Common Medical Conditions

A Guide for the Dental Team
Author: Steve Bain,John Hamburger,Crispian Scully
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444315394
Category: Medical
Page: 168
View: 1475

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Common Medical Conditions: A Guide for the Dental Team is an invaluable reference in the Dental Update series of clinical resources outlining the clinical features, clinical signs, diagnosis, management and dental relevance of the most commonly encountered chronic medical problems in the developed world. Written by an internationally renowned and experienced team of authors, the book is a quick and ready illustrated reference giving essential information in an oral health care context to common medical conditions. Designed for easy reference, the book is organised by systems with sections on: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Metabolic and Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Haematological, Mental Health, Neurological, Osteoarticular, Mucocutaneous and Infectious Diseases. Covers most commonly encountered chronic medical problems in a dental context Systematic and organised to provide easy cross-referencing Includes useful features such as summaries of key information and comparisons of similar conditions Fully illustrated throughout with colour clinical photography

Diagnostic Strategies for Common Medical Problems

Author: Robert J. Panzer,Edgar R. Black,Paul F. Griner
Publisher: Amer College of Physicians
Category: Medical
Page: 551
View: 7160

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This book details the logical evaluative steps for interpreting diagnostic information about various common diseases and conditions. In the opening chapters the principles and applications of quantitative decision making are outlined. Subsequent chapters discuss these diagnostic techniques in relation to 49 specific medical problems, including acute pancreatitis, coronary artery disease, hyperthyroidism, and erythrocytosis, among others.

A Therapist's Guide to Understanding Common Medical Conditions

Addressing a Client's Mental and Physical Health
Author: Andrew Kolbasovsky
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393705355
Category: Medical
Page: 363
View: 6809

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Everything mental health clinicians need to know about the medical conditions of their patients. Examining a variety of frequent medical conditions?diabetes, heart failure, cancer, obesity, and more?this handbook gives clinicians a better understanding of how physical health issues play out in the context of mental health problems and how knowledge of them can be effectively incorporated into a psychotherapeutic treatment regimen.

Medical Illness and Schizophrenia

Author: Jonathan M. Meyer,Henry A. Nasrallah
Publisher: American Psychiatric Pub
ISBN: 1585628964
Category: Medical
Page: 471
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Despite growing awareness in the psychiatric community of the multifaceted medical needs of the severely mentally ill, statistics show that as much as 60% of all schizophrenia patients die prematurely from nonpsychiatric medical conditions -- in part because many physicians have not yet recognized how to properly treat common diseases and illnesses within this complex patient population. Medical Illness and Schizophrenia, Second Edition, is the only clinical guide to focus exclusively on the treatment of common medical comorbidities among patients with schizophrenia. Like its best-selling predecessor, the book compiles the latest research and clinical information on integrating medical and psychiatric care for the schizophrenia patient. Twenty-eight physicians and psychiatrists, including editors Jonathan M. Meyer, M.D., and Henry A. Nasrallah, M.D., lend their expertise to this new, expanded edition. In fifteen chapters, this volume covers a wide range of common medical problems -- from metabolic and heart conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, obesity and diabetes, to substance abuse and smoking. Each chapter concludes with "Key Clinical Points" that summarize important concepts and ensure reader retention. Additionally, the second edition includes new chapters that touch on some of the most complex clinical issues in the field of schizophrenia treatment today: Recent trends in the integration of medical and mental healthcare Behavioral treatments for weight loss in persons with schizophrenia Treatment of sexual dysfunction among persons treated for schizophrenia Health outcomes of schizophrenia treatment in children and adolescents Health outcomes of schizophrenia treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding As the only clinical text of its kind, Medical Illness and Schizophrenia, Second Edition, is an invaluable resource for psychiatrists, nurses, healthcare professionals, and psychiatric and clinical residents. The goal of this text has always been to help clinicians recognize schizophrenia as both a brain disorder and a systemic disease with multiple manifestations that go beyond the obvious psychiatric symptoms -- and thus take a broader approach to treatment of schizophrenia. This new edition is a comprehensive, practical manual that serves as a reference for the medical management of seriously mentally ill patients across the age spectrum in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Medical Conditions and Massage Therapy

A Decision Tree Approach
Author: Tracy Walton
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 0781769221
Category: Medical
Page: 431
View: 9474

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Present this quick, effective method for assessing and managing common medical conditions! The central tool of this text is the decision tree, a simple flowchart that helps students quickly determine the optimal massage therapy approach for specific medical conditions. A Decision Tree is included for each of the more than 50 conditions discussed in the book, with massage considerations listed for numerous additional conditions in brief. Also unique to this text are questions therapists can ask clients during the interview process to help the therapist understand not just the medical condition, but how it presents in a particular client.

Diagnostic Strategies for Common Medical Problems

Author: Edgar R. Black
Publisher: ACP Press
ISBN: 0943126746
Category: Medical
Page: 674
View: 2300

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This edition contains diagnostic strategies for 55 common medical problems to guide clinicians in the critical appraisal of evidence-based medicine through quantative decision making. New chapters include peptic ulcer, osteomyelitis, acute sinusitis, osteoporosis, and ovarian cancer.

Common Medical Problems

A Clinical Guide
Author: G. Sandler
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400955847
Category: Medical
Page: 592
View: 1452

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines diagnosis as: 'Identification of a disease by careful investigation of its symptoms and history' . Regrettably, the value of the history in the diagnosis of disease often seems to be neglected in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. The considerable advances in medical technology have made it easy to carry out a multiplicity of tests. As a result, there is frequently an unfortunate tendency to rely on the results of tests before decisions are taken on diagnosis and treatment, even though such tests are often of limited value in the manage ment of the patients. This book is an attempt to redress the balance and place the proper emphasis on the diagnostic value of a well-taken and perspicacious history. The main purpose of the book is to show that most of the clinical problems encountered in daily practice can be dealt with effectively and satisfactorily on the basis of a good clinical history. This should be supplemented by a prob lem-orientated clinical examination, the primary function of which is either to confirm and amplify the diagnosis provided by the history, or to refute it.

Weight Gain: When It's Not Your Fault

Six Common Medical Conditions Causing Weight Gain and Getting Doctors to Pay Attention!
Author: Dr. Lance Dean Ashworth
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1491716371
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 274
View: 7592

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In Weight Gain: When It’s Not Your Fault, Dr. Lance Dean Ashworth reveals that the struggle with weight is, in most cases, caused by a number of surprisingly common medical conditions. He explains how your symptoms, the lab values, the condition, and the cure all come together to help you lose weight. Some of the medical conditions that he sites are an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism), anemia, post-menopausal hormone deficiencies in women, and psychological issues, among other conditions. Dr. Ashworth explains that physicians focus their attention on the individual diseases that result from being overweight or obese while ignoring the potential cure—weight loss itself. Instead of the “Band-Aid approach” to such diseases as diabetes and high blood pressure, physicians must focus on the cause of these conditions in their overweight patients, which is fatty tissue! He contends that a paradigm shift in the treatment of obesity is long overdue—a shift from the reactionary mentality of the current medical environment to a proactive, cure-driven focus on the conditions associated with obesity. Weight Gain: When It’s Not Your Fault provides the knowledge you need to ask your physician the right medically-relevant questions. These questions will guide you and your physician to determine how and why you gained weight in the first place.

Concepts of Rehabilitation for the Management of Common Health Problems

Author: Gordon Waddell,A. Kim Burton
Publisher: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 9780117033948
Category: Law
Page: 98
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Although there is broad agreement on the importance of rehabilitation and the need to improve occupational health and vocational rehabilitation in the UK, there is considerable uncertainty about what 'rehabilitation' is, and about its cost-effectiveness, particularly for the common health problems that cause most long-term disability and incapacity. This paper seeks to develop a theoretical and conceptual basis for the rehabilitation of common health problems. Chapters include: traditional rehabilitation and the need for a different approach; illness, disability and incapacity for work; the biopsychosocial model and framework of disability; obstacles to recovery and return to work; clinical and occupational management of common health problems; personal responsibility and motivation; and rehabilitation in a social security context.

Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

Author: Lynn R Marotz
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1111298378
Category: Education
Page: 576
View: 6835

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HEALTH, SAFETY, AND NUTRITION FOR THE YOUNG CHILD, 8th Edition, covers contemporary health, safety, and nutrition needs of infant through school-age children--and guides teachers in implementing effective classroom practices--in one comprehensive volume. Concepts are backed by the latest research findings and linked to the key professional standards of the field. The text emphasizes the importance of respecting and partnering with families to help children establish healthy lifestyles and achieve their learning potential. Early childhood educators, professionals, and families will find the latest research and information on many topics of significant concern, including childhood obesity, children's mental health, bullying, resilience, chronic and acute health conditions, environmental quality, and children with special medical needs. Also provided are easy-to-access checklists, guidelines, and lesson plans that no early childhood student or professional should be without. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

General Medical Conditions in the Athlete - E-Book

Author: Micki Cuppett,Katie Walsh
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323291058
Category: Medical
Page: 512
View: 3863

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A one-stop reference for the diagnosis and treatment of athletic injuries and illnesses, General Medical Conditions in the Athlete, 2nd Edition provides in-depth coverage of all the aspects of non-orthopedic pathology that can occur within athletes. Full-color photos enhance comprehension of the material, which is logically organized into 19 chapters. The beginning chapters cover fundamental areas such as the medical examination, equipment, diagnostic imaging and testing, and pharmacology. Later chapters, organized by body systems, cover the actual medical conditions and include all educational competencies mandated by the National Athletic Trainers' Association for program accreditation. The last two chapters cover psychosocial and substance abuse disorders and working with special populations. Experienced authors Micki Cuppett and Katie Walsh provide unrivaled online resources, including nearly one hour of video showing examples of patient evaluation procedures. Unique one-stop reference is the most comprehensive of its kind, with 19 chapters covering all aspects of non-orthopedic pathology plus a full complement of online resources. Unique Key Points boxes highlight expert advice and guidance for practice. Unique Red Flags boxes call attention to important and often life-threatening information concerning a variety of medical conditions. NATA competencies are incorporated throughout, covering all the content mandated by the National Athletic Trainers' Association for program accreditation. More than 400 illustrations, most in full color, include both anatomical and clinical images. A consistent format in body systems chapters makes information easy to find, first outlining the condition's signs and symptoms and then detailing the appropriate referral and diagnostic tests, the differential diagnosis, the treatment, the prognosis, and the return to athletic participation. Learning Objectives begin each chapter, outlining what you should know after studying the material. Key terms are bolded on first reference within a chapter, and defined in a back-of-book glossary. Expert author team offers authoritative content based on nearly 50 years of combined experience in athletic training education. Unique full-color illustrations aid comprehension of the anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of the medical conditions discussed. Unique Common Procedures in the Athletic Training Clinic chapter discusses the expanding role of the athletic trainer, who in many states is allowed perform a variety of basic medical procedures, such as suturing or starting IV fluids. NEW Diagnostic Testing and Imaging chapter meets the need for mandated content included in the 2008 revised NATA educational competencies. An improved logical organization makes this book an ideal clinical reference, beginning with foundational content followed by chapters discussing medical conditions by body system, then detailing psychosocial and substance abuse disorders and working with special populations in the last two chapters. The expanded companion Evolve website includes nearly one hour of video clips with examples of patient evaluation procedures.

The Epidemiology of Common Health Conditions Among Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Primary Care

Author: Suzanne McDermott,Tan Platt,Robert R. Moran
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781604561388
Category: Medical
Page: 140
View: 8922

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The purpose of this book is to provide evidence for physicians about the prevalence for a range of medical conditions by disability, from a primary care prospective. Each chapter focuses on a secondary condition for which adults with DD are at increased risk, decreased risk, and the same risk as the general population. The incidence and prevalence of each of the secondary conditions is presented, and contrasted to the general population. The special challenges for diagnosis and treatment of the secondary condition is highlighted. Finally the book describes a case study that includes physical, social and emotional challenges and ways to accommodate these issues in a primary care practice.

Children with Complex Medical Issues in Schools

Neuropsychological Descriptions and Interventions
Author: Christine L. Castillo, PhD, LSSP
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780826124739
Category: Psychology
Page: 524
View: 7357

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Increasingly, children with significant medical issues are being incorporated into the general school environment. Given the potential effects of various disorders and conditions on educational prognosis, it is important for neuropsychologists, pediatric psychologists, school psychologists, teachers, and other professionals who are working with these children to be aware of the nature and course of these many disorders as well as the avenues for rehabilitation, accommodation, and classroom modification. In Children with Complex Medical Issues in Schools, Dr. Castillo bridges the gap between research and practice and provides a concise, yet thorough reference that covers a broad range of conditions, from high incidence disorders like epilepsy and meningitis, to those with less obvious neurological underpinnings like asthma and diabetes. Each chapter is written by clinicians with practical expertise with each disorder and includes: Case studies with results from neuropsychological evaluations to elicit understanding into how a student's school functioning may be affected by their medical history Recommendations for educational modifications and accommodations Data regarding morbidity and mortality rates, related medical issues, and common medical treatments Interventions for children with specific medical disorders, along with educational resources that may be accessed via the internet or through other literature

Biopsychosocial Medicine

An Integrated Approach to Understanding Illness
Author: Peter White
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780198530343
Category: Psychology
Page: 242
View: 6766

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To what extent do social factors such as stress cause physical diseases? How do psychological and social factors contribute to the healing process? The biopsychosocial model is an approach to medicine which stresses the importance of a holistic approach. It considers factors outside the biological process of illness when trying to understand health and disease. In this approach, a person's social context and psychological well-being are key factors in their illness and recovery, along with their thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Biopsychosocial Medicine examines the concept and the utility of this approach from its history to its application, and from its philosophical underpinnings to the barriers to its implementation. It is severely critical of the failure of modern medicine to treat the patient not the disease, and its neglect of psychological and social factors in the treatment of the ill. Focusing on chronic disabling ill health, this book takes the examplesof arthritis, cancer, diabetes, lower back pain, irritable bowel syndrome and depression to show how the biopsychosocial model can be used in practice. It questions why, even when the biopsychosocial approach has been proved to be more effective than traditional methods in overcoming these disorders, is not more routinely used, and how barriers to its implementation can be overcome. Controversial and challenging, Biopsychosocial Medicine will be essential reading for all those who feel the biomedical model is failing them and their patients. It will enable readers to understand the model and how it can be implemented, in order to enhance their confidence and success as health professionals.

The Most Common Inpatient Problems in Internal Medicine

Ward Survival
Author: John C. Sun,Hylton Joffe
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1437710891
Category: Medical
Page: 432
View: 7078

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Here's an extremely handy pocket reference to assist the student, resident, house officer, and busy hospitalist address issues related to the 20 most common disorders seen in the inpatient setting. This brief, small-sized handbook offers you evidence-based information presented in an easy to reference, consistently presented outline and table format. Problem based for quick solutions in diagnosis and therapy in the limited timeframe typical of seeing patients on the wards. Provides a brief presentation of 20 most common inpatient disorders. Provides reliabile diagnosis and treatment options with evidence based recommodations. Handy, pocket book that takes up minimal pocket real estate.

Ingle's Endodontics 6

Author: John Ide Ingle,J. Craig Baumgartner
Publisher: PMPH-USA
ISBN: 9781550093339
Category: Medical
Page: 1555
View: 7983

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This textbook, which has been known as the 'Bible of Endodontics' for over 40 years, will, in its 6th edition, retain its recognition as 'The Bible'. With over 88 contributing authors from all over the world and 41 chapters, the new Ingle's Endodontics will be the first endodontic textbook specifically prepared for the world's endodontic specialists and graduate students in advanced endodontic programs world-wide. It will continue to be the standard against which all other endodontic texts will be measured. The main divisions of the book will be 'The Discipline of Endodontics,' 'Endodontic Pathobiology,' 'Endodontic Examination, Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning,' 'Management of Endodontic Disease,' 'Surgical Procedures in Endodontics and' Related Endodontic Treatment.' For the most part the illustrations will be in color. The evidence based bibliography for each topic will be extensive. Controversies in endodontics will be explored. Diagnosis and management of pain and infections will be broadened. A new section dealing with maxillary sinusitis and endodontic disease, expanded by CT scans is featured. The newest endodontic armamentaria are covered in depth. With a roundup of the world's experts in all phases of the specialty, Ingle's Endodontics, 6th edition, promises to be the ultimate in endodontic textbooks. It will be essential for every endodontist's library.

The Midwives' Guide to Key Medical Conditions E-Book

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Author: Linda Wylie,Helen G H Bryce
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702039853
Category: Medical
Page: 188
View: 7851

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The only book of its kind, this essential reference offers quick access to information on the effects medical conditions can have on pregnancy and childbirth. Coverage includes a brief overview of normal anatomy and physiology with concise, practical guidelines for managing disorders commonly seen in women of childbearing age. From mild diseases such as asthma to serious conditions such as heart lesions, this indispensable guide will help you manage pregnancy and childbirth in women with systemic disease, recognize the early onset of disease-related pregnancy complications, and determine when it may be necessary to refer patients to a specialist. Offers complete coverage of normal pathophysiology in both the general population and in the context of pregnancy and childbirth. Provides comprehensive midwifery management guidelines. Outlines potential consequences of disease-related complications for the fetus or neonate.

Medical Disorders in Pregnancy - ECAB

Author: Hema Divakar
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 8131232271
Category: Medical
Page: 188
View: 4828

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The management of medical disorders in pregnancy has undergone significant changes in the recent years. The pattern of disease has changed with improvements in socio-economic conditions. For example, the incidence of antenatal anemia has decreased progressively in the past few decades, and pulmonary tuberculosis (which used to be prevalent) is now seen only rarely. Chronic rheumatic heart disease has also become less common. On the other hand, gestational diabetes has become more common. This may be due partly to the setting up of screening services for gestational diabetes in many hospitals. The four most common medical disorders complicating pregnancy are anemia, diabetes mellitus, cardiac disease, and thyroid disorders. In addition, because of the improvements in the medical, obstetric, and anesthetic management of pregnancy, many women with medical disorders can go through a pregnancy without major problems. There has also been a progressive decrease in the perinatal mortality associated with some medical disorders, such as diabetes. It is important for all healthcare professionals involved in the management of pregnant women with medical disorders to be conversant with the latest developments in order to provide the best care to these women. The chapters in this issue are certainly helpful in this respect. The eminent authors for the various chapters have discussed the various options available describing in detail their experiences regarding the various aspects of the condition.

Magnesium at Home

25 Most Common Health Conditions & How Magnesium Salts Can Help
Author: N.A
Publisher: Galina St George
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: N.A
View: 6531

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First of all, I would like to say that this book is NOT meant to be an exhaustive study of magnesium. There are other excellent books on the subject which achieve this goal – by Dr Carolyn Dean, Dr Mark Sircus, Dr Mildred Seelig, as well as some of the websites mentioned here, such as My goal was to sum up benefits, uses and applications of magnesium salts and supplements. I also wanted to show how magnesium salts could be used to help with 25 most common health conditions. Think of it as a practical guide to help you learn more about magnesium and how you can benefit from using it to help yourself, family and friends. I have been researching the benefits of using minerals for health for over a decade. My focus has been on learning how magnesium chloride, Epsom & Himalayan salts, as well as clays, mud, zeolite and diatomaceous earth can help humans and animals deal with common health problems and maintain health, youth and vitality. I have also been using these wonderful nature’s gifts extensively for myself and my clients. Magnesium has always been my favourite mineral. One reason for it is its versatility regarding what it can help us with. It has certainly helped me, my family, friends and clients in many ways. Joint pain, loss of energy, frequent infections, high blood sugar level, high blood pressure, insomnia, stressed mind, leg cramps, tired aching feet, stomach cramps, constipation, wrinkles, chest pain, skin outbreaks and many other problems have been helped by using magnesium. I have had people writing to me to say how their lives have changed as a result of using magnesium salts. The goal of this book is to show why I am so passionate about magnesium and why it takes a special place among all the other minerals, what happens when we are deficient in it and how to correct the deficiency in a home environment. As I am writing this, I have a bottle of magnesium oil on a bookshelf – it is always with me! In this book, I have listed 25 common problems which will benefit from magnesium supplementation. I have limited myself to this number simply because if I listed all of the conditions which require magnesium for healing, I would have to write a thick volume. While the list here is non-exhaustive, it covers the issues which have touched me or people I know at least once in a lifetime. This is the reason for the selection. While do I cover the subject of oral and intravenous supplementation methods in this book, my focus is on how to supplement magnesium transdermally – i.e. through the skin. I have been developing treatments and writing courses on the subject of transdermal magnesium supplementation for some time since I believe that it is the safest and fastest method to top our bodies with this vital mineral. If you want to learn more about the procedures and courses, visit To read more about magnesium, visit my blog -