: Mathematics
Page: 125
View: 6795

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The central theme of this book is the theorem of Ambrose and Singer, which gives for a connected, complete and simply connected Riemannian manifold a necessary and sufficient condition for it to be homogeneous. This is a local condition which has to be satisfied at all points, and in this way it is a generalization of E. Cartan's method for symmetric spaces. The main aim of the authors is to use this theorem and representation theory to give a classification of homogeneous Riemannian structures on a manifold. There are eight classes, and some of these are discussed in detail. Using the constructive proof of Ambrose and Singer many examples are discussed with special attention to the natural correspondence between the homogeneous structure and the groups acting transitively and effectively as isometrics on the manifold.

Algebraic Cycles and Motives:

Author: Jan Nagel,Chris Peters
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521701759
Category: Mathematics
Page: 359
View: 751

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A self-contained account of the subject of algebraic cycles and motives as it stands.