History and Context in Comparative Public Policy

Author: Douglas E. Ashford
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre
ISBN: 0822976803
Category: Political Science
Page: 376
View: 6117

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Douglas E. Ashford joins a growing number of scholars who have questioned the behavioralist assumptions of much policy science. The essays in this volume show why policy analysis cannot be confined to prevailing methods of social science. Policy-making behavior involves historical, contextual, and philosophical factors that also raise critical questions about the concepts and theory of the discipline. Ashford asks difficult questions about the contextual, conjunctural, and unintentional circumstances that affect actual decision-making. His bridging essays summarize opposing viewpoints and conflicting interpretations to help form a new agenda for comparative policy analysis.

In Defense of Pluralism

Policy Disagreement and its Media Coverage
Author: Éric Montpetit
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316565394
Category: Political Science
Page: N.A
View: 2191

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The work of early pluralist thinkers, from Arthur Bentley to Robert Dahl, inspired much optimism about democracy. They argued that democracy was functioning well, despite disagreements arising among the diversity of interests represented in policy-making processes. Yet it is unlikely that anyone paying attention to news coverage today would share such optimism. The media portray current policy-making processes as intractably polarized, devoid of any opportunity to move forward and adopt essential policy changes. This book aims to revive our long-lost sense of optimism about policy-making and democracy. Through original research into biotechnology policy-making in North America and Europe, Éric Montpetit shows that the depiction of policy-making offered by early pluralist thinkers is not so far off the present reality. Today's policy decision-making process - complete with disagreement among the participants - is consistent with what might be expected in a pluralist society, in sharp contrast with the negative image projected by the media.

Politik und Wirtschaft

Author: Reimut Zohlnhöfer,Kathrin Dümig
Publisher: Oldenbourg Verlag
ISBN: 348671015X
Category: Political Science
Page: 176
View: 3130

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Das Buch besteht aus drei Teilen: (I) Grundlagen der Politischen Ökonomik. (II) Problemfelder: Wie beeinflusst Politik das wirtschaftliche Leistungsprofil? (III) Politikfelder: Was beeinflusst die Wirtschaftspolitik? - Unter anderem werden die Themen dargestellt: Wirtschaftskreislauf, ökonomische Theorieschulen (Keynesianismus, Monetarismus, Angebotstheorie), Arbeitslosigkeit, Inflation, Geldpolitik, Steuerpolitik, Sozialpolitik, Handlungsspielraum nationalstaatlicher Wirtschaftspolitik in Zeiten der Globalisierung.

Comparative public policy

issues, theories, and methods
Author: Craig Liske,William Loehr,John F. McCamant
Publisher: Halsted Press
Category: Political Science
Page: 300
View: 5606

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Comparative Public Policy and Citizen Participation

Energy, Education, Health and Urban Issues in the U.S. and Germany
Author: Charles R. Foster
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483154238
Category: Political Science
Page: 268
View: 362

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Comparative Public Policy and Citizen Participation: Energy, Education, Health, and Urban Issues in the U.S. and Germany focuses on the processes involved in policy formulation and the functions of citizens in such activity. Concerns include education, energy and environmental policies, decision making, and delivery of human services. The selection first analyzes the policy-making procedures in the United States, including participation of the poor in poverty programs, welfare reform, energy legislation, and federal aid to elementary and secondary education. The book then discusses the participation of citizens in decision-making processes in energy and environmental policy. The necessity of citizens’ participation, failure of political parties, local decision making, and approval procedures for the federal emissions protection act are elaborated. The publication underscores citizens' participation at government expense, including federal experience with intervenor funding, congressional activities, and signs of change in the public sector. The text also takes a look at education as loosely coupled systems in West Germany and the United States; experiences with participation in the continuing education of teachers in West Germany, and participation of citizens in the delivery of human services. The book is a dependable reference for readers interested in the processes involved in policy formulation and the role of citizens in such undertaking.

Comparative Public Administration and Policy

Author: Jamil E. Jreisat
Publisher: Westview Press
ISBN: 9780813339924
Category: Political Science
Page: 192
View: 7485

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Comparative Public Administration and Policy is an examination and analysis of the subject from the classic period of the 1960s to the present. This comparative scholarship has been an exemplar of the most fascinating era of social science development and remains the most promising aspect of the political and administrative studies. The global context, the information revolution, and democratization trends in many parts of the world are reshaping public organizations as tools of governance in modern society. This book is a unique contribution, not only for dealing with an important topic, but also for providing students and scholars a comprehensive view, instead of the usual fragmented discussions. It is an analytical, evaluative, exhaustive, and balanced approach to critical dimensions of modern governance.

Comparative Politics: Comparative public policy

Author: Howard J. Wiarda
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415330985
Category: Political Science
Page: 408
View: 4388

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This collection reprints essential articles in the systematic study of all of the world's political systems. The pieces here focus on issues such as public opinion formation, interest group lobbying, political party activity, as well as the institutions of government, including executives, legislatures, and legal systems. br br The editors have also written an introductory volume explaining the history main approaches, and controversies in the field, covering the debates on formal-legalism, developmentalism, dependency theory, corporatism, rational choice, and much more.

The Oxford Handbook of Public Policy

Author: Robert E. Goodin
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780199269280
Category: Political Science
Page: 983
View: 8855

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This is part of a ten volume set of reference books offering authoritative and engaging critical overviews of the state of political science. This work explores the business end of politics, where theory meets practice in the pursuit of public good

Mind the Gap

Perspectives on Policy Evaluation and the Social Sciences
Author: Jos Vaessen,Frans L. Leeuw
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412815525
Category: Political Science
Page: 254
View: 2597

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Over the past twenty to thirty years, evaluation has become increasingly important to the field of public policy. The number of people involved and specializing in evaluation has also increased markedly. Evidence of this trend can be found in the International Atlas of Evaluation, the establishment of new journals and evaluation societies, and the increase in systems of evaluation. Increasingly, the main reference point has become an assessment of the merit and value of interventions as such rather than the evaluator's disciplinary background. This growing importance of evaluation as an activity has also led to an increasing demand for the type of competencies evaluators should have. Evaluation began as a niche area within the social and behavioral sciences. It subsequently became linked to policy research and analysis, and has, more recently, become trans-disciplinary. This volume demonstrates an association between the evaluation tradition in a particular country or policy field and the nature of the relationship between social and behavioral science research and evaluative practice. This book seeks to offer comprehensive data, which lead to conclusions about patterns that transcend the gap between evaluation and the social scientific disciplines. Mind the Gap has a twofold aim. The first is to highlight and characterize the gap between evaluation practices and debates, and the substantive knowledge debates within the social and behavioral sciences. The second is to show why this gap is problematic for the practice of evaluation, while at the same time illustrating possible ways to build bridges. The book is centered on the value of producing useful evaluations grounded in social science theory and research.

Comparative Public Policy in Latin America

Author: Jordi Díez,Susan Franceschet
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442610905
Category: Political Science
Page: 315
View: 3525

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This pioneering collection offers a comprehensive investigation into how to study public policy in Latin America. While this region exhibits many similarities with the North American and European countries that have traditionally served as sources for generating public policy knowledge, Latin American countries are also different in many fundamental ways. As such, existing policy concepts and frameworks may not always be the most effective tools of analysis for this unique region. To fill this gap, Comparative Public Policy in Latin America offers guidelines for refining current theories to suit Latin America's contemporary institutional and socio-economic realities. The contributors accomplish this task by identifying the features of the region that shape public policy, including informal norms and practices, social inequality, and weak institutions. This book promises to become the definitive work on contemporary public policy in Latin America, essential for those who study the area as well as comparative public policy more broadly.

A Handbook of Comparative Social Policy

Author: Patricia Kennett
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1845421582
Category: Political Science
Page: 448
View: 9112

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Kennett has made a major contribution to the comparative study of social policy. The book will undoubtedly serve as a major resource for social policy scholars, and the editor is to be commended for taking on what must have been a Herculean task. . . It is to be hoped that the book will be available in many university libraries. It deserves to be widely consulted not only by those interested in international issues but by anyone concerned with the challenges facing the academic field of social policy today. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare This volume makes a heroic effort to transform the abstractions floating around in the literature on comparative social policy research into a more grounded discussion of what the policy controversies are all about. The contributions in the book climb down the ladder of abstraction which asserts that context, institutions and globalization all count, and that the public private discourse has changed. The book attempts to specifically show how these abstractions matter in recent social policy practice and research. Martin Rein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US The current context of social policy is one in which many of the old certainties of the past have been eroded. The predominantly inward-looking, domestic preoccupation of social policy has made way for a more integrated, international and outward approach to analysis which looks beyond the boundaries of the state. It is in this context that this Handbook brings together the work of key commentators in the field of comparative analysis in order to provide comprehensive coverage of contemporary debates and issues in cross-national social policy research. Organized around five themes, this impressive volume explores the contextual, conceptual, analytical and processual aspects of undertaking comparative social research. In the first part, the authors are concerned with de-centring the state and extending the epistemological framework through which cross-national analysis is explored. In Parts II and III, the focus is on the conceptual and theoretical frameworks for analysing social policy cross-nationally, while Part IV examines the day-to-day reality of preparing for and carrying out cross-national analysis. In the final section, the authors highlight continuing and emerging themes and issues which are of particular relevance to understanding the contemporary social world. International in scope, this authoritative Handbook presents original cutting-edge research from leading specialists and will become an indispensable source of reference for anyone interested in comparative social research. It will also prove a valuable study aid for undergraduate and postgraduate students from a range of disciplines including social policy, sociology, politics, urban studies and public policy.

Making Accountability Work

Dilemmas for Evaluation and for Audit
Author: Burt Perrin,Jeremy Lonsdale,Marie-Louise Bemelmans-Videc
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412809398
Category: Political Science
Page: 290
View: 1467

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Like honesty and clean water, "accountability" is invariably seen as a good thing. Conversely, the absence of accountability is associated with most of the greatest abuses in human history. Accountability is thus closely linked with the exercise of power and the legitimacy of policies and those pursuing them. This book looks at the role of evaluation and of audit as key elements in democratic accountability processes. The contributors explore the apparent paradox of there being more accountability-related activities today than ever before, at the same time as much public debate laments what is seen as a lack of actual accountability. Such a situation raises a number of questions: Is there a need for different approaches to establishing accountability or can current arrangements be modified to make them more effective? Are present practices part of the problem and are they preventing a mature debate about performance improvement taking place? How can systems awash with performance information ensure that at least some of it makes sense to a wide range of potential users? How is it that greater accountability and transparency can so quickly have become associated with concerns about perverse incentives and be seen by some as a costly burden? The volume includes detailed case studies and synthesizes up-to-date research evidence drawn from very different governmental systems, ending with practical advice for those involved in the accountability processes. In doing so, it attempts to address both conceptual ambiguities about the notion of "accountability" and the practical uncertainties over its implications for democratic government. This book is aimed at serious people who think about trends in the use of evaluation and audit in seeking to hold governments accountable for their actions and performance.

Christianity in Chinese Public Life: Religion, Society, and the Rule of Law

Author: J. Carpenter,K. den Dulk,Kevin R. den Dulk
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137410183
Category: Social Science
Page: 127
View: 8330

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This book analyzes the interaction of religion, society, and governance in China - suggesting it is much more subtle and complex than common convention suggests. The edited work addresses civic engagement, religion, Christianity, and the rule of law in contemporary Chinese society.

Managing Mixed Economies

Author: Francis Geoffrey Castles,Franz Lehner,Manfred G. Schmidt
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110109412
Category: Economic policy
Page: 229
View: 6617

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The Dynamics of Public Policy

Theory and Evidence
Author: Adrian Kay
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1847203000
Category: Political Science
Page: 157
View: 4718

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. . . this is a first rate book. It draws on a wide range of reading philosophy, economics and politics and teases out a number of important ideas. . . for academics and postgraduates it surely will be essential reading and I think has pushed the study of public policy forward. Michael Connolly, Political Studies Review In The Dynamics of Public Policy, Adrian Kay sets out the crucial methodological, theoretical and empirical implications of two important trends in the social sciences: a frequently expressed ambition for analysis of movies not stills and the regular observation that policy, politics and governance is becoming more complex. Beginning with a discussion of the centrality of temporality, change and history to the social sciences, he develops the provocative claim that existing models of the policy process are of limited value in understanding and explaining policy dynamics. Instead, the author argues that it is only through structured narratives that we can really understand and explain complex policy histories. He sets out a methodology for structuring policy narratives and illustrates the claims of the book through four detailed case studies: health policy and pharmaceutical regulation in the UK; and agricultural policy and budget policy in the EU. Adrian Kay s book will appeal to academics in the fields of policy analysis, public administration and public sector management as well as political science and political theory.

Globalization and Food Sovereignty

Global and Local Change in the New Politics of Food
Author: Peter Andree,Jeffrey Ayres,Michael Bosia,Marie-Josee Massicotte
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442696877
Category: Political Science
Page: 392
View: 3960

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In recent years, food sovereignty has emerged as a way of contesting corporate control of agricultural markets in pursuit of a more democratic, decentralized food system. The concept unites individuals, communities, civil society organizations, and even states in opposition to globalizing food regimes. This collection examines expressions of food sovereignty ranging from the direct action tactics of La Vía Campesina in Brazil to the consumer activism of the Slow Food movement and the negotiating stances of states from the global South at WTO negotiations. With each case, the contributors explore how claiming food sovereignty allows individuals to challenge the power of global agribusiness and reject neoliberal market economics. With perspectives drawn from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia, Globalization and Food Sovereignty is the first comparative collection to focus on food sovereignty activism worldwide.

Reforming the European Commission

Author: Michael W. Bauer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317968336
Category: Political Science
Page: 182
View: 863

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Many international and supranational organisations have lately been busy modernising their internal administration. But nowhere has management change received a similar amount of attention than in the case of the European Commission. Although the perception prevails that the Commission has been losing out in recent years, this vivid interest, academic as well as public, in the so-called Kinnock reform suggests that this organisation still remains "at the heart of the Union". The proposition of this book thus is simple. If it remains true that the Commission is an essential part within the (admittedly complex) equation of EU policy-making, changes of the administration basis of this actor are likely to have broader implications. Consequently, this special issue poses three crucial questions about the recent administrative reform of the European Commission: why was such a comprehensive reform possible, what are its specific implications for the Commission as an organisation and what is the likely impact for the policy process? In short, this book puts the organisational base of EU policy-making centre stage. In the quest for answers the authors of the subsequent chapters take distinct perspectives, use various research strategies and methods, and attempt to solve diverse empirical puzzles. But all attempt to add to our understanding of this organisational base, and how to systematically study it. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of European Public Policy.

Environmental Policy Change in Emerging Market Democracies

Eastern Europe and Latin America Compared
Author: Jale Tosun
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442699205
Category: Political Science
Page: 272
View: 5573

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This book examines environmental policy change in twenty-eight Central and Eastern European and Latin American countries against a background of significant political and economic transformation over the past two decades. Through cross-regional comparison and a multi-methods approach, Jale Tosun investigates changes in the regulation of air, soil, and water pollution, genetically modified corn, and the sustainable management of forests. Tosun also looks at the relationship between system transformation and the creation of environmental procuracies in both parts of the world. Environmental Policy Change in Emerging Market Democracies demonstrates that, although political and economic transformations have positively affected environmental policy in both regions, the extent of policy change varies considerably across Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. At the same time, as Tosun argues, economic integration has acted as a major driver of a stronger governmental enforcement commitment as expressed by the creation of environmental procuracies.